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Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific l<nowledge, policies, or practices. 



O 9 




John Baer Tomato 


SHfPPiNe Fruit In 30 Days 


( l/Ae P^oto^/rdp/y/rom A/^ture />? Co/ors ) 

P/(t.*/.00-y.oz.^2.S0- ozMOO-'A/h ^/SOO- Pound *SaOO 

^E -Orr£/? VA/VEBR 6AA/DS SO ^ Pf/? /OO. 




PRATT,LiGHT^ELLicoTTSTS,, Baltimore, Md. 

New PiERAiaoSQUARE DEAC Poultry Food Plant 

Montgomery St Ruppert St. »«=>'""£ HARBOR. 

Druid Hill Park 

Velvet Green 
Lawn Grass Seed 

Analyzed As To Purity 
Tested As To Germination 

Absolutely the Besf Lawn Seed Experience 
Can Suggest, or That Money Can Buy 

Will Produce a Beautiful and Permanent Lawn 
In_Four to Six Weeks 

A smooth velvety lawn surroundingr a house adds 
not only to the value, but enhances the enjoyment 
of every home, -whether it be in city, town or 
country. When properly made, n lawn is the best 
investment a home owner can make. The follow- 
ing suggestions may be of benefit, especially to 
th'ise who are about to make anew lawn. 

A Inwn maj' be made in two'ways. by sodding or 
by sowing seed. Sodding is not only very expen- 
sive but unsatisfactory as well. Sods are ordinarily 
taken from the pasture or along the roadside and 
almost invariablv contain weed seeds and coaise 
tufty grasses which make their apptarance after 
the lawn is made. Seeding is not only cbeaper* 
but is attended -vv^ith belter results. 

The most important thing to consider in selecting 
seed for law-n grass, is to obtain a proper mixture 
of several varieties, for two rea.=ons. First, each 
variety is at its best during a certain part of the 
season. By properly choosing early, n-edium and 
l.ite grasses, a smooth, even, green lawn is assured 
from early spring to late autumn. Second, a given 
area can support only so many grass plants of one kind for they all absorb the same food, but if several varieties are sown, the same area will sup- 
port many more plants, as different sorts live on various elements in the soil. This will give a much thicker and more luxuriant turf all over the lawn. 
With these facts in mind our Druid Hill park Velvet Green Lawn Grass Seed is scientifically combined. Our experience of many years has givt n 
us an intimate knowledge of grasses, their habits and requirements. In ;our Druid Hill Park Velvet Green Lawn Grass Seed are included only the 
very best varieties — pure, clean, and free from foul seed. 

Our Druid Hill Park Velvet Green Lawn Grass is very quick in growth, is ready for mowing in from four to six weeks from time the seed is sown. 
From early spring until late in the fall, l.iwns sown with our Druid Hill Park Velvet Green Lawn Grass remain green and fresh, for the reason, 
that this mixture includes quick growing varieties which are at their best soon after the frost is ont of the ground, others that mature and flourish 
in midsummer, and still others that are greenest and sturdiest in autumn. For each of these seasons there are dilTerent varieties living on 
different elements in the soil, so that one is certain always to have a satisfactory carpet of green wherever our Druid Hill Park Velvet Green Lawn 
Grass is sown. 

Not only is our Druid Hill Park Velvet Green Lawn Grass suitable for the making of new lawns, but it will be found equally valuable for quickly 
renewinif imperfect, old and worn-out areas. Alw.iys see that the soil is thoroughly prepared, carefully pulverized and enriched with Sheep Jlanure 
or Bone Fertilizer before sowing the seed. One pound will sow 20x20 feet, 10 pounds will sow 50xl50fcet, 60 pounds will sow an acre. 30 pounds 
measures one bushel. X Lb. 10c. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 25c. 5 Lbs. $1.00. "Legal" bushel of 14 Lbs. $2.50. Measured bushel of 30 Lbs. $5.00. If to go by 

A Deautifiil. Smooth, Deep "N'eKety Green Is Certain Only ThroutSh So>*-inS 
Druid Hill Park Velvet Green l^awn Grass Seed. There Is >'o Seed Like It 

m.ail add Sc per lb. 

Shady Nook Lawn Grass Seed 

A popular mixture of grasses best adapted for sowing in shad}' places 
where ordinary grasses will not thrive. In nearly all lawns where there 
are trees, there will be found bare spots which can be made green and 
bright by using this mixture, if the shaded places and bare spots are 
thoroughly worked and enriched before sowing seed. J^ Lb. 10c. J^ Lb. 
15c. Lb. 25c. 5 Lbs. $1.00. Add 8c per Lb. if to go by mail. 

Permanent Pastures 

We prepare ten special gniss and clover mixtures for hay and perma- 
nent pasture, suitable to every variety of soil. For particulars see page 51. 

"Sheep's Head" Brand Pure 
Pulverized Sheep Manure 

This is without exception the very best dressing 
for lawns. The effect is immediate and lasting. 
It is the only manure that is absolutely free from 
\veed seeds. It contains no dirt, straw, leaves or 
bedding of ativ kind, l>eing .secured from the ce- 
mented floors of the Chicasro stock j'ards. It is 
three times stronger than cow mamire. Contains 
nitrogen, phosphoric acid, ainmonia and potash 
in liberal proportions. It is also unequaled as a 
fertilizer for the vegetable garden, flowergarden, 
house plants, tree.s; hothouses, ets. It is also 
dissolved in water and used as a liquid to nourish 
all kinds of growing plants. Be sure to give it a 
trial. 2 Lbs. 10c. 5 Lbs. 20c. 10 Lbs. 3nc. 25 Lbs 
50c. 100 Lbs. $1.50. 200 Lbs. $2.75, 2000 Lbs. (in 
loo Lb. baus) ton $25.00. 

Bone Lawn Fertilizer 

stable manure should never be used as a top- 
dressing on lawns, for it always contains large 
quantities of weeds. We have, therefore, had pre- 
dated for us a special lawn fertilizer which is 
clean and high grade in every respect, and free 
from disagreeable odors. It prodncesa rapid and 
rich green growth of grass, and should be sown 
boadcast in the spring or fall. 10 pounds for 300 
square feet; 5u0 to 1 ,500 pounds per acre. Pkt. 10c, 
by mail 20c. 5 Lbs. 25c. 10 Lbs. 450. 25 Lbs. $1.00. 
50 Lbs. $1.75. 100 Lbs. 

Cloverless Lawn Grass Seed 

This excellent mixture contains all Ihe valuable grasses composing 
our Druid Hill Park Velvet Green Lawn Grass Seed, but it contains ab- 
solutely no White Clover Seed. JiLb. 10c. 5iLb.l5c. Lb. 25c. 5 Lbs. $1.00. 

White Dutch Clover 

This is the best clover for lawns, as it forms a close herbage and re- 
mains green throughout the season. It is also a very valuable mixture 
with grass seed for pasture. Sown in the spring at the rate of 6 Lbs. per 
acre when sown alone: one-half the quantity when sown with other 
grass. Vi Lb. 15c. V2 Lb. 25c. Lb. 50c. 10 Lbs. (& 40c Lb. 

S2.75. 2"0 Lbs 
500 Lbs. $12.00. 


Bolgiano's Shady Nook Lawn Grass Mixture 

Beautiful Flowers, Delicious Vegetables, Luxuriant House Plants 

All these Pleasures are Assured if Ton Use BON-ARBOR, the Ideal Food and Tonic for Household 
Plants and Home flo>ver and Vegetable Gardens, Clean, Safe, Odorless, lil'fective* 

Rr»n Afhnt* is immediately soluble in cold water, therefore all the properties are available to plant life from the 
t>Ull-/Tl UUI moment of application. It is quick in action, enabling you to see its effects in from 3 lo lOdays on anv 
quick growing plants, vegetables and lawns, and on slower growing plants in a proportionate time. It being complete 
food, containing Nitrogen, Potash and Phosphoric Acid in sufficipnt quantities, will sustain the growth it makes. 

BON- ARBOR Is Put Up As Follows « 

li pound package, making 15 gallons, by mail postpaid, 30c 1 pound package, making 30 gallons, by mail postpaid, 55c 

5 pound package, making 150 gallons, by Express, not prepaid, $1.S0 

"John Baer'' Tomato 


3 rd- 






" "John Baer" Tomato 


"John Baer" Tomato produces large, beautiful, solid shipping Tomatoes in 30 day from plants grown in Veneer or Paper 

bands, with roots undisturbed. 
"John Baer" Tomato produces the most perfect High Crown Tomatoes ever grown. 
"John Baer" Tomato produces an enormous crop of Tomatoes, 50 to 100 fruit to each plant. 
Every "John Baer" Tomato ripens evenly, right up to the stem. 
No cripples, no scalds, no blight, no cracked, no wrinkled, no one-sided, uneven, scarred fruit. When dead ripe "John 

Baer" Tomato will not burst. 
"John Baer" Tomato has a wonderful glistening bright red color. 
"John Baer" Tomato has a mild deliciously sweet flavor. 
In shape and form exactly like its photograph in colors, on the front cover. 

"John Baer" Tomato is almost seedless, a marvelous Stem Setter, often ten fruit in first cluster, solid and meaty. 
"John Baer" Tomato has just enough foliage— will stand plenty of manuring without going to vine. Set plants 2^x3 feet. 
'■John Baer" Tomato is the most perfect shipping Tomato ever grown — 24 fruit exactly fill a six carrier basket. 
Each beautiful "John Baer" Tomato weighs about Syi. ounces. 
"John Bear" Tomato Seed was saved only by John Baer, the originator, who personally selected and picked every 

Tomato from which he saved this seed, selecting only the most beautiful perfect fruit of the early Stem Set Clusters. 
"John Baer" Tomato is the offspring of two marvelous Tomatoes — One Great Specialist having devoted 10 years in selecting 

and improving one parent and Another Expert devoted five years in selecting and improving the other parent. The 

"John Baer" Tomato is therefore the result of Fifteen Generations of Improvement and Selection for earliness, 

quality, shape, fruit, color and shipping quality. 
As a Packing Tomato, "John Baer" is a miracle, they all pack Fancy, no seconds, aud all pack whole. Peelers can 

prepare three bushels "John Baer" Tomatoes to one bushel of any other Tomato. Being such a tremendous yielder 

a bushel of "John Baer" Tomato can be gathered in one-third the time of any other Tomato. A large Baltimore 

Tomato Packer had all the "John Baer" Tomatoes he could secure packed seperately, running them through a 

special process for his fanciest trade and his own private use. 

Prices: Pkt. 11.00. Yi oz. $2.50, oz. $4.00, % lb. $15.00, pound $50.00. 

1818 J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 

How To Order Bolgiano's Seeds — Read Carefully 


We Fill Orders of till Values, from the Smallest to the Largest, and All Receive the Same Careful and Prompt Attention 
Prices in this Catalogue are Subject to market Changes, Special Quotations Promptly Given 

FREE DELIVERY BY -MAIL. We deliver free to anj' post-ofEce m the United States all vegetables and flower seeds offered in 
this catalogue bj' the packet, ounce, quarter-pound and all varieties of Tomato Seed in any size package, including pounds. On all other 
seeds for half-pounds and upwards add 8c per pound. Except where specially noted. 

• When Best to Order. We are fully equipped for filling orders, and supplied with ICew Crop Seeds. Order at once, so that you 
can have your seed on hand ready to start planting your crops at the proper time without delay. 

Send by Mail if Xon Cannot Get to See Us. We will send you Seeds that have been saved with great care. You -will be pleased with 
the crops and Satisfied With Our Prices. 

Use Our Order Blank If You Have One. If you haven't one, use any plain paper. 

Tell Us In Your Own Way What Yon Want, in any language. Enclose in your letter the amount of money, either a post-office 
money order, v^-hich you can get at the post-office, an express upmey order, which yoa can get at the express office, or a draft, which you can 
get at any bank, or put the money in your letter, take it to the post-office and tell postmaster you want it registered. 

^eutf&e GorteitJon&enten. Sentirf) gprec^enbe ftunben toctben ^ijflic^ft etjuc^t, i^te SBaeftellungen in beutctiet Sptat|t eiitjufenben, uiib tser 
ben biefelben auf ba§ ©orgfaltigftite uSgefiifjrt. 

The Cost of Y'our post-ofhce or express money order may, on all orders over $1.00 be deducted from the amount. 

Parcel Postage Stamps or Two-Cent Letter Stamps. \\"e will accept the same as cash. Don't send other kinds. 

If Y'ou Live On A Rural Mail Route, just give the letter and the money to the mail carrier and he will get the money order at 
the post-office and mail it in the letter for you. 

GUARANTEE. We Guarantee-All Shipments of Seeds, wrhen remittance accompanies order, to reach the purchaser safely and 
in good condition. 

I>on't Be Afraid Tou ATiU Make A Mistake. We receive many orders from young and old who never before sent away for seeds. 
We are accustomed to handling all kinds of orders. No matter whether your order is in good or bad writing we will promptly fill it and 
send it to you. 

Don't Be Afraid of the Express or Freigrht Charges. By our guaranteeing the expressage all the express lines in the United 
States and Canada, in the traific agreement, are now carrying seeds at a reduced rate of 20 per cent, less than merchandise rates. 
Neither the freight or expressage will amount to much compared to what we save you in cost. 

Change of Address. If you have changed or intend to change your address, please let us know, and we will change it on our 
books, so that you will receive our Catalogue at your new post-office. We thank you for doing this. 

Be Sure to Sigm Your Name and Address. If by boat or railroad say distinctly which boat or railroad to ship by, and if freight 
has to be prepaid add this amount to your order to prevent delay. 

AS TO WARRANTY, We Believe Our Seeds w'ill produce for you the best crops you have tvergrown, and to show you what con- 
fidence we have in our Seeds, if they prove otherwise than represented by us we will refill your order free of charge; but it must be 
agreed that we do not warrant the crops grown therefrom, either expressed or implied, as to description, purity, productiveness or any 
other matter and we will not be, in any way responsible for them. If the purchaser does not accept our seeds, etc., on these terms they 
are at once to be returned and the money that has been paid for the same will be refunded. We appreciate your orders and they 
receive our prompt attention. 

If you Are Satisfied With Us, with the goods you receive, the treatment we give you and your general business relations with 
us, will you do us the favor of mentioning the fact to some of your neighbors? If we can please yoia we can please others, and we 
assure you that we will be careful to make your friends more than satisfied with the experiment. 

Market Gardeners, Farmers' Clubs and Institutions wanting to purchase Seeds in unusually large quantities should write for 
special prices. We have made prices very low in this Catalogue, yet when a number or bushels or pounds are wanted we can frequently 
supply at lower price than by the single pound or bushel. In w-riting give us a list of quantities and varieties required and we will 
return list promptly with our low-est price for the lot. 

Always Remember That We Can Save You Money, No Matter Where You Live. Write us about any seed you would like to 
know of, and your letter will be answered the same day it is received. If you wish to know exactly what the freight or express w-ould 
be on any article to your station, write us and we will tell you. 

How to Order Seeds to So'iU INFr^pTY Directions for Cultivating Vegetables 

Each Month See bottom this Page. l.l\\J\^I\. See Heading of Each Item. Pages 27 to 49. 

Seed Table Showing Quantity of Seed Usually Sown to an Acre and Number of Potmds to the Bushel, See Page 89. 

Vegetable Seeds page 

Artichoke 28 

Asparagus and Roots... 28 
Beans, Bush, green 

podded 11. 28 

Beans. Bush, wax 

podded 11,28 

Beans. Pole 29 

Beans, Pole Limas 12, 30 

Beans, Bush, l.imas..l2. 29 

Beets, Table 13, 30, 31 

Beets. Mangels 31 

Bore Cole 38 

Brussels Sprouts 14, 33 

Cabbage \^. 32. 33 

Carrots, Table 15, 34 

Cauliilower 12. 34 

Celeriac or Root Celery 35 

Celerv 15,35 

Collards 33 

Com .Salad 35 

Com. Sweet 16, 36 

Com, Pop 36 

Citron 42 

Cress 35 

Cucumber 17, 18, 37 

Egg Plant 12, 38 

Endive 38 

Herbs 37 

Horse Radish 28, 50 

Kale 38 


Kohl-Rabi 37 

Ivcek 38 

Lettuce 19, 39 

Melon, Musk, Canta- 
loupe 20, 41 

Melon, Water 21, 42 

Mushroom 40 

Mustard 40 

Okra 42 

Onion 27.43 

Onion Sets 43 

Parsley 18,43 

Parsnip 27. 43 

Peas 23,44 

Pepper 22, 45 

Potatoes 25, 26, 45 

Pumpkin 47 

Radish 24.46 

Rhubarb 28,50 

Ruta Baga 50 

Salsifv 27,47 

Spinach 27. 47 

Squashes 27, 47 

Strawberry Plants 50 

Swiss Chard 31 


1-4, 5, 6. 7, 8, 9, 10, 48. 49 

Turnips 27, 50 

Vegetable Plants 50 

Farm Seeds page 

Permanent Grass Seed 

Mixtures 51 

Clovers 54 

Com. Field 56 

Com. Kaffir 56 

Grasses Inside Cover, 51,52 

Millet, German 52 

Millet, Hungarian 52 

Oats, Seed 55 

Peas, Field and Cow 

Peas 55 

Rye, Barley, Flax 55 

Buckwheat 55 

Rape, Dwarf, Essex 54 

Soja Beans 55 

Sorghum 56 

Seed Table 89 

Vetches 54 

Sunflower Seed 55 

Flower Boxes, Pots, Etc. 

Self-Watering Flow-er 

Boxes 82 

Clay Flower Pots 83 

Flower Seeds and Bulbs 

Flower Seeds. ..57, 58, 59, 60 

Cannas 66 

Calladiums 61 

Dahlias 62 

Gladiolus 61 


Paeonies 61 

Madeira Vine 61 

Nasturtium 43, 59 

Tuberoses 61 

Roses, Plants, Sbrubs, Etc. 

Rose Bushes 64, 65 

Flowering Plants , 

Ferns, etc 67, 68 

Hardv Evergreen 63 

Hardy Shrubs 69 

Lawn Grass Seed 

Lawn Seed Front Cover 

A\'hite Clover.. Front Cover 

Tools For The Farm, Garden, 
Orchard, Lawn 

Oliver Chilled Plows ... 85 
Spray Pumps and 

Sprayers 87 

Iron Age Tools 88 


Poultry Supplies- 
Poultry Feeds 70 

Conkey's Remedies 75 

Poultries Remedies 76 

Pratt's Foods 75 

Poultry Supplies 

77,78.79, 80, SI 

Buckeye Incubators 72 

Buckeye Brooders 73 

International Hovers... 71 


Nitrogen Gathering 

Bacteria 53 

Bolgiano's Fertililizers 89 

Sheep Manure, Pulver- 


Inside Front Cover 

Bon Arbor. ..Ins. Fr. Cover 

Insecticides, Etc. 

"Orchard" Brand In- 
secticide 86 

Aphine (New) 86 

Bug Death 86 

GardenandI,awuHose 83 Sulpho-Tobacco Soap.. 86 

Fountains 83 Slug Shot Sfi 

Lawn Mowers 83 Weed Killer 86 

Lawn Tools 83 Potato Scab Destroyer 86 

Garden Tools 84 Lemon Oil S6 

Wire Guards, Etc 84 Bordeaux Mixture Sf^ 

T icf Of AT^ortot^Klo Qoorlc Which Can Be Sown Around Baltimore From 
l^lbL \Jl V egeidDie OeeUb February to September 



Saw In HDttied Sow In Hotbed 

Early Cabbage 
Forcing Carrot 
Early Celery 
Egg Plant 
Early Lettuce 
Water Cress 

In Open Ground 

IZarly Peas 
Curled Long 
Stnd'g Spinach 

Early Beets 

Brussels Sprt* s 

Early Cabbage 

Forcing Carrot 





Egg-Plant , 






Water Cress 







In Open Ground 








Onion Sets 
Early Turnip 
Rhubarb Roots 
Sweet Peas 
Horse Radish 


Sow In Hotbed 







In Open Ground 


String Beans 


Brussels Spr'ts 

Early Cabbage 








April MAY May 

Kale and SOW Kohl-Rabi 

Bore Cole in Open Ground Leet 

Beans, Bush, 

Pole &Lima 

Brussels Spr'ts 
Late Cabbage 
Sweet, Com 
Kale and 

Bore Cole 

Onion and 

Onion Sets 
Water Cress 

Early Turnip 
Sweet Peas 

Onion and 

Onion Sets 
Early Turnip 
All Herbs 


In Open Ground 

Beans, Lima 
and all other 


Brussels Spr'ts 

Early Cabbage 



Sweet Corn 



Endive. Kale 






Early Peas 

■ Pumpkin 

Radish. Salsify 


Squash, Herb 




In Open Grounil 


Beans. all kinds 


In Open Ground 


S« eet Com 

Beans. Bush 

Com Salad 


Com Salad 







Kohl Rabi 




Early Peas 

Early Peas 






Earlv Turnip 




In Open Ground 

cold frames 
or Field 

Cauliflower for 
cold frames 

Com Salad 


Siberian Kale 



Winter Radish 



Sweet Peas 


Seed Laboratory 


"It is said tliat J. Bolgiano & Son, Baltimore, 
Md. has the most complete equipment for testing 
Seed for Purity and Vitality to be found in the 
United States, outside the Department of Agricul- 
ture." — Florist Review, Aug. 17th, 1913. 

Slluefration No, 1 

In this part of our Laboratory, we analyze all 
Seed for Purity. Our Seed Analysts are Graduate 
Botanists and have completed special courses under 
former United States Government Experts. Note 
the delicate scales which register one thousandth 
part of a gram, inclosed in Glass Case, also the. 
Tray of Glass Bottles containing Pure Seeds — 
every operation is most carefully recorded. 

lilastratiou No. 2 

In this part of our Laboratory, we test all Seed 
for Germination. At least two tests are accuratelj- 
made of every variety of Seed we sell. We use 
two "Standard" Scientific Germinators which are 
heated by Gas passing through Mercury. 

Illaetration No. 3 

To the right you will see a Scientific Seed 

Mixer which is indispenseable in determining the 

exact purity of samples drawn from any number 

of sacks of Seed. To the left is a scientific 

Grass Seed Separator which is regulated by 

different degrees of Air Pressure and is 

of great assistance in quickly 

determining purity. 

No J 

"Prosperity Tomato" 

The Wonder Among New Early Tomatoes That Has Attracted So Much Attention. 

310. We didn't want to name this New Early Red Tomato "PROSPERITY" but we couldn't help it, no othername could tell so quickly and so 
thoroughly how good it was. 

"PROSPERITY" means Success, Good Fortune, Entire and Complete Satisfaction; finding a Tomato possessing all these qualifications aud 
advantages we instinctively thought of "PROSPERITY" 

Description: — One of the earliest of all tomatoes, a brilliant red, an enormous j-ielder, grown and developed from single plant .selections covering 
a period of five years, filled full of strong, sturdy, healthy, new blood — so good we have felt inclined to wait another year so as to accumulate a 
larger stock of seed before offering it for sale — but here it is and the opportunity is yours while our limited supply of seed lasts. Price: Pkt. 25c, 
Vi Oz. 60c. 1 Oz. $1.00. Vi tb. S3.00. l,b. $10.00. Postpaid. 

In New York— Most Wonderful Tomato Ever Grown. 

Oti February 16, 1913, Mr. D. A. Coleman, of Albany Co.,N. Y., •writes: 
'* I £re7v the ' P)^osperity^ Totnatoes iast year. Xliey are the greatest early 
tomatoes ever grown. TJiey ivere 10 days earlier than tli£ I J^ L side by 
side. As for yield they are most wondeiful ever zrow7i in this couuty. 
Neighbors fro77i all over came to see ihem growing."' 

In Florida— Results Were Wonderful. 

On January 1 . 1913 , Mr. J. E. Gammon, of Jackson Co., Florida, writes: 
*^ The enclosed orde7' is 7nade upfiom jou7- 1912 catalogue handed 7ne by 
Mr. W. H. Taylor, who gave tne a fe-,v of your ' Piospe7-ity'' Tomato seeds 
last year. The resjilts weJ'e wo?idetfi{l. I sold, besides usi7jg all I could 
on the table three iii7ies a day , $26.00 U'07ih from two ffows abou^SS yards 

l07lg. ' ' 

In Delaware — Produced Three Pecks to the Hill. 

On November 3, 1913, Mr. Gore Ennis, of Kent Co., Delawa7-e, W7-ites: 
"In 7ega7'd to our c7-op of ' Prosperity' Tomato: this variety was far aliead 
of any variety that I have ez'er grown on account of their foliage being so 
thick, which kept the sun from the tomato. Without any exaggeratioti I 
can say I picked a 3-peck basket fro7>t 07ie hill." 

In Tennessee — The Eiu'liest by 9 Days. 

On August 1.1912, M.r. Oliver Co~iuan , Shelbyville, Tenji., writes: "/ 
write to let you know tWat the 'Prosperity' Tomato seed which I bought of 
you this Sp7-t7ig were 9 u -.ys earlier tha/i several other very eat'ly varieties 
planted the saTne day. JVo other seed was as eaj-ly as your 'Prosperity' 
although sown sa/ne day and plants set out the sa7/ie day. I a;« well 
pleased with your To7/iato Seed.'' 

In New Hampshire The Very Best Tomato He Ever Planted. 

^On fanuary 27, 1913, Mr. D. M. Gillivray, of Nc-wport, N. H., writes: 
The Rolgiano ' Prosperilv' Tomato that I g>e-w last year was the very best 
lotnato T ejier planted. They were beatitifulty shaped, ripened up to the 
slfiii, all at one time, good solid tomato and of excellent Quality." 

Iln Connecticut— Praise for "Prosperity" Tomato. 

On October 31, 1912, E. H. Jenkins, PM., Director of the Co7inecticut 
Agrictiltvral Experii7ie)it Station, New Haven, Conn., -.vrites asfollows: 
"We tested tlie 'Prosperity' Tomato this year and have nothing but pra ise 
to say for it. It is of e.rcellent quality, a somewhat better yielder than the 
My Maryla7id a/td considerably ea7-lier." 

In Oklahoma— Can't Garden Without It 

Oti January 23. 1913, Mr. H. C. Kennedy, Enid, Oklalwma, W7-iies as 
follows:" We can't garden without the ' Pz-osperity' To7/iato. It is the 
7/iost prolific to/nato I ever saw, and is about tlie 07ily va7-iety worth plant- 
ing in Oklaho7/ia." 

In New Jersey — "Prosperity" Stands the Hard Knocks. 

On October 29, 1912, Majirice A Tiake, Tfarligulluristofllie Ne7U Je7sey 
AgT^ultural E.rperiment Station. New B>-unsuick, N. J., writes as fol- 
lows: " We had two extended periods of di-ought here th is Su77i7?ier, yet the 
'Prosperity' Tomato showed co/iside7 able p7-077iise,under test," 

In Georgia — Considerably Above the Average. 

On Nove7>ibcr 2, 1912, H, P. Sluckry, HorlicullurisI . Georgia Experi- 
me7it Station, E.rperi77ient, Ga., <c>iles as follows: "We grezv ihe'P/os- 
pe7-ity' To7nato among about twenty-five other varieties. While the season 
was unfavoiable, it 'was considerably above the aberage. 1 aw 7vcll fileassd 
with it so far and T thinkfurlher test will show it to be a good vaT-iety. It 
was early ripen ing. the first ripebei7tg Ju7ie 7th. T/ie average dia77ieter of 
the fruit was 2;s inches." 

In Michigan— Vigorous and Produdive. 

On October 31. 1912, p-of. Geo. W. Hood, of the Michigan Agricjiltural 
College, Depart7nent of Horticulture, East Lansing, Michiga7i, writes as 

follows: "The 'Prosperity' ToTnato plants grew well, are vigorous and 
productive. The f7-uits ivete Tnedium sized and, taking it as a whole, gives 

fair chance of being a success under Michigan conditions." 

Two Weeks Ahead 

Everybody Wants 


On Nov. 21. 1912, 
Mr, J. R. Rogers of 
Anderson Co., Tex. 
writes: "I had one 
acre this stmig 
planted i n Bolgi- 
ano's I. X. L. To- 
mato' t he v were two 
weeks ahead of any 
other variety and 
were so fine that 
everybody around 
Jure won^t plant 
any thins 'text year 
but the I. X. L. To- 

Bolgiano's I. X. L. Tomato. Extremely Early, Wonderfully Prolific 

A week earJicr than the Earliana. More productive than the Chalk's Jewel. As large as the Gnat B. B, 
AS solid as the IVew Century. In fact. One of the ll'orld's Leading Extremely Early Tonialo. 
277. In Market Gardener's Field Tests, I. X. L. Tomato proved to be a week to ten days earlier than the Spark's Earliana, with an abundance of 
Fruit larger and more prolific than Chalk's Jewel, in fact, any number of specimens could be found as large as the Great B. B. Tomato. It has little 
more vine and leaves than the Wealthy Tomato, thus protecting" the blossoms from being easily knocked off by heavy rains or winds: protecting 
the fruit from bein? sunburned or scalded. The I. X. 1,. Tomato is without a sing'le exception the Leading Extremely Early Tomato, and while 
many of the most experienced Tomato growers tell us we cannot say too much in favor of this excellent Early Tomato, there are many who have not 
yet grown it. To them, we say again, do not experiment with it but plant your entire early crop in I. X. L,. Tomato, Your crop will net you big re- 
turns. We stake our reputation on I. X. L. 

1. One of the Earliest, Largest, absolutely smooth Tomatoes on Earth. A 
week earlier than the "Earliana," and as large as the "Great B. B." 

2. A beautiful, brilliant red color. 

3. Vines are a perfect mass of large, smooth fruit, a single plant yielding 
'4 bushel. 

4. Fruit is extremely early, enormously abundant, ripens all at once. 

5. Vines compact and can be placed two feet apart in three foot rows. 

6. As an extremely early prolific stem setter it is a wonder. 

Ripe I. X. L.— Just 47 Days— In Virginia 

On June 19th, 1912, Mr. C. F. Masterson, of Greenville Co., Va., writes: 
I am today picking ripe Tomatoes of the Tomato seed I got of yon. this 
spring of Bolgiano's Famous/. X. L., just forty-seven days from the time 
I put them in the field until I had ripe ones. 

Florida— I. X. L. Certainly Were Fine 

On January 14th, 1913, Mr. John B. English of Liberty Co., Fla., writes: 
" T planted Bolgiano's I. A'. L. Tomato last seasoii. They certainly were 
fine. There were none better tfiat went to PittsburgJi 7narket. 

Georgia — I. X. L. Wins in Every Race 

H. IV Stamps, Floyd Co., Ga., ivrites: " After trying all tlie other lead- 
ing early varieties oj the most prominent seed Growers in the country,! 
amforced to the conclusion that the I. X. L. is the earliest, smoothest, most 
prolific and best flavored Tonialo grown. Its merits cannot be exaggerated." 

Massachusetts— Never Had Such A Crop 

Mr. Charles L. Tabis, of Middlesex Co., Mass., writes as follows: "I 
have been raising Tomatoes for the last 12 years and I have yiever Jiad such 
a crop as I had last year from Bolgiano's I. X. L. Tomato Seed." 

In Ohio— I. X. L. Makes Money Fast 

Mr. Wm. Dulcaster. of Mahoning Co., Ohio, writes asfollows: "I tnust 
thank you for the I. X. L. Towato Seed I bought from you in tlie Spring. 
' I have made ^^y)^ from an acre and expect to sell about 150 baskets more.' 
/ receitiea$\.00 per basket for all I planted. It is the largest and earliest 
Tomato I ever grew. I felt rich wlien I picked 200 baskets two weeks ago 
and received Sl.OOyty;' every basket." 

7. The absence of unnecessary leaves permits all fruit to ripen so remark- 
ably early. 

8. It is almost like finding money to plant the I. X. L. Tomato. 

9. The largest growers tell us that we cannot say too much in favor of the 
I . X. L. Tomato. 

10. In eight years it has never disappointed a grower. Price, Pkt. 10c. 
V, Oz. 20c. 1 Oz. 30c. 2 Ozs. 50c. % Lb. 90c. 1 Lb. $3.50. Postpaid. 

Important— Read These Two Letters 

On Nov. 3rd , 1913, Mr. Gore Enn is if Kent County, Del., wrote: " Your 
I. X. L. Tomato is as fine as any one would want to grow and I think I 
could not praise it up too much. Our first setting the frost killed and then 
we reset — tJiey seemed to stand still for two loeeks — then they began to grow 
and we picked the first tomatoes the first of July and from then oti U7itil 

This is the Other One 
A Money Maker When Every Thing Goes Wrong 

Mr. T. D. Lawrence, of Licking Co., Ohio, writes asfollojvs: "T had a 
fine crop of your I. X. L. Tomatoes last year although we had tlie worst 
drouth I ever experienced. Nad my first setting froze dozvn. I reset again 
and it turned cold again, the plants stoodseetning to gobackfortwoweeks, 
and then started to grow, then we had a long bad drouth for weeks, never- 
theless, these tomatoes ?nade mc more money than any I ever raised." 

I. X. L. Bore Fine Crop— All Others Failed 

On Feb. 14th, 1912, Mrs. R. S. Sanders, of Franklin Co.. Va., writes: "/ 
consider the I. X. L. Tomato the acme of perfection. During the three 
months' dry weather last season when all others failed. I.X. L. lield up 
its head and bore large, smooth Tomatoes nntil killed by frost." 
About 800 Crates To The Acre 
Mr. R. E. Athey. of Putnam Co.. Fla., writes as follows: " The pound oJ 
I. X. L. Tomato Seed which 1 bought J j-om vou a year ago was planted at 
Yiana. Arizona, and made the best crop of Tomatoes and the earliest in 
that section. The fruit was even sized, true to shape and color and shipped 
belter than any other variety. It made 800 crates on a little more than one 
acre. I consider the I . X. L. the best early market variety." 

"Greater Baltimore" 

The World's Greatest Canning Tomato 

Tomato Investigations 

Purdue University Agricultural Experiment Station, Lafayette, Indiana 

Extracts from Bulletin No. 165, Vol. XVI, April, 1913 

"The average calculated yields for three years of eleven varieties tested shows 'Greater Baltimore' ranking First with a yield of 16.25 tons per 
acre against Stone 13.38 tons per acre. 

"Considering' Yield and Quality the eleven varieties tested will rank as follows as a field crop for canning: — First 'Greater Baltimore.' 

"Picking season from July 25th to October 1st, the 'Greater Baltimore' yielded nearly 22 tons per acre. 

"The 'Greater Baltimore,' which has been gaining in popularity with the Canning Trade during the past two years, begins bearing 12 to 16 days 
earlier than the Stone, when both are sown and handled in a similar manner throughout the season. 

"it will also be seen that 'Greater Baltimore' is as early a bearer as Chalk's Early Jewel, which is considered an early sort. 

"it is largely the Earliness and the Uniformity with which the plants bear a Large Number of Large Smooth Fruit throughout the ripening 
season that makes the 'Greater Baltimore superior to the Stone, which has been the standard canning variety for many years. 

"The average date of first ripening for the 'Greater Baltimore' was 120 days from the sowing of the seed in the hot beds and 65 days from the 
time the young plants were set in the field." 

They Beat Stone Tomato 15 Times 

Mr. Cross, Siipi. Kenish Canning Co., Davish Co. Utah, -triles: ''In 
7-eply io yo-ur inquiry, will say I planted tlie 'Greater Baltimore' injifteen 
different fields separate from our Stone and that in every section and every 
field they ripened about ten days earlier than any other. They ripen even 
to the stem , ar-e very solid, also prolific and of a bea utifiil deep red color. 
I consider them an IDEAL TOiSIA TO for both grower and canner." 

Immense Yielders and the Finest Quality 

^[r. T. IV. Stansbury , of Baltimore Co., Md.. 'critrs: "I have grown Bol- 
giano's 'Greater Baltimore' Tomato for the last tivo seasons, and neither 
wet 'weather or dry weatlier affected its yield. I 'would sooner have them 
than any other tomato I have ever used,fortliey are immense yielders and 
the finest quality." 

Wherever Used Always Brings Orders from Neighbors 

Maffet Bros., Voj-i Co., Pa., writes: " We Jiscd 'Greater Baltimore' To- 
mato seed bought from you ' as t year, and raised 1256 bushels of tomatoes 
on two acres of grou>id. Much the largest yield in our neighborhood. 
1256 bushels loere sold and we used quitca number of bushels at home. Our 
success put some of our neighbors in the notion of 'Greater Baltimore' , so 
this order includes seed for ourselves and three of our yteighbors." 
Buys "Greater Baltimore"— Could Get Stone Free 

Mr. Jos. H. Brampton, of Talbot Co., Md., writes as follows: "Last year 
I tj'ied yotir Bolgia}io' s 'Greater Baltimore' Tomato seed,wlie7i I could get 
the SVew Stone free of charge from the canning house, and it prodttcedfor 
me 763-4 tons on 4 7-Sacres." 

"Greater Baltimore" or None 

John E. Diamont Co., of Cape May Co., jV. /.. -writes: "Do not care for 
anything but the 'Greater Ball iuiore,' and as long as you cannot furnish 
them do not ship any other variety." 

A Good Yield in a Bad Season 

^1/r. Thos. A. Duck'worth, of Allegany Co., Md., writes as follows: 
" }'ouj' 'Baltimore Tomato' seed 'uhich we received from you this sirring was 
ceiiainly satisfactory. The season was very bad but still we got a good 
yield from your plants." 

Biggest Yielder He Ever Saw 

Mr. Z. Fountain, of Caroline Co., Md , writes as follcrws: " Votir 
' Greater Baltimore' Tomato isthe bigs.est yielder I ever sa-w. The ground 
was covered 'with splendid, red tomatoes. Your seeds have all done well.'''' 
Ten Days Earlier than Stone 

Watson Bros., Cumberland Co., N. J.,'wrile: " ]Ve are partial to tlie 
'Greater Baltimore' Tomato as they ynature about a -week earlier than tlie 
Stone Tomato." 

Entirely Free from Blight 

.S. M Johnson , Dorcliester Co.. Md., -writes: "The 'Greater Baltimore'' 
Tomato that I used last season from your seed is entirely fj-ee from blight, 
and the hugest yielder by half that I have ever ttsed. There can'ibe any- 
thing better: as you have }?iy order I can say no more." 

800 Crates from 1 3-4 Acres Sold for $2,400 

Thomas S. Johnson, Polk Co., Fla., -writes: " Your 'Girater Baltimore' 
Tomato I planted last season is the finest I have ervr planted. I shipped 
about SOO crates from the 1 3-4 acres, some sold in Boston by J. D. Mead & 
Co.for $3.00 a crate. I recommend it unresei'vedly to the growers of this 
sectioyi. I planted five different I'arieties and the ' Greater Baltimore' led 
thetn all. You can put me do-wn for' Greater Baltimore' next season." 

Our "Greater Baltimore" True to Name 

Mr. A. Wilkins. of Somerset Co., Md., writes: "I used your 'Greater 
Baltimore' Tomato seed last yearandraiscd 14 tons per acre, and if the seed 
you send this year are as true to name as they were last year I will be satis- 
fied, Jar there -was not a seed of another -jaiicty in the lot." 

Where Given a Fair Chance Did Well 

Mr. J. S.Jones. A^ ""•"■h Piver Canning Co . Campbell Co., Tenn., 

■writes as follows: " Weam, ■ditionsweree.rceedingly bad, butwlierethe 

'Greater Baltimore' Tomato plants had a fair chance, as in lo-w land, they 
did loell." 

Extensively Used by Packers 
Mr. L. H. Mahan, Gardener in Gibson Co., Ind., -writes as follows: 
" Bolgiano's ' Greater Baltimore' Tomato seed is being e.x'tensively used by 
packers at Terre Haute and also by the Snyder Presei-uing Co." 

100 Bushels from a Single Acre in One Picking 

Mr. Geo. V. Datin, of Hancock Co., III. 'writes asfollo'ws: " Have gro'wn 
Bolgiano's 'Gi eater Ballimoj e' Tomato Seed the past two seasons and it is 
a splendid producer. U'e picked 100 bushels from a single acre in one pick- 
ing. They have been ripening since the middle of July and no-w it is 
almost the middle of October. We -will -oery likely get a frost in afe'w days 
'which will close tJie season for th is year." 

Far Better Than Stone 

Mr, Willetts Johnson, of Cape May County, N. J, 'writes as follo'ws: 
" Your ' Greater Baltimore' Tomato is even more than you claijn, Itwas 
far in advance of the Stone, side by side.'' 

Plants Were a Perfect Mass of Tomatoes 

Mr. B. Z. Lloyd, of JKacogdoches Co., Te.v., -writes as follows: "My 
'Gieater Baltimore' Tomato plants were a peifect mass of tomatoes, the 
finest I ha-ije ei'er seen . I do not think you -will get any tomato to surpass 
the 'Greater Baltimore' ." 

Outlasted the Stone by Two Weeks 

Mr, Miles Ranch, of Union Co., A'. J., -writes: " I thought I would drop 
a line to you about your 'Greater Baltimore Tomato. I bought a packet of 
seed last spring of you and soiced it in my greoihouse, and set out 400 
plants on the 20th day of May, and I picked tomatoes up 'till October Stli, 
and they are the finest tomato that I ever gre-w. They are such fine, large 
tomatoes. I set the ' Greater Baltimore' next to a patch of Stone Tomatoes, 
and they outlasted the Stone Tomatoes by t-wo 'weeks: both kinds 'were set out 
on tlie same day — May 20th. 

Large and Uniform Until Last Picked 

Mr. James B. Raymo, of Port Antonio, Jamaica, -writes: " Your 'Greater 
Baltimore Tomato lam gi-eatly satisfied 7oith the production tliey produce. 
Large ones Jrom first bearing until last fruit picked from ilie tree. Then 
too, iliey are bug-proof." 

Nothing to Equal the "Greater Baltimore" 

Mr. Wm. Johnson , of Ne-wberry Co., S. C, writes as foUo-ws: "Please 
send this order at once by mail. 1 had a fine lot of you i- 'Greater Balti- 
more' Tomatoes last year. There is nothing to equal the 'Greater Bal- 
timore' 2' 

If In Doubt— Read This Letter 

Mess. Pusey, Holland Ct" Co., of Ml. l^crnon, Md., -writes as follo-ws: 
"This is to certify that I lia-je been purchasing my requirements for To- 
mato Seed for my large Cannery, located at Mt. J^^eition. Aid., Jrom your 
pirm for about ten years. During that time I have occasionally purchased 
some varieties, highly spoken of by other firms in the Koiih, but I have 
never yet been able to secure as pure and trust'woiihy Tomato Seed from 
any other firm as I have from yourself. They arc always true to name 
and not mixed2' 

Pleased with It in Virginia 

The Stansbury Canning Co., of King and Queen Co., Va., write us as 
follo-ws: " The fruit from the 'Greater Baltimore' Tomato plants we pur- 
chased from yoic few montlis ago is sho-wing up nicely 2'' 

They Sell for $2.00 Per Bushel 

Air- Thomas Garnett. of Vigo Co.. Iiid . -writes as follo-ws: "I am nu-,c 
selling the 'Greater Baltimor-e' Tomato for $2.00 per- bushel 2' 

17 Acres of Pure "Greater Baltimore" 

Air. J. Jl\ CoA-.of Gr-ant Co., Ind ,'wr'ites as folloios: " }'our 'Greater- 
Baltimor-e Tomato seed gave the very best of >ati^'action this year: I have 
17 acr-es of this pur-e ' Greater Baltimore' , They are the leading variety 
here now2' 

From Another Large Indiana Canner 
The Louden Packing Co.. of I'igo Co.. Ind .. zcrifes as Jolloros: "Your 
fa'vor of the 2d to hand. Please enter- our- atder-andshipatyour corrveni- 
ence 200 lbs. 'Greater- Bait inror-e' Tomato seed 2' 

Better Than 


Ever Was 

Orders 1000 Pounds 
Greater Baltimore" 


Sep/. 22nd 1913, The T. A. Snyder 
Prese) lie Co. of Chicago, 111., wired ns 
lis follows " Letter 19th received. Enter 
our order Thousand Pounds Greater 
Baltimore Tomato Seed" . Your Greater 
Baltivioie Tomato produced the largest, 
the most Tremendous Tomato Crop we 
have ever had in our livesatFairynount, 
Marion and Tipton, Indiana. 


Bolgiano's "Greater Baltimore" Tomato 

Prof. JV. W. Tracy, of the United States Agricultural Department, of Washington, D. C, told us in his tests the 
"GREA TER BAL TIMOR E' ' Tomato held its fine large size, to the last Tomatoes on the vines. J. Bolgiano & Son. 

1. Gj-eater Baltimore Tomato is the highest mountain top of success in 
loytiato growing. It is better than Stone ever was. 

2. fust doubles the yield of many of the best cropping tomatoes you have 
I re}' grown. 

3. Smooth, 7uell-formed and deep from stem to blossom. 

4. Its extretnely heavy weight is due to its frmnexs and great 

5. It ripens evenly to the stem and is entirely free from ridges, cracks 
and blight. 

6. Unrivalled shipper, due to its solidity and firmness. 
1. Fruits in large clusters at every second joint. Joints are short and 

8. Brilliant red color, one of the handsomest tomatoes we have evei 
seen . 

9. Vigorous, compact; healthy vines. 

10. One of the grandest Second Forty and Main Crop Tomatoes vu 
eai th. 

PRICES: Pkt. inc. ^ Oz. 20c. 1 Oz. 35c. 2 Ozs. 60c. M Lb. $1.00 
Ivb. Si. 75 Lb. S3. 50 Postpaid. 

After eight seasons have pa.ssed. and the "Greater Baltimore" Tomato has been grown in every Tomato State in the Union, and in many 
Foreign Countries it is almost impossible to give a description of its merits without seeming to claim for it Supernatural Powers; so in describing 
it, we will as far as practical, confine ourselves to extracts from the experience of those who have grown the "Greater Baltimore" during the past 
seven years. 

A Florida man writes, "It is the finest Shipping Tomato ever sold — tested side by side, and shipped side by side with five leading varieties — 
it beats them all." Another writes. "Out of 15 Red varieties it was the best of all." "Very prolific— it yielded from 300 to more than 650 bushels of 
60 Lbs. per acre." One man raised 17,000 plants from '4 Ll>-of "Greater Baltimore" Tomato Seed. "Vigorous grower. ' strong, healthy plants. Fruit 
uniform in shape and size, large very regular, smooth, shapely, fleshy, very meaty, ripens well and evenly. Beautiful bright red color, fruit%-ery 
handsome, dozens weighing 30 ounces, and several exceeding 32 ounces. Seed planted a month later than "Dukeof York" produced shipping 
fruit two weeks before that variety was ready. "Fine crop in bad season " Excellent keeper — has kept until New Year's day. Rust and blight 
proof. Recommended unreservedly by a grower for "the section aroimd Lakeland, Fla." Had proved better than any variety tried at Picton, 
Canada. "Stands the heat and drouifht of Mississippi." "Very valuable for S luth Carolina climate." In the canning districts of Delaware and 
Maryland "yielded a fine crop in a bad season." Texas says there is no better tomato in size and taste on the market; not an acid tomato — very fine 
flavored. As a home garden Tomato "the results have been far beyond expectation." On our own table we sliced the "Greater Baltimore" 
Tomato like we would slice a fine tender roast beef. We have had a good crop and have lowered our prices accordingly. 
In Kentucky— They Beat Them All 

On March 4th, 1913. Mr. Edw. Dudley of Critten Co., Ky.,wyites: I 
have used your Greater Baltimore Totnato for past six years for cann ing, 
for market and for home use and they beat any other tomato that I have 
ever tried. I find them earlier than New Stone and weightier and the 
flesh is almost as solid as an apple. 

In Virginia— The Best Tomato That Grows 

On Sept. 10th, 1912, Messrs. Lorch Bros , 705 Callowhill Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa , writes: "This is to inform you that we have planted out 200 
acres at Noifolk, Va,, of Bolgiano's Greater Baltitnoie Tomato Seed 
obtained from you, and the wonderful production cf the finest quality of 
Canning Tomatoes produced by this variety is a great amazement to all 
Truck Growers in that section, who have never seen a variety of Tomato 
that produced such enormous quantities, at the same time such superior 
Catming Tomatoes. IVearevery grateful toyoufor-supplying uswithsuch 
good seed, and the greater Baltimore Tomato is without doubt the greatest 
yielder and the best variety of Tomato that grows for Canning purposes." 
In Utah— It Suits Them 

On Feb. 12th. 1913. Springville Canning Co. of Springville . Utah,W7-ites: 
Your Greater Baltimore tomato seed suits us. 

In Maryland— Considered The Best On The Market 

On April 18th, 1913, Capt. M. B. Nichols, of Easton , Md., writes: I have 
been using your Greater Baltimore Tomato seedfora mtmberof years and 
I consider them by far the best Tomato seed on the market to-day. Two of 
my tenants buy their seed direct from you every year and pay your p> ices 
rather than accept' the seeds furnished by our Canneries free of charge. 
One of my men bought 5 pounds of vour Greater Baltimore last week." 

In Delaware — Produced An Average Of 25 Tons An Acre 

Mr. H. Studt, of Kent Co.. Del. .writes as follows:' My friend, Mr. A. 
G. Turner, a large, practical successful farmer, produced this past season 
an a-verage of 25 ions an acre of Greater Baltimore Tomatoes from seed 
obtained from you and when thefr'ost killed the plants there were yet re- 
maining on single plants as many as 100 tomatoes, for I personally count- 
ed them myself. ' ' 

In Missouri — The Best Ever Seen 

On fan. 30th 1912, Odessa Canning Co . Ode- , writes as follows: 

We think the Greater Baltimore the best .„>ia Tomato --e have ever 


Bolgiano's Wonderful New Tomato 

"My Maryland" 

King of Them All. Has Surpassed the Best Yielding Tomato in the World 
More Than 100 Per Cent— A Marvelous Double Yielder. 

77. Side by side it has produced three times the crop produced by the 
Stone or New Century. It has even doubled the yield of the Greater 
Baltimore Tomato. 

The vast possibilities of this New Tomato are astounding. We believed 
in Greater Baltimore Tomato the limit of productiveness had been 
reached but "My Maryland" so far outyields any other Tomato ever 
grown that its remarkable productiveness is amazing. People have 
driven miles to see a field of "My Maryland" Tomatoes and they all 
marveled at the prodigious abundance of the crops it had produced. 
The fields were literally covered with the finest well-shaped, perfectly 
formed, solid, smooth, bright red, uniform fruit, all free from roughness 
and cracks, much larger than any ever seen before. It was called then 
and there "A Winner" audit well deserved the title. The Tomatoes are 
much larger and far heavier than either the Greater Baltimore or the 
New Century. By most careful re-selections for five years, we have 
thorougly established the purity and trtieness of "My Maryland "Tomato, 
and are delighted to be the introducer of a Tomato which from stiwt to is "King of them all." A real "Double yielder" that will be 
known as the best second early and main crop Tomato the world over in 
less than a year. Supplv' ' Seeds is limited. To be sure of securing 
some, place vour order -.._ . lickly as possible. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. 
2 Oz. 40c. U L,h. 75c. Ji I,b. Si. 25. I.b. S2.50. 

A World Beater — Marvelous Disease Resisting 

"My Maryland" Tomato 

Marvelous— 1000 Crates Per Acre 

On June J?,?, 1912, Mr. J. U^. Benson . of Tex-as, writes 
''The yieM of ilie 'My JMaryiand' Toviato that I piir" 
chased Jrom you in January has been marvelous 
Til in k it would carry 1,000 crates per acre." 

Disease Resisting in Alabama 

Canehrake Agr. Ext>. Station, Vniontowji, Ata., 
Prof, F. D. Steiiens lurites: " Of the 6 varieties of To- 
rn itoes tried here th is year I am disposed to think your 
' My Maryland' BEST of the lot. I base 7ny conclusions 
on the yield, ' My Maryland' holding its own -with the 
others. On thefreedomfrovi attack of rot ^Fiisariuni 
Erubeseens') it being practically free from the disease, 
Itile vai-ieties in rows adjoining have given way ma- 
tt i tally to its ravages, especially during the last week 
of rainy, damp weather. On its freedom from cracking 
of the skin when fully ripe — othe> varieties presenting 
7nore orless trouble from this, as after the rupture is 
oyice formed in this climate moulds start quickly spoil- 
tng its home use and local market. I thank you for 
calling my attention to this vai-iety." 

Disease Resisting in Massachusetts 

Mass. Agr. College, Amherst, Mass., Prof. C. S. 
Heller writes: "We tried your new 'My Maryland' 
Tomatoes along side of others in the same field and 
given shnilar treatment. Ifijid ii to be a very desirable 
sort. Compared with the others, it is decidedly disease 
resistant and a hea~y yieldn . The fruits are large, 
smooth and quite regular, ripening veiy evenly." 
After Several Years Careful Trial 

On Sept. 22nd. 1913, Mr. E. H.fenkinsoftlie Connec- 
ticut Agriculttiral Experimoit Station, New Haven, 
Conn., wrote as follows: "We still consider the 'My 
Maryland' Tomato the finest Tomato for outdoor grow- 
ing that we have ever seen." 

In Virginia— His Main Crop 

(1;/ Jan. 17th, 1913, Mr. B. F. Shaver,^ of Troutville, 
I ':!.. 7i'rites: "I have been using your ' ]\Ty Maryland'' 
J nnatoes for canning pu7-poses the last few years and 
and am so highly pleased with it that I want to tnake 
It my main crop this season." 

In Maryland— It Won Out 

Mr. P. L. Hopper of Harford Co., Md., writesasfol- 
U :ei: "Please send me 3 pounds new crop 'My Mary- 
land' Tomato Seed. It may interest you to know that 
My Maryland' seed purchased from you last season 
produced for me 400 bushels to the acre, notwithstand- 
ing heavy losses by persistent rainy weather. It was 
the s ize that counted. 

In New York— Better Than Any of Them 

Xeiv York Agr. Exp. Station, Geneva. JV. Y.. Piof. 
R. Wellington, writes: "Very much pleased with 'My 
Maryland' Tomato this season. Vines healthy, vigor- 
ous hut not so rank as Livingston s Stone. Frii it large, 
\inooth and firm, should make a good shipper as well as 
a -.rood canning Tomato. Plants tested see>ned to be 
identical in all respects, and so there is no doubt that 
the strain has been carefully selected. This variety 
■■hnuld be of great value for market as well ascanning 
f tr poses. We have tested sei'eral varieties of Tomatoes 
this past season and M/v Maryland' Tomato has made 
/^ ^ood a showing, if not better than any of them."' - 
In Ohio— Good Crops— Even In Bad Seasons 
l/'i . W. T. Bos-worth, of Nc-wport. Washington County, 
Ohto,-,vrites asfolloivs: "1 want to tell you about the 
' .My Maryland' Tomatoes, the seed of -which I bought 
of you last spring — I ha-oe been having lot $ of Tomatoes 
a^ood size and excellent quality, the vines bearing from 
the ground to the top. A'otwithstanding this has been 
an unfavorable season for tomatces, late frosts and 
prolonged drv -weather have blighted other tomatoes 
fearfully , but mine have stood up under the adverse 
conditions remarkably luell. If this had been afavor- 
able season 1 don' t believe the vines would have held the fruit. In conclu- 
sion, I -want to say I wish you great psosperity in the seed business. 

In New Jersey— "My Maryland" Goes Ahead of Any Tomato 

Miles Rausch, of Plainfield, N. J.,7c-rites: " '.l/_v Maryland' Tomato 
goes ahead of any Tomato I ever srerv. I set out fii'C hui/dred of 'My 
Mainland' and five hundred of ' Greater Baltimore' side by side last Spring 
and [find that 'My Maryland' Tomatoes held out a great deal the best, 
the vines of ' My Maryland' Tomato kept green until the frost killed them, 
and even then they had lots of fruit on them." 

In Pennsylvania— The Best In A Long Life 

Mr. L, Repman, of La-wren ce Co., Pa., writes as folloivs: "Your seeds 
are good, advanced age is reducing wy garden work, I am doing but lit- 
tle: but in Tomato, 'My jMaryland' were the -jery best in all my experience, 
so kindly send me more.'' 

In Maryland— Better Than Any Other 

Mr. W. J. Jeffers, of Kent Co., Md., writes as follows: " Your 'My .Mary- 
land' Tomato Seed turned out better than any other Tomato in our sec- 

Short Jointed— It Forms Large Clusters At Every Joint 

Mr. J. A. Dean , of Beaumont, Texas, -crites as follows: "Your Ne-Jj 
Tomato, 'My Maryland, prerecs to be a world beater. It is without a 
doubt one of the finest and best cropping tomatoes to grow: it has more 
good Qualities than any other Tomato, the plant being short jointed and 
forms such large clusters of fruit at every joint, the fruit being so iinifoi m 
in shape and color, making it outsell any Tomato on the market." 

Extra Early "Wealthy" Tomato 

Has made Many Truckers and Market Gardeners Rich 

278. Thousands of dollars clear have been made by the men who 
have planed the Wealthy Tomato. From the day you sow the seed 
until the last, large shapely fruit is shipped to an anxious early mar- 
ket; Wealthy Tomato keeps the lead. One of the earliest of the ear- 
liest; smooth firm, delicious flavor, beautiful red color and an abun- 
dant yielder. In the Wealthy Tomato Mother Earth pays us a thou- 
sand fold for our effort. In Springtime those who have the means 
are only too glad to spend it freely if in return they can get the first 
fruits of the season. Then the fancy prices are realized, and if you 
trust Wealthy Tomato it will put you in a position to get your share 
and also the share of the man who takes years to find out a money 
maker. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. K Lb. 85c. lyb. S3.00. Postpaid. 
1 Crate To Every Two Plants. 

Mark Zill. of Florida, wriles: " I planted your Wealthy Tomato last 
year and zrew one crate from evoy two phDits. / do nut want any 

Earliest and Finest in Frederick Co., Md. 

Chas. O. D. Lee, Frederick Co. ,I\rd.. writes: " Yoiir IVealthy Tomato 
is the earliest and finest we hai!e had in this part of the country. iVe 
had ripe tomatoes the Z6th of June. They yield in great abundance." 

Bolgiano's ''Florida Special" Tomato 

Greatest Blight Resisting Tomato on Earth 

311. Not a single grower of Tomatoes in Florida or in any locality 
where blight has injured the Tomato crops, should go through this 
season without trying this most excellent new Tomato. We call it 
"Florida Special!.' for it has been most carefully bred up to resist the 
ravages of blight which has been so discouraging to our Florida cus- 
tomers. It is red in color, large msize, fine flavored, firm and meaty, 
very prolific, and about as early as the Earliana. It is a most excel- 
lent shipper, in fact, duringour entire timeof selectingand breeding 
up the Florida Special, we took the utmost pains in selecting such 
tomatoes as would stand the long shipment to the northern markets 
from Florida. We are confident Bolgiano's Florida Special Tomato 
is going to make a record this year, that will put it head andshould- 
ers above any Tomato that has ever been intr. duced excepting the 
I. X. L. Tomato. Price, Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. Va, Lb. 85c. Lb. J3.00. 

In Florida— The Finest Tomato Raised. 

On Nov. 25th, 1912 Mr. J. E. Fuse of Lockhart, Fla. writes: Voiir 
" Florida Special" Tomato is the finest Tomato we can raise here. 
Close To 1000 Crates To The Acre. 

IVillers and Milikin, Dade Co., Fla., writes: " IVe are glad to reply 
to you that your Bolgiano's Florida Special Tomato Seeds, are reported 
to t(S by growers to give good results, especially in selling the fruit. 
Growers expect to get close to 1,000 crates to the acre. 

New "Red Rock" Tomato 

572. This is one of the finest large red Tomatoes ever introduced- 
It ranks among the later varieties, requiring about 110 days from 
seed-sowing to ripe fruit. It is very solid and free from any excess 
of water; smooth and of a very fine and red color. Superior in tex- 
ture and flavor. It is anextraordiuary heavy producer and excellent 
shipper. Twenty-five tons of fruit have been grown to the acre. It 
is specially recommended to truckers and growers for canning fac- 
tories, as it is very showy and productive. It has a very strong, vig- 
orous vine, protecting the fruits from sunscald Pkts. 5c. and 10c. 
Oz. 25c. K lb. 60c. Lb. S2.00. Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's Best Tomato, The Great B. B. Tomato. 

Extra Early Wealthy Tomato 

Bolgiano's Best, The "Great B. B." Tomato 

284. This Tomato is unequalled. It has every good quality pertaining to 
the Tomato and avoids all faults of other sorts. One of the smoothest, most 
solid, heaviest and most handsome Tomatoes grown. It suits gardeners, 
canners and shippers, who are delighted with its faultless fruit, which fills 
their wants in every p.irlicular. The B. B. is as solid as an apple, has no core 
and the flavor is excellent. It weighs more pounds per bushel than many 
other sorts which proves its solidity; has a beautiful red color, outside and 
inside, and the fruit is quite large. There is no need of a field of poorToma- 
toes when a half dollar will buy enough seed to supply plants for one acre. 
Used successfully for earlyand late crops; alwaj-s sells at the highest prices. 
Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. Vi Lb 60. c. Lb. $2.00. Postpaid. 

Just Dumb Luck— First Time. Sends 3000 Miles For Them 

Second Time. 

Mr. Richard N. Bennett, of Klickitat Co., State of Washing- 
ion, writes»as follows: In buying some Tomato Plants last year, 
I chanced to get sotne of your Great B.B. or Bolgiano's Best 
Tomatoes, and was so well pleased with them that I now send 
3 on my seed order in hopes of getting some of the same seed, 
and growing plants of thcmfor myself. 

Chalk's "Early Jewel" Tomato 

287. This excellent new to-mato has attracted the attention 
of market gardeners and .shippers on account of its fine qual- 
ity, its wonderful productiveness; earliness and large size. 
Chalk's Jewel is not quite .so early as the Earliana, or so large 
as the I. X. L. but size of the fruitcontinues very large, almost 
to the last picking. The vines are fairly loaded with fruit 
during the en tire .season, 75 of which will fill a % bushel bas- 
ket. The fruit is very solid and deep through measuring iVa 
inches across by almost 3 inches in depth. Color is bright 
scarlet .aid it ripens up to the stem, without cracks or green 
core. It is an excellent shipper. The climate in which we 
grow our tomato seeds makes them earlier, free from disease 
and blight, and nrore productive than seed you can produce 
from any other source. Trv them for yourself. Price, Pkt. 
10c. Oz. 25c. K Lb. 75c, Lb. $2.50. Postpaid, 

Bolgiano's New "Pink Giant" Tomato 

187. _ A fine large handsome early pink Tomato. One rea- 
son pink Tomatoes have not been so popular recently, is be- 
cause they have not been subjected to the great hybridizing 
by which the Red Tomatoes have been so wonderfully devel- 
oped. This has been overcome in this magnificent New Pink 
Giant Tomato, it has been carefully crossed and re-crossed 
for size of fruit, earline-ss, solidity, .smoothness, productive- 
ness. We have large uniform '" ^ndsome fruit which sells 
readily at a much higher prii?" iri did ever the older vari- 
eties. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. Vi Lb. 85c. Lb. S3. 00. Postpaid. 

Livingston's Globe Tomato. Size and Shape Made It a Wonderful Seller. 

Livingston's Globe Tomato 

264. In shape it is distinct from all others, being a beautiful globe, 
with quite a good percentage of elongated (stem to blossom) fruits. It 
is among the first to ripeu. Fruit of large size, and good marketable 
size is maintained throughout the season; always smooth, firm-fleshed. 
and has very few seeds. Ripens evenly through and through; a fine 
glossy rose in color, tinged with purple. The plant is always loaded 
mth fruit, as it has joints at frequent intenals and each joint produces 
large clusters of from 3 to 7 fruits. Especially adapted for slicing or 
eating from the hand as the flavor is very delicate and agreeable. Pkt. 
10c. Oz. 25c. 2 Ozs. 'ISc. H I.b. S5c. Lb. S3. 00. Postpaid. 
Reliable Stock Globe Tomato 

On Decetnber30th, Mr. J. C. Michael of Fla. uritesr—" I don'tthinkihere 
is a het/er all 'round Tutiiaio than your stock of Livingston Globe. They 
are u>iiform in size, nice sliape and a splendid shipper owing to tlieiounh- 
ness of the skin." 

On December 30th, E. D. Ran & Co.. of Marion Co.. Fla., writes. — Re- 
ferr^ng to the Livingston's Globe Tomato bought of yon would say L never 
saw finer Tomatoes than grown from those seeds." 

June Pink Tomato 

We Have The Finest Stock In The World 

268. The June Pink Tomato. In habit of growth is similar to 
the Karliana. The plant is neat and compact, branching freely with 
fruit hanging in clusters of from 6 to 10 fruits both in the crown and at 
the forks of the branches. Under exactly the same conditions ;is given 
Spark's Earliana and Chalk's Jewel, the fune Pink yielded as much fruit 
as cither, and the vines after the crop had been harvested were greener 
and brighter, and showed no tendency to blight. It ripens full}' as early as 
Spark's Harliana and quite 10 days to 2 weeks ahead of Chalk's Early 
Jewel. The fruit is of medium size, uniform, smooth, and attractively 
shaiied, without cracks or anj- green core. The fruit will average 254 in. 
to 3 in. in diame'er. from 2 to ZVi in. depth. The skin is reasonably 
tough so that it is excellent for shipping purposes. In color it is a bright 
pleasing pink, and in markets where a pink tomato is desired will bring 
25 per cent, more in price than any red variety. It has the further quality, 
making it especially desirable for private use, continuing to bear and 
ripen fruit until frost. Pkt. 10c. Vz Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. 2 Ozs. 50c. ''A Lb. 90c. 
Lb. $3.50. Postpaid. 

Finest He Ever Raisrd 

U'm. H. Stump, Amhei'st, Co., Va., writes: "Your June THjik Tomato 
is the finest Tomato L ever raised." 

13S. Burpee's Earliest Pink. One of the newest Tomatoes , exceptionally early, of the finest flavor, abundant and continuous bearer. Should 
be grown b.\- every Tomato grower in the country. Also splendid for the Home Garden. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. 2 Ozs. 45c. ^ Lb. S5c. Lb. S3.00. Postpaid. 

New Early "Royal Purple" Tomato 

499. A truly wonderful yielder — being of large size and wonderfully prolific, and continues to yield beautiful large fruit longer than the Globe. 
Acme, or Beauty. Very distinct in shape, firm-fieshed, and of delicate and delicious flavor. It is a very beautiful variety; in quality there is nothing 
more to be desired in a pink tomato. It has already become a popular variety with tomato growers who have tried it. It is as smooth as an apple, 
colors up nicelj continues in bearing condition longer than any other pink variety: and meets with ready sale on all markets. Every Florida. 
Texas. Mississippi, Louisiana. Alabama. TtJHwfi'ift? or Southern tomato grower should plant Royal Purple Tomatoes. It matures enormous crops 
of No. 1 fruits only a few days later than our I, X. L, Tomatoes. Beautiful large, smooth, solid pink-skinned fruit, which invariably sells above the 
market price. The texture is extra firm, thus making it a first class long-distance shipper. It outclasses Livingston's Globe on every point, being 
one-third larger, earlier, yielding 50 per cent, heavier crops and unlike former, will carry thousands of miles in perfect condition. Pkt, 10c. Oz. 25c. 
2 Ozs. 45c. % Lb. 85c. Lb. $3.00. Postpaid. -r-, , tx m 

Early Detroit Tomato 

218. This excellent variety, introduced three years ago, has been tried out by many growers of tomatoes for shipment. II has been found that 
in earliness, uniformity, freedom from blight of vine and cracking and blistering of fruit Early Detroit meets the most exacting requirements, 
'Vine vigorous and very productive. Fruits very smooth, uniform in size, nearly globe shaped, firm and of excellent quality. We consider Early 
Detroit one of the best large purplish pink tomatoes yet introduced. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. 2 Ozs. 45c. Ji Lb. S5c. Lb. $3.00. Postpaid. 

"Duke of York" Genuine Old Type— Blue Stem Stock 

297. Duke of York Tomatoes. The genuine old — blue stem Dukes have given the utmost satisfaction to the Florida Tomato Growers. It has 
brought many a dollar rolling their w.-iy but it has been difficult for these growers to get absolutely the straight type of Dukes when they ordered 
it; this situation, however, is a thing of the past for we are now prepared to supply all our friends and customers with the purest, truest, cleanest 
type of genuine old type—blue stem Duke of York they have ever seen or grown. "We honestly believe we will soon get the entire florida trade on 
Duke of York Tomato Seed in the Genuine Old-Type Blue Stem Strain kept absolutely Pure and True. Send to us for your Duke of York Tomato 
Seed and run no chances. We will either send you the finest Stock of Dukes you ever had or return to you your money. Duke of Y'ork Tomato is one 
of the grandest Tomatoes recently introduced, color, 
rich, glossy scarlet, splendid cropper, round in 
shape, flesh very firm, large size, fine flavor. It 
ripens its fruit uniformly together, whilst in pro- 
fusion of clusters, averaging 8 and 10 large evenly 
formed clusters, each, makes it conspicuously hand- 
some. Ripens evenly to the stem, is strong healthy 
grower; not subject to rust or blight, is an enormous 
cropper and produces until the vines are killed by 
frost, holding its size well until the last picking. 
Quality the very best, solid and meaty. Pkt. 10c. 
Oz. 25c, K 1M- 60c. ^2 Lb. $1,00. Lb. $2.00. Postpaid. 


New Century Tomato 

2S3. Bolfiiano's New Century Tomato. Ten 

years ago when we first introduced the NEW CEN- 
TURY Tomato, we felt as though the limit for im- 
provement in Tomatoes had been reached, and 
j udgiugfrom the letters we are receiving every season 
and from the great quantities of seed we annually 
sell, the New Century is still held in highest esteem 
by thousands of the market gardeners and .shippers 
ail over the country. If you hesitate to plant yonr 
entire crop in the newer varieties, you can always 
feel that NewCentury is an Old Friend, Tried 
and Tme. We have spared no pains or expense 
in keeping this stock as pure and true as it was at 
the beginning, in fact by most carelul rogtieing. 
eliminating and selecting, we believe New Century 
Tomato is better today than it ever was New Century 
will outyield many other kinds; it will carry for two 
weeks without hurting its beauty; it will attract at- 
tention and pay you; it will not crack; it is of 
a beautiful red color, of large handsome size from 
finest picking until last tomato is taken fiom the 
vine. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. 2 Ozs. 45c. K Lb. 75c. 
Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's New Century Tomato 

All Bean Crops Short— Order Early 

Bolgiano's "Mighty-Nice" Beans 

Bolgiano's 'Truckers' Reward" Wax Bean 

1183. We have been developing- this v?onderful New Flat Wax Bean 
for a number of years ind believe -we now have practically a perfect 
Market Gardeners ana shippers Flat Wax Bean. It is bound to take 
first premium over all competitors wherever exhibited on account of 
the great beauty of its pods and enormous productiveness of its 
healthy vigorous bushes. The type is so well fixed and so pure and 
true it is almost impossible to locate a wrong nlant in an acre of 
"Truckers' Reward" White Wax Beans. 

The beautiful long straight attractive flat golden pods range from 
5 '4 to 6'^ inches in length — in quality they are particularly fine re' 
maining tender and crisp a longer time than any other variety. 

Asa money making crop, and to sell either on the retail market 
stall or on the wholesale markets of the great cities — they will inva- 
riably catch the eye of the most critical buyers and on account of 
their superior attractiveness will sell themselves. 

Do not delay if you want to secure some of our "Truckers Reward" 
Wax Beans, our supply is limited, so please order earlv. Pkt. 10c. 
Pt. 25c. Qt.40c. 2 Qts. 6Sc. 4 Qts.1.10. Pk. $2.10. Bu. $8.00. 

"Sunshine" Wax Beans 

lOlS. The beautiful, clear, attractive, bright golden color of this 
most delicious Round Wax Bean gave it the name of the Sunshine 
Wax. In the market, side by side with many of the older and better 
known Wax Beans, the Sunshine Wax shone out and itnmediately 
attracted the attention of all. Our supply is very limited. Pkt. 10c. 
Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 2 Qts. 50c. 4 Qt. 90c. Pk. $1.60. Bu. $6.00. 

Bolgiano's New "Pearl Wax" Beans 

A Wonderful Long-Pod Wax Bean 

Eoormous Plant Enormous Pod Enormous Yield 

Never Affected by Rust or Blight 

1031. If you had grown it in your field, as we did, when for almost 
two solid months we had copious rains every day, and it showed no 
signs of blight or rust, you would agree with ns when we say that a 
bean that will yield a fine crop of beautiful, long, flat, clean waxy 
pods undersuch adverse circumstances certainly cannot be praised 
too highly. Itis a PEAR [« of great value. Although a fiat bean the 
seed looks somewhat like a Valentine Bean; the plant grows 214 ft. 
high by 2 ft. across. It isa remarkably sturdy, rank, vigorous grower 
well loaded with pods, The luxuriant foliage shelters the pod from 
the hot sun, and is free from blight or rust. The pods are long, slim, 
flat, plump, handsome and meaty; they somewhat resemble those of 
the Davis and WardeU's Wax Beans, but are plumper, longer and 
straighten They average from 7 to 8 inches long, and are of a clean, 
light waxy yellow color. As to quality, the pods are exceptionally 
tender, brittleand of fine texture, free from fibre, and if picked when 
ripe they are entirely stringless. Both tor Shippers. Market Gar- 
deners and the Home Garden, the exceptionally good qualities of 
Bolgiano's New Pearl Wax Bean renders it of the greatest value. 
Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 2 Qts. 60c. 4 Qts.l.OQ Pk. $1.*. Bu. $7.oO. 

Bolgiano's New "Home, Sweet Home" Bean 

1134. A most delicious bean for the home garden, very productive, 
large, long, handsome flat pods, full of big, rich tender sweet beans. 
The beans when dried make the finest kind of winter dried beans 
and when baked will fairly melt in your mouth. If you once try the 
Home, Sweet Home Beans, you will always have it in your kitchen 
garden. Market gardeners will also find this a very lucrative bean 
to sell to fancy market or grocery store trade. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. 
Qt. 35c. 2 Qts. 60c. 4 Qts.l.yO. Pk. $1.90. Bu. $7.50. 


Bolgiano's Hardy "May Queen" Beans, Extremely Early 

The Long "Rat Tail" Bean 

1001. Six years having passed since we introduced this prolific Early 
beau it has becomean indispensable variety with many of our customers. 
It is remarkably early, exceedingly prolific and its extra large finely 
shaped straight dark green pods are always solid tender and of a delicious 
flavor and borne in great abundance. It is a most excellent shipping 
bean carrying in fine shape for many days after it is picked. Some of 
our customers have also tried it as a late bean with astonishing results; 
they were so well pleased with it as an early bean they wanted more of 
them and, therefore, experimented successfully with them in the Fall. 
The stock is perfect, the plants are of a strong, robust habit and mature 
the crop very regularly. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 2 Qts, 60c. 4 Qts. 
$100 Pk. $190. Bu. $7.50. 

Bolgiano's "Mighty-Nice" Bean 

1033. This wonderful, new round meaty, green podded bean had for 
its parents two separate and distinct stocks of Thoroughbred Hopkins 
Improved Earliest Red Valentine Beans and in the breeding of their 
stocks has produced an extremely Early and most prodigiously produc- 
tive stock of beautiful deep grten, round podded Valentine Beans. The 
flavor and quality cooked and tested side by side with 50 other leading 
varieties proved the Bolgiano 'Mighty-Nice" Bean to be by far the most 
delicious and tender. 

We have been experimenting with "Mighty-Nice" Bean for years and 
we can unreservedly recommend it as the greatest new production in 
the way of Green Podded Beans in the last ten years. Being an ex- 
tremely new stock it is free from the faults that accumulate around 
stocks that have been on the market fora few years. We have succeeded 
in getting the type thoroughly fixed and we are willing to say that you 
will hardly find one off vine in an acre of "Mighty-Nice." If you want 
the most productive, the most beautiful, the most salable and the best 
market or shipping crop of rouud^^green podded beans you have ever 
raised plant a patch of Bolgiano's "Mighty-Nice ' Beans. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 
15c. Qt. 25c. 2 Qts. 45c. 4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.35. Bu. $5.00. 

"Giant Stringless" Green Pod Beans 

lOOS. This is a great improvement on old time popular favorite Val- 
entnie Bean. The pods are fully one-third longer, averaging 5 to 6 
inches in length; absolutely stringless, very crisp, round full and fleshy. 
It is enormously productive, its handsome pods being ready for market a 
few days earlier than the old Valentine. We confidently recommend it 
either for the home garden or as a profitable variety to grow for market. 
Price, Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 2Qts.60c. 4 Qts.l.OO. Pk. $1.85. Bu.$7.00. 

Bolgiano's "Emerald Beauty" Bean 

1002. Emerald Beauty is a flat green podded bush bean, a prolific and 
continuous bearer, the first in sjpriug and the last in Fall. It is absolutely 
stringless, very tender and delicious flavor. The plant is of remarkably 
hanri-ome and thrifty growth. The rich green pods are of immense size, 
thick, broad, extra long, very uniform in shape, solid, meaty and of high 
quality. Markets that will accept a flat podded bean will soon appreciate 
the surpassing qualities of the Emerald Beauty, aud even if your market 
wants a round podded beau exclusively, plant some of the "Enierald 
Beauty" beans foi your own home use and enjoyment. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. 
Qt. 35c. 2 Qts. 60c. 4 Qts.l.OO. Pk.Sl.85. Bu. $7.00. 

"Trucker's Reward" Wax Bean 

Bolgiano's "Enormous" Early Lima Bean 

1035. This wonderful new Lima is the earliest, largest and best of all 
large Limas; the \-igorous bushes are crowded with enormous pods. The 
delicious green beans are larger than any other Lima Bean. It yields 
continuously from June until frost. Both the pods and the luscious fla- 
vored beans are much larger and considerably thicker than the Large 
Bush Lima. The plants grow upright about 30 inches high and 24 inches 
across, with luxuriant sheltering foliage and are very sturdy. Often five 
to eight pods measuring five to six inches long by IH inches wide are 
borne in clusters on one stalk. The shelled beans either green or dry 
are nearly twice as thick as the large Bush Limas. "Enormous" Bush 
Limas will out yield Large Bush Limas by 33 1-3 per cent., on account of 
the greater size of both pods and beans. The Seed Beans :ire greenish 
and very handsome, while the dried beans of the Large Bush Limas are 
pure white. ^A Pt. 20c. Ft. 35c. Qt. 60c. 4 Qts. S2.00. Pk. $3.85. Bu. S15.00. 

"Fordhook" Bush Lima 

Tlie only stiffly erect busk form of the popular "Potato'"'' Lima. 

Both pods and beans are twice the size of Dreer's Busk Lima 

and more than half again as large as the Dreer's Pole Lima. 

1119 Fordhook Bush Lima is altogether imique. Nothing like it has 
ever been seen before. Of strong, erect, trui bushlike growth, never 
running, the bushes averaging 20 to 30 inches in height by 20 to 24 inches 
across the top. The foliage is of heavy texture and very dark green in 
color. The stalks that produce the blossoms are thrown out from the 
latteral and main stalks; the pods are borne in ''clusters" of from four 
to eight. Tiie i)Ods resemble those of the Dreer's Bush Lima, but aver- 
age more than doable the size, measuring from 4to5K inches long about 
1 'j inches wide, by as much as three-fourths of an inch thick. The pods 
contain three to five large beans with an average of four. 

Fordhook Bush Lima is fully 33 1-3 per ecnt. hea\-ier cropper and there- 
fore, is bound to entirely displace the Dreer'sBush Lima, In season it 
is from four to six days earlier. Ft, 3Sc, Qt. 60c. 4 Qts. §2,00, Pk. $3,85, 
Bu. Si 5.00. 

Giant Podded "Emerald Isle" Pole Lima 

1032. A mar\'elous yielder of great clusters of gigantic Pods filled 
with extra large thick, most deliciously flavored green Lima Beans. 
Theskin is thin and tender, but will not crack when shipped to market. 
Emerald Isle Limas are the largest podded, largest seeded, heaviest 
cropper of all Limas, They are earlier, more prolific, and much larger 
podded than the King of the Garden, The mammoth pods measure 7 to 
8J^ inches in length and VA to 2 inches in width, and are borne in great 
clusters (as illustrated in the photograph) which stands out from the 
foliage. The vines branch or stool out from the main stalk close to the 
ground, each vein producing 10 to 15 lateral branches. These produce 
tremendous growth of exceptionally vigorous vines, which grow 10 to 
12 feet in height and produce tremendous crops of immense well filled 
pods from the bottom to the top. Emerald Isle Pole Lima Beans con- 
tinue to bear 

Bolgiano's "Enormous" 

Bush Lima Beans 

Bolgiano's Early 

Black Beauty Egg Plant 

Tivo Weeks Earlier Than Any 
OtJier Egg Plant. 

Bush Lima 

most abund- 
antly until kill- 
ed by frost. 
perfect Pole 
Lima Bean introdued. It grows green, it dries 
green. it stays green. It excels all others. Pt. 20c. 
Qt, 35c. 2 Qts. 60c. 4 Qts. S1.25. Pk, $2.25. 
Bu. $8.00. 

Florida "High Bush" Egg Plant 

99, The Florida Hii^h Bnsh EfSg Plant h.ns 
proved ot the greatest value to the Suulheni truck- 
ers and shippers. It has been grown in Horida 
for the past three or four years. It is reniarkable 
for its vigorous growth and pn ductiveness, is 
very hardy and will standn^orecoldweatherihan 
the New York Improved. The hot sun does not 
blight the blossoms. The plant has a ch.nracter- 
istic Itaf, unlikeany other Egg Plant we know of. 
It grows from 3 to 4 feet high, erect and sturdy, 
free from thorns. Fruit is large, oblong in shape 
and purple, though not so deep a color as the New 
Yorklmproved, It resistsdroughtand ivetweath- 
erto a wonderful degree, partly on account of its 
strong upright growth. It stands the cold weather 
better, and istheonly Egg Plant that stands ship- 
ping from this section to the Northern markets 
under almost all circumstances. It is of a large 
size, first class shapeardsuperiorflavor. PVt. 10c, 
KOz.20c. Oz.35c. JiLb.lOO Lb. $3.50. Postpaid. 

Extra Early "Black Beauty" 
Egg Plant 

T^vo ■weeks earlier than any Egg Plant 

100. 1. An entirely new variety and a splendid 
shipper. 2. A novelty of remarkable merit. 3, 
As large as the New York Spineless Egg Plant, 
4. Two weeks earlier than the New Yoi k Spine- 
less Egg Plant. 5. Fine flavor. 6. Most attractive 
appearance. 7. Plants branch freely near the 
ground. 8. Skin a rich, lustrous black. 9. Satin 
gloss and rich coloring add greatly to the beauty 
of the fruit. 10. The intense, brilliant coloring is 
uniform over the whole fruit and does not fade or 
chanc^e to a lighter color at the blossom end. 11. 
The heavy leaves which attach the fniit to the 
stem are bright green, making a beautiful con- 
trast with the fine dark color ot the fruit. 12. 
Thoroughly free from spines or thorns. 13. Fruit 
sets freely. 14. Coming two weeks earlier than 
the New York Purple Egg Plant they readily 
bring double the price. Pkts. 10c. 5^ Oz ^c. 
Oz, 4bc K Lb. $1.25. Lb. $4,50, Postpaid 


New Century Cauliflower 

It is by far the best Cauliflower Seed in the World. If you 
grow Cauliflower, give it a trial. Large growers who have 
tried it by the ounce, are now buying it by the pound. It is 
in a class toitself. — it stands supreme. 

New Century Cauliflower 

54. The Best in the World. 

1. It heads when others fail. 2. L,arge, perfect heads, 
measure from 12 to 14 inches in diameter. 3. The beautiful 
white heads are compact, deep and solid. 4. Heads will out- 
weigh those of any other strain. 5. It is the earliest of all 
Cauliflower. 6. One-third more can be planted on the same 
space than can be done with other varieties because of its 
close growing-, compact habit. 7. It is the Most Carefully 
Grown Cauliflower Seed in the World, 8. The best is the 
cheapest, receiving the careand attention which isabsolutely 
necessary for the growing of this Special Stock. We Can 
Never Sell It For Less Than: Pkts. 10c, 15c and 25c. U Oz. 
60c. V2 Oz.Sl.OO. Oz. S2.00. K Lb. S7.50. J^ Lb. $12.00 Lb. 
S24.00. Postpaid. 

Does it pay to buy the best? 
24 Fill a Crate— Heads, Large, White, Finn 
6". O. Meddletnu, St. John Co., Fla„ writes: 
Let me compliment yoit on yoiit Ne7u Centttyy Catdiflo^uer. T 
am noza lialf an acre, heads large, white and firm as a 
potato; taking them as tliey rim fron 24 to 28 fills a crate. I 
need some seed next fall, and hope they won't be higlier than 
$60.00 per pound: ho-weucr, they would be byfiarthe clieapestat 
several times that price. 

Turned Out Fine-Sold So Well 
John Trabandt, Orangeville, Md., H'rites: "Vouv New 

Cauliflower tiirned out 
so fine fior me and sold 
so well, it would have 
been cheap if I had pa id 
you $10 an ounce in- 
stead of $4.00. 

Bolgiano's New Century Cauliflower. The Best Cauliflower in the World. 

Bolgiano's Giant Dry Weather Cauliflower 

Boigiano's New Very 
Early "Bonfire" Beet 

105. This splendid new Cajjliflower will succeed and make fine crops in the dryest 
kind of weather when other varieties f.nil. It produces large, solid, pure white heads 
weighing from 3 to 8 pounds. The soil should be made quite rich and thoroughly culti- 
vated. It will succeed in such dry w eather states as Arizona. Be sure to give it a trial as 
you are never sure of the weather conditions through which your crop will have to go. 
Pkts. 5c and 10c. M Oz. 40c. V2 Oz. 75c. Oz, $1.50. '/C Lb. S4.50. Lb. $15.00. Postpaid. 

"Bonfire" Bolgiano's New Very Early Beet 

295. Entirely new and distinct, the bulbs develop in a remarkably short time and can be 
used or sold when very young. Absolutely perfect in shape, almost round and of good size 
with a very slim tap root. The small green coloredleaves are ribbed dark crimson. Color 
of both skin and flesh is an unusually deep rich blood crimson. "Bonfire" Beet holds this 
splendid color when cooked, making them very valuable for canning, pickling, and simply 
perfect for table use. "Bonfire" Beet in quality and color is without an equal. It is very 
fine grained, tender and sweet; it is never woody or stringy. There is a great treat in store 
for you if you plant some of this new beet. Seed is in very limited supply. Pkt, 10c. Oz. 15c. 
Va. Lb. 35c. Lb. Sl.OO. Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's Deep Blood Beauty Beet 

The Best Beet That Grows 
For Ten Years This Splendid Beet Has Led All Others 

18. Our long: experience in the growing of Beets has shown this new strain of Beet to be 
the Best Bxtra Early Deep-Blood Turnip Beet. Its small upright growing tops, extra early 
maturing, splendid shape and deep crimson color make it popular with everyone. The 
rows may be grown close together. Stem and veins dark red, blade green. Roots are 
globular and peculiarly smooth; color is of blood red, very crisp, tender fine-grained and 
sweet, remaining so for a long time. We believe this excellent new stock will produce a 
crop more uniform in shape, color and quality than any Beet ever placed in the hands of the 
Trucker. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 30c. ii Lb. 45c. Lb. 85c. Po.st0aid. 

They Turned Out Fine 

On New. 10, 1913. Mr. Frank Andifrred, of St. John tlie Baptist Co., La. writes as 
follows: " Your Deep Blood Beauty Beet turned out fine. L planted two cropswith 
these seeds and am well pleased. I will invite my friends to buy from you and I will 
guarantee tliem to give good satisfaction." 

"Lucullus" New Swiss Chard or Spinach Beet 

165. This delicious and useful vegetable should be in every garden and on every 
Market Stall. It is really two distnict vegetables, first the leafy part of the foliage 
is cooked and ser\'ed the same as .Spinach; while the stalks are cooked and served 
with drawn butter like tender Asparagus. It grows about 2 '4 feet high, the stalks 
are thick and broad like Rhubarb, the leaves are much larger than those of the 
regular Swiss Chard, they are very heavily crumpled like Savoy Spinach. Crisp and 
tender, pleasing flavor. Pkt. 5c. O/.. 10c. M Lt>- 25c. Lb. 60c. 

French Golden Self-Blanching Celery 

$730.00 From M Acre, Bolgiano's French Grown Seed 

Dear Sirs. — I have just fin ished cutting my Celety crop of three acres, 3,064 crates, 
selling f. o. b. )iere,for tlie nice little sum of $6,120.72. This has been an off year too- 
for us, as well as other Florida points, and this was grown fi-om your seed secured 
lastsummer. I had a quarter of an acre measured and the Celery on it sold for $730.00. 

Yours t> uly, 


Our Globe Tomato— Best He Has Ever Seen 

On Dec. 29th, Mr. IV. H. Reams, Orange Co., Fla., writes: "The Livingstons 
Globe Tomato that I purchased J'rom you are better than any Tomato I have ever seen. 

The Kind We'll Send You 

On Dec. 17th, Mr. ]M. C. Brit/, of Orange Co., Fla., writes: Your Big Boston 
Lettuce seed lias given me pei-fect satisfaction. 

"Quality" Is Our Advertisement 

On Dec. 16th. Mr. D. B. Leigh, of Sumter Co., Fla., writes: Your Globe Tomato 
seed did fine for me last season. L uant some more of the same kind. 
All Of Bolgiano's Seeds Are Fresh And Reliable 

On Aug. 13tk 1912, Messrs. Shindler & Co., of Ne'W Orleans. La., write: "Please 
ship us the enclosed order. Fifteen pounds Cabbage seed. Five pounds Big Boston Let- 
tuce, Three pounds Red Westhersfield Onion, Five pounds Purple Top Turnip seed. 
We will give you lots of our seed business, as all the seeds bought from you are fresh 
and reliable." 


14 Bolgiano's 

"Big Winner" Wakefield Cabbage 

25. Several years ago we introduced the Big Winner 
Wakefield Cabbage and it has become very popular with Cab- 
bage growers both large and small. It is as large as the Big 
Charleston Wakefield Cabbage and as early as the Harly Jer- 
sey Wakefield. Handsome in appearance, massive and grace- 
ful. The heads are solid and heavy, making a perfect ship- 
ping Cabbage. It is fineforra andinfiavordeliciously sweet. 
Among the pointed heading Cabbage is by far "The Big 
Winner Wakefield." Don't let this season go by without a 
liberal planting of this Profit-Producing Excellent Cabbage. 
Pkt. 10c. Oz. 30c. 2 Ozs. 50c. M lb. 90c. Lb. J3.50. Postpaid. 

300 Bbls. From KAcre— Weighed 11 Lbs. Each. 
Ernest Sterling, of Sotnerset County, Md., unites: "The 
Big Winner Wakefield Cabbage is the Cabbage that all Triick- 
e>-s should plant for EARLY LARGE SOLID CABBAGE. 

1 raised 300 Bbls. on -,i acre, many of them only 15 Cabbages to 
tlie Bbl. Tliey -weighed 11 lbs. each and retailedfor44c. a head. 

Extra Early Express Cabbage 

Suitcible for Market Gardeners for Very Early Crops 10 Days 
Earlier than the Wakefield. 

27. What pleasure there is in growing a uniform attractive, 
solid crop of Extra Early Cabbage? Bolgiano's Extra Early 
Express is the best Extremely Early Cabbage on Earth. 
Praises of its merits come from the most experienced growers. 
They remember a good thing when it pays them. Earliest, 
uniform, solid, fine color, brings top prices. No soft heads. 
10 days earlier than the Wakefield. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 20c. 

2 Ozs. 35c. 5ilb.60c. I<b. §1.75. Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's "New Leader" Cabbage 

26. As early as the Wakefield, j'ields 12,000 heads, one- 
third more per acre than any other extra early cabbage. The 
outer leaves are so few arid so small that they can be planted 
very close. The heads are compact and solid from time a 
head is formed and keeps so until thoroughly matured, thus 
enabling extremely early cutting of small hard heads, or later 
when the Wakefields come in; of large, thoroughly matured, 
solid, round, flat heads. In quantity, it is "The Leader," the 
veins of the leaves are extremely fine; its rapidity of matur- 
ing, compact grovrth, gives it a flavor unequaled. The de- 
mand for such a cabbage in Northern Markets is becoming 
greater and greater each year. People want an extremely 
early slaw-head cabbage,"The Leader" supplies their wants. 
Pkt. 10c. Oz. 35c. 2 Ozs. 60c. Va lb. Sl.OO. Lb. S3.50. Postpaid. 

Luck Always With Bolgiano's Seeds. 

G. T. Winders, Beaiiford Co., S. C, writes: "Bolgiano's 
A'ezi' Leader Cabbage seed is one of the finest I have ever used. 
It makes a solid head, and evei-y tlant made a head. I have 
always had luck with seed from your house, and I will never 

Wishing you the best of success, as you a7-e honest in your 
dealings, I beg to remain. " 

Bolgiano's "Square Deal 


Best Cabbage on Earth 

Bolgiano's Big 

Winner Wakefield 


Bolgiano's New "Square Deal" Cabbage 

The Best on Earth 

154. Without a single exception, Bolgiano's New "Square Deal" Cabbage is the 
Biggest Money Making Cabbage ever offered the American Trucker. This is a 
strong assertion at least 100,000 people will read it, so you can readily see we could 
not afford to make such a statement unless we were sure of our ground. The 
"Square Deal" Cabbage matures immediately after New Leader Cabbage. It is ab- 
solutely a "Square Deal" as we have seen ten-acre fields without a single irregular 
head. The uniform heads are of excellent size for shipping, larger than the New 
Leader and yet not so large as to be unwieldy. The color is a fine fresh green and 
is retained during long shipments. The heads are solid and compact with very few 
outer leaves. For a fine. Solid, Tender Uniform, Early Flat Cabbage, Bolgiano's 
"Ne-w Square Deal" Cabbage challenges the world. The demand for a fine cabbage 
of this character, led us by the most rigid and careful selection, during the pastfive 
years, to mature this cabbage, which we are confident wiU give all our friends and 
customers a "Square Deal" every time. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 35c. J(lb.|1.00.. Lb. $3.50 

Bolgiano's "Ring Leader" Cabbage 

Entirely Distinct— The Most Magnificent and Most 
Profitable Main Crop Cabbage Ever Created. 

96. By crossing Bolgiano's "Square Deal" 
with Bolgiano's Extra Flat Dutch we pioduced this 
wonderful new Cabbage. For five years we have most 
carefully selected and reselected the very finest speci- 
mens of this Grand Cabbage, until now we have a 
stock that is going to mrike every wide awake grower 
of cabbage in the country mai-^'el at its remarkable 
features. It grows strong and vigorous, being entire- 
ly worm proof. It has a dark bluish green color, 
showing a thrifty, robustconstitution. Itforms very 
large, hard, thick, solid, flattened heads, uniform in 
shape and color, andof a handsome appearance. The 
stem is short and broad under the head, but tapers off 
to a pointwhereitenterstheground. "Ring-Leader" 
Cabbage heads are very large, solid, and of most ex- 
cellent quality and delicious flavor, entirelj'free from 
any features of coarseness, the veins and ribs being 
strongly developed, but of fine texture. The heads 
are firm and hard, extra good keepers, splendid ship- 
pers and most popular sellers. Pkt. 10c. Oz 30c. 
2 Ozs. 50c. % lb. 90c. Lb. $3.50. Postpaid. 

"Copenhagen Market" 
New Early Danish Cabbage 

266. As Early as Charleston 'Wakefield. This 
new Cabbage is very heavy and solid, like the Danish 
"Ballhead" type of Cabbage; makes a fine, large, 
globe-shaped head with well-developed outsideleaves, 
but is very much earlier in maturing than any of the 
Danish Cabbages and makes for us a ver.v fine second- 
early variety, coming in about two weeks later than 
the "Early Jersey Wakefield." The heads weigh 14 
to ' .' ounds each. The seed is very scarce this year. 
tkt.. 10. J4 0z. 20c. Oz. 35c. 2 Ozs. 60c. X lb. $1.00. 
' .,'1. i'3 ^0. Postpaid. 

Matchless Brussel Sprouts 

22. This variet.v is a great improvement, being of dwarf, sturdy growth and pro- 
ducing abundantly large, solid Sprouts. These little heads of compactly folded 
leaves develop along the stalk, and are ready for gathering from June-sown seeds 
the same season, furnishing a supply of this most delicious of vegetables during fall 
and early winter, for the pl.ants are hardy and maintain their Snrouts, even during 
quite severe weather; in fact, fixjst greati v improves their qualit.v and flavor, Pkt. 
5c. and 10c. Oz. 20c. 2 Ozs. 35c. K lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. 

Bolgiano's French Golden 
Self- Blanching Celery 

Carrot it is all your heart could wish. 

It is Used Exclusively by the 
Largest and Most Experienced 
Celery Growers all over the 
World and annually produces 
Enormous Profit. 

This is the Finest Stock in the 
World. Stands Shipment better 
than any other. 

71. While you can readily 
afford to put your whole 
crop in our stock of tliis 
most valuable Celery, you 
cannot afford to let this year 
go by without growinif some \ 
of it. "We have positively re- 
fused to sell all Self-Blanch- i- 
ing" Celery Seed except this 
stock. The Celery it pro- 
duces will not only ship well 
but will bring the highest 
market pricrs. It will create a new price for 
you; your commission man can get outside 
figures for it. and he will sell quickly all j'ou 
can ship. Try our stock; YOUR PRAISES 
will be louder than ours. Perfect, solid, crisp, 
vigorous stalks; thrifty, compact growth, self- 
blanching to a very remarkable degree; e\eu 
the outer ribs become a handsome, fresh, clean 
yellowish color, with a heart that is large and 
solid, of a beautiful rich, golden-yellow color. 
It never becomes stringy or pethy. To fully 
appreciate its beauty and attractions, it must 
be seen. Many customers place their orders 
with us six months before planting time in order to be 
sure of this perfect stock of seed. Pkt. 10c and 25c. 
V^ Oz. 60c. Oz. Sl.OO. Vi Vo. $.375. % I,b. $7.50. 
Lb. S15.00 Postpaid. 

H' w Bolgiano's Celery Pleases: 1st Year Orders 75 Lbs 
2d Year Orders 150 Lbs. 3d Year Orders 325 Lbs. 

Mr. J. E. Pace, of Orange Co., Florida, writes as 
fotlows: "You call book my order for 325 tounds of 
your French Golden Self-Blanchtng Celery Seed. Hoi>e 
the seed will be as good as they hai'e been in the past 
as both I and my customers are pleased Willi them."' 

Bolgiano's "New Victory" Celery 

The Most Solid And Most ^Profitable Winter Celery. 

81. Our French Grown "New Victory" Celery is 
the Best Winter Celer.v on Earth. It has a great 
amount of heart, is heavier, stouter and thicker that 
many of its rivals. It is the most economical Celery 
yet introduced, every particle being solid, crisp and of 
a delicious flavor. It's beautitul, large, golden heart 
and compact growth make an ornament hard to sur- 
pass. It is a remarkable keeper, maintaining its firm- 
ness as late as May. Critical market gardeners pro- 
nounce it to be the finest quality, best keeper and most 
salable Celery they have ever raised. It is ready for 
market bv December. Pkt. IPc. V2 Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. 
54 Lb. $1.00. ^/^ Lb. $1.75. Lb. $3.50. Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's "Sweet Nut" Celery 

76. For home gardens and nearby markets, Bolgi- 
ano's New Celery "SWEET-NUT" is the most delici- 
ous, sweet, nutty, crisp celery that has ever been offered 
to the public. "Sweet-Nut" Celery has been developed 
by one of our most careful French growers for many years. The most rigid selection had to be made to get 
this surpassin.gly delicious strain thoroughly fixed. It is absolutely solid, a most excellent winter keeper, 
of vigorous sturdy growth, making fine large, solid stalks, with a large, full creamy-yellow heart. It is 
necessary to blanch it by earthing up or storing it for the winter. It blanches to a beautiful creamy-vellow. 
Brittleness is one of its most desirable features. Pkt. 10c. Ji Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. K Lb. $1.00. K Lb. $1.75. 
Lb. $3.50. Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's "Sunbeam" Extremely Early Carrot 

14. The earliest and most delicious carrot ever grown. Matures long before any of the other varieties are 
near ripe. It is tender, fine flavored and of a beautiful color. Especially suited for forcing for the very 
earliest Spring Market, and for very early home use. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. 4 Ozs. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

Klondike or Coreless Carrot 

Produces Money Crops for Truckers and Market Gardeners 

8. We have been developing "Klondike" Carrot for a number of years, and have succeeded in producing a 
handsome, uniform, tender, medium long Carrot of a most attractive deep rich orange red color. It is 
smooth and shapely, very tender, without core and of a delicate flavor. It is a model in shape and size; 
grows 6 to 7 inches long by 1/^ inches in diameter, the healthy tops are small and the Carrot tapers grace- 
fully to a single small tap root. It is the truest, purest, most attractive, most salable market Carrot that has 
ever been offered the Critical Market Garden Trade. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. V^ Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

Bolgiano's Pride of the Market Carrot 

This Beautiful, Shapely Half-Long Carrot Will Come Almost As Early As the Ox-Heart It Is The Most 

Popular Carrot That Grows. 

64. It is the most perfect, finest colored, most tender and best flavored Carrot that was ever placed in your 
hands. Pride of the Market because it is the best. You must have the best of everything. In Carrots, to get 
the best we select roots that resemble our ideal, and from them grow seed for you. The Pride of the Market 
is half long; deep color, freefrotn stnall side roots, small, tender core, uniform and graceful. As an early 
In mid-summer, we have seen it outsell every other varietv on account of its superior merits and quality; for 

Winter there is none like it. Its attractive tops remain a rich green. Pk. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. }^i Lb. 35c. J^ Lb. 60c. Lb. $1.00 Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's "King" Carrot 

91. We name this excellent new Long Orange Carrot "Kins'' Carrot because it is best of all long Carrots. In Germany it has a wonderful repu- 
tation among truckers and market gardeners, and only by paying a very high price were we able to secure any for our customers. The flesh is deep 
in color, tender and delicate in flavor. It is so much better than the regular Long Orange Carrot that we are sure when "King" Carrcjf becomes 
thoroughly known it will drive Long Orange Carrots out entirely. Being entirely new stock, the seed has been saved with the greatest care and the 
Carrots are uniform in shape, of fine texture and almost entirely freefom core usuallv found in Carrots. It produces the most attractive specimens 
in deep soils. Pkt. Sc and 10c. Oz. 15c. M Lb. 35c. M Lb. 60c. Lb. $1.00. Postpaid. 

Cream & Honey 
Was Delicious 

Mi-s. IV. E. O'Neil, Kent Co., 
Md., writes "Our garden is fine. 
Tlie 'Cream and Honey' Sugar 
Corn was delicious." 

CREAM AND HONEY" Bolgiano's New Extremely Early Sugar Com. 

1182. The name of this new luxury among- table dehcacies immediately carries the mind back to the "Promised Land" flowing- with "Milk and 
Honey." Our efforts to bring you a rare treat have never been so abundantly rewarded as they are in oursuccessful production of this surpassingly 
delicious flavored Sugar Corn. Its good qualities are so apparent that we cannot do justice to them with pen and ink — if you appreciate and enjoy 
the best things the garden grows, then start a patch of "Cream and Honey" Sugar Com. Plant it the same time vou do Extra Early Adams 
Com; although it is a pure and true Sugar Com it is so wonderfully hardy it will stand the hard 
knocks of early spring. Rich, delicious, sweet flavor, beyond comparison with any other .Sugar 

Com, earliest of all Extra Early Table Corns of wonderfully fine quality. Grows 4 feet high; ears f ' 'EH ' ^ 

5 to 7 inches long and 2 to 3 ears to the stalk, can be planted quite close in the row. PerEarlOc. [ - R^ N 

Doz. Ears $1.00. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. Sl.60. Bu. $6.00. 

"California Golden" Country Gentleman Corn 

1136. This corn is a wonderful combination of the "Cream and Honey" and the well-known 
"Country Gentleman" Sugar Com. Could j'ou possibly think of anything more delicious to eat 
than the good qualities of these two Corns combined into one. The kernels are long and pointed 
and are borne on a very slender cob in zig-zag rows. The kernels are light yellow, but cook to a 
bright golden vellow. Stalks grrow 5 feet high, with 4 ears. Ears 5 to 6 inches long. Delicious, 
sweet and tender. Earlv , -is the "Cream and Honey." Per Ear 10c. Doz. Ears $1.00. 100 Ears $6.00. 
Pkt. 10c. K Pt. 20c. Pt. 30c. Qt. 50c. 4 Qts. $1.50. Pk. $2.50. Bu. $10.00. 

Early "Butter-Nut" Sugar Com 

1005. Early "Butter-Nut" Sugar Com is the most recent development of one of the greatest 
expert .Sugar Corn Growers and Hybridisers in the world. It follows "Cream and Honey" Sugar 
Corn by four to seven days. Ears 7 to 9 inches long, with 14 rows of good-size "Butter-Nut" pearly 
grains. Stalks grow about 5 feet high and produce 2 fine ears. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 
90c. Pk. $1.60. Bu. $6.00. 

"Country Gentleman" Sugar Corn 

1065. Yields from 3 to 6 ears on each stalk. Oneof the most delicious Sugar Corns grown. Ker- 
nels plump, pearly white, milky and so tender they fairly melt in your mouth. It is deliciously 
tender, even when a little old. Ears average 8 or 9 inches long. Cob small, plump and filled zig- 
zag from end to end with pearly -nhite kernels of great depth. Per Ear 7c. Doz. Ears 60c. 100 
Ears $4.00. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.25. Bu. $4.50. 

"Snow White" Evergreen Sugar Corn 

1066. White as snowand 5 days earlier than Stowell's Evergreen. 2 or 3 beautifully shaped ears 
to a stalk. Deliciously flavored and as sweet as sugar. Very tender. Each ear has 16 or more 
rows of long, slender purest -nhite grains. Being Snow White it is extremely attractive wnen 
served on the table. When put up in cans it retains its whiteness and does not have that yellowish 
tinge of the regular Stowell's Evergreen. Stalks straight and vigorous. 6 to 8 feet high. Ears are 
uniform, very large and completely filled to the tip. Market gardeners, caunersand all who know 
Sugar Coi-n will pronounce "Bolgiano's Snow White Evergreen" the Best Corn on Earth. Ear, 7c. 
Doz. Ears, 60c. 100 Ears $4.00. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk. $1.15. Bu. $4.25. 

Bolgiano's "65-Day" Corn, White Cob 

The Handsomest Early Corn That's Brought to Market 

1049. You will be thoroughly persuaded after one trial of this Extra Early I^arge Roasting Ear 
Com that you cannot afford to let a single season pass without planting generously of this excellent 
Com. White cob 65-Day Corn is the result of carefully selecting- the earliest and largest ears of 
Gillespie's Early Neck Com, and crossing these with the earliest and best varieties of Sugar Com. 
The result is a corn of fine quality, of 12 to 14 rows and reliable no matter what weather it has to 
stand. Beinglarge. extremely attractive, early, tender and sweet, it quickly sells at money-makins: 
figures. Very"'TTr »fi,table as a Fall crop -B'hen plan'ed in mid->\nnmer. Ear 5c. Doz. 40c. 100 
Ears $2.50. Pk ■ Pt. 10c. Qt. 15c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bu- $2.50. 

"Tucker's Favorite" Sweet Corn 

1222. For a second early to follow Earlv Adnnis, this is unquestionably one of the best; or for A- «•>' 

planting late te i:nature quickly it is equally valuable .It is a white corn, with good depth of grain tJi- r 

tender and sweeto and makes a most desirable size for roasting ears. Every .sea.son this splendid /-^,i!f„„i, /-"nMon r^..nH.v renM«n<... 

corn grows i -oT^^Kid more popular, especially among market growers, with whom it has proved CaUlomla Ooiaen i^ountrv oentiemtn 

a money-ma' . The fine large well-filled ears present asplendid appearance and find a ready sale. Sugar Corn 
Per Ear 5c. ..^oz. Ears 40c. 100 Ears $2.00. Pt. 10c. Qt. 15c. 4 Qls. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bu. $2.50. 

Bolgiano's 'Trosperity" Cucumber 

17. We confidently believe from our careful observation of this wonderful new White Spine Cucumber in our Test Gardens during 
the last five years, that it will immediately jump into the utmost favor with the Shippers, Market Gardeners, Private Gardeners and for the 
Home Garden. lis ^ood qualities have never been equaled. 

As To Color 
Intense rich deep green color which it retains during a much longer period of growth than any other Cucumber. The flesh is spark- 
ling white. 

As To Earliness 

The Earliest Whitei Spine Cucumber, bearing from the earliest to the latest season. 

As To Productiveness 

Very prolific. A great.aud continuous producer. 

As to Shapeliness 

Uniformly large, symmetrical fruit. Handsome and most attractive: runs very close to type. In symmetry of form it is so regular, 

so uniformly one like the other, as to create favorable comment wherever it is seen. Bears no misshapen fruit or culls. 

As To Quality 
Ideal for slicing; flesh compact, fine grained, exceedingly brittle and crisp. 
As To Flavor 
Most refreshing and delighful flavor, being delicate and entirely devoid of the bitter taste so frequently noticed in other varieties. 

As To Vines 
Vines are Vigorous, Healthy and Mildew-proof. 
Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 50c. Vi I<b. 75c. I,b. $1.50. Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's "Lord Baltimore" Cucumber 

The Wonderful Dry Weather Cucumber 

82. Think of producing a brag crop of the handsomest and most profitable long dark green cucumoers you have ever seen during one of the 
driest summers on record — that's what was done last summer by those who tried our "Lord Baltimore" Cucumber. It just don't pay any atten- 
tion to dry weather, but goes on growing and producing beautiful fruit. The "X,ord Baltimore" Cucumber is of the true white spine type, about 
15 inches long, very dark green and of exceptionally fine flavor. The sturdy drought resisting vines produce enormous crops of beautiful, firm, 
crisp and deliciously flavored Cucumbers. The pure white attractive flesh composes most of the fruit, leaving an extremely small space for the 
seed. If you have failed to get a crop with other Cucumbers "Lord Baltimore" will not only produce a crop for you, but will produce a crop you 
will be proud of Our supply of "Lord Baltimore" Cucumber seed is very limited, so if you want any, please place your order early. Pkt. 10c. 
Oz. 15c. Vi Lb. 35c. M Lb. 60c. Lb. $1.00. Postpaid. 

New Klondike Cucumber 

135. This valuable variety is one of the best slicing, and will produce Cucumbers 
equal in appearance to the hot-house grown specimen. The color is ricli dark green, 
aud the fruits grow to a uniform size, measuring about 7 in. in length and 2 in. thick 
when in good condition for use. It matures early and continues bearing for a long time 
and the vines make such a healthy and vigorous growth that they produce a good crop 
even in poor season, when many other varieties fail on account of unseasonable weather. 
Pkt. 5c. Oz, 10c. % Lb. 20c. Lb. 75c. 

New Davis Perfect Cucumber 

544. Davis Perfect Cucumber resembles a hot-house cucumber so closely that dealers 
cannot tell the diiference, it being equally good for hot-house or out-door culture. It is 
ideal in shape, rich, dark green color, uniform and regular in size. It is exceedingly 
tender, and as a slicing cucumber for the table is unsurpassed. It is almost seedless 
one-third of its length from the stem end, and the seeds contained in it, when in slicing 
condition, are .so small and tender that they are almost unnoticed. Exceedingly pro- 
ductive. Price. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. ^ Lb. 20c. Lb. 75c. 

The Wonderful New Lemon Cucumber 

342. Every family garden should have several hills of this delicious cucumber; having 
tasted it once you will prefer it to the cominon cucumber. We are safe to predict that 
the Lemon Cucumber will become a great favorite as a table delicacy. It is an excellent 
shipper, as proven Inst spring, when it appeared on the market ahead of all other vari- 
eties. We shipped a box to Chicago; it was four days in transit and retained its crisp- 
ness for several days after its arrival. Pickled as a gherkin it is delicious, Eight hills 
will supply the table for ten in family all sea.son, besides furnishing plenty for pickling. 
Price, Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. % Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50, Postpaid. 

New Lemon Cucumber 

Bolgiano's Early Fortune White Spine Cucumber 

84. Thousands of Expert Growers everywhere have proven by actual test that Bolg-iano's Early Fortune Cucumber is the earliest and by far 
the best, rich dark green White Spine Cucumber on Eirth. Early Fortune is tlie earliest — Best Cucumber for table, market or shipping pur- 
poses. It is the greatest producer of all varieties and at all stages of its growth, it is a model in shape, being the|handsomest and most attrac- 
tive cucumber ever grown. 

In color Early Fortune is a rich attractive deep green. This in\Hting color it retains during a much longer period of growth than any 
other variety, it is so regular in form, one so much like the other, growers mar%'el at the purity aud trueness of our stock — in fact in selecting our 
Stock .Seed these Cucumbers are so perfect it is almost impossible to say which is best. 

The quality is superb, flavor delicate, refreshing and delightful, entirely free from any bitterness, being fine grained, the flesh compact, it is 
exceedingly crisp and brittle, making it an ideal .slicing Cucumber. 

As a shipping Cucumber "Early Fortune" cannot be surpassed, as it holds up in color and quality longer and better than any other 
variety. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. K I<b. 35c. Vz l,b. 60c. I^b. $1.00. Postpaid. 

Undoubtedly The Best Cucumber Grown. Ship Us 800 Pounds. 

T/ie C.K. Colctnaii Produce Co., of Ncitces Co., Texas, luyites asfolloius: 
" kef er}-inz to your 7uh-e please ship -us 800 lbs. of Bolgiano^ s Early For- 
titne Cucwinber Seed. I lioTe adopted your Early pojiuue as the early 
cucumber I like to handle, it has given universal satisfaction. I want 
this seed for the use of growei's here. M'e are great boosters for your seed 
in this section, yo2i can al'ways 7'efer to us as to tlie merit of your Early 
Fortune Cucumber as it is undoubtedly the best cucumber grown. '^ 

Whaf s In A Name 

JV. H. Xivcr, Beaufort Co., S. C tvi-itcs : "The 60 lbs of Bolgiano's 
Early Fortune Cucumber Seed I bought of you last season gave methe finest 
crop of the finest and earliest Cjicumber I have ever raised. Tliey certainly 
are rightly named, I shall surely never plant any other kind. I have been 
buying all niy seeds from you for my Truck Farm, ]\[arket and home gar- 
dens for the past 16 years and allow vte to say my dealings •with you 
have always been oftJie happiest." 

Another 50 Pounds 

Mr. E. il/. Putnam, F>e Soto Co., Fla., writes : "I planted Bolgiano' s 
Early Fortune Cucumber Seed and have had good success. TJiey cajne up 
O. K. and matured fine. I am having niy man order from you again 
this season another 50 pounds of Early Fortune." 

$1015.42 Net From 1 Acre 

f. F. Githens, De Soto Co., Fla., writes: "I received net $1015.42 .from 
an acre of Cucumbers, last April, grown from Bolgiano^ s Early Fortune 
Cucumber Seed. I enclose $4.00 for which please send me 4 lbs." 

$5000.00 Crop 

T. C. Contiell. Floiidn, -.vriles : "From 7% aci-es of Bolgiano' s Early 
Fortune Cucmnber, I cleared $5,000.00 net profit." 

Worth Its Weight In Gold 

fas. B. Raymo, Port Antonio, Jamaica, writes: " Bolgiano' s Early For-^ 
iune Cucumber is IVoith its jyeight in Gold, for / obtained them 10 inches 
long and perfect in shape, form, yield and color.'^ 

$1712.00 Net From 1% Acres 
S. H. Richmond , of Dade Co., Fla., writes a s follo7vs : "Last year we 
bought 'Early Fo7iune" Cucumber Seed from you which gave good 
results, we got 456 ci-ates from IJ2 acres which netted us $2.00 per crate." 

What Our Home Folks Say 

J. M. Kirkpat)-ick, Cecil Co., Md., writes: "Tlie Early Fortune Cu- 
cumber is all it is claimed to be." 

Produces Wonderful Crops— No Water 

_ A. f. Mixson, Levy Co.. Fla., writes: '' Though tliere are several costly 
ii-rigating plants around me, I shipped the first cttcumbers and more per 
acre, growing Bolgiano' s Early Fortune Cucumber, than any of my neigh- 
bors with one of the drycst springs on record." 

They Bring 100%, More Money 

W. H. Dennis, IVew Hanover Co , A'. C, writes: " I planted Bolgiano' s 
Early Fortune Cucumber Seed , i hey were the finest c^icumbers on the mar- 
ket, also the earliest. Isold minefirston this market for 40c per dozen when 
other vai-iteies shipped herefrom Charleston only brought 20c per dozen." 

$2000.00 From i;{ Acres 

/. N. McCalhim, Florida, -writes: "Last Spring I planted Bolgiano's 
Early Fortjine Cucumber Seed and from 1 % acres picked 1200 crates, zvhich 
netted me nearly $2,000.00. This spring I planted 3 acres and though the 
crop was cut half by the cold and drought I guess I made the best crop in 
this section, getting about 1500 crates which netted me about $2,400.00. I 
shall plant Early Foiiune Cucumber Seed next Spring and think! can sell 
several hundred pounds f 07' you." 

Orders 300 Pounds For Neighbors 

L. J!'. Tilden . Orange Co., Fla., writes: "L ha-ee interested tny neighbors 
in Bolgiano' s Eaily Fortune Cucumber Seed a?id am ordering for them 
300 pounds.''' 

$1600.00 Net From 2 Acres 

/. IV. Perkins, Orange Co., Fla., writes: " From 2 acres planted with 
Bolgiano's Early Fortune Cucumber, I made $1,600.00," 






Green Mountain Parsley 

Green Mountain Triple Parsley 

A Table Adomer Of Rare Beauty 

221. Never before have we been able to offer to the 
public a sift of Nature equal to our beautiful Green 
Mountain Parsle.v. Always alert, always ready to ap- 
preciate any seed of exceptional merit, we saw that 
everybody would want our New Green Jlountain Par- 
sley when they heard of its wonderful beauty. Har- 
dy, immensely productive, deep velvet green. The 
leaves are densely curled and borne in abundance. 
It is exceptionally easy to grow, and with very little 
care everybody can have finest flavored Parsley in 
cultivation. If you have but a few square feet, you 
can raise suflficient parsley to supply your table with 
decoration and your soups with fine fresh flavor. 
Pkt. Sc and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c. H I,b. 60c. 
X,b. $1.00. Postpaid. 

Brought Him Over $800— Read About It 

On Dec. 2lst, 1911, ^Mr. G. B. Lipscomb, of Ne-wport 
News, } 'a., writes: " This is to certify I hat for the pOit 
five years I have used seed purchased from J. Bolgiano 
d'.^on, and want no better. Your Black Valentine 
Beans from five and half bushels planted brought me a 
little over $800 this year, being the best crop in this vi- 
cinity, notwitlistanding the drought. Yours for next 

Bolgiano's "Millionaire" Lettuce 

The Earliest Fine Large Solid Head Lettuce On Earth. 

Very Hardy, Produces Handsome Crops Either 

Out Of Doors Or Under Glass. 

150. Tliis valuable new I,ettuce is an extremely profitable variety 
for Lioth Market Gardeners and Shippers to grow, as well as a decid- 
edly delicious variety for the Home Garden. If we could meet every 
one of our customers face to face we would persuade each one of them 
to give the ''Millionaire" Lettuce a trial the very first thing this 
Spring. We recommend it unreser\'edly as one of the best lettuces, 
and one of the most profitable that has been srown anywhere. It isa 
very quick growing hardy Lettuce and will stand much damp cold 
weather. "Millionaire" Lettuce can be planted out of doors or under 
glass and in either case will produce fine round compact heads 6 to 7 
inches in diameter, which weigh from 12to 16 ounces, much sooner 
than any other variety. It is an excellent market variety, the heads 
are a clear light green, the outer leaves slightly tinged witli brown 
and closely folded around the he?d making it all head, the inner 
leaves are a clear, bright, rich golden yellow. In quality "Million- 
aire" Lettuce is unequalled. It is crisp, tender and has a deiicio\is 
rich, buttery flavor. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. 2 Ozs. 40c. K I^b. 75c. V^ Lb. 
$1.25. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

In Maryland— Every Plant Made a Perfect Head 

John Baer, Ba/limore Co., writes: "Bolgiano's 'Millionaire' Lettuce 
is simply perfect, every plant tnakmg a perfect head in my two-acre 
patch. It is truly the earliest, truest and most reliable Lettuce I have 
ever grojvn in my twenty-five years' experience as a Martzet Garde?ier, 
I wish you could have seen tins crop, you certainly would have been 
proud of your ' Millionaire' Lettuce." 

Bolgiano's "Tender and True" Lettuce 

Bolgiano's ''Best Of All" Lettuce 

1^1. This grand NewLettuce truly deserves the name "Best 
of All" for it has certainly proven to be 'Best of All" Lettuces 
in our trial grounds. It matures just after "Millionaire" 
when planted early, but can be planted at any time. It is 
especially desirable for a Late Spring or Early Summer crop 
as it will not shoot to seed as early varieties often do. We 
have tried it in Spring, Summer, Fall and have even Wintered 
it out doors here at Baltimore. It is a sure header, good sel- 
ler, excellent shipper, hardy and always reliable. Color is 
light attractive green. It makes large, compact, firm heads. 
The leaves overlap each other, forming a beautiful well- 
blanched head. We strongly recommend " Best of AH" Let- 
tuce to our customers. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. 2 Ozs. 40c. K Lb. 
75c. Vz Lb. $1.25. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's ^'Frozen North" 
New Lettuce 

142. This New Lettuce is so good it will make your mouth 
water — its silver white leaves are as crisp and brittle as the 
finest celery, forms very large hard head 12 inches across and 
will not run to seed foran extra long time. "Frozen North" 
Lettuce will produce successful crops of tightly folded crisp 
heads, 6 to 8 inches in diameter during Spring, Summer or 
Autumn. In the hottest summer months it retains its crisp- 
ness and mild flavor. It is very showy and inviting in ap- 
pearance the outer leaves area soft bright green. As a home 
and market lettuce it is delicious and valuable, but it is too 
crisp and tender to ship long distances. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. 
2 Ozs. 40c. Vi Lb. 75c. % Lb. $1.25. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

In Massachusettes — Best By Test 

Mf . C. R. Packard, of Barnstable Co., Mass., writes as fol- 
lows: " I shall order all my seeds from you. I have proven them 
right here in Barnstable, your seeds are ahead of at I others 
that I have tried." 

Bolgiano's "Millionaire" Lettuce 

"Lucky-Stroke" Lettuce 

New Introduction 

120. "Lucky Stroke" Lettuce is goingtomean a whole lot to the 
Trucker who grows good lettuce — who has a particular trade that 
wants the best and is willing to pay for it. Every plant is uniformly 
perfect. It is a grand, new, extra large, compact, solid Heading Let- 
tuce, not only early and hardy, stands early summer heat splendidly 
on account of its thrifty growth and ability to root deeply which en- 
ables it to successfully resist a spell of hot dry weather. The round 
heads are large, measuring 12 to 15 inches acioss. The outer leaves 
are few and grow close to the head. The inner leaves form a large, 
firm, hard head of creamy-yellow, beautifully blanched. The quality 
is exceptionally fine, being tender, crisp, succulent and deliciously 
sweet. The heads continue to increase in size for about two weeks 
after they are ready for use, and will stand longer without going to 
seed than most any other variety. It is a delicious morsel when 
grown in the house garden. You'll find it a "Lucky Stroke" whether 
yon grow it for Market, Shipping or Home Use. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. 
2 Ozs. 40c. K Va. 75c. K Lb. $1.25. Lb. $2.50 Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's "Tender and True" 

New Lettuce 

140. By crossing the " Millionaire" and the ' 'Best of All" Lettuces 
we have established, we believe, the most wonderful Summer Lettuce 
everoriginated, Bolgiano's "Tender and True"Lettuce. This lettuce 
produces great magnificent hard heads 12 inches across, compact and 
round, especially rich and creamy in flavor. The inner leaves are a 
rich golden green, beautifully blanched white and very tender. So 
solid are the heads they will not shoot to seed until cut open. We 
unreservedly recommend this New Lettuce to all ourcustomers, both 
Market Gardeners and those who grow for the home table, for we 
are confident it will delight and handsomely repav those viho grow 
a crop of it. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. 2 Ozs. 40c. Ji Lb. 7 5c. V2 Lb. $1.25. 
Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's "Frozen North" New Lettuce 

"Junior" Rocky Ford Cantaloupe 

16. Without a single exception the Biggest Jloney 
Making IMelon ever offered. Two Weeks Earlier, a 
little larger, twice as productive as Rocky Ford. 
More thoroughly and deeply netted. Rust and Blight 
Proof. Packs in crates better and carries better than 
any other Melon. This Greatest of Money Making 
Cantaloupe had for its parents two exceptionally fine 
stocks of Rocky Ford Melons. It has been bred up by 
our expert growers to be entirely blight and rust 
proof. "Junior" is a wonderfully prolific yielder, sin- 
gle plants producing as high as 16 fine melons. It 
will develop shipping fruit ten da> s to two weeks be- 
fore the Rocky Ford. In form it is ideal being just 
the right shape to pack to best advantage into crates. 
In size it is little larger than the regular Rocky Ford. 
Its netting is close and deep, thoroughly covering the 
melon, protecting its keeping and shipping qualities 
and lessening the loss of weight from evaporation. 
In quality it is most deliciously sweet and spicy, cre- 
ating a largely increast d demand on account of these 
excellent points. The seed cavity is very small and 
well-filled with seed, theattractive green flesh is thick 
smooth and firm, combining together to make it the 
best melon for carrying long distances that the grow- 
er has ever had. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 20c. % I<b. 50c. K 
Ivb. 75c. Lb. $1.50. Postpaid. 

"Junior" Rocky Ford Cantaloupe 

Better Crop Than Ever Before 

Victoria Corsica, Sel by Co., Tom ,,2vrilrs: " IVc have had belter crofis 
than ever before. U'eused Bolsiano's Junto}- Rock}/ Ford Cantaloupes, 
and ours were Die best on tlie market."' 

Bolgiano's "Melting Gold" Cantaloupe 

51. Did you ever eat anything so e.xceptionally delicious, the very 
pleasant memory of it often comes back to you? That's what will hap- 
pen if you once eat one of Bolgiano's New "Melting Gold" Cantaloupes. 
The delicious, tender golden flesh simply melts in your mouth. It is 
the sweetest and most delicious melon that has ever been grown. The 
flesh is thick, very tender and of a beautiful deep golden color, it ripens 
close to the skin, the thin rind is of a rich, dark green color contrasting 
attractively with the deep Golden flesh which is so deliciously sweet and 
tender. The melons are well ribbed and covered with a grayish netting, 
they are 6 to 7 inches long by 45^ to 5 inches in diameter. "Melt- 
ing Gold" Cantaloupe is an excellent shipper and it is so good that the 
eastern markets eagerly takes every melon grown. As a melon for home 
garden it is the greatest addition in years. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 20c. Jit Lb. 
50c. Lb. $1.50. Postpaid. 

^ Henderson's Bush Cantaloupe 

The only Bush Cantaloupe in the World. Produces an abundance of 
delicious melons, requires very littleground. A wonderful novelty, every 
one should try it. Especially valuable for the small garden. Pkt. 10c. 
M Oz. 25c. Oz. 40c. % Lb. J1.35. Lb. $5.00. 


^•is "Melting Gold" Cantaloupe 

New "Knight" or Maryland Cantaloupe 

337. This superb green-fleshed Muskmelon has for five successive 
years, broken all records, selling without regard to market conditions 
for other melons at Norfolk, Va.,as well as here in Maryland, where it 
has a wonderful reputation. In quality, it quite outclasses all other 
green-fleshed melons, having a taste that is indescribably delicious with 
a remarkable aroma. While this melon has had a wonderful reputation 
around Baltimore and Norfolk markets, it fully deserves to be known 
over a wider territory, and is now offered for the first time outside of its 
local home. It is slightly pointed at the stem end, while being rather 
blunted at the blossom end. They grow uniform in shape and size, 
averaging about six inches in length from stem to blossom, and 4/^ to 5 
inches the otherdirection; handsomely nettled very thick meat. Every 
melon grower is to be congratulated who gets a crop of this magnificent 
melon. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 40c. Lb. $1.25. 

Watters Solid Net Rocky Ford Cantaloupe 

207. This is one of the earliest strains of Rocky Ford Cantaloupes. 
About 90 per cent, of the Melons are solid net. This variety sets a very 
heavy first crop so that within a few days after the first melons are ripe, 
large numbers ripen and heavy pickings can thus be made at a remark- 
ably early time. These Melons average about 90 per cent, standard size 
to pack 45 to the crate 12x12x24 inches. It is the most valuable sort to 
plant where first in the market is of great importance. The heavy gray 
netting is closely laced. The meat light green, spicy and sweet. This 
variety is in great demand by many of the most successful market grow- 
ers and shippers. Pkt. 10c. Oz, 15c K Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

Burrell's Gem Cantaloupe 

Burrell's Gem Cantaloupes have sold on the New York, Chicago, St. I.ouis 
and many other leading markets for from two to three times as much money as 
the Rocky Ford Cantaloupes in competition with them. It has a tough, thin 
rind, well arched ribs covered with a closely laced and interlaced gray netting. 
The blossom end is protected with a well developed button. Shape quite elonga- 
ted, the diameter from stem to blossom being 1-3 more than from top to bottom. 
Flesh, of a reddish orange, very thick, fine grained and spicy. Seed cavity, 
small and triangular, the seed closely held in place in three lobes. The average 
weight is about 2^ pounds, the length six inches and the thickness ^M inches. 
The Standard crate is 135^ inches wide, 4/^ inches deep and 24 inches long, hold- 
ing twelve melons. About 80 per cent, of the crop crates nicely in the above 
sized crates. Pkt. 10c. Oz, 15c. li Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

Thoroughbred Rocky Ford Cantaloupe 

157. Oblong, measures through from top to bottom, four inches: weight. 1^ 
pounds. Ten distinct ribs covered with a well developed gray netting which is 
closely laced and interlaced. The interstices between the netting very small. 
The sutures between the ribs very narrow but well defined from stem to blossom 
button. Blossom button well developed but small. Color of rind in interstices 
and sutures light green turning toward grayish slate when ready to pick, which 
is very essential to enable the grower to pick by color (the onl.v proper way to 
pick) when the melon is in the proper stage for shipping long distances. Rind 
very tough. Meat light green, changing very slightly toward salmon near the 
center, fine grained, firm andot high quality, very spicy and sweet. Seed cavity 
triangular, seed heldin three lobes. Yieldsabundantly, have made 300standard 
crates from one acre. Ripens about four to five days later than Improved Wal- 
ters' SolidNet — continues longer iu bearing — and is the most uniform melon 
we have ever known. Forty-five of these melons cuts a pound of seed. Oz. 10c. 
M'I<b.20c. Lb. 50c. 

Christmas Gift or Santa Claus Cantaloupe 

127. Just think of having a delicious, fresh Cantaloupe to eat with your Christ- 
mas dinner. It was originated in California. The rind is mottled. The shell 
is h.trd and about one-eighth of an inch thick. There is no seed cavit.v. The 
seeds are imbedded in a jelly-like pulp. The light green flesh is absolutely 
striugless; its flavor excels anything in the melon line: it is in a class by itself, 
and is beyond description. Plant thesame time you would any other cantaloupe. 
When the under side of the melon becomes >a golden yellow, it is ready to take 
off, but do not pull it off, cut the stem about three inches from the melon, as this 
avoids any tendency to rot at the stem end. They can be laid in sand and cover- 
ed with weeds or straw or laid away in a shed, but never on top of another. 
When first taken from the vine, the rind is crisp and very hard; after four to five 
weeks there is less crispness to the touch and a slight giving way to pressure, 
but anything like softness indicates over-ripeness. This melon should become 
more popular than the Rocky Ford, because it is more delicious and it is a Christ- 
mas melon. All our customers should give this a trial. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 20c. 
\i Lb. 50c. Lb. $1.50. Postpaid. 

Hr»r»r!r»r» r^;ar»fl»lr»lir»<> 549. As a cantaloupe for the private garden 
i:iUUUUU V^dlllalUUpC thisvarlety win please all who plant it. Pkt. 
10c. Oz. 15c. M Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. Postpaid. 

"Indian Chief" 

Bolgiano's Remarkable New Delicious Watermelon 

172, Victory is sure for this grand new Watermelon. It has more successful qualities than any other melon ever grown. If you are a grower 
of Watermelons, this new Melon offers you an opportunity to coin money, such asyouhave never had before. 

"Indian Chief" is entirely distinct from all other varieties. It is a large, oblong, dark green Melon, with a thick netting all over it. The rind 
is thin but tough. The flesh is a bright, attractive red. The flavor is delicious, sweet and satisfying. It is very productive, a perfect shipper, the 
quickest and best seller that has ever been placed on any market. As a table melon it always brings repeat orders. In fact as a first-class melon it 
is ideal. Seed is limited, demand will be heavy so order quick. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. K I<b. 35c. Vz I,b. 60c. I,b, $1,00, Postpaid, 

"Goliath" The New Giant Watermelon 

Immense Size, Enormously Productive, Rich Deep Green Color, Excellent Quality, Splendid Shipper 

146, These beautiful melons will average around 50 pounds; an 80 pound melon can often be found. Its attractive rich dark green skin quickly 
proves to the experienced market man its excellent selling qualifications. Its wonderful productiveness and giant size quickly indicates its ability 
to produce handsome profits. As a shipper it rivals the Kolb Gem, even surpassing this old standard variety on account of its peculiarly tough skin 
and rind. This new Watermelon is unquestionably destined to be one of the greatest leaders and most popular Melons ever developed and placed 
in the growers and shippers hands; in addition to this it will soon win the esteem of the market gardeners located near the large cities; also it 
cannot be excelled in the home garden. "Goliath" is not only a giant in size, but is a giant in Delicious Table qualities and market qualities. Our 
supply of seed is limited, so please order this Watermelon early. We don't like to disappoint, Pkt, 10c. Oz, 15c. K I<b, 35c, K I<b. 60c, Lb, $1.00. ■ 

This Letter Will Surprise Lots Of People 

Mr. J. S. To7vnsend, of Lake Co., Fla., writes as follows: "I claim that Bolgiano's Cold Mountain Spring Watermelon Seed is the best and have 
proven to be more profitable than Tom Watson or any other Melon grown in this section. 

Bolgiano's Cold Mountain Spring Watermelons 

171. Several years ago -we were spending our vacation in the mountains, during our absence one of the leading Watermelon growers, living 
about 100 miles from Baltimore, wrote us he had for a number of years been developing an extra, selected strain of Watermelon, and the results of 
his efforts had gone far beyond anything he had ever hoped to produce. Were we interested? He shipped us several samples, these came on boat to 
Baltimore 100 miles, then on the railroad through the mountains for 250 miles. Reaching tis in perfect condition after traveling 350 miles, through 
rough country and roughly handled. These Melons attracted the attention of everyone by their beautiful deep green color, stately size andexcellent 
shape. We had them on exhibition, then took them with us back into the mountains. We put the melons in a Cold Mountain Spring and 
in a few hours we cut them. The Melons were in perfect condition. "Red to the Rind," and entirely free from stringiness. We immediately 
inspected and purchased the crop. The Cold Mountain Spring Watermelon is a winner as a shipper, asa table Melon and as a Money 
Maker. Our supply of seed is necessarily limited and only the seed produced by the originator, so order immediately, Pkt, 10c. Oz, 15c, V^ Lb. 35c. 
V2 Lb. 60c. Lb. $1.00. Postpaid. 


Black Striped Kolb's 

Gem Watermelon 

Famous Anne Arundel Country Stock 
174. Ten Points Oi Merit. 1. A fine shipper. 
2. Melons uniformly large. 3. Thick, oval form. 
4. Color is a rich, dark green with fine stripes of 
lighter shade. 5, Much darker and richer in color 
than the Kolb's Gem. 6. Flesh rich, deep pink, 
crisp and melting. 7, Ripens to within V2 inch of 
the rind. 8. Rind is exceptionally strong, making 
it an excellent shipper. 9. Flavor remarkably sweet 
and sugary. 10. Our seed has been very carefully 
saved from the choicest melons. Pkts. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c, Postpaid. , 

Absolutely True To Name 
Mr. Jos. Shropshioe. of Cumberland Co., N. J.. 
writes as follows: "The Dark Striped Kolb Gem "• 
Watermelon purchased from you last year was tlie best '. 
I ever saw , absolutely true to name." 

Tom Watson Watermelon 

245. In the Tom Watson we have a decidedly good 
thing directly from the State of Georgia, the "Home 
of the Watermelon," where the Watermelon grows to 
a greater state of perfection probably than in almost • 

any other part of the United Slates. 

The Tom Watson is an extra long melon of (, 

attractive appearance, uniform in shape and quality; 
the luscious crimson flesh is "as sweet as honey," 
melting and of superb flavor. The average melon 
will weigh 35 to 40 pounds and measure 28 inches 
long and about 12 inches in diameter. Very prolific, 
Pkt, 5c. Oz, 10c, K Lb. 20c. M Lb. 3Sc. Lb, 60c. 


The New Giant 


22 Bolgiano's Wonderful New Early 

Scarlet Mammoth Pepper 

163. The largest, earliest maturing and most productive very 
largre sweet pepper. The plant is vigorous and upright, growing 
larger than that of the Chinese Giant and produces much more 
fruit. The fruits ripen earlier than any of the very large sorts 
on the market, and average heavier, as the fiesh is unusually 
thick. Color deep crimson when matured; flavor very mild. We 
consider this without a doubt the most desirable very large pep- 
per yet introduced. Pkt. 10c. li Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. 2 Ozs. 60c. 
'4 I<b. $1.00. Vz Lb. $1.75. Lb. $3.50. Postpaid. 

Took 1st Premium at Frederick Fair 

Mrs. J. E. price, of Frederick Co., Md. .writes: " Your Seed gre-M 
?i icely and proved satisfactory; especially the Chinese Giant Pepper. 
Some jneasitred 5 inches across and aboitt 4 to 5 incJies long. Took 
first pj'eniium at our Fair, and were perfect in sJiape.^^ 

Measured 14 to 15 Inches in Circumference 

J. M. Kirkpatric, Cecil Co., Md., writes: " Tlie Chinese Giant 
Peppers I grew from tlie seed bought of you were the largest I have 
Ct'er seen, A/easuredfrom 14 to 15 hiclies around,^* 

Best By Test 

G. L. Beck, Alachua Co., Fla., W7-iies: "Your Chinese Giant 
Pepper Seed is tlie sure brick: beat good many other varieties here, 
bear well, stand drought and wet better than any otlier varieties 
planted this season." 

Early Prolific 
Neapolitan Peppers 

Bolgiano's New Early Scarlet Mammoth Peppers. 

Enormous "Chinese Giant" Peppers 

Double the Size of Ruby King Peppers, One of the Largest Mild Red Peppers 
_ 226. Chinese Giant is very productive for so larce a pepper, while its enormous 
size and magnificent appearance make it sell most readily. The plants are vigorous in 
growth but of stocky habit, seldom more than two feet in height. They are well 
branched and thickly set with enormous fruits. Frequently half a dozen peppers will 
touch each other, as if on a single bunch. The strong growth of plants enables them 
to mature the gigantic fruits only slightly later than our well-known Ruby King. 

Chinese Giant produces uniformly monstrous peppers of thick blocky form and 
most brilliant glossy scarlet. They grow 4 to 5 inches broad at the top and are of equal 
length, divided into four or more large ridges; when ripe they are indented at the blos- 
som end. The first fruits setin a cluster of three to five at base of the plant, and are 
generally longer than those setting later on the upper branches, although the latter are 
equally as broad. All are uniformly of most " enonnous" size. The flesh is extremely 
mild — as sweet as an apple — and unusually thick. It makes an excellent salad sliced 
and ser\'ed like tomatoes. The true seed of a selected strain — producing untfoiinly large 
fruits — will always be high in price. Beware of "cheap" seed. Pkt. 10c. Ji Oz. 15c. 
Oz. 25c. K Lb. 85c. Vz Lb. $1.60. Lb. $3.00. Postpaid. 

61 "Neapolitan" Peppers To One Plant 

Mr. B. Olds Tyler, Texas, writes: "In gathering Ripe Neapolitan Pepper tlie otiier day 
I counted 61 Peppers, large atid small, on one plant.''' 

Trustworthy Year After Year 
Alr.f. A. Faison, of Sampson Co ,N. C, writes as follows' " I have been trucking for a 
71 umber of ^»r 

years and ,^^^^»w /i^7 

have been .^^^^^^^^^ ^^./ ).^J// 

buying all .^?eia„_^^^ss^^x -?^/ .-.xZ 

my Pepper 
seed ftom 

New Early Large "Neapolitan" Pepper 

The Earliest of AH Large MUd Peppers 
233. From seed started February 15th and plants set out May 20th, 
the first peppers were picked for market on June 24th. These first 
fruits ra.&as\xre.Afour inches long R-aA four and a half inches in cir- 
cumference; the later fruits are slightly larger— ,s<?<? illustration fro7n 
a photograph. No other large pepper develops so quickly — by ten 
days to two -weeks. 

The strong, vigorous plants grow 2 feet high by eighteen inches 
across; they are completely laden with large, handsome fruits, and 
bear continuously until frost. Single plants carry from j'5;'o 50 wqj- 
ketable\f7-7i7ts at 07ie ti7ne. The peppers grow upright until they 
become so heavy that theirown weight turns them down. The skin 
and 5h are bright red; they are thick meated, sweet and "7nild as 
a7i £>," they carry well and keep in prime condition ,. long time. 

So isually productive is this variety that twelve plants will furnish 
an; pie supply for a family throughout the season. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 
20c >i Lb. 60c. Vz Lb. $1.10. Lb. $2.00. Postpaid. 

Mammoth Ruby King Pepper 

227. Ex« 1 Selected Stock. This magnificent variety is now 
recognized a., one of the best Red Peppers for market or tamily use. 
Pkts.5c&10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. 60c. K Lb. $1.10. Lb. $2.00. Postpaid. 

Chinese Giant Pepper 

Long Podded Alaska Peas 

1087. An entirely new vigorous Extremely Early handsome long 
podded, delicious flavored Alaska Pea. It has become extremely 
popular, for it has all the good qualities of our Famous Extra Early 
Alaska Pea and in addition it has a well filled pod almost twice as long, 
which fills the basket in half the time, and while it is not a distinctly 
sugar pea yet it has a much sweeter flavor than the Alaska. It is an 
abundant yielder. Our supply of seed is limited, so place your order 
early. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 85c. Pk. $1.60. Bu. $6.00. 
Finest Crop He Ever Saw 

Michael Danber, Catons^nlle, Md., writes: " I never saw as fine a 
crop of Peas in my life as your New Long Podded Alaska Peas pro- 
duced for me til is Spring. They are a vigorous grower, extremely 
productive. of the very best quality: for tne they came equally as early 
as the Alaska Peas." 

Bolgiano's New Pea "The HuStlcrs" 

1029. By crossing our Extra Earl.v Alaska Peas with our Long 
Podded Alaska Peas we have secured this wonderful new Pea — it has 
developed the good qualities of both parents and is sure to become 
very popular as soon as its great value becomes known. It is as 
early as the extra early Alaskas, pods as long as the Long Podded 
Alaskas. A magnificent thrifty, vigorous grower, it is literally 
loaded with handsome pods which retain their fresh showy color we believe 
longer in shipment than either of its parents. Being an entirely new blooded 
stock it is very uniform in growth. For three years we have been growing 
"The Hustlers" just to accumulate seed stock and each j-ear we have been 
forced to value higher the vast money making possibilities that are in this 
pea, for both market gardeners and Southern shippers. It is also a very 
successful variety for the home garden. The beautiful rich green seed peas 
will justly lead you to expect great things of "The Hustlers." We have 
endeavored to grow enough seed to meet the requirements of our trade but 
to be sure of some of them this season — we hope you will order as early as 
possible. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 85c. Pk. $1.60. Bu. $6.00. 

''''■ Bolgiano's "100% Profit" Peas 

New 1914 Introduction 
Photograph in Colors on the Back Cover of this Catalogue 

This is the most marvelous Pea ever introduced. 
Only grows one foot high but quickly produces 
an abundance of immense beautiful deep green 
pods, filled with large delicious peas. 
Profit" Peas are much earlier, dwarfer. more 
prolific, deeper green color, and more delicious in 
flavor than either the Thomas Laxton or th^ 
Gradus Pea. It is certainly a wonder. "If 
Profit" Pea will make a lot of money quickly for the market 
gardener and_ shippers to northern markets. As a pea for the 
home garden it is beyond description. No peas have ever ap- 
proached it in, abundance ordelicious flavor. K Pt. 20c. 
Pt. 30c. Qt. 50c. 4 Qts. $1.75. Pk. $3.50. Bu. $12.00. 

"Wonder Worker" 

Bolgiano's Earliest Wrinkled Pea 

1083. The most delicious pea you have ever eaten. They fairly melt in your mouth. If you 
have never eaten a "Wonder Worker" Pea you don't know what a good Pea tastes like. Six 
weeks from planting, this wonderful large Wrinkled Pea can be marketed. In earliness, great 
size and excellent flavor, it is unequaled. The Peas fairly melt in your mouth. The vines 
grow 2li feet high, and are very hardy, resisting pests and cold weather. It bears an abund- 
ance of large even deep green pods. It is claimed the Wonder Worker Peas are superior in 
earliness, hardiness, and large size pods to the Gradus or Prosperity Pea. It is the finest early 
Pea yet introduced. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 25c. Qt.40c. 4 Qts. Si. 25. Pk. $2.25. Bu. $8.00. 

Gradus, or Prosperity Peas 

1072. $90.00 made from one peck of Peas is remarkable, but that is what one market gard- 
ener netted. Planted the same day side by side with the earliest of the Extra Early Peas, this 
delicious large, wrinkled Pea will mature at exactly the same time. The extra large, dark green 
pods quickly fill a bushel box or basket, and readily retail around $2.50 per bushel when the 
Extra Earlyvarieties bring $1.50 per bushel. It withstands an extraordinary amount of cold and 
wet weather, so plant it early and your returns will surprise you. It matures and is marketed 
before the Pea Louse gets a chance at it. Besides being so attractive, the sweet, delicious 
flavor and excellent qualitv bring back a customer who has once bought them. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 
2 Qts. 50c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.90. J, Bu. $3.50. Bu. $7.00. 

Bolgiano's Gradus Peas Best of All 

A/r. f. Howard Hurst, of Dorchester County, Md., writes as follows; "I plant annually over 
20U bushels of Gradus Peas. J have iVied the stocks of these Peas from nearly all the leading seeds- 
men, and / do not find any of iheir stocks to be as true and as superior as J. Bolgiano & Son's 
stock of Gradus Peas." 

"Cracker Jack" Bolgiano's Second Early WrinWedPea 

CRACKER JACK" continues to bear an abundance of most delicious Peas, when all other 
varieties are dried up from the hot Sun of the early summer. 

Bolgiano's Cracker Jack Pea 

5. Ready for market, just as the Wonder 


1. A wonderful yielder. 

2. Vines 2 feet 2 inches high. 

3. Growth, hardy, robust and vigorous. 

4. Extremely large pods, have a handsome 

dark green color&wA areborneeven more 
abundantly than on the Dwarf Prolific 
Green Marrow Peas 

Worker Peas are over. 
If planted a little late will stand the warm 

weather excellently. 
It's the Pea market gardeners hav en 

looking for, and it's a "Cracker fa 

Cracker Jack Peas 

Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 2 Qts. 65c. 4 Qts. $1.25. Pk. $2.00. Bu. $7.50. 

They Mature All Together 

Thomas JVa7'd, Lackawan?ia Co.. Pa., writes: " I am "veil pleased withyonr Crack r fack Peas. 

They matured all together, and I now have beans four inches tall on the same groii d. It's h ice 

when 07ie can take all the vines up at the same time and take the pods off and till the zround and 

plant it again." 

"Tip Top" White Tip Radisli 


9. We challenge the World on this wonderfut and useful distinct new stock of 
Radish — its beauty and attractiveness are almost beyond description. Results are now 
produced by hybridizers who patiently watch, wait and work hand in hand with Nature 
that seem almost miraculous. Natures wonderful artists have painted the tops of each 
one of these delicious crisp, tender, round little Radishes a brilliant carmine red and the 
bottom a beautiful snowy white. The contrast is startling and delightfully pleasing. If 
you have ever hoped for an ideal stock of extremely Early Brilliant Scarlet Globe Radish 
with a beautiful White Tip you will find the "Tip Top" White Tip Radish in beauty goes 
far beyond your greatest expectations. It certainly is a thing of beauty. Pkt. 5c. dz. 10c. 
4 Ozs. 20c. Vz lih. 35c. Lb. 60c. Postpaid. 

Best By— Long— Long Tests 

Mr. J. C. Robinson, of Oakland, Fla., writes: ^^ For 7no)-e than tTventy years T have sent 
you my o7ders for garden seeds, and I have always found Bolgiano' s seeds to be reliable.'" 

Best in 35 Years 

Mr. J. W. Cobb, of Florida, writes: " Your seeds are the best I ever planted, and I have been 
flanling seeds for 35 years. 

Delicious ''Strawberry" Radish 

258. A delicious crisp, brilliant red radish. The very earliest, often ready for market in 
less than three weeks. It is a perfect globe shape and so uniform that all the radishes look 
like they have been made in the same mold. If you have a home garden nothing will 
please you more, or give jou quicker returns for your efforts than this beautiful Radish. 
If you grow for market no matter how many of these attractive Strawberry Radishes you 
bring to market, you can always sell every bunch of them, at prices that will both please 
and pay you. As a frame Radish it is the best ot all because it grows short tops, its 
brilliant red color attracts and draw the customers, who pay high prices for the vegetables. 
Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Vi Va. 20c. M Lb. 35c. Lb. 60c. Postpaid. 

The "Tip Top" White Tip Radish 

Bolgiano's New 
Strawberry Radish 

Two Weeks To Maturity 

"Ruby King" Bolgiano's Famous Radish 

230. Bolgiano's Extremely Early Ruby King Radish. "KING OF ALL" 

Extra Early Scarlet Radishes would be an appropriate name for the most excellent 
Radish. We claim without fear of challenge, Bolgiano's Extremely Early Ruby 
Kiug Radish is (without a single exception) by far the MOST BEAUTIFUL Ex- 
tremely Early Scarlet Button Radish that has ever been brought to any market. 
The color is a bright, glossy, shining scarlet and when the dust or soil is washed 
from it, it fairly glows in its brilliant color. No Radish on earth will mature as 
quickly as the Ruby King, and have such small foliage. It will stand forcing with- 
out becoming in the least pethy. The flesh is delicious, tender, juicy and mild. 
Equally good for open ground culture as for forcing. It is at its very best when 
permitted to grow quickly. We have offered this Money Making Radish for 7 years 
and each year our sales so marvelously increase we feel satisfied tliat the ■wide- 
awake Market Gardeners are leading the very earliest markets all over the country 
with Ruby King Radish. We again place Bolgiano's Extremely Early Ruby King 
Radish at the head of all Radishes. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 2 Ozs. 15c. K Lb. 20c. 
Vi Lb. 35c. Lb. 60c. Postpaid. 

Giant Solid "Crimson King" Radish 

248. Bolgiano's Crimson King Radish. 
Eight Reasons Why This Splendid Radish Should Be Used: 

1. Extremely earley in maturing. 2. Will remain solid at all times, and ■n'ill 
never become hollow or pethy. 3. Bright, deep crimson color. 4. Mildest flavor. 
5. Oval in shape and very attractive. 6. Flesh sparkling white, solid, crisp and 
juicy. 7. Entirely new type, different and far better than any other Radish. 
.S. Greatest value for both forcing and op- n ground culture. Price: Pkt. Sc, Oz. 
10c. \i Lb. 20c. Vz Lb. 35c. Lb. 60c. Postpaid. 

He Is Pleased With Them 

Mr. Frank Andut, of Monroe County , Fla, writes as follows: " Your Strawberry 
and Ruby King Radish Seed are very good. I am very much pleased with them." 

Bolgiano*s "Long Red Glass" Radish 

The Earliest and Best Long Red Radish 

250. This is the best of all long Red Radishes. It requires deep, well- 
worked loose ground, and will quickly grow to beautiful, uniform, long, 
almost transparent, brilliant, red Radish, with a pure white tip. No home 
garden is complete, withoiitit, and those market gardeners who have deep 
ground will be able to grow the most salal le Radishes they have ever seen 
with this Seed. Pkt. 5c. Oz, 10c. % Lb. 20c. Vz Lb. 35c. Lb. 60c. Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's "Pearl White Forcing" Radish 

The Earnest and Best Long White Radish 

249. In our trail grounds, this most attractive, appetizing, cool, crisp 
Radish, matured in the remarkable short time of 13 days. In size and form 
it is a duplicate of our famous Glass Radish, but having a clear, pure white, 
waxy appearance from top to bottom; is perfectly sound and will remain 
so longer than any other White Radish. The Early White Vienna, or Lady 
Finger Radish, does not compare with it. Any Trucker once planting this 
Ra lish, will undoubtedly use it to the exclusion of all other earlv white 
varieties. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c, Ji Lb. 20c. Vz Lb. 35c, Lb. 60c. Postpaid. 

Short White "Chinese Celestial" Radish 

A Grand Fall and Winter Radish 

256. New Short 'White Chinese Celestial Radish. In 1897 we placed 
this ver.v attractive White Radish in the hands of our truckers, and since 
then we never have hadseedenough to supply the demand. It is sol id and juicy 
as an apple; pure white flesh and delicious flavoi — a very choice variety. 
We lie. ;?r sent out a Winter Radish that gained so much popularity in so 
short a time. Sown any time after July 1st to the middle of August, it 
will ke all Winter in prime condition; mild in flavor, brittle. Never gets 
woody f 'o most Winter varieties. Market gardeners have found it to be a 
splendia ler and have always made money with it. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 
Vi Lb. 20c. ' Lb. 35c. Lb. 60c. Postpaid. 

Extremely Early Ruby King Radish 


"Plucky Baltimore" 


Bolgiano's 'Wonderful New Prolific Ex 
tremely Early Seed Potatoes. 

1. Ten days earlier than the Red Bliss Triumph. 

2. Snowy White Potato, about the size and 
shape of the Houlton Early Rose. 

3. Yields from 250 to 350 bushels per acre of most 
attractive, marketable Potatoes. 

4. Always brings 50c more per barrel than the 
fanciest stock of any other variety on the market. 

5. The quality is delicious, the entire supply is 
quickly taken up by the most critical hotel trade in 
New York and Boston. 

6. Young, full, pure blooded stock, not susceptible 
to disease. 

7. Seed grown in the most careful manner. 

8. If you are a Potato grower and once saw the 
Plucky Baltimore Potato, you could not help but 
buy it. Its attractive shape, pure white color, and in 
fact its general appearance speaks for itself far better 
than we can write about it. 

9. We have the entire supply of this Grand New- 
Potato, and that's not many barrels, so order right 
now, or our supply will be exhausted. 

10. We can recommend the Plucky Baltimore 
as the best Potato that has ever been sold the 
truckers. Extremely attractive, extraordinarily 
early, enormously productive, excellent quality, pure 
white and a Big Money Maker. 

By Express or Freight F. O. B. Baltimore. Pk. 65c. 
Bu. $2.00. Bbl. $5.00. 

I Will Grow No Other 

Ckas. S. Gleason. St. Mary's Co., Md., writes: 
"Your 'Plucky Baltimore^ Potatoes are the earliest I 
have ever grown, it is a sood yielder, of excelletit 
quality, as well as a good keeper. I will grow no other 

Does Well In Bad Season 

ATr. James T. Crew, of Kent Co., Aid., writes as 
follows; "Although this Season was far from a favor- 
able one for Potatoes, I planted one bag of your 
'Plucky Baltimore' Potatoes from which I got 175 three- 
peck baskets as fine Potatoes as I ever saw." 

Best Ever Dug Out Of Ground 

Michael Dauber, Catonsville, Aid., uirites: "Your 
'Plucky Baltimote' Potatoes are the best Potatoes that 
were ever dug out of the ground. Iti earliness, size, 
color a7id yield they are perfect. When cooked they 
are like a lump of flour." 





No Potato Will Do But "Plucky Baltimore" 

Mr. John Delhi, Grange, Md., wtites: "I have found your 'Plucky Baltimore' Potato lobe 
a money maker. I have used it for three years and again want 10 barrels for my next crop. 
My customers don't want anything but 'Plucky Baltimore.' " 

Gray's "Mortgage Lifter" Potato 

Mr. Gray has grown several bumper crops of Gray's "Mortgage Lifter" Potatoes; he says they were so large they reminded him of young pigs, and 
they were certainly splendid sellers at high prices. We wish every one of our customers who grow potatoes could talk with the growers who have 
grown a crop of this Grand New Potato. It certainly is something to marvel at, and yet if all of our customers realized its great value our limited 
supply would not be a drop in the bucket. It is an early variety, maturing a little later than the Crown Jewel; it is a pure white, large, handsome 
size, distinctive in shape, being long, well filled and tapering at both euds. Eyes are strong and well set, not too deeply, however. 

It certainly is a beauty and one grower says they grow so large it don't take many to fill a barrel, no culls, and by the carload they broughtover 
$20 a car more than the best Potato on the market. Mr. Prevatt, of Seville, Fla., after giving this Grand Potato a thorough trial, orders eight barrels 
in the place of one he planted last year. Mrs. Wm. G. Harvey, of Roslyn, Md., calls it the "Farmers Favorite." Among other names it was called 
are "Maryland Beauty," Money-Maker, " "Virginia Wonder," "The Excelsior," "Gold Standard," "Silver King," etc. We finally selected Gray's 
"Mortgage Lifter" as suggested by Mr. Jas. T. Gray, of Grange, Md., because Mr. Gray actually paid off a good size mortgage on his farm with the 
proceeds from the Wonderful Crop of this Grand New Potato which he grew this year, and we hope that the misson of Gray's "Mortgage I,ifter" 
Potato will not be ended until it has helped to clear many more farms of their mortgages. Pk. 50c. Bus. $1.85. Bbl. $4.50. 

Beat It If You Can 

Mr. Fred. W. Pea- 
sin, Havre de Grace, 
Md., writes:" From 
a plot of ground 
90x100 feet plant- 
ed in Gray's Mort- 
gage Lifter Pota- 
toes, I harvested 
131 Bus. of the 
nicest looking and 
finest cooking po- 
tatoes I ever saw 
and at the same 
time on the same 
piece of ground L 
gieiu two rows of 
corn. Beat that 
if you can." 

Best Yielder and 

A . B. Prevail. 
Volusia Co., ^la., 
writes: "I .ave 
given your Gray's 
'Mortgage Lifter' 
Potatoes a good 
trial and ^ve 

found them .o be 
one of the best 
yielding an^''> sell- 
ing potatoe'' "l-have 
ever grow' ' 

Gray's "Mortgage Lifter" Potato 

Bolgiano's "Prosperity Potatoes^' 

Planted 5 Barrels, Shipped 100 Barrels 

IV. L. Mill, Volusia Co., Fla., writes: " Have just finished shipping my 
crop of Prosperity Potato. They beat anything I have ever seen for tuy~ii- 
ing out fine large sinooth potatoes. Planted 5 barrels of the "Prosperity" 
and shipped 100, making an average of 20 to 1 . Shall want more of tlum 
another year. JVefind no otiier as good or yield so Iieavy." 


Trust Buster" 


Prosperity Potatoes 

T/te Best Second Early and Main Crop 
Potato on Earth. 

This Magnificent Potato has become the most 
IKJpular middle crop poiatoof thenewervarieties, 
and certainly one of the most worthy. Yields 
great crops of even, fine, smooth large Potatoes, 
even under the most unfavorable circumstarces, 
andean be relied upon to bring in good money. 
It is undoubtedly the handsomest Ixtrge potato 
ever produced, and ■will out yield any other Potato 
and practically every Potato of Marketable size. 
It is ahead of all others in yield and smoolhness, 
and is of excellent quality. Every farmer will, 
after giving this most wonderful Potato a trial, 
discard every other kind and plant nothing but 
Bolgiano's Prosperity Potato for his main crop. 
It grows a very strong, upright top with darkcot- 
ored stalks and purple blossoms, and is very little 
affected by drought, blight or bugs. The flesh is 
as white as snow, and cooks dry and mealy. The 
eyes are even with the surface, the skin white 
with rich yellowish-creamy cast, and considerably 
ruffled or netted. This Potato will astonish old 
Potato-Growers in its abundant yields and fine 
Qualities, and every person who is ambitious to 
make the most money out of his crop cannot af- 
ford to let this year pass without obtaining seed 
of our crop of New Prosperity Potato. Pk. 50c. 
Bu. $1.85. Bbl. $4.50. 

Prosperity The Best In 20 Years 

Mr. Calvin Gore, of Baltimore Co., Md., writes 
as follows: " We planted Bolgiano's Famous Pros- 
perity Potatoes last Spring and found that it would 
yield three times as many per aere as any other 
variety we planted in tlie last twenty years. ' ' 

Trust Busters Fill The BUI 

On July 13th, 1912, Mr. Richard Hill, of Snow 
Bill, Md., writes: "Tlie Trust Buster Potatoes that 
£ 1 eceiiedfrom you in spriyig are simply immense 
and I am veiy much pleased wUh them," 

Produces Big Crops Bad Seasons 

Wm. Butler, Grant Co., Ind., writes: "Bolgiano's Famous Prosperity 
Potato is the best potato I ever grew; its cooking qualities cannot be beat. 
It is tlie best yielder. and does better on poor ground than any othervariety : 
it does better year after year than any other variety . wet or dry season, and 
you are sure to make a crop if you platit Bolgianc's Famous prosperity 
Potato. The big stalky vines are a good thing hi wet weather to hold the 
weeds down, after they are laid by, and a7'e a good thing in dry weather, 
to Iwld moisture in ilie ground 

Bolgiano's New Extra Early Seed Potato 

The great success of this New Potato is assured from the wonderful 
reports we have received from a large number of expert potato growers 
who tried it last year. It has produced most excellent results in all kinds 
of soil. It is not only early but it is a heavy producer of potatoes of the 
very finest texture and quality. "Trust Buster" Potatoes are vigorous 
growers and prolific yielders of handsome, smooth potatoes, creani white 
in color. These potatoes are uniform in size, color, excellent quality and 
fine flavor. They are quickly prepared for cooking as the skin peels 
readily and they cook dry and mealy. The table qualities areunequalled. 
Being the second year we have catalogued "Trust Buster" Potatoes our 
supply is necessarily limited. But to avoid disappointment please send 
in your order as early as possible. We are so anxious forj'ou to try this 
Best of All Potato this season. Pk. 65c. Bu. $2.00. Bbl.^$5.00. 
"Trust Busters" The Best Ever Grown 
Mrs. Edw. Gladfelter, Seven Valleys, Pa., writes: "The Tr^ist Busier 
Potatoes I purcliased from you last spring produced the nicest, cleanest 
freestfrom disease of any potatoes that I have ever grown. I have also 
found your Plucky Baltiinore a fine producer and an abundant yielder . / 
must say that all of the seeds I have ever gotten from you were entirely 

Isn't This A Fine Letter? 
On Jan. 1st. 1913. Mr. S. M. Schwartz, of Orange Co., Fla.. writes: " We 
always hear from kicks and complaints but seldom from appreciation and 
compliments, so I am going to give you a few words of cheer and co^nfort. 
The seed ordered from you arrived in good shape and the neatness and sys- 
tem in which tlie packages were put up deserved a compliment. Few days 
before receipt of seed I was asked by my wife if I had ordered some Tomato 
seed. I had to confess I had forgot to do so but on receipt of the packageof 
seed we found that you added complimentary a package of Tomato seed so 
you can imagine how much itwas appreciated. iVe all swear by Bolgiano's 

Can't Be Beat 
_ 0« April 4th, 1913, Mr. Richard Leake, of Snow Hill, Md.. writes: 
" Your Trust Busier potatoes can't be beat." 

Entirely Satisfactory 
On October 20. 1913, Mess. Woodward Bros, of Norfolk Co., Va. writes: 
" W^e are now making preparations to handle Seed Irish Potatoes strictly 
Maine select stock, again this coming season, and as we purcliased of you 
some of our stock tlie past season, and same having proved entirely satis- 
fac *tv indeed, we are luriiing to ascertain what tlie prospects are this com* 
ini, easonfor us to get together on a few cars." 
A Fine Lot of Seeds 
On April 3, 1913, Mr. R. T. Price, of Anne Arundel Co., Md., writes: 
"Th-^ three bags of Gray's Mortgage Lifter Potatoes and four bags of 
Am', rican Giants came in good shape and are a very fine lot of seed." 
A Grand Potato 
On July 29. 1912, Mr. Alex Skipper, of Talbot Co.. Md., writes: "The 
Mongage Lifter Potato yielded me IS bushels of potatoes on a piece of 
ground 20 by 40 feet, and they are a grand potato.^' 

Trust Buster Potatoes 

Mammoth Prize Taker Onion 


Bolgiano's Extra Early Dawn Squash 

Mammoth Prize Taker Onion 27 

Its Mildness of Flavor and Tenderness are unequaled Even bv Ti 
Bermuda Varieties. In Size, it is not Excelled by tlie 
Enormous Varieties From Spain. 
205. Eight hundred to one thousand bushels to the acre, and a single 
specimen weighing as much as 6 lbs., 2 ozs. are some of the things this 
handsome Globe Onion will produce. It has a bright, clear, straw color 
and grows a perfect Globe-shape. Is by far the handsomest, most pro- 
ductive, most profitable, and best of all Yellow Globe Onions. L,arge 
Onions can always be raised in a single season directly from seed. It 
has always brought much better prices than any other Onion in the 
market; it never fails to attract attention on account of its beauty; on 
the city stalls it has completely taken the place of the large Spanish 
Onions. The prizetaker Onion is gifted with .strong drought resisting 
ability, and we consider this one of its strong merits. People who wish 
to make money should plant the Prizetaker Onion. It is admitted by 
the most critical onion growers to be the largest, finest flavored and 
most superior Yellow Globe Onion under cultivation Pkt. 10c. Oz. 20c 
Vi Ivb. 50c. Lb. $1.50. Postpaid. 

800 Bushels Prizetakers To The Acre 

Gentlemen. — Tlie basket of Bolgiano's ISIammoth Prizetaker Onions 
which I sent to you, is from the field which ve grew from seed this season. 
It produced 800 bushels of these fine Onions to the acre. IVe planted them 
in rows twelve inches apart and tlie onions three inches from each other in 
the row; we worked it entirely by hand, using 710 horse cultivator during 
the season. We placed 40 loads of horse manure and one ton of fertilizer 
to the acre. Bolgiano's Seeds certainly aie the best that can be secured by 
the most Critical Market Gardeners and shippers. 
Votir appreciative Customers, 

Hancock Bros., Anne Artindel Co., Md. 

Crystal Wax Bermuda Onion Seed. 

Teneriffe grown. Possesses much finer qualities than the White 
Bermuda, It is of a mild and delicate flavor of a pure crystal white wax 
color. It quickly producesfuU grown Onions from seed the same season. 
I'kt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 35c. M I-b. SI. 00, Lb. S3. 50. Postpaid. 

1. Ten days to two weeks earlier than any other stock of White Bush .Squash. 2. Always brings 
the first Fancy Prices of the earliest market. 3. Enormously productive. 4. Beautiful white color, 
entirely free from any green cast. 5. Solid and heavy, with small seed cavity, making an excellent 
shipper. 6. Delicious flavor and an excellent cooker. 7. Growth is bushy with absolutely no 
runners. 8. A great improvement over all other stock. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. M Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

Bolgiano's Hollow Hub Parsnip 

219. As we predicted several years ago, when we first introduced the Hollow Hub Parsnip, it has 
taken the leading place among Parsnips. Its merits alone have brought it so prominently to the front. 
No Parsnip seed ever offered is grown so carefully as Hollow Hub. Each individual root is carefully 
selected by hand and critically e:xainined, if it does not come- up to the highest standard it is 
discarded. "Hollow Hub" Parsnip is hollow crowned to a remarkable degree, it has firm, tender 
flesh, a delicious delicate flavor, almost entirely without core. In growth it is small and uniform. In 
fact. Hollow Hub Parsnip is as perfect as it is possible to produce by the most careful selection and 
breeding. Grow the best, it costs but little more, and it pays so much better. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. 
K Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. Postpaid. 

Bolgiano's Great Giant Salsify 

275. By far the largest, smoothest, most tender Salsify ever sold to the trucker. Its delicious flavor 
and attractive appearance bring the buyers and holds their trade. It easily outsells ever.v other Salsify, 
"For It Is The Best." It outyields all other varieties. Truckers who have tried the "Great Giant" 
say itie' is the Salsify they will always grow in preference to all others, for they readily sell all 
they bring to the market at better prices and much quicker than their neighbors. Grow the best. 
It pays. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. 2 Ozs. 25c. Vi Lb. 4Uc. K Lb. Sl.25. Postpaid. 

Extra Early Purple Top Milan Turnip I'^^^^^f^ ':t^l^^^, ^otlS'?"°Fiat" 

smooth, of medium size, with bright purple top and few leaves. Flesh white and choice, adapted to 
Spring or Fall. A good keeper. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 2Sc. Lb. 75c. Postpaid. 

Extra Early White Milan Turnip ^^^ ^^ °^ ^""^ '^ ^^ ^^c. Lb 75c 


Extra Early 
Dawn Squash 

Improved Curled Long Standing 
Spring Spinach 

1106. Of a perfect, rich, attractive green color, 
distinct from all other varieties ,and easily recognized. 
Its growth is abundant, and it will retain a fresh, 
luxuriant appearance for three or four weeks after 
tne most stubborn seeding varieties have become 
yellow and gone to seed. Your early Spring garden 
will be incomplete without a generous sowing of 
Improved Curled Long Standing Spinach. This 
Spinach combines the extremely curled leaf of our 
Bloomsdale Curled Savoy Spinach and its own un- 
equaled long standing qualities, with a beautiful 
green which will invariably draw customers your 
way aud bring you the top prices. Our oldest and 
most experienced customers pronounce this Spinach 
the best they have ever grown for Spring, Summer, 
Fall or the coldest Winter. From our careful tests 
w& learned its merits, before we put it in the hands 
of the truckers: they immediately realized its value 
and have from year to year increased their orders 
until from 100 pounds five years ago, ourannualsales 
amount to many tons. Oz. 5c. M Lb. 10c. li, Lb. 15c 
Lb. 25c. 5 Lb. $1.00. 

Long Season Spinach ^Z 

Spring Spinach, Improved Curled Long Standing 

ty of 
Spinach is especially adapted for the Summei season 
when other sorts quickly run to .seed. Sowings can 
be made in early Spring aud followed monthly with 
further sowings, and the crop will be coi tinuous 
throughout the entire Summer. The leaves a i a rich 
dark green color, very thick, crumpled, and if splen- 
did quality. Oz. 5c. K Lb. 10c. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 25c. 
5 Lbs. $1.00. 


J. tJolgiano A: t>on, beedmen, Baltimore, Md. 

Trustworthy Vegetable Seeds For 1914 




Artichaut 'Ulrtfcbocfte 

Jerusalem. The tubers, roasted or boiled, served with butter, salt and pepper, make a dish some think 
superior to Potatoes. They are most excellent feed for cows and will cause an increase in quantitv and 
quality of milk. Pk. 75c. Bu. $2.50. " 

AspERGE Spargel}-rago 

1. New Palmetto. Is verj' early, large yielder, and very regular and even in grovpth. Average 
bunches contain 15 shoots, measuimg 13^ inches iu circumference; weighs 2 pounds. It is equally well 
adapted for all sections. Its quality is unequalled. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. V^ Lb. 15c. Lb. 40c. 5 Lbs ® 35c 

2. Conover's Colossal. .\ well-known variety. Pkt.5c. Oz.lOc. 5iLb.l5c. Lb. 40c. 5 Lbs® 35c 
526. Columbian Mammoth 'White. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. K I/b. 15c. Lb. 4Qc. 5 Lbs. ® 35c. 

582. Barr's >Iammoth. Pkt. 5c. Oz. lOc. Yi, Lb. 15c. Lb. 40c. S Lbs. ® 35c. 

Asparagus Roots 

Horse Radish Roots. Rhubarb Roots. 

Plant eitlier in Spring or Fall. 

No effort tut forth in the garden will bring more pleasure and satisfaction than an established Asparagus 
bed. if this 23 thorotighly prepared accoordmg to thefulloicing directions. A bed 20 by 50 feel, set with 1000 
two year-old roots, will la;t for years andfurniih an abundance. 

Directions. Select a good .sandy loam, plow the ground as deep as possible, dig out 12 inches deep 
put ma layer of 4 inches of good, strong stable manure, and press dotvm; then fill in with good, rich, black 
loam to the top of the bed; sow on the top of the bed 100 lbs. of Kainit to 1000 square feet of bed; incorporate 
this thoroughly to depth of 3 inches. After leveling bed off even, stretch a line the length of bed 9 inches 
from the edge, and with a spade cut a furrow 8 inches deen, set a row of plants along the trench 9 inches 
apart, with the crovras of the roots 2 inches below the surface, then cover up, make even and plant other 
rows 9 inches apart. 

Palmetto 2- Year-Old Roots. (Doz. Roots 30c, postpaid.) 100, 65c. 1000, S5.00. 

Palmetto 4-Year-Old Roots. (Too large for mail.) 100, Si. 50. 1000. $10.00. 

Conover's Colossal 2-Year-Old Roots. (Doz. Roots 30c, postpaid.) 100, 65c. 1000, $5.00. 

Barr's Mammoth 2- Year-Old Roots. (Doz Roots 30c, postpaid.) 100,65c. 1000, $5.00. 

Horse Radish Roots. By mail postpaid, each Root, 5c. Doz. 25c. 50 for 60c. 100 for 90c. Express 
not p,.id. lUOfor 75c. 300for$1.50. 500forS2.25. 1000 for S4. 00. 

Maliner Kren Horse Radish Roots. Doz. 25c 100, 75c. 1000, $6.00. 

Rhubarb Roots. 2- Year-Old, Extra Large Fine Roots. 15c each, 4 for 50c postpaid. Bv express 
not prepaid, dozen $1.50. 100 Roots $10.00. 

Rhubarb Seed. Oz. 15c. K lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

Green Pod Bush Beans g.^^,LS;«^ ^"''"^ 

One Quart to 100 Feet of Drill. 

1002. New £merald Beauty Bean. The Emerald"a flat 
green podded bush bean, a prolific and continuous bearer, the first in 
Spring and the last in Fall. It is absolutely stringless, very tender and 
delicious flavor. The plant is of remarkably handsome and thrifty 
growth. The rich grreen pods are of immense size, thick, broad, extra 
long; uniform shape, solid, meaty and of hit;h quality. Market that will 
accept a fiat podded bean will soon appreciate the surpassing qualities of 
the Emerald Beauty. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts.$1.00. Pk.$1.85. 
Bus. $7.00. 

S^" We supply Packets of all beans at 5c and 10c each. Add Sc per Pint, 15c per Quart extra by mail. 

Two Builiels to the Acre. 

Culture. Beans are somewhat tender, but it often pays to take some risks. Plant in warm, loamy soil at the beginning of settled, warm weather iu 
spring, and at intervals for succession until August. Rows may be made 2 feet apart, and the Beans planted not more than 2 inches deep and several inches 
apart in the drills, or 3 or 4 Beans in hills 6 to 8 inches apart. Cultivate and hoe frequently, always, however, when the vines are perfectly dry. In hoeing 
draw the soil up towards the rows or plants. For String Beans gather the pods clean as fit for use. The plants will remain all the longer in bearing. 

1033. Bolgiano's" Mighty Nice" Beans. A very important introduction. 1013. Black Valentine Beans. Matures early, producing long, 

i^Pe^'fJ,'/' see page 11.) Pkt. 10c. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.35. round, straight, tender pods of blight-resisting qualities. Pkt. 10c. 
Bus. M.OO. ^ Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.90. Bus. $7.50. 

1001, Bolgiano's Netv Early "May Queen" Beans. (Specialty, see 
page 11 ) Exceptionally profitable. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. 
Pk. $1.90. Bus. $7.50. 

1134. "Home Sweet Home" Bolgiano's Neiv Bean. A most delicious 
addition for tlie home garden. (Specialty see page 11.) Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. 
Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. Sl.OO. Pk. $1.90. Bus. $7.50. 

1008. New Giant Stringless Valentine. This is a great improvement on 
the old time popular favorite Valentine Bean. The pods are fully one-third 
longer, averaging 5 to 6 inches in length;absolutelystringless, very crisp, round, 
full and fleshy. It is enormously productive, its handsome pods being ready 
for market a few days earlier than old Valentine. We confidently recommend it 
either for the home garden or as a profitable variety to grow for market. Pkt. 
10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts, $1.00. Pk. $1.85. Bus. $7.00. 

1009. Burpee's New^ Stringless Green Pod Beans. Crisp, tender, 
luscious flavor. Handsome light green pods, are ready to market TWO WEEKS 
EARLIER than the Red Valentine. Pods are full, fleshy and produced in great 
abundance, remaining long in an edible condition. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 
4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.85. Bus. $7.00. 

1003. Extra Early Refugee Round Green Pod. Haspodsof abeautiful. 
attractive light green color, round, tender and of a luscious flavor. Pkt. 10c. . 
Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.60. Bus. $6.00. 

1006. Hophins 'Earliest Red Valentine Beans. Are one of the earliest 
and most prolific round green podded Beans. Comes into bearing earlier than 
the old stock of Valentines, is a wonderful producer and a perfect shipper. It 
will remain in a perfect condition for nearly two weeks afterpicking. Pkt. 10c. 
Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c, 4Qts. 75c. Pk.$l-35. Bus, $5.C0. 

1007. Bolgiano's Earliest Red Valentine Beans. This superior Bean " 
ias been carefully built up to satisfy a most critical market gardener's trade. | 
Under favorable conditions it is ready for picking in 35 days from planting. 
Canners use them because Ihey are alwavs tender and have beautiful round 
g-reenpods. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c, 4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.35. Bus. $5.00. 

1004. Late Refugee or lOOO to 1. Exceedingly productive; for medium 
and late use. The young pods are tender and of fine flavor; the color is a silver 
green. Pods are round and slim. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. 
$1.90. Bus. $7.50. 

1010. O^varf Horticultural or Cherry Bean. A crop of these Beans 
has never failed to pay. This is a broad, long, flat, meaty Bean, very pro- 
ductive, delicious flavor. It also makes a good dried Bean for winter. Pkt. 10c. 
Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1,90. Bus. $7.50. 

1217. l-o-w's Champion Bush Beans. Large, long, tender stringless pods, 
delicious. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.90. Bus. $7.50. 

1011. Henderson's Bountiful Beans. A prolific and continuous bearer. 
The first in Spring, the last in Fall, Stringless, delicious flavor. Pkt. 10c. 
Pt. 15c. Q)i25c. 4 Qts. 85c. Pk. $1.60. Bus. $5.00. 

1015. L >ngfellow^ Green Podded Bush Beans. Long, round, green 
pods, excLidingly prolific, always solid. Remarkably early. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. 
Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 95c. Pk. $1.75. Bus. $6 50. 

1017. Extra Long Yellow^ Six 'Wrecks. Pods flat and green; a leading 
market sor; Pkt. 10c. Pt. l.Sc. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 85c. Pk. $1.60. Bus. $6.00. 

503. Bro.d Windsor Beans. The largest and best. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 15c. 
Qt,25c. 4Qcs. 85c. Pk. $1.60. Bus. $6.00. 

1184. ■Wh)te Navy or Pea Beans. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 2 Qts. 35c. " 

4 Qts, 50c. Pk $1.00. Bu. $3.50. Hopkin's Earliest Red Round Green Pod ValenKne Beans 

Trustworthy Vegetable Seeds For 1914 

Wax Pod Bush Beans 

We supply Pkts. of all Beans at 5c and 10c each postpaid. 

1031. New Pearl Wax Beans. A distinct enormously prolific and prodicious growing Bush 
Wax Bean. Every grower should try it. It will soon become a popular and lucrative variety to 
8TOW. Will not rust in the wettest kind of weather. (Specialty, see page 11.) Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. 
Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.90. Bus. $7.50. 

Lewis Stoeckel , St. Lucie Co., Fla., writes: Bolgiano's Pearl Wax Beans certainly made tlie finest 
Beans ever seen, in this part of tlie Country. 

1183. "Trackers Re'ward," Bolgiano's New^ Flat Wax Bean. One of the most valuable 
and important Bean introductions in many years. Unequaled as an enormous beautiful crop pro- 
ducer aud money maker. Pkt. lOc. Pt. 2Sc. Qt. 40c. 2 Qts. 65c. 4 Qts. $1.10. Pk. $2.10. Bus. S8.00. 

1079. Ne«r Hodson Wax Beans. A very sturdy grower, prolific; free from rust and blight. 
Vigorous plants are loaded with long, handsome, straight pods, averaging 7 inches in length; color 
of a clean, light yellow. When picked youne they are stringless. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 
4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.90. Bus. S7.50. 

1018. Sunshine Wax Beans. A beautiful, clear bright golden colored delicious round tender 
Wax Bean. (Specialty, see page 11.) Pkt 10c. Pt.20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. S1.60. Bus. $6.00. 

1021. Round Podded Kidney Wax Bean. This handsome wax-podded Bean is an im- 
proved WardeU's Kidney Wax, besides having that popular variety's luxuriant growth, it is en- 
tirely stringless. The pods are long, straight and extremely handsome. It js an exceedingly 
heavy bearer, and is fully as early in maturing as the WardeU's Kidney Wax, and is of excellent 
quality. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 25c. Qt. 40c. 2 Qts. 65c. 4 Qts. $1.10. Pk. $2.10. Bus. $8.00. 

1024. New California Rust-Proof Dw^arS Wax. One of the handsomest and most produc- 
tive flat podded Wax Bean ever grown. The pods are longer, broader and of a brighter yellow 
color than many other sorts, very superior quality, tender and stringless. The vines are of 
vigorous growth, leaves dark green, hardy and yield enormous quantities of large, handsome, flat 
meaty pods, borne well up from the ground and has not shown any disposition to rust, no 
matter where grown. It is f ro:u eight to ten days earlier than the Valentine. The seeds should not 
be planted closer than 4 inches apart in the row. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.85. Bus. $7.00. 

1019. Curries's Rust-Proof Wax Beans. Is the earliest to mature of either the Green or 
Wax Beans. It is ready for market in 25 days from date of planting. Its beautiful, pure golden, 
long flat pods of extra fine quality are borne in abundance and attract the admiration of both the 
planter and the consumer. It being the first in the market, always commands most profitable 
prices. Entirely free from rust and blight. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.85. 
Bus. $7.00. 

1022. New Davis Kidney Wax. The King of Flat Wax Beans. Surely time, energy and 
brains have culminated in this, one of the grandest Flat Wax Beans. A beautiful form, handsome 
long pods, attractive color, luscious flavor, prolific yielder, rust proof, excellent shipper, making 
this grand Bean a perfect success. It is demanded by market gardeners, truckers and shippers. A 
universal favorite. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Pt. 25c. Qt. 40c. Gal. $1.10. Pk. $2.10. Bus. $8.00. 

1020. Wardwell's Kidney Wax. Early, long, flat pure wax pods. It is hardy, both pods and 
plants are robust and healthy and it is a heavy yielder. It is a remarkable shipper. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 
25c. Qt. 40c. 4 Qts. $1.10. Pk. $2.10. Bus. $8.00. 

1096. Prolific Dwarf Black Wax. 0\\& oiMi^ earliest. Pods 4 to 5 inches in length, usually 
curved, quite round, meatv, brittle and stringless; deep golden yellow, of excellent flavor. Pkt. 10c. 
Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.90. Bus. $7.50. 

1219. Pencil Pod Black Wax Beans. Plants of true bush growth, fifteen inches high, ex- 
tremely productive; magnificent straight pods six to seven incheslong, light golden yellowin color, 
beautifully rounded meatv and deeply saddle-backed; flesh brittle, solid and entirely stringless; 
fine aud mild flavor. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.90. Bush. $7.50. 

1026. Keeney's Rustless Golden Wax. Early, vigorous and a bountiful yielder of beautiful 
tender pods. The vine grows Wi ft. high, holding the pods well off the ground. The pods are 
shapely, flat and large. Pt. 20c. Qt. 3=;c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.90. Bus. $7.50. 

1185. Iniperial Wax or Golden Crown. Long golden, round, plump, perfectly stringless 
I)ods. Pt.20c. Qt. 3,5c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.60. Bus $6.00. 

1023. Jones New Round Pod Striniiless Wax. The thick, fleshy, handsome yellow pods 
are round, plump, stringless and 5 to 7 in. long. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.60. Bus. $6.00. 

Bolgiano's New Pearl Wax Beans 


We supply Packets of I,ima Beans at 5c and 10c each, postpaid. Add 8c per Pt. and 15c per Qt. on I.,ima Beans, if to go by Mail. 

One Qt. to 150 Hills. 10 to 12 Qts. to the acre. 
Culture. Select land thai is especially warm., rich and well supplied with vezetable fibre or humus. Plant as soon as the soil has become warm in spring:. 
Make the rows 2 feet apart and give to each pla}it 6 indies space in the row. A top dressing of poultry manure, ashes or some good fertilizer or some good 
compost around the plants will be of muck benefit in hastening tnaturity and increasing the yield. 

1035. Bolgiano's Enormous Early Bush Lima Beans. This wonderftil new I<ima is the earliest, largest and best of all Bush Lima Beans. 
(Specialty, see page 12.) J^ Pt. 20c Pt. 35c. Qt. 60c. 4 Qts. $2.00. Pk. $3.85. Bus. $15.00. 

1119. Fordhook Bush Lima New. Both pods and beans are twice the size of I)reer Bush I,ima. (Specialty, see page 12.) Pt. 35c. Qt. 60c. 4 Qts. 
$2.00. Pk. $3.85. Bus. $15.00. 

1058. Burpee — "Improved" Bush Lima. Pods and beans are extremely large. Plant grows more erect than Burpee's Bush Lima and is more pro- 
ductive. Pt. 35c. Qt. 60c. 4 Qts. $2.00. Pk.^$3.85. Bus. $15.00. 

1034. Wood's Prolific Bush Lima. An "improved Henderson Bush Lima." Earlier 
than the Burpee's Bush Lima, but somewhat smaller in size of bean. Making a larger 
growth than others; stems are loaded down with beans in great clusters. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 
4 Qts. $1.00. Pk,il.85. Bu.$7-00. 

1036. Dreer's New Wonder Bush Lima Beans. It is a fine strain of neat dwarf 
growth, producing pods a week earlier than the regular stock of Burpee's Bush Linia. The 
plants are productive, the pods aud beans are large. Pt. 25c. Qt. 40c. 4 Qts. $1.10. Pk. $2.10. 
Bus. $8.00. 

1039. Burpee's "Large" Bush Lima Beans. Is an immense yielder, each bush 
bearing from 50 to 200 of the handsome, large pods, well filled with very large beans, which 
are identical in size and luscious flavor to the well-known large Pole Limas, the largest and 
best Lima Beans can now be raised in quantity at small cost without the expense aud labor 
attached to the use of poles. Pt. 2Sc. Qt. 40c. 4 Qts. $1.10. Pk. $2.10. Bus. $8.00. 

1037. Dreer's Bush Lima Beans. This Bush Bean produces pods in great abundance. 
185 having been counted on a single plant The beans grow close together, sometimes 5 in 
apod, and verythick,,sweetandsucculent. Pt.25c. Qt.50c. 4Qts.$1.75, Pk.S3.10. Bus. $12.00. 

1038. Henderson's D'warf Bush Lima Beans. Producing beans of smaller size, is 
very productive and decidedly delicious. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.90. Bus. $7.50. 

1 Qt. to 150 Hills. 10 to 20 Qts. to the acre. 
Add 15c Per Qt. if to go by mail. 

1027. Lazy Wife or White Pole Cherry Beans. The pods of medium dark green 
color, are produced in great abundance and measure AVz to 6 in. in length; are broad, thick, 
very fleshy and entirely stringless. They retain their rich, tender and stringless qualities 
until nearly ripe. Each pod contains 6 to 8 round white beans which make excellent Winter 
Shell Beans. Pt. 25c. Qt. 40c. 4 Qts. Si. 10. Pk. $2.10. Bus. $8.00._ 

1025. Point Market Prolific Pole Beans. A very productive and delicious String- 
less Pole Bean. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 25c. Qt. 40c. 4 Qts. $1.10. Pk. $2.10. Bus. $8.00. 

1028. White Creaseback or Best of All. The best early Stringless Gre..n Podded 
Pole Bean.— Productive. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.90. Bus. $7.50. 

1030. Old Homestead. (Improved Kentucky Wonder.) Enormously productive; 
Stringless. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1. 00. Pk$1.85. Bus. $7.00. 

1220. Horticultural Pole, Cranberry or Wren's Egg. This is the ) opular pole 
cherry Bean growing for either snapshorts or dry shell beans, especially adapted for short 
seasons and cool locations. The vines are of strong growth and productive, pods four to 
five inches in length, one-half inch broad, thick and fleshy. As they matur- both the pods 

.^. and dry beans become thickly striped with rich carmine markings. Pt. 2uc. Qt. 35c. 4 

Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.60. Bus. $6.00. 
Burpee's "Large" Bush Lima Bean 1221. White Navy or Pea Beans. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk $1.10. Bu, $4.00. 

Pole or Running Beans 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 

Pole Lima Beans 


1 Qt. io 150 Hills. 10 to 12 Qts. to the acre. Add 8c to pints, and IS pey Qt. if to go by tnaU. 

We supply Packets of Beans at 5c and 10c each, postpaid. 

1032. Giant Emerald Isle. Bolgiano's ]Sei^ Pole Lima Bean* This wonderful 

bean is the largest podded, and the heaviest cropper of all Linias. It grows green, dries 

green, stays green. iSpecialty, seepagel2.) Pt. 20c. Qt.35c. 4 Qts. $1.25. Pk.$2.25. Bu. $8.00. 

1040. Early Leviathan Pole Lima Bean. Kvery grower, either private or for mar- 
ket should try this wonderful early and enormously productive large Lima Bean. The best 
variety of Pole Lima for general use. This delicious vegetable is denied many would-be 
growers on account of the length of season required to mature and the early frost coming on 
just as the crop is ready to pick. This sort is at least one week earlier than any large Pole 
Lima yet offered and fully two weeks earlier than most, consequently it will prove a boon 
to thousands of growers. Barliness is often obtained at a sacrifice of other features, but in 
this variety we claim superiorly not only in this respect, but in size of bean and pod and 
enormous productiveness. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. Sl.75. Bu. S6.50. 

1041. Dreer's Improved Pole or Challenger Lima. Outyield any Lima Bean ever 
offered. Each pod contains from 2 to 6 delicious Beans, so compactly placed that they 
make indentations in each other. Pods are produced on tne vines in great clusters. The 
yield is continuous and abundant. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk.$1.75. Bus. $6.50. 

1223 Henderson Ideal Pole Limas. Very early, wonderfully productive. Pt. 20c. 
Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.85. Bu. $7.00. 

1042. Siebert's Early Lima. Pods long, thin and easily opened. The green Beans are 
very large, handsome and delicious quality. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.60. Bu. $6.00. 

1043. Jersey Extra Early Lima. Is 10 days to 2 weeks earlier than any other Pole 
Lima, except the Leviathan. The beans are exceptionally tender and delicious. Pt. 20c. 
Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.75. Bu. $6.50. 

1044. Carolina or Sieva Beans. Verj' early and productive. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 
4 Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.60. Bu. $6.00. 

1045. Ford's Mammoth Extra Large Lima Beans. Its pods are large in size, con- 
taining from 3 to 8 Beans. They are unsurpassed in quality and productiveness. Pt. 20c. 
Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.75. Bus. $6.50. 

1047. King of Garden Lima Beans. Outrivals all other Pole Limas. Its vine has a 
luxurious growth, which abounds with enormous pods, often 5 to 8 inches long, and filled 
with 5 or 6 perfect Beans to a pod. These Beans in their green state are large and lu.scious, 
but when dry shrink to the ordinary size. It is large, early and prolific and unequaled in 
quality. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.75. Bu. $6.50. 

1224. Carpenteria Pole Limas. One of the longest podded and heaviest croppers of 
aU Limas. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. S1.S5. Bu. $7.00. 

1045. Extra Large Lima. Large white Bean; very tender, equally good in winter 
if soaked 10 hours before cooking._ Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.75. Bu. $6.50. 



Our beet is carefully gro7vn from the very best stock seeds in the world. In addition to this, 

we take out of the ground each Beet and examine it caj'efully if the color is not a fine dark 

red. and is not pejfect in shape, and if it is late in 7naturing, we ti'itl destroy it as 

7i'e only save our seed fro7ji as near pejfect roots as it is possible to grow. 

Culture. Fibrous loam, well drained and well enriched, will raise good Beet crop. For 

early table Beets, have drills 16 to 20inches apart, and sow the seed about 1 inch deep, as early 

as the ground can be put in good shape. Or seed may be sown under glass four weeks sooner, 

and the young seedlings transplanted to open ground, to give an extra early crop. Give 

thorough and clean cultivation, and thin the plants to stand 3 to 4 inches apart in the rows. 

For succession sow at intervals until the middle of July. For the earliest sowings a light 

dressing of nitrate of soda, say 100 pounds per acre, will sometimes work wonders. 

295. "Bon Fire" Bolgiano's New Early Beet. (.Specialty, see page 13.) A splendid 
new variety especially adapted for market gardeners, being suited for forcing under glass 
and for open ground culture. It is perfectly globe-shape and very early maturing, some 
days before Crosby's Egyptian. The leaf, stalks and single, tiny tap root are very small, 
making it valuable for both early and late sowing in frames. The skin is smooth, the flesh 
is very sweet, solid and an intense bright red in color. For home garden this Beet will 
be found desirable as it retains its freshness and high quality without becoming tough. 
Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. Vx Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

18. Bolgiano's Deep Blood Beauty Beet. The most popular market gardeners 
beet ever introduced. (Specialty, see page 13.) Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. ?4 Lb. 30c. Lb. 85c. 
12. American Beauty Beet. The skin and flesh of "American Beauty" Beet are 
both a deep rich blood crimson color. It matures just after the Eclipse, has a most beautiful form being a little deeper than round, medium in size, gen- 
eraUy about three inches in diameter, has a remarkable surface and a small tap root. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 30c. Lb. 85c. 

115. Early Model Beet. This is a fine selection of blood-red Beet, extremel.v smooth and of symmetrical growth, rich color and desirable shape. It 
makes a rapid growth and matures very early. The shape is nearly round, and color of flesh blood red. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. X Lb. 55c. Lb. $1.00. 

3. Early Ox-Blood. 6 Reasons 'W^hy >Ve Introduce This New Beet. 1st. It is 
extra dark blood color from end of its tap root to top of its short graceful leaves. 2d. Early 
as the Crosby Egyptian. 3d. Almost globe shape. 4th. Small amount of even foliage of 
deep ox-blood color. 5th. Beets are very smooth and free from side rootlets. 6th. Flesh 
fine grained, sweet and of an ox-blood color. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 1.5c. Vi Lb. 30c. Lb. 75c. 

4. Extra Early Eclipse. Remarkable for its very rapid growth the perfection of its 
form— which is globular— of its beautiful crimson flesh, and for its dwarf foliage. The 
roots are bright glossy red. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 10c. M Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

5. Crosby's Improved Extra Early Egyptian Beet. An improvement on Extra 
Early Egyptian, being as early, but of more desirable shape, color and quality. Itisverv 
sweet and tender; a most valuable sort for early market as it is ready beforeaiiy other Beet 
of equal quality. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. M Lb. 30c. Lb. 7.5c. 

6. "New Crimson Globe" Beet. This is one of the best Bunching Beets yet 
Introduced. A handsome variety of medium size, almost globe shape, and entirely free 
from rootlets; a grand second early or main crop sort. The roots are of medium size. Beets 
average 10 inches in circumference, very handsome in shape, being a little deeper than 
round, with a remarkably smooth surface. The foliage is small and of a rich bronze 
purple, borne on slender stems which occupy but a small portion of the root. Flesh is a 
rich blood red, slightly zoned or ringed in a most beautiful manner, making it very attrac- 
tive in appearance; always sweet and tender, and of the finest quality; never stringy. In 
the home garden, it is a most excellent sort; for market use as a main crop variety, it is a 
favorite everywhere. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. M Lb. 30c. Lb. 75c. 

7. Detroit Dark Bed Beet. A splendid beet of a dark red color, for home or market 
By far the best for canning, on account of its beauty. Small, upright tops and perfectly 
smooth roots. Flesh zoned with lighter and darker bauds; tender and sweet. Pkt. 5c & 10c. 
Oz. 15c. % Lb. 30c. Lb. 75c. 

11. Extra Early Dark Red Flat Egyptian Beet. The Egyptian Beet is one of the 
most popular varieties among market gardeners for forcing purposes. Justly orunjustly it 
IS considered to be theearliest of all. It certainly will bear close planting in the valuable 
space under glass or in a warm garden in early spring. It is turnip shaped, and when 
young is crisp and tender. In color it is dark red. To gardeners having a preference for 
Egyptian, we offer the best strain of seed now on the market. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 10c. 
M Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

20. Early Blood Tnrnip Beet, New Improved. It is early, smooth, does not grow 
over large, has few roots. It doesnot become stringy, matures a medium size deep crimson 
Beet of deci ,ed uniform type. Pkt. 5c and 10c, Oz. 10c. ^ Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

21. Edm ,nd's Blood Turnip Beet. A handsome, clean, turnip-shaped blood beet. 
Skin and flesh are of a deep blood red, sweet and tender in quality, and unsurpassed for 
solidity and kicping purposes. The roots grow regular and are of right marketable size. 
Tops are smal allowing them to be grown close together. They mature earl v and give 
every satisfacti n as a bunching sort, Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

10. Early i.. ge Egyptian. None better for an early general crop than the early 
Egyptian; hand ,ne shape and does not crack open. This crop commands a good market 
all the season f. )ugh. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

Early Leviathan Pole Lima Beans 


Trustworthy Vegetable Seeds for 1914 


13 6 C \,— Continued 

Pkts. Oss. and % Lbs. Delivered Free, bul Add 8c to Lbs. 

13. JLentz Extra Early Beet. Color a deep blood red, tender and sweet at all stages of its 
grrowth. Has small top and can be used six weeks from sowing. Very productive, a splendid keeper 
and shipper. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 10c. H Lb. 25c. l,b. 75c. 

353. Nuttings Early Gem Beet. Extremely earlv, light colored top, flesh beautifully zoned 
light red. Very popular as a l-'lorida Shipping Beet. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 10c. Vj, Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

533. Bassana Extra Early Flat. A very early, tender variety of Beet. It has alternate rings 
of rose and flesh colors, regularly arranged. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. lOc. Ji Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

336. Bastian's Extra Early Beet. An early, large sized, turnip-shaped Beet of the brightest 
red color, beautifully zoned with rings of lighter color, and of the very best quality. Pkts. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 10c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

357. Burpee's Black Red, Darh Leaf Beet. Extremely dark red in color of both foliage 
and flesh, deliciously sweet in flavor. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 10c. }^ Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

514. Dewing Blood Turnip. Early, large, fine turnip form and bright red color, zoned with 
lighter rings. Profitable for market or home garden. An old favorite. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 10c. 
yi Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

571. Half Long Dark Blood. This is rapidly becoming a very popular sort and will probably 
produce more bushels from a given area than any other sort, as it does not occupy so much space iu 
the rows as the turnip-shaped varieties. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. % 'Lib. 25c. Lb, 75c. 

15. Long Smooth Blood Beet. An old time favorite in the South. Has long, smooth, blood- 
red roots; going well down into the soil, enabling it to resist drought and heat. Flesh very tender 
and sweet. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

165. Luoullus. The Ne-w Swiss Chard or Spinach Beet, but can be served both as Aspar- 
agus and as Spinach. Delicious. (Specialty, see page 13.) Pkt. 5c & 10c. Oz. 10c. M Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

341. S^riss Chard or Silver Beet. Grown exclusively for the foliage which, cooked, makes 
most delicious greens. Pkt. 5c and 10c, Oz. 10c. ^ Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

Mangel Wurzel For stock Feeding 

Culture. SomS />o?<iids to /he acre in April or June, in ro~rs3fcet apart, and thin to9 inches in the 
row. Cultivate fiequentl y with horse tools, and you will have an abundant crop of roots for tv inter use. 

1151. Ne-w Jumbo Muagel. For milch cows and cattle generally the new Jumbo Mangel has no 
equal. It is a milk producer of the highest quality and at the same time keeps the cattle over winter 
in prime condition. It will outyield any other Man- 
gel two to one. It is easy to grow, producing immense '' 
roots in great quantities, thus yielding a most profi- 
table crop. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 40c. 

1152. Gate Post Mangel. The name indicates 
the immense size of this fine flavored Mangel. Among 
the Yellow Mangel it stands supreme. The milk it 
produces when fed to cows is of the richest character. 
As oue experienced fanner put it: 'The Gate Post 
Mangel isa butter and niilkproducer of first 
merit." If you want the best Yellow Mangel 
you ever grew buy Bolgiano's Gate Post 
Mangel. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 40c. 

1153. Giant Ma m- 
moth Long Red Mangel. 

Our stock is a great im- _ / 

provement on the old - ~t" -^: ' -^ 

variety. The roots are very ' 

large, uniformly straight 
and well formed. Color 
deep red, roots solid, tops 
small. Roots attain a 
large size. We 
received several 
reports last sea- 
sou of Mangels 
weighing 20 to 
23 pounds each. 
Produces an 
immense bulk 
and tonnage. 
Oz.lOc. K Ib.lSc 
Lb. 35c. 5 lbs ® 
30c. 10 lbs.® 25c 

1154. Improv- 
ed Golden 
M angel. 

We have for 
years insisted 
that this was 
the best Man- 
gel grown , and 
each season 
strengthens us 
in the position 
we took when 
it was a com- 
paratively un- 
known sort. We 
it unqualifiedly 

as the best Mangel by far for dairy farmers. It combines apparently all the 
fine points possible to condense into a Mangel. The color is a deep, rich 
yellow. The flesh is firm and solid and a rich golden yellow in color. On 
account of its shape enormous crops are grown, and it is easily lifted from 
the ground. Pkt. Sc. Oz. 10c. M Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 5 lbs. ® 30c. 10 lbs (5) 25c. 
359. Golden Giant Intermediate. Root intermediate between the 
long and the globe-shaped. Flesh white, firm and sweet, much liked by 
cattle. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. \i Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 5 lbs. ® 30c. 10 lbs. ® 25c. 

Best Seeds In 35 Years 

Mr. f. IV. Cobb, of Lake Co., Fla., irrites us as follows; " Your seeds are tlie 
best I ever planted, and I have been planting seeds forihirty-ftve years." 

Best By Nine Years' Test 

Mr. fohn Clancy , Jefferson Co., La., writes us as follows: '''I have been 
dealing with you for n ine years, and your seeds have always proven very satis- 


Extra Early Eclipse Beet 

Sugar Beets 

For Stock Feeding 

Culture. Sow and cultivate same as mangel 
except that they should be thinned out 6 to 8 inches 

in the row. 

1155. Giant Feeding Sugar Beet or Half 
Sugar Mangel. This magnificent Sugar 
Beet while giving nearly as large a yield of 
easily grown and harvested roots as a crop of 
Mangels, supplies a food of very much higher 
nutritive value, the roots for feeding purposes 
being really more valuable, pound for pound, 
than those of the very best strains 
of Sugar Beet, and the yield under 
equally favorable conditions being- 
ifi more than double. The roots grow 

. :>!,' partly out of the ground and, be- 

cause of this and their shape, the 
cropc;in be harvested and stored 
at less expense than any 
other root crop. We are 
3j\ certain that every one who 

2«i plants this variety and 
grows it with care will be 
much pleased 
with the crop. 
Every farmer 
should try it. 
Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. 
Vx Lb. 15c. Lb. 
3Sc. 10 lbs. ® 
30c. lb. 100 lb. 
25c lb. 

1204. Klein. 
Elite. This 
variety at the 
present time 
has probably a 
wider cultiva- 
tion than any 
other Sugar 
Beet. It may 
be distinguish- 
e d by its 
brighter color 
and its lighter 
colored leaves, 
which are 
beautifully un- 
dulating, and 
scalloped a- 
While not, as a rule, equal to the Yilmorin in Saccharine richness, it is co^ 
siderablvmoe productive. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 51bs. cH 
3Qc. 10 lbs. (ii 25c. 

360. Lane's Improved Sugar. An American variety and the best 
stock-feeding Beet known. It is not so sweet as the French Sugar Beets 
grown especially for sugar making, but the roots are longer l ad finer 
grained: very sweet. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. K I.b. 15c. Lb. 35c. 5 lbs. W 30c. 
10 lbs, (a) 25c. 

Quality Counts In the Long Run 

Mr.H. T. Holladav. Jr.. Culpeper Co., Va., writes as folio vs: "I have 
been pleased with the seed gotten from you: although T am offered seeds ai less 
price, yet I do not make any change but favor you with my ord rs. 

Bolgiano's Seed Will Stand the Test 

Mess. Lansom Bros., of Forest Co., Pa., writes as follow -'Had your seed 
tested at Pennsylvan ia Station College and found them all t t. 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 


Bolgiano 's High-Bred American Grown Cabbage Seed 

Will Produce the Best Crop You Have Ever Grown. 

Chotj Ber:;o de Repello IRobI 

Pkts., O^s. and K Lbs. Delivered Free, but add 8c to Lbs. One Oz. will produce about 2-500 plants. K I^. to transplant/or one acre. 

iVo vegetable is of greater imporiatice to the market garde^ier than the Cabbage, and to mayiy growers tlie success 07-faUure of this crop means gain or 
loss for tlie year. Cabbage seed, tlieref ore, is tlie last seed in tlie list to buy because it is cheap. Mifh of tlie seed sold at a low price is imported front 
European countries wtiere, owing to tlie cli/nate, it produces large Quantities of seed: but it is p> actically cvortliless iyi A merica. We excercise exceptional care 
in growing and selecting our Cabbage seed. It is all high-bred American-grown, exupt such varieties as slwuld be grown abroad to get tlie best results 
such as tlie Dan ish Ball Head. 

Cnltnre. Soil for Cabbage should be rich and heavy loam, with good drainage. On such a soil, tvith an abundance of stable manure, excellent crops 
are sure to be grown. For early spring, sow in fall not too early, or the plants are liable to bolt in the spring, instead of heading. In a month the plants 
■will be fit to transplant to cold frames where they are wintered, taking care in planting, to set the young plants down to the firstleares. Transplant in 
spring as soon as the ground can be worked, setting the plants 2 feet apart one way and from 12 to 18 inches the other, according to the variety. For late or 
winter crops, the seed is sown in May, and the plants set out in July. In this case they are set in rows 2 by 3 feet, so as to work them with a horse and 
cultivator. To destroy the green worm, an experienced gro-sversajs: "Take one ounce of saltpeterand dissolve it in 12 quartsof water, then take ashort- 
handled whisk broom, dip in the solution and sprinkle the plants well. One application is sufficient, unless the stuS is washed off by heavy rains. The 
liquid being perfectly clear, never colors the cauliflower or Cabbage heads." 

Extra Early Cabbage 

25. Bifi 'Vriimcr 'Waliefield. (Specialty, page 14.) We in- 
troduced this remarkable cabbage eiijhtyears ago. It met with 
a hearty reception from everj' one who grew it. Every year we 
receive a great many letters of praise and congratulation regard- 
ing the Big Winner Wakefield Cabbage. Ko other Cabbage of 
which we have knowledge has aroused such enthusiasm among 
cabbage growers as has our Big Winner Wakefield. It has the 
same general characteristics of other Wakefield Cabbages, the 
heads being conical with a rounded or blunt point. Itis, however 
farsuperior to other strains of Wakefield Cabbage, being nearly 
double the size and better quality, and at the same time is fully 
as early. It has few outher leaves, permitting close planting, so 
that more heads can be grown to the acre than with other sorts. 
I,arge Pkt. 10c. Oz. 30c. 2 Ozs. 50c. K I.b. 90c. I<b. $3.50. 

27. Extra Early Express. (Specialtj', page 14.) This, the 
earliest of all Cabbage, has produced marketable heads in 80 days 
from the sowing of the seed. It can be planted close and yields 
large, early paying crops. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 20c. M Vo. 60c. I.b. $1.75. 

26. New l.eader. (Specialty, page 14.) As early as the 
Wakefield, yields 12,000 heads, one third more per acre than any 
other extra early cabbage. The outer leaves are so few and so 
small that they can be planted very close. The heads are compact 
and solid from the time a head is formed and keeps so until thor- 
oughly matured, thus enabling extremely early cutting of small 
hard heads, or later when the Wakefield comes in, of large, thor- 
oughlv matured, solid, round, flat beads. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 35c. 
2 Ozs."60c. K l,b- $1-00. tb. $3.50. 

28. Extra Early Jersey "Wakefield. American Grown. 

An excellent early sort. Heads formed like a Wakefield, but ten 
davs earlier; habit vigorous, short stem and most profitable to 
grow. Pkts. 5 and 10c. Oz. 20c. Vi, I,b. 60c. l,b. Sl.75. 

29. Extra Early Pilot Cabbage. American Gro-wn. 

Three weeks earlier thnn the Jersey Wakefield, pkts. 5c and 10c. _, _ 

Oz. 20c. M I,b. 60c. l,b. $1.75. The Charleston, or Large Wakefield Cabbage 

30. Early Jersey 'WaieHeld Cabbaiie. Bolgiano' s Selected 
Stock. The most popular early Cabbage with market gardeners 
all over the country. It is grown in vast quaniities for shipment 
to Northern cities. XJnequaled forsize. solidity, earliness, uni- 
formity, and trueness, is the universal verdict of Cabbage grow- 
ers. Our stock of Wakefield is the earliest in cultivation. Every 
Cabbasre grower should use our Wakefield. Our seed is ordered 
by large Cabbage growers long in advance of the time of sowing 
seed in order to secure our fine stock, which has never failed to 
produce satisfactory crops. Our seed is used in all the states 
where early ICabbage is grown. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. 
K Lb. 60c. Lb. Sl.75. 

32. The Charleston or I,arge WakeHeld. The Best 
l-ar^e Early Cabbage. This Cabbage has created a sensation 
with the Cabbage growers all over the country on account of the 
decided advantage it has over all other sorts. It can be the FIRST 
variety SENT TO MARKET, and on account of its handsome 
appearance will invariablj' bring the tip-top prices. If however, 
the early market _pricesare low, it can be safely left standing in 
the field to mature'to an extra large, compact, solid, magnificent 
Cabbage, which has never failed to attract the admiration of the 
most skilled gardeners, and always brings better prices than any 
other sort harvested at tne same time. Our stock is thoroughly 
reliable.^ Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. ^ Xb. 60c. Lb. $1.75. 

266. "Copenhagen'.Market." New Early Danish Cab- 
ba!ie. (Specialty, see page 14.) As early as Charleston Wakefield. 
This new Cabbage is very hea\-y and solid, like the Dani.-;h "Ball- 
Head" type of Cabbage: makes a fine, large, globe-shaped head 
v\-ith well-developed outside leaves, but is very much earlier in 
maturing than any of the Danish Cabbages, and makes for us a 
very fine second-early variety, coming in about two weeks later 
than the "Early Jersey Wakefield." The heads weigh 14 to 16 
pounds each. The seed is very scarce this year. Pkt. 10c. 
% Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. 2 Ozs. 60c. K Lb. $1.0a Lb. $3.50. 

33. Early Large York. This is a very valuable early -s-ariety. 
and follows the E.'^press and Jersey Wakefield in heading. The 
heads are round, heart-shaped and firm. Its dwarf growth will 
permit them being planted closely together. Pkts. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 20c. JiLb. 50c. Lb. f 1.50. 

34. Early ■H'innigstadt— The Pmssian Prize Stock. The 
popularity of Winuigstadt Cabbage in all sections of the world is 
proverbial, but there is a great difference in the quality of the 
stocks. Some will produce heads of twice the size of others: the 
finest is grown in Northern Prussia. It is from this section that 
our famous stock was introduced a few years ago. It has become 
very popular with our market gardeners. Pkt. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 20c. K Lb. 50c. Lb. $1.50. 

Bolgiano's Selected Jersey Wakefield Cabbage 

Trustworthy Vegetable Seeds For 1914 


Second Early Varieties 

Pkts., Ozs., and % Lbs. Delivered Free, But Add Sc To Lbs. 

154. Bol^Iano's Early "Square Deal" Cabbage. The Best on Earth. 
(Specialty, see page 14). The heads are solid and compact with very few outer 
leaves. For a fine, Solid, Tender, Uniform, Early Flat Cabbage, Bolgiano's 
"New Square Deal" Cabbage challenges the world. The demand foracabbage 
of this character led us by the most rigid and careful selection during the past 
five years to mature this cabbage, which we are confident will give all our 
friends and customers a "Square Deal" evely time. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 35c. 2 Oz. 
60c. K I^b. Sl.OO. I,b. S3.50. 

35. Bolgiano's "New Early" Cabbage. It forms solid, compact, round, 
flat heads, the leaves growingclose to the head, thus allowing more cabbage to 
t)e grown to the acre than any other sort. Its earliness (a week before other 
early flat varieties) is one of its best marketable features. It heads so hard and 
so quick it becomes waterproof. Pkts. 5c & lOc. Oz. 25c. H I,b. 75c. l,b. $2.50. 

35. Florida Header Cabbage. In color, shape and size the heads are most 
uniform. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. % lb. 60c. X,b. $2.00. 

37. All Head Early Cabbage. For uniformity, reliability of heading, size, 
earliness and quality it is very superior. Its hends grow compact and free from 
spreading leaves. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. }i L,b. 60c. X,t>. $2.00. 

148. Brunswiob. Kottler's. In this vicinity the Brunswrick is considered 
second to none by the market gardeners. Plants are very short stemmed; large 
leaves and very compact. Heads are large, flat, solid and of fine quality. Pkts. 
5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Vo. 50c. l,b. $1.75. 

38. Henderson's Early Summer Cabbage. In size, form, solidity and 
earliness this is truly aniodel cabbage. It heads just after our Jersey Wakefield. 
Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. % I^b. 60c. I<b. $2.00. 

39. Island Early Flat Dutch Cabbage. The heads are large and 
solid, and mature very early — just after the select Jersey Wakefield, and may be 
marketed at the same time with the Wakefield. In every respect it is a Cabbage 
worthy of cultivation. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. % lb. 55c. I,b. $1.75. 

40. Early Short Stem Drumhead Cabba ge Seed. It is ready for mar- 
keting 2 or 3 weeks earlier than thelate Drumheads. forms large, solid, rounded 
heads weighing from 15 to 25 pounds. Pkts 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. Ja. l,b. 50c. 
I,b. $1.50 

41. Henderson's Early Succession Cabbage. A wonderful Cabbage 
for solidity, productiveness and fine large heads. Matures early, has handsome 
color and fine quality. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. ]i l^h. 75c. I,b. $2.50. 

42. Sure Head Cabbage. (Pedigree Stock). True American grown. Pro- 
duces large, round flattened heads that are all head, with fewer outer leaves, 
very uniform, firm and weighs from 10 to 15 pounds each. Splendid shipper 
andof an excellent quality. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. J^ Lb. 55c. lyb. $1.75. 

542. Solid South. This is one of the purest and truest Cabbages ever bred. 
Produces very large, shapely, solid heads. It is crisp, fine grained and of 
delicious flavor. An excellent shipper. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. % X,b. 55c. 
X,b. $1.75. 

53. Bolgiano's Perfection Drumhead Savoy Cabbage. There are 
many varieties of Savoy Cabbage, but "Bolgiano's Perfection" surpasses them 
all for uniformity of heads, beauty of curl and superior keeping qualities. 
When truckers have failed with other stocks from severe drought and worms, 
Bolgiano's Perfection has pulled through all right and come out supreme, mak- 
ing the grower happy by bringing him good returns when Cabbages were 
scarce. If you will try it you will say more than we have. Pkts. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 20c. K Ivb. 50c. I,b. $1.50. 

49. Mammoth Red Dutch. Is the largest Red Cabbage, and heads very 
solid and is deep red in color to the very center. No cabbage is better for boil- 
ing or slaw, and its beautiful red color specially fits it for pickling. Pkts. 5c 
and 10c. Oz. 25c. % l,b. 75c. Lb. $2.50. 

Bolgiano's "Ringleader" Large Late Flat Dutch Cabbage 

Late or Winter Cabbage 

96. Bolgiano's "Ringleader" Large Late Flat Dutch Cabbage. 

Will always produce heads of enormous size and of the very finest 
quality. (Specialty, see page 14.) Pkt. 10. Oz. 30c. 2 Oz. 50c. K Lb. 
90c. Lb. $3.50. 

43. Bolgiano's Eixtra Large Late Flat Dutch Marhet Gard> 
ener's Choicest Stock. Can be planted later than the old time vari- 
eties and matures more quickly into a handsome, EXTRA LARGE, 
solid uniform Cabbage of perfect keeping qualities. It has of its own 
superior merits become a great favorite everywhere. If you want the 
best Flat Dutch that grows, try Bolgiano's Extra Flat Dutcll. Pkts. 5c 
and 10c. Oz. 20c. % Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. 

50. Louisville Drumhead. (Best of all Drumhead Cabbage.) 
There is no Cabbage of the Drumhead type which can be compared with 
this beautiful representative in shape, color, firmness and excellent table 
qualities. While not as large as some of the coarse, inferior kinds, it is 
of fine size, very solid and uniform. Heat and moderate drought have 
little effect upon it on account of the peculiarly short stem and low habit 
of growth, so we recommend it for sections where late Cabbage is apt to 
be exposed to such conditions. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. % Lb. 55c 
Lb. $1.75. 

45. The Lupton Cabbage. Is a splendid late sort, heading after 
the second early sorts, and sooner than the Late Flat Dutch. It is par- 
ticularly uniform in shape and size, holds its dark green color better 
than the late sorts. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. Va, Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. 

46. Premium Flat Dutch. It has long been the favorite sort for cold 
slaw and sauer kraut. It matures just before severe frost and keeps 
perfectly over winter. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Ivb. 55c. Lb. $1.75. 

47. Large Late Drumhead Cabbage. This splendid Cabbage 
produces enormous heads. Its good keeping quality makes it a first- 
class sort to carry over winter for long distance shipping. Pkts, 5c and 
10c. Oz. 20c. JiLb. 55c. Lb. $1.75. 

44. Boss Flat Dutch Cabbage. The heads are large, hard, thick, 
and flat; the leaves lapping across the center. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. 
Vi Lb. 55c. Lb. $1.75. 

52. Henderson's Autumn King Cabbage. It is often from 3 to 
3/^ feet in circumference, and weighs from 25 to 30 lbs. each. Interior 
crisp, close, fine grained, tender and white. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. 
K Lb. 55c. Lb. $1.75. 

48. Danish Ball Head Cabbage. This is the most excellent Cab- 
bage, is very solid and out-weighs any other Cabbage of equal size. The 
head is round with flattened top, a good keeper; first-class shipper and 
sells everywhere. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. M Lb. 55c. Lb. $1.75. 

Brussels Sprouts 

Cnltiire. Sow in May, in the same manner as Cauliflower, and trans- 
plant in July 1 foot apart in rows 1)4 feet apart. Brussels Sprouts is the 
very best Winter vegetable that can be grown. It is as hardy as the 
common Curled Greens. When cooked through, such sprouts melt in 
the mouth like the tenderest Cauliflower, and are equally as good. If more 
widely known, Brussels Sprouts would be as popular as it is valuable. 

22. Bolgiano's Alatchless Long Island Improved Brussela 
Sprouts. (Specialty, see page 14.) Pkts. 5c & 10c. Oz. 20c. 2 0z. 35c. 
% Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. 

355. Paris Half Dwarf Brussels Sprouts. Pkt 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 20c. K Lb. 50c. Lb. $1.75. s 


Bolgiano's Perfection Drumhead Savoy Cabbage 

23. Georgia Southern, or Creole. Forms a large loose, open 
head, or a mass of leaves on a tall stem. Freezing does E t injure, but 
rather improves their quality. Sow thick in drills, ir rich ground, 
tignsplanting when 4 inches high, or sow in drills wh^re ihe plants are 
to remain and thin to 2 or 3 feet apart in the row whe: of proper size. 
In the South sow from January to May, and Au£rust to October. Pkt. 5c 
Oz. 10c. Js:Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 

Cauliflower S^^^^^ 

tgi ,, ! One ounce of sccdwill produce about 3000 plants. 

One-half ouncefurnislied at oitnce rates, and one-half pound furnished 
at pound rates. 

CULTURE. For earliest Cauliflower, raise plants by so-n-ing in 
hotbed or greenhouse during January or February-, and transolant 
to flats or cold frames, 2 or 3 inches apart each waj-. Set in open 
ground as soon in spring as the land can be put in good order. Soil 
to be a -n-ami, very rich, fibrous loam, well supplied with humus and 
moisture. Copious water application duringdry weather, especially 
when the plants are heading, and light dressing of nitrate of soda 
and potash are of much help. Set plants 2 to 2/i feet apart each way. 
For late Cauliflower to mature during the pickling season (August 
15lh to October 10th) start plants in open ground like late cabbages, 
and handle them like that crop. After the heads begin to form, 

draw leaves over and pin or tie them together to protect the head 

^^I^^H from the sun. 

54. Ne-w Cenfnry Canliflo-K-er. There is no Cauliflower that 

canequalit. (Specialty, seepage 13.) Pkts. lOclScand 25c. KOz.60c. 

KOz. $^00. lOz. $2.00. JiLb. S7.50. Per Lb. $24.00. 

105. ?Jew Dry- Weather Canliflo-wer. Will produce splendid 

^ jraf f A" 4 ^^^S^^S crops in very dry locations. (Specialtj', see page 13.) Pkts. 10c. 

■]^t_ t <**.i«S^"'^P 'l' " i^if °./-5^ ^ Oz. 40c. K Oz. 75c. Oz. S1.50. K Lb. 54.50. Lb. $15.00. 

?5&^ *;'=" \ 55. Snow Ball Earliest Cauliflower. Our Snow Ball Cauli- 

'-'^Li'"* ■"« »W8Bi |j(^ . '<3i * ^ flower is the earliest, most hardy, and, in fact, the Cauliflower that 

'^^k,. ^^'w^iij!* ' ' " \ '-: 1^ ' ^'°" '^^^ plant and expect a crop of true, firm, snow white heads. 

^%^^P _ ', J^^fe-■ t-''^ » ' You cannot get better Snow Ball Cauliflower Seed no matter what 

fis." ^- , >^^,ja^_ji r.^1 ^^a^^SH|fi(K ^" ' - _y^ price you pay. There is but one stock of Cauliflower that is better, 

m.v ^^^fc iigk ' p^^00^^9r^^/jlljljjlja^^^ff^ and that is Bolgiano's New Century Cauliflower. Many ot the beau- 

^^|Bt .^^Bft*"^"^^ ' z^^^^^^^^mam^^ tiful. shapely heads measure from 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Our 

>.'^J^yS^ a^lBBf^fttltlitf *" III 'nAMW^^^^^^tB^^^^ Cauliflower seed is saved from absoluteb' perfect plants and isgrown 

^ ' , 'iBBH^^BKg^g^^^^^^K^^m^ t>y the most experienced and critical growers in localities best suited 

* ^^^^^■^^^^■^^^^■^^^■^^^r for its perfect development. Best for forcing: bestfor"winteringover 

early crop. Kverv plant will produce a fine head. Pkts. 5c. 10c and 
Bolgiano b Earliest Snow Ball Cauliflower 25c. Ji Oz. 75c. Oz. $1.50. Ji Lb. $4.50. Lb. $15.00. 

Delighted With His Crop Pkts. KOz. Oz. K Lb. Lb. 

5*. C. Middleton, St. fohn's Co., Fla., writes, February 1st.: "Let me conipli7nentyou 59. Erfurt Extra Early D^-arf. 

on your New Century Cauliflower. I am now crating half an acre, heads large. Extra Selected first quality 5c & 10c 40c $1.50 $4.50 $15.00 

uihite and finn as a potato: taking thein as they run from 24 to 28 fills a crate. 56. Le Normond's Short Steni..Sc & 10c 15c 40c 1.35 5.00 

I need some seed next fall, and hope they wont be higher than f60.00 per pound; 57. Veitches Autumn Giant 5c & 10c 15c 35c 1.00 3.50 

however, they would be far the cheapest at sevei-al times that price." 5S. Extra Early Paris 5c&10c 20c 50c 1.50 5.00 

Carrots '^ - - 

One ounce will sow ICO feet or drill: 3 or 4 pounds for an acre. 
CULTURE. Carrots do best in warm, deep, rather light and fairly fertile soil that is well supplied with humus, or on strong loam, having been in 
clover and broken the year before. For earliest crop, sow seed of the earl.v, short-rooted sorts in April or May, in drills n foot apart and thin to 2 inches. 
For main crop, sow in May or June, or for succession e%'en in July, using the long rooted varieties. The rows for these may be 16 to 20 inches apart, and the 
plants thinned to 2, 3 or even 4 inches. To raise Carrots for stock, the rows ma.v be made wide apart, say 2 to 2/'2 feet, to allow of cultivation by horse 
power. In sowing Carrot or other small seeds, especially during dry weather, pains should be taken to firm the soil well over the seed, either by means of 
the feet or with the roller of the garden drill. 

14. Early Sunbeam. Bolgiano's New Extremel.v Early Carrot. This beautiful, delicious, exceptionally early forcing Carrot, comes at the time of 
the year when new vegetables are most appreciated and enjoyed. Be sure to plant some. (Specialty, see page 15.) Pkt. 5c & 10c. Oz. 15c. X Lb. 35c. Lb.$1.00. 

8. Klondike or Coreless Carrot. An entirely new variety of carrot, grows 6 to 7 inches long, and VA 
inches throueh: color, rich orange red, (Specialty, see page 15.) Pkt. 5c & 10c. Oz. 15c. ^ Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

91. New King Carrot. The greatest Carrot introduced in the last 10 years. (Specialty, see page 15.) «.s<<VW^.S<^JJ(?^ 

Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. JB^^*^ «« iV^'^Sw Bolgiano's 

60. Scarlet Beauty Carrot. 1. A handsome and prolific Carrot. 2. Rich, deep scarlet in color. 3. In ■jrffy>>*c^tS^i%^ >!Sp > 
length, between long and half-orange. 4. Very straight roots. 5. Verj' little foliage for size of roots. 6. Deli- _2Sn^V^)^QuSl^i^E Pride of the 

cious flavor. 7. Heavy yielder. 8. Uniform in size. 9. Often 2/^ to 3 inches at the top and 10 to 12 inches long. /W/ tfWy < JvTi SlBP^ in u * 

Price: Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. M Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. ■IKm^^iiMju/Ms MarKet 

64. Pride of the Market Carrot. (Specialty, see page 15.) Has lead all Half Long Carrots for 'TflMWlKiCrMltT^ Carrot 

10 years. Pkt. 5e and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c. Lb. SI. 00. ^Jii(i»««»»»tn%^ 

63. Early Ox-Heart Carrol. So ver.v early, so shapely, so tender, and of such ''a fine, bright 
scarlet color. Not only is extreme earliness a characteristic of our Ox-Heart Carrot, but its e.x- ^^Kt '^b'^\ 

ceptionally fine quality, being almost entirelj' without core. Pkt. 5c ^Hl^" s^w*^* 
and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. ^i^B^'^K^' 

356. Parisian Forcing Extremely Early Carrot. For hot ■lUffiBUHSBaHfe- ^^»' 
beds, greenhouses or very early cold frames. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 
15c. Yi Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

61. Half-Long Orange Carrot. The skin is clear, bright in 
k\W^y color and the flesh is close in texture, of very fine grin, with very 

small core. For bunching, the handsome appearance is a maiket 
advantage. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. ^i Lb. 25c. Lb. 75. 

62. Improved Long Orange Carrot. Uniformly 
a deep orange color, growing a long, smooth sj'm- 

^^^- vHB^^^^^K metrical Carrot. Remarkable for the absence of 

"^fc.. -tSBH^B^^ the detractive side roots and divisions at the point. 

^^^^^^^^ Tremendous yielder and of a rich, sweet flavor; 

I will retain its delicious flavor all winter. Pkt. 5c & 10. 

lOz. 15c. M lb. 25c. Lb. 75. 

65. Long Red St. Valery. Color orange red. ^^^^^Kmmm^^^s^-^&*: " "« "^ '-^^ 
[roots large and handsome, intermediate in shape be- ^■^KsB^^BMi .^.' « ~. %i 
Itween Danvers and Long Orange. Pkt. 5c and 10c. „ _ _ 
|Oz. 15c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 75. mBW/w-^^^BT -'A 

66. Early Scarlet Horn. A very popular sort; AEC ■' •% 
quick growing: deep orange in color; blunt rooted; ^^^' «" 
six to eight inches in length. Pkt. 5c & 10c. Oz. 15c. 
KLb. 35. Lb. Si. 00. 

67. Danvers Half Long. One of the heaviest 
croppers, roots dark orange color; eight to ten inches 
in length, thick and ending in a somewhat abmot 
IKDint. Pkt. 5c & 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

68. Chantenay or >fodel. Early , .scarlet color. 
i..^«ti - ^jtw^^^ stump rooted, broad, thick shoulder, heavy cropper, 
*" ?k t 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 30c. Lb. 85c. 

69. Nantes. Half Long Stump Booted. Roots 
8 or 10 inches in length, thick shoulder, deep orange 
and good cropper. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c 
Lb. $1.00. 

70. Bubicon. Early, half-long stump rooted; 
color deep orange; of finest quality. Pkt. 5c add 10c. 

,4m Oz. 15c. Vi lb. 35c. Lb. 90c. 

570. James' Intermediate Scarlet. Roots sim- 
ilar in shapeandsize toDanver Pointed; color scarlet; 
nearly coreless. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 30c 
Early Ox-H' < Carrot Lb. 85c. 

Trustworthy Vegetable Seeds For 1914 



Pkts., Ozs. and K Lds. Delivered 
Free, bxil Add 8c to Lbs. 

Craltnre. One ounce will produce about twenty-five hundred plants and sow about two 
hundred feet of row. Sow the last of March or early in April, in an open border, in rich mellow 
ground in shallow drills, watering freely in dry weather. By rolling- or pressing in the seed, 
the result will be more satisfactory than when only covered. Cut the tops off once or twice be- 
fore planting out. to make them stocky. When the plants are 5 or 6 inches high, transplant 
the dwarf varieties 3 feet and the taller sort 4 feet between the rows; plant 6 inches apart in the 
rows. Cultivate well and when large enough, blanch by earthing up. The first operation is 
that of "handling," generally done by the beginning of September. After the soil has been 
drawn up with the hoe, it is drawn around each plant by the hand to keep the leaves firm in 
upright position and prevent spreading. When the plants have become "set" in an upright 
position and the Celery is wanted for early use, they should be "banked." This is done by 
throwing the soil up as close to the plants as possible with a plow and finishing it with a 
spade, bringing the earth up nearly to the tops of the plants. The method employed now for 
protecting it is by covering the tops of the banks with water proof felt paper, 

Bolgiano's French Golden Self-Blanching Celery 

// is used exclusively by the Largest and Most experienced Celery Growers and annually 

produces Enormous Profits 

Th is is llie finest stock in the world. Stands sli ipment belter than any other. 

71. While you can readily afford to put your whole crop lin our stock of this most valuable 
Celery, you cannot afford to let this year go by without growing some of it. We have positively 
refused to sell all Self-Blanching Celery Seed except this stock. The Celery it produces will 
not only ship well but will bring the highest market prices. It will create a new price for you; 
your commission man can get outside figures for it, and he will sell quickly all you can ship. 
Try our stock; YOUR PRAISES will be louder than ours. Perfect, solid, crisp, vigorous stalks; 
thrifty, compact growth, self-blanching to a very remarkable degree; even the outer ribs be- 
come a handsome, fresh, clean, yellowish color; with a heart that is large andsolid, of abeauti- 
ful rich, golden-yellow color. It never becomes stringy or pethy. To fnlly appreciate its 
beauty and attractions, it must be seen. Many customers place their orders with ussix months 
before planting time in order to be sure of this stock of seed. Pkt. 10c and 25c. M Oz. 60c. 
Oz. $1.00. Vil^3.%i.^$. 5^Lb;S7.50. Lb. SlSOO. Postpaid. 

76. Sweet Nut Celery. Most delicious Celery grown. We recommend it for nearby 
markets and home use. (Specialty, see page 15.) Pkt. 10c. Oz. 35c. K t,b. $1.00. Lb. $3.50. 

81. New Victory Solid French Grown. The Very Best Winter Keeping Celery. 
(Specialty, see page 15) Pkt. 5c and 10c. '/< Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. i/ Lb. $1.00. Lb. $3.50. 

75. New Winter Queen Celery. (Pedigree Stock.) A good keeper and beautiful in 
appearance. Ribs perfectly solid, crisp and of a delicious nutty flavor. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. 
Yi Lb. 55c. Lb. $1.75. 

74. Golden Heart Celery. Is Crisp, solid, handsome and most excellent flavor, with a 
beautiful Golden Heart. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. 55c. Lb. $1.75. 72. 

79. The Peari I.e Grand Celery. Keeps in perfect condition over 
winter and after other sorts are gone. Its large golden heart has a rich nutty 
flavor. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. Vi Lb. 55c. Lb. $1.75. 

73. Giant Pascal Celery. This is a large, solid, excellent sort. It 
blanches very quickly to a beautiful yellowish-white color, is very solid and 
crisp, and a fine nutty flavor. Stalks grow bioad and thick, a single branch 
making a large bunch. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Vo. 55c. Lb. $1.75. 

Finest (Celery He Ever Saw 

On April 20th, 1913, Mr. IV. J. Williams of Manatee. Co., Fla., writes:"Iwant 
some more 0/ that fine stock of Bolgiano' s Frencli Golden Self Blanching Celery 
that I purchased from you last year. That was tlie finest I ever saw or ever 
used; not a hollow stalk and not too many green ones either. It was fine." 

Proven The Most Successful 

A. N. Saliey, of The Charlotte Harbor and Nortliem Ry. Co., De Soto Co., 
Fla., writes: "Mr. J. IV. Green, of De Soto Co., Fla., has advised yne that your 
Bolgiano's Golden Self-Blanching Celery has proven the most sicccess^ul of all 

Cele}'y that lie has ever tried." 

Entire And Perfect Satisfaction 

F. B. Dale, Orange County, Florida, 
writes: We shall want your French Giown 
Golden Self-Blanching Celery Seed, as they 
gave us entire and peifect satisfaction." 

'•>H //►*.■; 

10 Lbs. Self-Blanching Celery 

L. B. Rabb, Orange Co., Fla. ,writesasf al- 
lows: ^^ Please reserve for me 10 lbs. of your 
finest quality of French grown Self-Blanch- 
ing Golden Celery Seed. I have been a 
customer of yours for many years." 


Or Turnip Rooted 

Culture for Root Celery. 

Sow the Seed at the same season 
and give the same treatment as 
Celery. Tr.insplant the young 
plants to moist, rich soil in rows 
2 feet apart and 6 inches apart in 
the rows. 

Bolgiano's New Victory Celery 
Perfected White Plume Celery. Is the most exten.sively used on 
account of its extreme earliness. Its stilks and portions of its inner leaves 
and heart are white naturally. By simply tying the plant together, or by 
drawing the soil firmly against the plant with the hand and repeating the 
operation to hold the soil already against the plant in position, the work of 
blanching is completed. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. K Lb. 65c. Lb. $2.00. 
French Grown — Best Winter Celery 
78. Giant Golden Heart Celery. A gardener found in his Dwarf 
Golden Heart a few plants of larger growth. A careful selection made for 
many years resulted in the Giant Golden Heart, which excels for larger 
size, solidity and keeping quality. Pkts. 10c. Oz. 25c. ^ Lb. 65c. Lb. $2.00. 
Celery Growers— Take Notice 
On fan. 8th, 1913, Mr. Bliss Black of Manatee Co.. Fla., writes: "Last season 
I bought from youthroiigh my sister I. M. Butts, Five pounds of your superior 
stock of French Golden Self-Blanching Celery and have a fine crop soon to be 
liarvested. Others in this section were not so fort unate to get good stands owing 
to the fact that these parties purchased their seedfrotn oilier sources but owing 
to tlie quality of seed I received from you I have been successful." 
Best Crop He Ever Had— 1300 Crates Per Acre 
Mr. W. A. Pitts, fr., of Orange Co., Fla., writes as follows: " I planted your 
Golden Self-Blanching celery seed last season and am now cutting the best crop 
I ever made, about 13U0 crates per acre and I want the price of 4 lbs. of tlie same 
stock of seed." Bolgiano's Seed Have Never Failed Him 

Mr.E. O. Carver, of Pu/k Co. .Fla., writes asfollo'ws:—" Your GardenSeeds 
are tlie most reliable I have ever used, I have never known a failure on ac- 
count of your seeds not being good." 

Bolgiano's Seed Are Good Enough For Him 
Mr. E. M. Maclin of Tipton Co. Tenn., writes as follows. — "I do not deal 
with any other seedsmen but your firm. Your seeds are good enough for 7ne. 
Your seeds are tuhat you claim tliem to be" 

t^OVri 03lr^CI Macha ol'alerianilla 
'«k^V/Hl W^CllCtU. stecbaalat 

/ Ounce will S0711 20 square feet, 6 Pounds will sow an acre. 

Culture. Sow during August or early in September, in drills K inch 
deep and 6 inches apart. If the weather is dry when the seed is sown tread 
it lightly to insure germination. Keep down weeds with hoe. Just before 
the winter, cover thinly with straw or leaves. 

24. Large German Com Salad. Used as a salad and for garnishing. 
Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Yi Lb. 15c, Lb. 40c. 

Cresson C^t/'f\r't* Culture. Sow curled or pepper grass 

Berro o Mastuerzo V-zlClSS thickly, in shallow drills, every two 
tRreffo -WA wij-^j weeks. It should be cut often, and will 

continue to grow. It is useful for salad and for garnishing. 

520. True Water Cress. Should be sown in damp soil: or if a stream of 
water can be utilized; they would be much finer. They will thrive well in 
damphotbeds. Rightly managed, their cultureisvery profitable. To ob- 
tain early salad it is a good plan to .sow with Water Cress Seed a strip 4 in- 
ches wide on the upper margin of the hot bed, inside the frame, where it iS 

always cool. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. K lib. 75c. Lb. $2.50. 
521, Fine Curled or Pepper Grass. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 
15c. Lb. 45c. 

Giant French Celeriac 

New Giant French Celeriac 

139. There is not a single item of interest in the growing and de- 
veloping of seeds that we pass by without most thorougly investigat- 
ing and testing to see if there is somethingof value to ourcustomers. 
Toproveour watchfulness, we are hereintroducing the Giant French 
Celeriac Many thought the Celeriac which the Market Gardeners 
have had for years was gocd enough, but we are always on the alert for 
something better and are rewarded forour pains bv being able to offer 
this splendid Celeriac. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. 2 Oz. 40c. K Lb. 75c. 
Lb. $2.50. 

83. Large, Smooth Prague Celeriac. A large Celery flavored 
root used extensively for flavoring soups, pickels, etc. also relished 
sliced as a salad with pepper and vinegar. It is also used to flavor 
chicken and potato salad. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. Y* Lb. 50c. 
Lb. $1.50. 

Large German jra Salad 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 

Sweet or Sugar 


Welsh Korx 

JVe supply packages of Sweet Corn at 5c 
and 10c each. Postpaid. On Pints and Quarts 
Add 12c Quart, Postage. 0?ie Quart will 
Plant 20 nuts; S to 10 Quaris for an Acre in 

Cnliiire. Seed of the sweetest varieties is 
liable to rot if planted in wet or cold ground. 
Yet if we have an early warm spell in Spring, 
it may pay us to take some risks. Often the 
plants when once up, will escape injury by a 
belated light frost. Plant in warm soil 5 or £ 
kernels to a hill making the rows 3 feet apart 
for the dwarfer early sorts and 4 feet apart 
for the taller late sorts. Hills to be 2 to 3 feet 
apart in the rows, thin out to three plants in 
a hill. Hoe often and draw soil up to the 
stem, break offside shoots. 

To have the finest Sweet Com, it must be 
picked in just the right condition; that is 
when the skin of the gain breaks at the 
slightest pressure, and plantings should be 
made frequently enough to have a supply at 
this stage. The quality will be inferior if il 
is either a few days too old or too young. 

Extra Early 

Snow White Evergreen Sugar Com 

Second Early 

1068. Peep-o-Day. The two points to this remarkable Corn are its ex- 
traordinary earlinessand unparalelled sweetness. So marked is its sweetness 
and delicacy of flavor that many of our customers plant Peep-o-Day exclu- 
sively, arranging the plantings a few days apart so as to have this delicious 
Corn throughout the season. It is wonderfully productive. Ourcropsfor 
three years almost double the yield per acre of any other variety we have 
grown, early or late. Incredible as this may seem, it is readily accounted 
for by the fact that the stalks bear from 3 to 5 ears each and the growth 
being dwarf — about 4 feet — admits of a very close planting. Prices: Pt. 15c. 
Ot. 25c. 2Qts. 45c. 4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.25. Bus. $4.50. 

1219J^. Champion Sweet Corn. Ears nearly as large as Evergreen and 
pure white. Nearly as early as Minnesota. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. 
Pk. $1.00. Bus. $3.50. 

1056. Crosby. Early, matures after Minnesota; fair-sized ears of good 
quality. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk.$1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1059. Earliest Sheffield Sweet Corn. Planted as earlj' as Adams', it 
win stand slight frosts, makes strong vigorous growth with abundant foli- 
age, growing about 5 feet, bearing usually 2 ears of handsome appearance, 
•entirely free from smoot. exceptionally fine flavor and juicy. Per ear 7c. 
Doz. ears 60c. 100 ears $4.00. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c..Pk.$1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1060. Extra Early Evergreen. Ears like Evergreen — I'ery large, with 
about 18 irregular rows and a very long grain of the very best quality; re- 
mains in condition for use longer than other sorts, exceeding the Stowell's 
in this respect. Per ear 5c. Doz. ears 50c. 100 ears $3.50. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 
4 Qts. 6Sc. Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1061. Early Mammoth Sugar. Market Gardener's favorite. Two 
weeks earlier than the late mammoth. Per tar 5c. Doz. ears 50c. 100 ears 
;$3.50. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1220'/^. Perry's Hybrid. Large twelve rowed ears; a little later than 
Minnesota ; popular. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1221K. Shaker's Early. Large ears. excellent quality; fine market sort; 
follows the minnesota. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1222. Tmcker's Favorite. Not a sugar com, but used largely in Bal- 
timore and the South as a table corn. PerearSc. Doz. ears 40c. 100 ears 
$2.00. Pt. 10c. Qt. 15c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

General Crop 

1066. Sno^v 'White Evergreen. (Specialty, see page 16.) Per ear 7c. 

Doz. ears 60c. 100 ears $4.00. PI. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk. $1.15. Bus. $4.25. 

1067. Stowell's Evergreen. The truest strain of the leader of all Corns 
is in our possession. It remains longer in a first-class marketable condition 
than any other variety. Per ear 7c. Doz. ears 60c. 100 ears $4.00. Pt. 15c. 
Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1137. Zig-Zag Evergreen Corn. An exceptionally sweet, delicious 
flavor Sugar Com. The grains run zig-zag instead of in straight rows. 
Per ear 7c. Doz. ears 60c. 100 ears $4.00. Pt 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. 
Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1144. Hickox Improved. Handsome ears, very white and of very rich 
flavor. Per ear 7c. Doz. ears 60c. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk. $1.10. 
Bus. $4.00. 

Late Crop 

1065. Country Gentleman Sugar Corn. (Specialty, see page 16.) Per 
ear 7c. Doz. ears 60c. 100 ears $4.00. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.25. 

(Bus. $4.50. 

x. 1062. Large L,ate Mammoth Sugar. Per ear 7c. Doz. ears 60c. 100 
ears $4.00. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. Gal. 65c. Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1063. Black Mexican. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.25. Bus. $4.50. 
1193. Shoe Peg. or Ne Plus Ultra. PerenrSc. Doz. ears 50c. 100 

ears $3.50. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.25. Bus. $4.50. 

1064. Rice Pop Corn, for Popping or Seed. Pt. 10c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 6Sc 

1051. Double XX Extra Early Adams' 
S^veet Corn. Two weeks earlier than Extra 
Early Adams', large ears completely filled 
with 10 to 14 straight rows of snowy white 
deep grains. Per ear 5c. Doz. ears 40c. 100 
ears $3.00. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 55c. Pk. 85c. 
Bus. $3.00. 

1052. Adams' Extra Early. A splendid 
early variety, largely grown for early market. 
Per ear 5c. Doz. ears 35c. 100 ears $2.50. 
Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 55c. Pk. 85. Bus. $3.00. 

1053. Second Early Adams'. Ears are 
larger and later than Adams' Extra Early. 
Per ear 5c. Doz. ears 35c. 100 ears $2.50. 
Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 55c. Pk. 85c. Bus. $3.00. 

1050. Gillespies First Early Patapsco Neck Corn. The very 
FIRST GOOD SIZE CORN that Can be brought to market. It is so hardy that it 
can readily be planted as soon as the ground is in good working order, and 
will, from the day of its germination, hurry forward to meet the early de- 
mand for fresh Corn, which is always very keen and causes this delicious, 
attractive and superior Com to bring profitable prices. Per ear 5c. Doz. 
ears 40c. 100 ears _$3. 00. PI. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 55c. Pk. S5c. Bus. $3.00. 

1136. California Golden Country Gentleman Corn. (Specialty, see 
page 16.) This is a wonderful combination of the "Cream and Honey" Sugar 
Corn and the well-known "Country Gentleman" Sugar Com. Could you 
possibly think of anything more delicious than the good pointsof these two 
corns combining into one? Don't take chances of forgetting it — .send in 
yourorder today certain. K Pt. 20c. Pt. 30c. Qt. 50c. 4 Qts. $1.50. Pk. $2.50. 
Bus. $10.00. Cora on ear 10c each. $1.00 Doz. 100 ears $6. 

1223'/^. Cory MTiite Cob. A selection from Red Corj- having vrhite ker- 
nels and white cob. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1224'/^. Red Cory. Avery earlv variety, -with good-sized ears and large 
red grains. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1225. Eendel's Early Giant. Noted for its large size and extreme 
earliness. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1226. Metropolitan. Handsome, large ears. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c. 
Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1182. Bolgiano's !Nevr**Cream and Honey"Sweet Corn. (Specialty 
see page 16.) Extremely early, most delicious flavor, exceptionally fine 
quality. Should be tried by every wide awake market gardener and in 
home garden, where the "best" of everything is enjoyed. Per ear 10c. 
Doz. $1.00. Pkt 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk.$1.60. Bus. $6.00. 

1005. Early "Butter-Nut" Sugar Corn. (Specialty, see page 16 ) 
New Variety, foUo%vs "Cream and Honey" Sugar Com by four to seven 
daj's. Ears seven to nine inches long, with fourteen rows of good size 
"Butter Nut" pearly white grains. Stalks grow about iive feet high and 
produce two fine ears. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt 30c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.60. 
Bus. $6.00. 

1049. 65.Day White Cob Com. This Extremely Early Com looks like 
Snow White Evergreen Com , but is readj- for the market in 60 to 65 days 
from planting. (Specialty, see page 16.) Per ear 5c. Doz. ears. 40c. 100 ears 
$2.50. Pt. 10c. Qt. 15c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bush. $2.50. 

1112. Golden Bantam Corn. This very early, yellow grained. Sweet 
Cora when in best condition for the table is remarkably sweet and tender. 
The stock we offer has been improved by several years of careful selection, 
and therefore will be found decidedly superior to much that is offered. 
Per ear 5c. Doz, ears 50c. 100 ears $3.50. Pkt 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt 30c. 

4 Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.60. Bus. $6.00. 

1115. Premo 60-Day Corn. Experts pronounce this Com to be from 

5 to 7 days earlier than any other Sugar Corn in existence. It is superior to 
many leading early varieties in quality, size and yield. Can be planted as 
early as Adams' for the young plant withstands slight frosts. Pt 15c. 
Qt. 25c, 4 Qts. 65c. Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

1054. Red-Cob 90-Day Corn. This Com meets a long-felt want, be- 
cause it suits the retail market sales, makes a first-class Crop Corn for feed- 
vaz stock. The earis large, handsome, suits for early or late crop, because 
it matures in 90 days. This makes it always a safe and profitable crop. 
PerearSc. Doz. 40c. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1055. Early Minnesota. Ears larger than the Cory and matures be- 
tween that variety and the Crosby. Eight rows of quite large sweet 
grains. PerearSc. Doz. ears SOc. Pt 15c. Qt 2Sc. 4 Qts. 65c. Pk. $1.10. 
Bush. $4.00. 

1057. Mammoth Wkite Cory Sw^eet Com. Produces ears 7 to 8 inches 
long; 12-rowed; white-cobbed and covered vrith very large white grains of 
extra quality. Per ear Sc. Doz. ears SOc. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 65c 
Pk. $1.10. Bus. $4.00. 

Trustworthy Vegetable Seeds for 1914 


Bolgiano's Famous New Early Fortune Cucumber -:■ 

C« - ^ a a ..^^ 1. ^ .. CONCOMBLE 

1 1 (• 11 TfJ 11 P r Pepino One ounce will plant fifty hills. 

^ .tc. i/„» uui<.cjc n^ i,t/j. V» Vi' v« AJ.m KJ >^ ». (Burfe two pounds will plant one acre. 

CULTURE. For very early, sow in hotbeds upon pieces of sod, or in small pots, they can be readily transplanted with a gain of about six weeks 
before they can be sown in the open. Plant out in rich soil when danger of frost is over, or protect by hand glasses; or by paper held down at the comers 
with earth. For general crops sow in the open as soon as the weather is settled and warm, and every two weeks for a succession. For pickles sow from 
middle of June to Fourth of July. Sod land, turned over in the fall, is the best for them. Plant in hills 4 feet apart, putting a shovelful of well rotted man- 
ure in each hill. 

84. Bolgiano's Early Fortune Cucumber. Actuallyprovenby many 
expert growers to be the earliest and the Best Dark Green White Spine 
Cucumber on earth. Full blooded, as pretty as a picture, and extremely 
early, wonderfully productive, a model in shape, of the most inviting and 
attractive deep green color. Without a doubt the finest in the world. If you 
wish to secure any of it this year for hothouse, frames or open field culture, 
you had better order immediately, or our short supply will be exhausted. 
(See page 18.) Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. V^ Bb. 35c. Vz lyb. 60c. L,b. ll.OO. 

17. Bolgiano's "Prosperity" White Spine Cucumber. New 
Introduction. _ (Specialty, see page 17.) This wonderful new Cucumberwill 
immediately jump into the utmost favor with shippers, market gardeners 
and private gardeners. It absolutely has no equal, it will bring prosperity 
to you Quick. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. M Lb. 50c. Vz Lb. 75c. Lb. Sl.50. 

135. New Klondike. Very dark green 6 or 7 inches long and two inches 
thick, remains crisp a long time. It is a grand market sort. (Specialty, 
see page 17.) Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. ^ Lb. 2Sc. Lb. 75c. 

82. Lord Baltimore. The Wonderful Dry Weather Cucumber. Dark 
Srreen, 15 inches long. Produces fine crops when olhervarieties fail. (Specialty 
see page 17.) Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. Va, Lb. 35c. Vz Lb. 60c. Lb. Jl.OO. 

544. Davis Perfect Cucumber. A very good, dark green, white 
spine cucumber, originated by the same Michigan Market Gardener who 
originated The Davis Wax Bean. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. V^ Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

19. The "Henderson" Perfected White Spine Cucumber. This is 
a uniform beautiful type of cucumber, unusually prolific, of a rich deep green 
color, crisp and good flavored. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Va. Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

85. Arlington White Spine. Beautiful in shape, color, and of the finest 
quality. The fiiit is long, cylindrical, dark green with very white, crisp; 
and tender flesh of excellent flavor. In the United .States the Arlington is 
used more, perhaps, than any other variety; and in excellence is surpassed 
only by the Early Fortune Cucumber. Pkt. 5c. Oz. lOc. 54^ Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

338. New Century. A fine new White Spine, eight to ten inches in 
length. The fruits are smooth and regular, a rich dark green in color, the 
blossom end, full and round. The skin is quite thin and tender, flesh pure 
white and crisp; the seed space is firm and solid, making an excellent slicing 
variety. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. V\ Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

92. New Excelsior Long Green Cucumber. It is a model for size, 
form and beauty. Deep green color, and an abundant cropper. For table 
use and pickles. This sort runs so uniform that the Cucumbers look as if 
they had all been selected. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

342. The New Lemon Cucumber. (Specialty, see page 17.) Of all the 
many varieties of cucumbers raised in our test gardens, none have a finer 
flavor, it has a thin skin, is crisp, tender and sweet. Can be used sliced, 
whole or as pickles. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. K Lb. 75c. KLb.$1.35. Lb. ?2.50. 

88. New E^xtra Long White Spine Cucumber, or Fordbooh 
Famous. Skin very deep green; flesh greenish white firm and unusually 
crisp. The plant is a strong grower; leaf large and of a deep green color. 
The fruit is long, (12 to 17 inches), smooth, slimand uniform. Owing to its 
large, thick, heavy leaf, it withstands attack of insects. Its northern origin 
insures hardiness and vigor. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

85. Improved Extra Early White Spine. Produces Cucumbers of 
finest form and most salable size for shipping purposes; dark green color; a 
favorite with truckers and gardeners. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. M Lb. 25c, Lb. 60c. 

87. Thomas' Perfection Early White Spine. A selection from the 
famous Arlington White Spine. It is regarded as far superior to that 
variety. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

90. New Extra Early Evergreen.White Spine Cucumber. Prolific 
dark green. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

93. Bolgiano's New Prolific Pickling. An exceptionally fine stock 
of pickling cucumber; bears fruit from tlie time it first starts until frost. 
Vines are strong and vigorous, yielding immense quantitiesof fruit, and 
remains in a fresh, healthy growing state longer than any other sort. Skin 
is very thin, tender and quite free from toughness when pickled. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 2Sc. Lb. 60c. 

236. Boston Pickling. Fruit short, smooth and pointed at each end; 
light green, a great yielder; one of the best for pickling. Pkt. So. Oz. 10c. 
K Lb. 20c. Lb 60c. 

208. Chicago or Westerfield Pickling Cucumber. Fine for Market 
Gardeners. Medium length, pointed at each end, large spine, deep green, 
very prolific. A fine pickling variety. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

97. Thorburn's Everbearing. Sets fruit very early and continues to 
blossom and fruit until killed by frost; good pickler and slicer. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. Va. Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

340. Fordhook Pickling. A very prolific pickling. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 
Vi Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

95. Improved Jersey Pickle. It is medium in length, very shapely, 
prolific and holds its color. Pkt. Sc. Oz. 10c. Ji Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

98. Improved Long Green. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. V Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

94. Early Frame, or Early Short Green. Desirable for producing 
pickles of medium size and fine quality. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 25c. 
Lb. 60c. 

518. West India Gherkin. This is the only genuine Gherkin. It is 
small, oval and covered with spines, color light green. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 15c. 
Vi Lb. 35c. Vz Lb. 60c. Lb. $1.00. 

517. Japanese Climbing Cucumber. Used as a beautiful vine and for its fruit. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c. Lb.Sl.OO. 

573. Wild Cucumber. Quickly produces a very Inxurlant climbing 
vine, filled with an abuudauce of beautifnl flowers, the fruit is often used 
for pickling. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. M Lb. 35c. Lb,. $1.00. 



many friends 
smooth skin. 
him in bunch 

152. This exceptionally valuable new Kohl-Rabi will please 
every one who tries it. As a matter of fact it has already won 
It combines the qualitj' of the finest varieties known. It is round like an apple with fine 
The leaves which are very few, stand erect enabling the grower to plant closer and helps 
ing. The flesh is unsurpassed in tenderness, purity and delicious flavor. "Best of All" 
Kohl-Rabi will not run to seed in frosty weather and remains un- 
changed in delicacy of flavor. Itisequally valuable for forcing or 
open ground culture. Pkt. 5c & 10c. Oz. 25c. Vi Lb. 75c. Lb il SO 

117. Early White Vienna. The Standard well 
known variety most largely used, fine stock. Pkts. 
5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. Vi Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. 

343. Purple Kohl Babi. Very much appreciated 
by the best German Truckers and customers. Pkts. 
5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. . 

Herbs ptt. '^ 

Anise 5c & 10c 

Basil Sweet 5c & 10c 

Bene 5c & lOe 

Caraw^ay 5c & 10c 

Chicory 5c & 10c 

Chives 5c & 10c 

Coriander 5c & 10c 

Dill Mammoth 5c & 10c 

Fennel, Sweet 5c & 10c 

Lavender 5c & 10c 

Marjoram, Sweet 5c & 10c 

Rosemary 5c & 10c 

Sage 5c & 10c 

Sorrel 5c & 10c 

Summer Savory 5c & 10c 

Thyme, Broad Leaf 

English 5c & 10c 

Martynia .5c & 10c 




































































"Best of All Kohl Rabi' 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 

1 Oz. ivill ptvdn 
500 Plants 



Pkts., Ozs. and % Lis. Delivered Free, by Mail, AddSc io Lbs. 


Gnltirre. Sow in hotbeds very early in spring and transplant when 2 inches 
high into a second bed or into small pots. I£ this is not done, thin to 4 inches ap^."-!. 
Do not plant out until weather is perfectly settled and warm. Cool nights or wet 
weather will check them. Keep some back in frames for a second planting, in case 
of weather changing unexpectedly. Set out plants 3 feet by 2. 

100. Bolgiano's Black Beauty Egg Plant. The earliest and best of all large 
fruited Egg Plants. (Specially, see page 12.) pkts, 5c and 10c. J^ Oz. 25c. Oz. 40c. 
Vi l,bs. $1.25. l,b. $4.50. 

99. The Florida High Bnsh Egg Plant. Holds the fruit -well off the ground, 
resists drought and wet weather. Fine purple color, very productive. (Specialty, 
See page 12.) Pkts. 5c and 10c. Js Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. Kl<b. Sl.OO. Lb. S3.50. 

103. Bolgiano's Improved Large Purple Egg Plant. Perfect stock of im- 
proved Large luiple Egg Plant— puier, truer and better than has ever been 
offered before. It has a handsome shape, a fine dark, purple color, beautiful form, 
large size, and is uniform, making it attractive for shipping arjd market use. 
Pkts. 5c and 10c. Vz Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. Vi Lb. $1.10. Lb. S4.00. 

101. TJe-w York Improved Egg Plant. (Spineless.) A vigorous grower; 
fruit large, fine, tree from thorns, and prodi'.ce until frost; skin of a rich purple, 
fiesh white and of a rich flavor. We can highly recommend this Egg Plant. 
Pkts. 5c and 10c. K Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. K Lb. $1.10. Lb. $4.00. 

104. New Orleans Egg Plant. Large, dark purple or New Orleans Market. 
They are good shippers. Pkts. 5c and 10c. H Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. K Lb. $1.00. Lb. $3.50. 

556. Ne-w Jersey Improved Large Smooth Egg Plant. Pkts. 5c and 10c. 
K Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. K Lb. $1.10. Lb. $4.00. 

Bolgiano's Black Beauty Beat Them All 

On Nov. 4, 1913, Mr. H. Burgess of Duval Co., Fla.,ivriies as follows: "Tlie Black 
Egg Plant seed I gotfroinyou last Decemberbeatany kind I ever planted. Was earlier 
and more prolific. Your I. X. L. Tomato is belter titan any other kind. J want more 
seed of both sooji." 

[Bolgiano's Florida High'Bush Turned Out Fine 

Q71 Nov. 2, 1913, Mr, Arthur C. Bro7vn of Hillsboro Co., Fla. writes as follows: 
Beau',' "The Florida High Bush Egg Plant seed I got from you last snmme> turned 
ouijiue, almost every seed came icp." 

1 Oz. to 160 feet T^nHiv^a r\Y 0\\\rf\Y\l Chicoree En^tv:e 
of row. C-imiVe Ur V,^IUCUry Escarola o Eyidivia 

Bolgiano's New Self-Blanching Endive. A perfect self-blanching 
curled Endive, beautiful and graceful in shape, most attractive, perfect color, 
shading from a large, rich golden heart to the outherleaf of emerald green. 
Pkt. 5c & 10c. Oz. 15c. \i Lb. 40c. Lb. $1.25. 

107. Green Cnrled Endive. Much .better than the common varieties. 
An attractive and ornamental vegetable. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15. Vt Lb. 
35c. Lb. $1.00. 

One Otince ■;t'ill produce about 

5000 Plants. 


New York Improved Purple Egg Plant 
Almost Three Score Years and Ten 
Mr. fames Zambito of liiilibiro Co., Fla.,u'r7lci: " Yo^ir Egg Plant Seed 
was tlie best I ever saw in 50 years gardening. I am 60 years old now. 
Hands'^mest Ever Grown 
Mr. f. M. ' Kirkpatrickof Ceci' Co., Md., writes: " Yoitr Black Beauty Esz 
Plant is tlie handsomest I eiet saw grown." 
Chouvert Frsie 
Pkts., Ozs. and ^tLbs. Delivered Free; t\ ^ It* Col 

but add Sc to Lb. 

Cnltnre. The Kales are more hardy than Cabbage, make excellent greens for winter and, and are 
improved by frost. Sow from May to June, and cultivate the same as cabbage. For early Spring use sow in Sep- 
tember, and protect during winter. Some of the varieties are so hardy that thelgreeu leaves may be dug out from 
under the snow in winter and be used for greens. 

113. Bore Cole or Kale. Hardy Winter Spargel Kohl. The most salable, delicious and tender of all Winter 
Kales. About Baltimore it is sown in May, and transplanted like cabbage to stand over Winter. It is taller than the 
extra dwarf varieties and when the leaves are stripped or fall off, new tender leaves quicklj- grow out. Then they are 
again stripped off and used for marketing. It will stand the coldest Winter. Besides being a delicious vegetable, it 
has always been an exceptionally profitable crop, bringing in money during the Winter months when.most all vege- 
tiible.s are scarce. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. X Lb. 50c. Lb $1.50. 

112. Extra Dwarf Green Curled Scotch, or Norfolk Kale. One of the best Kales for Spring sowing in the 
North; the principal sort grown South for Northern markets; hardy, and will remain over Winter where temperature 
does not go below zero. Very dwarf and spreading, rarely exceeding 18 inches in height. Leaves are a bright green 
color beautifully curled and produced in great abundance. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. Jii Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

lOS. New Imperial, Very Cnrley, Long Standing Kale. Beautifully curled and crimpled sort; strong vigor- 
ous habit, perfectly hardy, bright green color; very attractive in appearance; superior to all late sorts; will stand 
longer without shooting to seed than any other variety. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 5i Lb. 2nc. Lb. 50c. 

351. Spring or Smooth Kale. A hardy, quick growing, smooth leaved variety. The best for spring sowing, 
but largely SOW! in the fall, making greens earlier than the winter varieties. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 25c. 5 Lbs, $1.00. 

109. Cnrled Gorman Kale. Hardy; stands the frost of our severest winters; grows rapidly, dwarf habit, beauti- 
fully curled. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 45c. 

110. Siberian Cnrled Kale. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 5^ Lb. 15c. Lb. 45c. 

512. New^ American, Extra Curled Long Standing Kale. Of a beautiful green color. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K 
Lb. 20c. Lb. S1I,-. 

T „ ^1 .. Potreau 

/ . «. \ ."S^ X-<^WIY j5^„Q 

Cnltnre. Sow early in April in drills 1 foot apart and 

I ^ ..liaa? , » I ill i 1^ 1 1 1" >* In! 1 inch deep. When plants arer6 to 8 inches high trans- 

"^ ~—^^ 1^ II • T^. -f^^ plant in a deep, rich soil in rows 12 inches apart and 6 

inches in the rows as deep as possible, so that the neck 
may be covered and blanched; draw the earth to them as 
they grow. 

Bolgiano's Famous 

Mammoth King Leek 

1 14. This stock we have by years of selection built up 
until it has become to those who used it a pleasure to 
grow and a profit too. It has a handsome form, is very 
mild, agreeable in flavor, grows to double the size of 
ordinary varieties, is pure white, has attractive dark- 
colored leaves, is stout in habit and hardy._ The edible 
part is 8 to 15 inches long and 3 to 5 inches in diameter. 
It is withoit exception the largest and best Leek ever 
placed in the hands of the grower. Pkts. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 25c. 2 Ozs. 45c. % Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. 

546. Monstrons Carenton or Scotch Champion. 
Verv large, hardv and productive; popular for market. 
Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz, 20c. 5iLb.55c. Lb. $1.75, 

116. Extra Large American Flag, or Broad 
London. Distinct and dark-colored leaves; stout 
inhabit and hardy. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. J^ Lb. 
50c. Lb. $1.50. 

On Nov. 1st. 1913, Mr. Ed. S. Bloom of Mahoning County, 
Ohio, wrote: "I am well pleased with all the seed I got from 


Bolgiano's Hardy Winter Bore Cole or Kale 

Bolgiano's Mammoth King Leek 

Trustworthy Vegetable Seeds for 1914 


One ounce to 3000 plants. 
Two pounds to the acre. 

Pkts., Oss. and H /M. de- 

liveredfree, but add 8c 

to Lbi. 

Big Boston Lettuce — A Grand Large Cabbage Lettuce 




Culture. For early summer use, sow in hotbeds in March, sowing- every two ^veeks for succession. Transplant the >oinig plants to rows 2 feet 
apart and 8 to 12 inches apart iu the row. For winter use, sow in August, transplant to frames; and for this purpose the early heading varieties, such as 
the Millionaire lettuce, are best adapted. The Cos varieties require to be tied up for a few days in order to properly blanch tliem. 

Earliest Varieties 

ISO. Millionaire Lettuce. Unquestionably. The Earlie--t and far 
better than any other extremely early large heading I<ettuce. A lettuce fit 
for a king. (Specialty, see page 19.) Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. K Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. 

193. "Bully Good" Lettuce. No matter whether the market price is 
up or down there is always a market for ' Bully Good" I<ettuce. Those fine 
large solid heads — A full bushel market box is barely large enough to hold 
18 of them— of a bright rich exquisite green; with a full solid, rich golden 
yellow heart closely folded; crisp as ice; with a mild delicious flavor, do 
you wonder we have named this grand lettuce "Bully Good." The market 
Gardener with his pocket full of money, the Southern Grower with a big 
check from the Northern Cities and the Amateur Gardener with his neigh- 
bors beat to a standstill. Every one who grows for Market or eats "Bully 
Good" Ivettuce will cheerfully admit it is worthy of its name. Pkt. 5c and 
10c. Oz. 12c. '{ Lb. 30c. l^b. $J.UO. 

131. "Best of All" Lettuce. A sure cropper. Spring, Summer, Fall or 
Winter. (Specialty, see page 19.) Pkt. 5c & 10c. Oz. 25c. M Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. 

155. ?Je>v Lettuce "Unrivalled." An improvement on the Big Boston 
Lettuce, possessing earliness, large size, attractive color, etc. It can be sown 
almost the whole year around; it resi'-ts the summer heat, is crispy and 
solid. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

125. Golden Queen. One of the best^r.<r/ifar/>' head Lettuce for either 
open ground or frame culture, and a good forcer: medium size, solid, golden 
yellow heads.crisp and tender. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

352. May King. A handsome, light green heading variety of medium 
size and excellent quality. Outdoors the heads mature exceptionally early, 
attaining a size suitable for use before other sorts, and often the edges of the 
outer leaves have a brownish tinge. The plant is very compact for so large 
a head. It is very satisfactory also for forcing under glass. Pkt. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

155. Big Boston Lettuce. Bolgiano's Famous Stock. Pig Boston 
Lettuce is the most valuable Lettuce in cultivation, its excellent qualities 
have made it the most popular and most extensively used Lettuce in the 
world. It can be grown in the open ground for Summer or Fall, in frame 
for Soring or forced cool in green houses for Winter use, producing under 
each condition, grand large, buttery, yellow heads, filled with sweet, 
crisp, tender, beautifully blanched leaves. Stands long without going to 
seed; has few outer leaves and makes a large, attractive plant. Big 
Boston Lettuce is specially adapted to cool open ground culture 
Our stock of this famous Lettuce is the finest in the World. Pkt. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 15c. M Lb. 35c. V: Lb. 60c. Lb. $1.00. 

122. Improved 'White Loaf Lettuce. After the most careful cultiva- 
tion and rogueing, we have established the truest and most uniform strain 
of improved White Leaf I^ettuce. It is planted largely in the Fall and allowed 
to remain in the open ground all Winter. In the earliest spring it quickly 
forms most delicious, large, light-colored Lettuce Heads. As a frame Lettuce 
it has no equal; often 18 heads have brought $2.50 wholesale. If planted in 
early Spring, it quickly fonns heads and can be brought to market long 
before other Lettuce. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 40c. Lb. $1.25. 

126. New Early Spring Lettuce. In the Early .Spring months this 
splendid Lettuce produces large cabbage-like heads, which are uniform, 
tender, crisp and sell at highest possible prices. Our most critical Market 
Gardeners year after j'ear bank on this Lettuce, it is also good for late 
summer sowing to produce Fall Head Lettuce. Pkts, 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. 
K Lb. 40c. Lb. $1.25. 

137. Black Seeded Tennis Ball. One of the very best for either 
forcing or early out-door planting. Plants good size, leaves are of good 
substance and of attractive dark green color. Heads are solid, crisp and 
tender. Pkt. 5c. and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

Best By Test— And Price Is Less 

ATr. L, G. Vouns, of Marion Co., Fla., ivrites asfollmi'S. — "! have been planting Bolgiano's 
Fa/nous Big Boston Lettuce Seed for the past four seasons and it has givett entire satisfaction over 
all high priced seed. I am going to plant 8 Acres this Season and mould like you to give me 
J our lo7i'est price on 10 Lb. lots or over.'^ 

From Men Who Know 

F. S. Armstrong & Co., of Philadelphia, Pa., ivrites as follows: — Please enter our order 
for 20 Lbs. of your best strain of Big BostoJi Lettuce Seed tlie same stock ofivhich we procured 
1 Lb. last summer as it gave pofect satisfaction." 

Cos or "Celery" Lettuce 

Paris Self-Folding Wliite Cos or Celery Lettuce 

Those Lettuce called Salad Romaine, are of distinct, upright growth, and esteemed for their 
fresh crispness and m ild flavor during the summer and in warm climate. 

339. Eclipse or "Express" Cos. The most dwarf and earliest of all. The plants grow 
stiffly erect, only six or seven inches in height. The interior leaves are almost pure white, very 
crisp, and ?nild in favor, eveainhotwealher. Pkt. 5c, and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

123. Paris Self- Folding, or Trianon "White Cos. Grows to very large size, producing 
long-pointed, compact bunches. The inner le.ivts blanch readily and are of fine flavor. 
Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. ^i Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

40 J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 

,^v^ ^ Heading Lettuce 

iJPfiiJ . i a9 Pkts., Ozs. and % Lis. Delivered Free, but Kdd Sc to Lbs. 

120. "Lucky Stroke." Bolgiano's Tfe-w Lettuce. The I^argest 

■.__^_ __ _^ and Most Successful Lettuce. Growers are wild over this new early 

Vi^Pw^ S^yBkL. Summer Lettuce. It is simply perfect. (Specialty, see page 19.) Pkt. 10c. 

^^^^HKny'^^M Oz. 25c. 2 ozs. 40c. % Lb. 75c. ^i Lb. $L25. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

y^i ' ' ^^ Tte'iSi!^^^ "^^fc '^'^- Tender and Trne Sximnier Lettuce. This new Lettuce will 

If t '— I^^^^L. -A3H delight the most critical Lettuce grower. (Specialty, see page 19.) Pkt. 10c. 

t\ ^ *m^S^i^ !^^^^ ^Ji#~ ■ h£ ,^nk^^^&^ 128. Defiance Snnuner. Remains in prime condition a long time 

'\ {» ~^%i ^^r\l^ 'w^^w'-Bk - j (ggP8w m1Bj~f^ before going to seed. As a summer varietj' it has already become a standard 

\'^*^"'«^"''*«-tf^(* :? I^^^^^^^HP'I^S ^^^- I'kts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 40c. Lb. $1.25. 

\^^^ ^S^'-^ife Is ^'^^'^*^**^-*^f 119. Bolgiano's Farmer's Pride Lettuce. MASSIVE, yet graceful 

Vj- ^ -3Blk\_flir^^*9^^ , 1^ as a rose and solid as a rock. Farmer's Pride Lettuce is an absolute ne- 

"^ cessity to any wide-awake up-to-date grower of vegetables. Sow the seed 
anv time in the year you wish; your crop will be the finest j'ou ever grew. 

^ Order at once. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 40c. Lb. $1.25. 

y, _;^*ia|MKKK^''^^^"^S^CLI?*&*^^"'''^^'l§^^S^^^^ 133- California Cream Butter Lettnce. Outside leaves are a medium 

■*'~^'^^^^^^^"^^ -rTfc___...»^ „. -sef. .-^ ^ ./• g-reen color, inside is folded a soUd head of rich, creamy, yellow color. The 

,.- , iiim II 111. largest growers considering it one of the best in cultivation. Pkts.Sc and 10c. 

f -Zt^B^SSmmSmSS^^^^^m^S^M \ oz. loc. K Lb. 35c. Lb. $loo. 

215. Burpee's Bntterhead Lettnce. A fine large hard-headed variety , 
solid, rich and buttery. Always well blanched and tender. Pkts. 5c and lOc. 

=taaa ...^aBrai. aajiEa. """"^iZLu Jl^gTI^^HI*^ °^ ^^c. K Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00 

'H '^^^^St^^^^^^ ( ^^ 346- Immensity or Maximum Lettuce. The Largest Head Lettuce 

' ^»»=™"»=^Bf* J jjj jj^g World: often from 4 to 5 feet in circumference and as good as it is 

large. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. li Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

129. "All Seasons." A handsome, very large, solid head; leaves a 
D !„• . /- 1 u i. J D-., u J T u. beautiful light green and the inner ones are very tender, crisp andabeau- 

Bolgiano s Celebrated Big Head Lettuce tiful golden color. It goes to seed very slowly. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. 

124. Bolgiano's Celebrated Big Head Lettuce. Its beautiful form % Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. r^ . . .. x .u^ »i 

and color attract the attention of expert growers. It forms a compact head; 130. PMladelphia Earlv ^V^hate Smnmer Cabbage JLettnce. Alarge 

has no core, but a tender, golden heart. As a shipper it is unexcelled, com- heading variety. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. ,+ Lb. 3:!C. Lb. jl.UO. 

mands the very best prices; demand always exceeds the supply. It resists 348. Tait's Imperial Cabbage Lettuce. Some of the most successful 

the cold, withstands the summer heat, always has a crisp, mild "flavor; when growers in the vicinity of Norfolk prefer it to any other sort. _ The leaves are 

open it becomes a table ornament; in fact, in this sort the trucker has found thick, crisp and stiff, and carry well in shipment. Color bright green, and 

a perfect Lettuce Pkt. 5c and lOc. Oz. 15c. 5i Lb. 40c. Lb. $1.2S. holds well after cutting. As an open air Lettuce it is unexcelled for endur- 

118. Bolgiano's "Gold Prize," 1. Handsome, very large, solid head. ance of extreme cold and yield per acre. Pkt. 5c and lOc. Oz. 15c. 5^ Lb. 

2. Will not rot in the stem. 3. Outer leaves a beautiful light green color. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 
4. Inner head large, round, creamy, tender and crisp. 5. Very slow to go 

to seed. 6. Pronounced by experts to even surpass our celebrated Big .^Kf^ % 

Head Lettuce. Not tough like Defiance Lettuce. 7. Large and a few days j^^i ^ j f wFi" Sa 

later than our Big Head Lettuce. 8. Once grown alwavs wanted on account Mrf "^s-dplll'P'** ^ ^,^5^~5- 

of its extra fine quality. Pkt. 5c and lOc. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 40c. Lb. $1. 25. £^ Jm '^ ^^esk 

Pkt. Oz. 5^ Lb. Lb. J^^ *^^i^ ^$ 

134. Mammoth Black Seeded Butter 5c&10c 15c 35c $1.00 — «»» ,^„ai^ _ ^ , 

149. Reichner's Early White Butter 5c&10c 15c 35c 1.00 

151. Philadelphia Dutch Spreckled Butter 5c&10c 15c 35c 1.00 
153. Baltimore Cabbage Lettuce 5c&10c 15c 35c 1.00 

Solid Crisp Head Lettuces AIso Loosehead varieties 

142. Bolglano's Ne-HT "Frozen North" Lettuce. This delicious new ,- "^Bl' '^ F/""- — "--j^.-. wr^K^ a 

Crisp He.i 1 Lettuce will delight our customers. (Specialty, see page 19.) / ^ Wf" ' ¥ ^1 / -^-'^^'^^^^^^miti. 

Pkt. 10c. Oz. 2Sc. K Lb. 75c. fc Lb. $1.25. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. t _ ^/ B f- ^ ' 4r ~ ' Iff E»g^ ^^ia^' "^s3 

121. Bolgiano's Baltimore Oak Leaf. This lettuce will resist the SJiS^^ 4 *^Bt^'''^> ^J ' ' ' '^' 

heat of summer and stand longer before running to seed than any variety. Ipa^K. ?i ^|Bp' ^^♦f 

It makes a large head, and is very popular with those who know it. k ^^^^# 'HbT^ .^C '«. '/^ •* i^ ■ .iim i. ^m 

Pkt, 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c. Lb. f 1.00. r ^^MJ^^Wt ^^J0K^ t ^ *•■»«'■*' "^-^^ 

132. Grand Rapids. Finely curled or fringed edges. Its delicious -^^hI^^^^BI^ ^W**^ -iT^ ' hMf ^P^ '•^K^^' *£. ^ 

quality and handsome appearance makes it most popular. Pkt. 5c and 10c. " WaSK. yW^lr^^r^ y "^ ' la i g i^B ..jl^BE^HAk^*^" 

Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

143. Denver Market. Large conical heads of finest quality; leaves light ^ _ 
goldengreen. beautifully savoyed. Pkt. 5c & 10c. Oz, 15c. KLb.35c. Lb.$1.00. ^ ,^..f,,«3HHMBi^Brf^ *^ ' 

349. "Brittle Ice" Lettuce. Large, brittle, mild flavored, crisp heading wSmMuK^^BI^K^^^^^^S^S^ "«''^,'> * 
variety. It makes large heads 6 to 8 inches in diameter. Pkt. 5c and 10c. ^^^■HHH^M^H^^""''^-^- "»-»ii 
Oz. 15c. K lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. Wm^Sm^wW^. 

350. "Iceberg" Lettuce. The heads are larffe, crisp, solid and tender. 
Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. U Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

145. Hanson. Grows to large size and is uniformly sure heading. 
Heads very solid and beautifully blanched; crisp, mild and tender. One of ^ 

the finest varieties to grow for market during the smnmer months. Pkt. 5c ^-^. 

and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

147. Black-Seeded Simpson. Very large, finely fringed. Pkt. 5c 
and 10c. Oz. 15c. 5i Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

345. Early- Prize Head. (Brown Cabbage.) Large, loose heads, tinged Lucky Stroke Lettuce 

with brown. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. ^X Lb. 35c. Lb. 85c. 

209. Early Curled Simpson or Silesia Lettuce. Makes large bunches of crisp, tender, curly leaves; this Lettuce is the most popular of all for 
family gardens. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. ISc. K Lb. 35c. Lb. 85c. 


Trv Miista7-d cooked like Spinach— It is delicwiis. One Ounce Will So70 JOO Feet of Drill t i, .<= 

203. Sonthern Giant Curled. The truecurled leaf variety. sweet flavor, pungentand succulent; usedforearly. salad. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Ji Lb-20c. L0.,45c. 

204. Ostrich Plume Mustard Fordhooh Fancy or Chinese Broadleaf. Desirable and ornamental. It is distinct from any other variety. 
The plants are of virorous growth, and the beautiful dark green, pungent leaves cur\-e outwardly like a fine ostrich plume. _ The edges are as thoroughly 
curled and laciniated as the best double curled parsley, making the leaves equally desirable for garnishing. So attractive is the habit of growth and the 

feathery effect of of the finely fringed leaves that this plant is quite worthy of a place m the garden as an ornamental 
border plant. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c K Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 
527. Black or Brown Mustard. Oz. 10c. J^ Lb. 15c. Lb. 25c. 539. WTiite Mustard. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 25c 

Mushroom Spawn !^r c?«nonbTu^; 

„. ^^^__a, Culture. Mushroomsmay be grown in cellars, under benches in greenhouses, or in sheds wherever the tempeta- 

r^^^^BK. ' ture of 50 degrees can be kept up during the winter. The beds should be made from November to February, accord- 

■ " ing to the time the Mushrooms are wanted, and it requires about two months for them to begin bearing. Secure fresh 

horse dung, free from straw and litter and mix an equal bulk of loam from an old pasture with it. Keep this 

under cover, taking care to turn it every day to prevent it from heating, until the pile is large enough to make a bed 

of the required size. Three or four feet wide, eight inches deep and any length desired are the proper proportions tor 

tm-Wmm a bed. but this may be varied. Prepare the mixture of loam and manure, making the bed in layers and pounding 

""H^-Wf MtK down each with the back of a spade. Leave this to heat through for a few days, and as soon as the heat subsides to 90 

I "* 3 .^^ degrees make holes in the bed about a foot apart each way. into which put pieces of spawn 2 or 3 inches m diameter; 

fill up the hole with compost, and at theexpiration of a week or 10 days the spawn will have thoroughly diffused itselt 

through the bed. Spread layer of soil over the heap to the depth of 2 inches, and cover with 3 or 4 inches othay, straw 

or litter. Examine bed often to see that it does not get dry. Take special care, however, when water is given that it 

be at a temperature of 100. One brick to a bed 6 feet square. 

Best English Mill Track Spawn. Brick of 1 }i Lbs. 15c. 10 Lbs. 85c. 25 Lbs. $2.00. 100 Lbs. $7.50. 

Mushrooms American Pure Culture Mushroom Spawn. Bricks of iK Lbs. 15c. 10 Lbs. $1.00. 25 Lbs. $2.50. 100 Lbs. $19. 

Trustworthy Vegetable Seeds For 1914 





J\!elon Almucleno 
ACelor /IDu0ca&e 

Pts., Ozs. and M Lbs. Delivered Free, but add 8c to Lbs. 
One ounce -will plant about 50 hills; 2to3lbs. in Mils per acre. 
Culture. Melons thrive best in a light, rich soil. Plant early in May, when the 
ground has become warm and dry. in hills 5 to 6 feet apart each way for Muskmelons: 
8 to 10 feet for Watermelons. Previons to sowing the seed, mixa fewshovelfulsof well- 
rotted manure in each hill, and plant in each 12 to 15 seeds; after all danger of the bugs 
is over, thin out to three or four plants per hill. A few hills for early use may be had 
by sowing on pieces of sod in a hotbed, and when warm enough transplant toopeugrouud. 
Melon vines are subject to the same destructive insects and fungous foes 
as are cucumber a'.id squ.ish vines. Early and repeated spraying with 
Bordeaux Arsenate of l<ead Mixture is always advisable for these crops_ 

Green Fleshed Varieties 


Solid Net 

Rocky Ford 


16. "Junior" Rocky Ford. A, little larger, two weeks earlier, twice 
as prolific as Rocky Ford. (.Specialty, see page 20.) Pkt. 10c. Oz. 20c. 
Vi I^b. 50c. Lb. Si. 50. Postpaid. 

344. Henderson's Bush Cantaloupe. The only Bush Cantaloupe 
in the World. Produces an abundance of delicious melons. Require 
very little ground. Good for the market gardener, soutlieru shipperand 
especially valuable for the small kitchen garden. Pkt. 10c. li Oz. 25c. 
Vi Lb. $1.35. Lb. $5.00. 

207. Improved "Waiter's Solid Kct Rocky Ford Cantaloupe. 
(Specialty, see page 20 ) This is the earliest strain of Rocky Ford Canta- 
loupes. The meat is light green, spicy and sweet. The heavy gray net- 
ting is closely laced. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. Va. Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. Postpaid. 

167. Eden Gem or !Netted Roch Rocky Ford Cantaloupe. This 
magnificent new Muskmelon is a selection of the old Rocky Ford, which 
it completely surpasses in lusciousness, yield, carrying, and good selling 
qualities. In shape, it is somewhat longer and a trifle larger and closer 
and deeper netted. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. -^.^lii^ _. - ~- .— _--^-' ,.,,,.. 

334. Pollock Rocky Ford Cantaloupe. A rust resisting melon, with netting over the lili i^~om end, not a long melon but ratlimuchned tobeshort 
with the finest shipping and eating qualities. The selections from time to time have_reduced Uic .'■i/.e. now they crate nicely, pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. 

K Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

127. Christmas Gilt or Santa Clans Cantaloupe, (Specialty, see 
page 20.) Just think of having a delicious cantaloupe to eat for your Christ- 
mas Dinner. Plant same time you would any melon. "When the under side 
of melon becomes a golden yellow, cut the stem about three inches from the 
melon. They can be laid in .sand and covered with straw or laid away in a 
shed.but never on top of another. Pkt. 10c. Oz, 20c. 5< Lb 50c. Lb. Si. 50. 

337. Knight, or New-Maryland Cantaloupe. (Specialty , see page 20.) 
Avery popular melon with l.irge growers and shippers; somewhat larger 
than the Rocky Ford or Netted Gem. We offer the original stockwhich is 
very fine. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. 5i Lb. 40c. Lb Si. 25. 

111. Norfolk Button. They are excellent 
little melons. "^'ery early in maturing, thick, 
green flesh, uniform in size, and with an occasion- 
al button at the blossom end. Deliciously sweet. 
Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz.lSc. M Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

168. Improved Jenny Lind. TheJennyLind 
is the earliest small to medmm sized melon known 
It is very uniform in size, well netted and with 
thick meat. Small seed cavity. Pkt. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. I5c. K Ivb. 25c Lb. 60c. 

Baltimore Nutmeg Cantaloupe 

The Original Stock. Finest on Earth. 
170. Is delicious in flavor, attractive in form 
and color, and unexcelled as a shipper. Our seed 
of Baltimore Nutmeg Cantaloupe is produced un- 
der a bracing, clear and invigorating climate. 
This insures a parent stock of the finest flavor. 
We recommend this melon, and firmly believe the 
cash balance of every trucker will be materially 
increased if he grows our superior stock of Nut- 
meg Cantaloupe. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. M 
Lb. 30c. Lb. 75c. 

157. Thoroughbred Rocky Ford Cantaloupe. (Srecialty see page 
20.) Thoroughbred Stock. Bolgiano's Trustworthy Stock. The finest its 
the world. Size 4 inches high by 5 inches long. Weight 15^ lbs. Netting 
well developed, closely laced and interlaced and of an attractive gray color- 
Crevices between the nettings very small. Ten distinct ribs. The union be- 
tween the ribs very narrow but well defined from stem to blossom button. 
Blossom button well developed but small. Color of rind in crevices and un- 
ions light green turning toward grayish slate when ready to pick and ship 
longdistance. Rind very tough. When cut, meat light green changing very 
slightly toward gold near the centre. Fine grained, firm and of high quality, 
very spicy and sweet. Flesh verydeep leaving a triangular seed cavity, seed 
held in three lobes. Abundant yielder, having 
produced 300 standard crates from one acre. Some- 
what later than our "Junior" Rocky Ford but con- 
tinues a long time in oearing. Our seed is saved 
from the finest melons of the first picking. Each 
individual melon is cut open by hand and care- 
fully inspected both insideand out. Last but not 
least, it is an excellent shipper. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 
Vi Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

160. Extra Early Hackensack. Will weigh 
from 10 to 12 lbs., delicious flavor. Pkt. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 15c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

161. Netted Gem, extra early, weight 1 to VA 
lbs. fine. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. '/ Lb. 20c. l.b. 50c. 

166. Anne Arundel, large, green flesheddeeply 
netted. Pkt, 5c & 10c. Oz. 15c. Kl<b.25c. Lb. 60c. 

333. Acme or Baltimore. Popular, large, 
fine flavored. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. M Lb. 
25c. Lb- 60c. 

"JUNIOR" Best In Florida 

Mr. James Hardy, Marion Co., Florida, sorites: 
'Your Junior' Rocky Ford Cantaloupe was all 
riglit, they were the best shipped from Summerjield. 
'Vhatcan I get 10 lbs. of the same seed for:?" 

Purest Rocky Ford Cantaloupe 

Orange Fleshed Varieties 

574. Salmon Fleshed Eden Gem. Outw.ird appearance is identical with the Eden Gem but a trifle more uniform in size, it is the best long distance 
shipping Rocky Ford, strain with a new delicious .flavor and color of flesh. One of the closest netted of all melons. It is unequaled in hardiness, prohficness 
and disease resistance. It originated with Prot. Blum of the Colorado Experiment Station. The color is almost invariably salmon, if cut at the right stage. 
Supplvof seed verv limited. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. X Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. 

51. Melting Gold Cantaloupe. Simply the most delicious Cantaloupe that was ever eaten. The sweet luscious flesh is as yellow as ineltmg gold. It 
is the best eating cantaloupe in the world and a splendid profitable shipper. (Specialty, see page 20.) Pkt. 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. 50c. Lb. $1.50. Postpaid. 

548. Burrels Gem. (Specialty, seepage 20.) The fruit is of good size, handsome 
appearance and fine fi.avor. The skin is a rich, dark green, contrasting finely with the 
deep orange-salmon colored flesh; sweet, tender. Pkt. 10c. Oz.lSc. }iLb.25c. Lb. 60c. 

"* - 164. Paul Rose. The fruits are nearly round, ribbed and heavily netted. The flesh 

is thick, of rich deep orange color, and ripens close to the rind, with small seed cavity. 
It is an excellent shipper. Pkt. Sc and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb, 25c. Lb. 60c. 

162. Orange-Fleshed Osage. The fruits are larger than those of the .'^merald Gem; 
nearly round in form, but having the same distinct dark green skin with li^i-ter bands 
between the ribs, and thick, firm orange flesh oi fine quality. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. I5c. 
Vi Lb. 30c. Lb. 75c. 

169. Emerald Gem. The melons are about the size of Netted Gem. The flesh is of 
a beautiful salmon color, and is peculiarly crystaline in appearance, the flavor is sweet 
and luscious beyond description. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. ^ Lb. 30c. Lb. 75c. 

547. New Ford Hook. This melon is a cross between the Emerald Gem and Im- 
proved Jenny Lind. It has very thick, deep salmon-colored flesh, surpassingly sweet 
to the verv rind. It is quite early, vigorous in growth, and extremely prolific. Price: 
Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. V>, Lb. 30c. Lb. 75c. 

353. Extra Early Osage Gem. Round, well netted, thick, deep salmon-colored 
flfcsh, small seed cavity, delicious flavor. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. !iLb.25c. Lb. 60c. 

354. Ferry's Defender. Medium size, flesh firm, fine grained, rich, deep yellow, 
highly flavored. A splendid shipper. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz.lSc. }i Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

549. Hoodo Cantaloupe. (Specialty, see page 20.) One of the newest and most 
popular varieties. About the .size of "Junior" Rocky Ford, filled with delicious flesh. 
A splendid shipper. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. Vi Lb. 30c. Lb. 75c. 

153. Free Lunch Cantaloupe. Large, yellow-fleshed, thick, firm and juicy. Dark 
green and gold in color. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz.lSc. K Lb. 30c. Lb. 75c. 

528. Banana. The deep golden flesh is of exquisite flavor. It looks and smells like 
a banana. Not a mere curiosity, but is in such favor as to command prices, from 50c. 
Eden Gem Rocky Ford Cantaloupe to $1.00 for a single specimen. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz.lSc. K Lb. 30c. Lb. 75c. 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore. Md. 

Melon Water 

Black Striped Kolb's Gem 

Cold Mountain Spring 

Black Diamond 

174. fiol^iano's Black Striped Kolb Gem Wafermelon. (CaHetl 

"Stripes.") (Specialty, see page 21.) Ten Points oj Merit. 1. A fine 
shipper. 2. Melons uniformly large. 3. Thick, ovalforni. 4. Colorisarich 
dark green, with fine stripes of lighter shade. 5. Much darkerand richerin 
color than the Kolb's Gem. 6. Hesh rich, deep pink, crisp and melting, 
7. Ripen to within '/i inch of the rind. 8. Rind is exceptionally strong, 
making it an excellent shipper. 9. Flavor remarkably sweet and sugary. 
10. Our seed has been carefully saved from the choicest melons. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. % 1,h, 20c. I.b. 50c. 

175. Luscious Favorite Watermelon. It is vigorous and productive, 
the outer color is very bright, being a beautiful mottled light green. The 

rind is thin and tough and stands shipping perfectly; it is an excellent 
keeper and improves its quality after ripening. It has an attractive shape, 
flesh is a light, vivid red in color, and very solid, crisp, tender, inciting and 
sweet. The flavor is exquisite, possessing not only the ordinary sweetness 
but a luscious flavor not to be found in other sorts. Every grower who 
eives this melon a trial will be thoroughly convinced of its superior merits. 
Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c, M Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

176. Florida Favorite 'Watermelon. The flesh is a beautiful, clear 
crimson, extending to the rind. The rind is tough, making it an excellent 
shipper. It is beautifully striped light and dark green, and a very large 
yielder. The shape is oblong, the flavor is sweet and meltin.g making it 
one of the best in cultivation, both for the home garden and large growers. 
Pkt. So. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

186. Ne-w Eden. It is a successful cross of the 
Kolb's Gem and the Rattlesnake, combining good 
shipping and eating qualities: it has a brighter stripe 
than Kolb's Gem and a little more attractive. Is be- 
coming popular wherever grown. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 
Vi Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

335. Fordhook Early Watermelon. An extra 
early variety of fine quality and large size; shape 
nearly round, skin green, flesh bright red. seeds 
■white. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb 20c. Lb. 50c. 

217. Peerles or Ice Cream Watermelon. 
Very early and one of the best: form oval, rind mot- 
tled light gieen, flesh firm and sugary. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

567. Jumbo. One of the finest of melons; shape 
round to oblong, rind green with lighter colored 
stripes, flesh deep red. surpassing most other varieties 
in flavor, one of thebestforshipping. Average weight 
40 to 60 lbs., have been known to weigh 80 lbs. Pkt. 
5c. Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

179. Blue Gem or IceberiS. A Blue Kolb's Gem, 
much better in quality and a first-clnss shipper. One 
of the most popular with the Southern growers. 
Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

181. Alabama Sweet. Good size. ver>' uniform, 
long, dark green skin, red flesh, absolutely stringless 
and luscious in quality. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 54^ Lb. 20c. 
Lb. 50c. 

Culture. Tlie soil for Water Mel- 
ons miist belieht, rich and sandy, for 
if grown on a heavy soil the quality 
will be poor, and they wilt not be so 
early. IVhen there is no 7nore danger 
of frost drop 8 to 10 seeds in h ills 8 to 
10 feet apart each way, covering about 
a inch deep. As soon as plants com- 
mence to run, thin out to 3 best plants 
in a hill, and cultivate until the vines 
cover the whole ground. If slow to 
fruit, pinch off the ends of the growing 
shoots. Ash or air-slaked lime sifted 
on tlie young plants while dew is on is 
good to keep insects out. One ounce 
u 111 plant about 30 hills, and it takes 
3 to 4 pounds to an acre. 

146. Goliath. (Specialty, seepage 
21 ) The New GiantWatermelon; large 
enormously productive has a rich, 
dark green skin, fire quality, remark- 
able shipper. Pkt. 10c. Oz. ISc. M lb. 
35c. Lb. $1.00. 

'72. Indian Chief Bolgiano's 
Wonderful New 'Watermelon. 
Distinct from all other varieties. Has 
created a sensation wherever seen, 
(Specialty, see page 21.) Pkt. 10c. 
Oz. 15c. 'Ob. 35c. Lb. Sl.OO. 

171. Bolgiano's Cold Alonntain 
Spring Watermelon. The ideal 
melon for Southern shippers, prolific, 
uniformly good size, tough rind, flesh 
firm and delicious. (Specialty, see 
page 21.) Pkt. 10c. Oz. 15c. K I«b. 
35c. Lb. $1.00. 

31. Halbert Honey. Average 18 to 20 inches long, bluntly rounded at 
both ends. Skin dark glossy green. Flesh a beautiful rich crimson, sweet 
and luscious, ripens to the rind. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 50c. 

183. Black Diamond. Large, round, dark green skin. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. 
H Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

182. Black Boulder. Uniformly oblong in shape, very dark green 
skin, red flesh. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

190. Cuban Queen. 80 pounds or more, striped light and dark green. 
Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

245. Tom Watson. (Specalty. see page 21.) A large, oblong melon 
dark green skin, with thick netting. Rind is thin, but tough. The flesh is, 
bright, attractive red color, of a deUous, most satisfying flavor. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz 10c. Vi Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

267. Success Watermelon. A fine, large, round, dark green melon, 
originated in Maryland, of excellent shipping and eating qualities. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

173. Cole's Early Watermelon. Succeedingin Northern States where 
Melons were never matured before. The flesh is a beautiful bright red color, 
crisp and extremely delicate in texture, flavor is luscious, sweet and rt fresh- 
ing; no pethiuess or stringiness. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. ^:!' Lb. 20c, Lb. 50c. 

185. Triumph Watermelon. (Girradeau's Monster.) The largest 
melons that have ever been grown. An excellent shipper. Has a deep 
green color. Pkt. 5c. Oz 10c. li Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

178. Georgia Rattlesnake. Has gained great popularity for its large 
size and great shipping qua ities; shape oblong, of light green color and 
beautifully rrrottled and sirrped with a light shade: flesh scarlet, rir d thin 
very solid, and both sweet arrd delicious. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. K Lb. 2(ic. Lb. 45c. 

184. Jordan's Gray Monarch or Loi^g White Icing. Skin is mot- 
tled gray color, shape long, flesh bright crimson, sweet, delicious flavor, A 
fine shipper, carrying well long distances. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. XLb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

189. Mammoth Ironclad. Extra large, dark, productive. Pkt. 5c, 
Oz. 10c. M Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

564. Bradford Watermelon. Long, dark grreen, good quality. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. Y, Lb, 20c. Lb. 45c. 

565. Mountain S-weet. Arr old favorite variety, birt still the standard 
of excellence for quality; fruit long and very dark green. Pkt 5c. Oz. 10c. 
% Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

566. Duke Jones. One of the largest and most productive melons. 
Early, round and of fine appearance; of fine flavor and a good shipper. 
Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. li Lb. 20c. Lb. 4Sc. 

188. Sweet Heart. Globular irr shape, skin verj- bright, mottleJ green, 
flesh bright red, firm and heavy, but exceedingly sweet. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. 
K Lb. 20c. Lb 45c. 

177. Lord Baltimore. Oblong, light and dark green stripes. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 20c. Lb. 43c. 

192. Kleckley's Sweet. Oblong, dark green. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 
K Lb. 15c. Lb. 50c. 

194. Seminole. Excellent flavor. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. ?^ Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

195. Mclver's Sugar. Oblong, light and dark green stripes. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

197. Dixie. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. 5^ Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

180. Kolb Gem. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. % Lb. 15c. Lb. 40c. 
552. Colorado Preserving. A large fruiting Citron for preserving. Pkf. 10c. Oz. 15c. ?^ Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 
516. Bed Seeded Citron. Fruit round and handsome. Pkt. 10c. Oz.l5c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 


TMtic-l-iiv+iiim Nasturtium of all varieties are useful for furnishing tender seed-"ods which make delicious pickles. The seeds for 
INaSTUrilUm pickling should be gathered while greeir arrd with a portion of the steiii attached. Pick them over and place in a 
jar until filled: then cover them with cider vinegar that has been brought to the boil and is still warm, to keep for winter use. 
Dwarf Mixed. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. }i Lb. 20c. Lb. SOc. Tall Slixed. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. J< Lb. 15c. Lb. 40c. 

J^kts., Ozs., and Vt Lbs. 

Delivered Fue, but ^ m w^ m t w ••■ kiiiiiimiii ,/,r, 

AddSctoLbs. V^IVICI, V/± •KJ\^i.t.lKJ\f 10 Lbs. to Acre 

Okra, or Gumbo 

1 Ounce to 40 Feet of Drill 







198. Perkin's Mammoth Long-Podded Okra. Pods shoot 
S out frorrr the stalk within three inches of the ground arrd the 
whole plarrt is covered with them_ to its extrenre height. Pods 
are arr intense green color. 9 to 10 inches long, very slirrr and do 
not get hard. It is much sought by canners. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. 
Vi Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

201. Bolgiano's D-u-arf Imperial Short-Podded Okra. 
It has a pod. of arr attractive pea-green 
color. The flavor is exceptiorrally rich. Our hoirte canners will- 
ingly pay 20 to 25 cerrts per box more than arry other sorts would 
bring. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. SOc. 

202. Lady Finger Okra. The plants are uniform in growth 
and with their Hi' iscus-like flowers make a pretty sight. The 
platrts produce long, tender pods cf firre round form, white and 
smooth Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

199. Dwarf Green Prolific Density Okra or Gumbo. 
Its green pods irrrpart fine flavor and consistency to soups and 
stews, beside being palatable when stewed and served as a dish 
of Asparagus. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

200._ White "Velvet Okra. The pods of this d'stinct and 
beautiful new Okra are rrruch longer, perfectly smooth, never 
prickly. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

Trustworthy Vegetable Seeds For 1914 



206. Boliviano's Superior Yellow Globe Danvers Onion. Has 

handsome form, with very thick bulb and small neck: very early, enormous 
cropper; keep- perfectly, and is a market favorite of large size; remarkably 
solid and heavy; is one of the safest, surest keepers. Pkts. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 15c. 5iL,b, 40c. Lb. Sl.25. 

216. Ronn d Yellow Danvers. Is the same shape as the White Silver. 
Brownish-yellow color; bulbs quite flat and of sood size; largely grown for 
sets. They are hardier than the white, and keep better through the Winter. 
In the So'ithem States they can be planted in autumn and will continue 
growing the entire Winter. PktF. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. 'X Lb. 40c. Lb. $1.25. 

535. Bolgiano's Yellow Du.*«!h or Strasbnrg. Grows round, plump 
sets. Skin a bright attractive straw color. Full-sized Onions are somewhat 
flattened; mild flavor, excellent keepers and shippers. It is very productive. 
Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lb. 40c. Lb. ?1.25. 

Pkis., Ozs.,and Vi Lbs. /^»-J.^.-^ Oignox One Os. 

Delivered Free, but 11111011 Cebolla to 100 Ft. of Drill 

Add 8c to Lbs. V-riJiiVf*» Zwtebel 4 to 5 Lbs. to the Acre. 

By sowing- seed of the Spanish type, such asthe Prizetaker.Southpoi-t Globes, Pearl or Queen 
and Bermuda Onions, under glass in Janiiary, February, or even in March, and transplant- 
ing in April to open groiDidS to 4 inches apart in the rows, bulbs of immense size may be 

214. White Silver Skin Onion. This superior stock is almost exclusively used for 
growing sets, which is the strongest proof that it is the best from which to grow the large 
white Onions. Its delicate, mild flavor, its stately form and large handsome size, its pure 
white color, make it a most desirable variety for the table, the most profitable for market 
and shipping. Plants are of an extremely thin neck and type, and sure to ripen early. 
Bulbs are perfect in form and quite thick through. They are fine grained, crisp and mild. 
Bulbs should be harvested as soon as ripened and dried in the shade topreserve their silvery 
white skin, the attractiveness of which makes them command the highest market prices 
and removes the necessity for peeling them. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. ^ Lb. 50c. Lb. $1.50. 

205. Mammoth Prize-Taker Onion. Immense size, 12 to 18 inches in circumference, 
bright straw color, flesh white. (Specialty, see page 27.) Pkts. 5c and lOc. Oz. 20c. 
y^ Lb. 50c. Lb. SI 50. 

344/^. Sonthport White Globe. A large, globe-shaped onion; firm, fine grained, of mi'd 
flavor; keeps well. This is one of the handsomest onions grown, of beautiful shape, cleai 
white skin, and commands the highestmarketprice. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 20c. ii Lb. 60c. Lb. §2.00. 

575. Sonthport Lar^e Yellow Globe. Produces bulbs more perfectly globe-shaped 
and larger than Globe Danvers, but later in ripening; excellent keeper; easily grown from 
seed the first year. h:is a beautiful, pale, strawcolored skin; is a heavy cropper, handsome 
in appearance, large size. Pkls. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. M Lb. 50c. Lb. Si. 50. 

576. Sonthport Large Red Globe Onion. Produces large, handsome, globe-shaped 
bulbs from the seed the first season: are excellent keepers; have glossy purplish skin; 
mature a little later than Red Wethersfields. Fine grained, mild and tender. Pkts. 5c and 
10c. Oz. 20c. Vi Lb. 50c. Lb. $1.50. 

213. Mammoth Silver King. The large bulbs are of attractive form, flattened but 
quite thick through; the average diameter is from 5 to 7 inches: single bulbs often attaining 
a weight of from 2 to 3 pounds each. The thin skin is a clear, silvery white: flesh snow 
white, sweet and tender. They grow quickly and mature quite early. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 20c, 
Vi Lb. 50e. Lb. $1.50. 

210. Extra Early Pearl, WTiite Queen, or Barletta Onion, Enor- 
mous size: gro%vs full-sized roots from seed the first season; skin pure white 
waxy color, flesh snowy white, delicate and tender. Often grow 6 inches in 
diameter and weigh 3 lbs.; valued as a very early sort. Pkts. 5c and 10c, 
Oz. 20c. Vi Lb. 50c. Lb. $1.50. 

212. Red Wethersfield Onion. This is the most beautiful, large hand- 
some, globe-shaped red Onion. Earliness, productiveness and keeping 
qualities. It has perfect form, skin-deep polished-red: fleshpurplish-white; 
fine grained; produces enormous Onions. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. Vt, Lb. 
40c. Lb. $1.25. 

511. Large White Portugal. The standard large flat variety. Pkts. 
5c and 10c. _ Oz. 15c. K Lb. 40c. Lb. Sl.SO. 

577. White Bermuda Onion, Teneriffe. It is oval in shape, of a white 
color; quite early, very solid, does not skin in transportation and keeps 

better than any other foreign variety. It is of a mild and delicate flavor. It produces full grown Onions from seed the 
same season. In the South seed sown in the fall will produce fine large Onions for market iu early Spring Pkt. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 25c. K Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. 

578. Crystal Wax-Onion, TcneriKe. The newest atid best Pure CrystallWhite Wax-Bermuda Onion that 
has ever been developed. Pkt, 10c. Oz.35c. K Lb. $1.00. Lb. $3.50. 

579. Red Bermuda Onion, Teneriffe. Shape and size similar to white, differing only in color; a most 
desirable sort. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. 

Onion Sets 

By mail, add 10c per quart. Plant in drills about 12 inches 
apart and 4 inches in the rows. They must have high culture. 
^S" Prices given below are those ruling when this catalosjte goes 
to pi ess and are subject to market changes. IVrite for Special 
Prices when ready to buy. We give a weighed bushel of 32 poutids. 
White Silver Skin Onion Sets. Grown from our choice 
strain of White Silver Skin or Portugal Onion Seed. Pt. 15c. 
Qt. 25c. J^Pk. 60c. Pk.$1.00. Bus. $3.00. 

Extra Sifted Small Size Fancy White Silver Shin 

Onion Sets. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. Vz Pk. 75c. Pk. $1.25. Bus. $3.50. 

Large Red Wethersiield. Choicest Kecleaned. Grown 

from seed of our celebrated strain of Red Wethersfield Onion. 

Pt.J5c. Qt. 25c. ^ Pk. 60c. Pk. $1.00. Bus. 3.00. 

Yellow Onion Sets. Choice recleaned. Grown from our 
choice strain of Yellow Strasburg or Dutch Onion Seed. They 
will produce handsome, well ripened bulbs of large size quite 
early in the summer. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. K Pk.60c. Pk 85c. Bus. $2.50. 
Extra Sifted Fancy Small Size Yellow Sets. Pt. 15c. 
Q^25c. J^Pk. 60c. Pk.Sl.OO. Bus. $3.00. 

Cli irija ^"^ Ounce to 100 feet of Drill 

IPastisfeen S to 6 lbs. for an Acre 

219. Bolgiano's IIollo^v Hub Parsnip. The very best of all Par- 
snips, it is unequalled. (Specialty , see page 27.) Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c, 
K Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

569. Guernsey. (Improved Half Long.) A greatly improved strain. 
The roots do not grow as long as the Hollow Crown, but are of greater 
diameter and more easily gathered. A heavy cropper. The roots 
are very smooth; the flesh isfinegrainedandofniostexcellent quality. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 5i Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

220. Hollow Crown Sugar Parsnir Is fine grained, true hollow crown; has thick shoulders, tapers symmet- 
rically to a single tap root. Are easily j^ '.ered; heavy croppers; roots run uniformly smooth, with fine grained 
flesh, and good quality Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. '/^ Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c, 

PERSn. 1 Oz. win sow 200 ft. 

Perijil of drill. 

IPetersilfe 6 lbs. to the Acre. 

221. Bolgiano's Nov Green Mountain Triple 

Pkts. 5c and luc. 

Parsley. (.Specialty, see page 17.) 
Oz. 15c. Vi Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.00. 

222. Market Gardener's Best Triple Curled 
Parsley. Very handsome plants are of a robust and 
free growth and it is improved by severe cutting; leaves 
large, beautifully curled; very dark green, stands the 
heat, drought and cold. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 15c. Vi, Lb. 25c. 
Lb. 75c. 

223. Extra Dark Champion Moss Curled Par- 
sley. The large moss curled leaves are of a rich d.irk 
green color and very productive. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 15c. 
y^ Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

541. Fine Doubled Curled Parsley. Dwarf 
crumpled leaves. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. Va, Lb. 25c. 
Lb. 65c. 

540. Extra Curled Dwarf or Emerald. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. I5c. Vi Lb. 25c. Lb. 65c. 

224. Plain or Single Parsley. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 15c. 
Vi, Lb. 25c. Lb. 65c. 


Bolgiano's Superior Yellow Globe 
Danvers Onion 

L'c. .ioc. 72 i k:. bUC. 


Send For Special Prices 


New Green Mountain Triple Parsley 

Hollow Hub 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 


fiis/-Llass Pp^C Finest Hand 

Selected Stocks 4 ttUJ Picked Samples 

I! 'e supply Packets of Peas at 5c and 10c, Postpaid. Add Sc to Pints and 15c to Quarts by Mail. 
Qyie quart ivill plant about 100 feet of drill. One and oiie-lialf lo two bushels for an aa-e. 
.^"Those Marked "With A Star (*) are wrinkled marrows, and utitess othet-jjise stated should be 
sown thicker than the round Peas, and not U7itil the ground has become waryn as they ai e more liable to rot, 
Tliey are the finest flavored of all Peas, 

Extra Early Dwarf Varieties 

Bolgiano's Wonder Worker 
The Most Delicious Peas 

1072. *Gradu9, or Prosperity Peas. (Specialty, see page 23.) Gradus 
s in condition to pick about 4 days after our Early Triumph. The pods are 
very large and well filled with large wrinkled deep green peas of thefiuest 
quality. Height 3 feet. Pt.20c. Qt.35c. 4Qts.$1.00. Pk.$1.85. Bu.$7.(X). 

1078. *Thoiiias 'Laxton. A cross between Gradus and one of the extra 
early sorts. It ripens within a day or two of the earliest round varieties. 
Height 1 foot. Pt. 2nc. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. Sl.OO. Pk.Sl.85. Bu. $7.00. 

1181. *Large WTiite Marrowfat Peas. Height 5 feet. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 
4 Qts. 6Sc. Pk. $1.10. Bu. $4.00. 

1218. *"100 % Profit" Peas. Bolgianc's wonderful new 1914 Introduction. (Specialty See Page 23.) 
Earlier.dwarfer, more prolific, more delicious than either The Gradus or The Thomas I.axtou Pea It is 
a wonder. Try it. 5< Pt. 20c. Pt. 30c. Qt. 50c. 4 Qts. Sl.75. Pk. $3.50. Bu. $12.00. 

10?1. *Ainerican Wonder. It is of dwarf and robust habit. 10 to 15 inches high, and produces a pro- 
fusion of good-sized and well-filled pods of finest flavor. Height 1 foot. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1 00. 
Pk. $1.75. Bu.$6.50. 

1084. *Extra Early Premium Gem. Early, large, well-filled straight pods. Height 1 foot. Pt. 20c. 
Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.75. Bu. $6.50. 

1196. *McLeon's Little Gem. ^'ery early; prolific, delicious flavor. Height Wi feet. Pt. 20c. Qt. 
35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk.$1.75. Bu. $6.50. 

1229. *I..axtoniaii Peas. One foot tall, heavy coarse straw, pods large and pointed , in earliness aboui 
the same as Premium Gem and Notts Excelsior. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 2 Qts. 65c. 4 Qts. $1.10. 
Pk. $2.00. Bu.$7.50. 

lOSO. *?fotts Excelsior Pea. The verj- best short vine, wrinkled extra early Pea. Vines are more 
vigo'-ous and taller than the American "Wonder, and the pods are one-third larger, containing often 6 to 8 
large Peas, very closs together, and for sweetness and qualitj' has no equal. Height 1 foot. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 
4Qts. Sl.OO. Pk. $1.75. Bu. $6.50. 

12CI3. *STittoii's Excelsior. As early as American Wonder, with much larger pods and more -Drolific. 
Height 1 foot. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.10. Pk. $2.00. Bu. $7.50. 

1230. *Xom Thumb or Blue Peter Peas. Popular very dwarf prolific peas. Height 1 foot. Pkt. 10c. 
Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.35. Bu. $5.00. 

Extra Early Varieties 

1087. Jf ew Long Podded Alaska Pea. We recommend this new Pea as the greatest money making 
Pea that has been introduced since we first put out the Wonder Worker Pea. Be sure to give it a trial. 
(Specialty, see page 23.) Height ?!;< feet. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 85c. Pk.$1.60. Bu. $6.00. 

1029. The Hustlers. Bolgiano's New extremely early green seeded and handsome green i>odded 
big yielding Peas. (Specialty, see page 23.) Height 2J^ feet. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4Qls.85c. Pk.$1.60, Bu.S6.00. 

1088. New Extremely Early Prolific LBolijiano's "GOOD LUCK" Peas. Crop very short 
this year. Height 2Vz feet. Pt, 15c. Qt 3uc. 4 Qts. 85c. Pk. $1.60. Bu. $6.00. 

1071. Bolgiano's Extra Early Alaska Peas. By careful selection and thoroughly rogueing, we 
have developed a stock ot this smooth, blue Pea. which in evenness of growth of vine and early maturity 
of pods is unequaled. The ^anes are about 2Js feet high, not branching, but bear 4 to 7 long pods filled 
mth medium sized, beautiful bright green smooth Peas of excellent flavor. The dark green color of the 
pods makes it desirable as a siiipper, and it can be carried long distances without losing its color. 
Height 2'/^ feet. Pt. I'^c. Qt. 25c. 4Qts. 7lic. Plc.Ji.35. Bu.S5.00. 

1070. Bolgiano's Extra Early Tritunph P«as. Our Siandard market garden extra earlv Pea; pro- 
ductive and profitable to grow. Height 2% feet Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 7.5c. Pk. $1.35. Bus. $5.00. 

1201. Pedigree Extra Early. Also known as ' The New Early Pea." Extremely early, wonderfully 
productive and exceptionally uniformstock. Height2;-<feet. Pt.20c. Qt.35c. 4Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.85. Bu.S7.00. 

1202. Prolific Early Market. Not quite so early as the Pedigree, but the most productive of all the 
Extra Early Peas. Beautiful large pods, fine quality, one of the best Peas ever introduced. Heigh; 2K 
feet. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. Sl.OO. Pk. $1.85. Bu. $7.00. 

1016. Ameer Peas. An exceptionally profitable Earlj- Pea. Green seed. Height 2K feet. Pt. 20c. 
Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. 90c. Pk. $1.60. Bu. $6.00. 

10S2. Bolgiano's Extra Early Nonpariel Peas. It is used by many of our Southern customers. 
The entire crop can be had in a single picking, and its beautiful green pod retains its color and freshness 
longer than any other sorts. It is an abundant cropper and the pods good sized. It suits long distance 
shipping. Height 2'.^ feet. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 75c. Pk.$1.35. Bu. $5.00. 

1073. Extra Early Morning Star Peas. ]\Iany of our largest customers use this Pea, and it gives 
satisfaction. Height 2^2 feet. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.35. Bu. $5.00. 

1074. First and Best. First-class selected strain of extra early earlies. Height 2M feet. Pt. 15c. 
Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.35. Bu. $5.00. 

1075. Rural Ne^v Yorker. Pods of fine shape; contains from 6 to 9 Peas of fine quality, prolific, extra 
early, uniform in growth and ripening. Height 2^2 feet. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 7,5c. Pk. $1.35. Bu. S5.00. 

1200. Philadelphia Extra Early. Resembles the First and Best. Height 2J4 feet. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 
4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.35. Bu. $5.00. 

1077. *Improyed Sugar Marro-wf at Pea. Its luxurious growth and abundant, large and handsome 
pods reward cultivation. It is grown extensively^by the largest Truckers. Height 3 feet. Pt. 20c. Q^ 35c. 
4 Qts. $1.00. Pk.$1.85. Bu. $7.00. 

1076. French Canners Peas. A little later than the Alaska or Extra Early Peas. Verj' Frolific. 
Height 3M feet. Pt. 15c. Qt. 25c. 4 Qts. 75c. Pk. $1.35. Bu. $5.00. 

1083. *Bolgiano's Wonder Worker Pea. (Specialty, see page 23.) 
Earliest Extra Early Wrinkled Pea. Most profitable for Growers and 
Shippers. Unequaled for Home Garden. This is the most delicious pea 
you have ever eaten. They fairly melt in your mouth. If you have never 
eaten a "Wonder Worker" Pea you don't know what a good Pea tastes like. 
Sis weeks from planting, this wonderful large Wrinkled Pea can be market- 
ed. In earliness, great size and excellent flavor, it is unequaled. The vines 
grow 2x2 feet high, and are very hardy, resisting pests and cold weather. It 

ears an abundance of large even green pods. The Wonder Worker Peas are 
superior in earliness, hardiness, and large size pods to the Gradus or Pros- 
perity Pea, Height 25^ feet. Pt. 25c. Qt.SOc. 4 Qts, $1.35. Pk. $2.50. Bu. $10.00. 

Second Early and General Crop Varieties. 

1089. *Bolgiano's "CRACKER JACK" Pea. (Specialty, see page 
23.) "CRACKER JACK" continuous to bear an abundance of most delicious 
Peas, when all other varieties are dried up from the hot sun of early summer. 
1. Wonderful yielder. 2. Vines 2 feet 2 inches high. 3. Growth hardy, ro- 
bust and vigorous. 4. Extremely large pods, have a handsome rfa;-.?;.e-rf<?H 
color, and are borne even more abundantly than on the Dwarf Prolific Green 
Marrow Peas. 5. Ready for the market, just as the Wonder Worker Peas 
are over. 6. If planted a little late will stand the warm weather excellently. 
7. It's the Pea Market Gardeners have been looking for, and it's a "Cracker 
yac*."Height25^ft. Pkt. 10c. Pt.20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.25. Pk. $2.00. Bu. $7.50. 

1231. *Horsford's Market Gardeners Pea. Oneof the largest yielding 
second early Pea in cultivation, a single plant bearing 150 pods. Only 
2 feet high, requiring no stakes. A fine market-garden pea and 
equally good for home use. The pods are borne in pairs and are easily and 
quickl'y picked. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 20c. Qt. 3nc. 4 Qts. S5c. Pk.$1.60. Bu. S6.00. 

1090. *Dwarf Giant Podded Prolific Green Marrow Pea. Bears 
enormous, handsome pods 7 to 8 inches in length, filled with large, deep 
green Peas, requires no support. Height 2 feet. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. 
Pk. $1.75. Bu. $6.50. 

1091. * American Champion Pea. One of the largest of Peas, produc- 
tive, flavor and quality approach that of the well-known Champion of Eng- 
land; pods filled, containing from 9 to 12 large Peas; sow thinly. Height 4K 
feet. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.85. Bu.$7 00. 

1092. *Shropshire Hero. 'Very productive; fine flavor; long, handsome 
pods. Height 2'.^ feet. Pt. 20c. Qt.35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.75. Bu. $6.50. 

1101. *Gardener'8 Favorite. 3 feet high. Profitable for market. 
Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.75. Bu. $6.50. 

1102. ^Everbearing. A long time in bearing, peas large, pods long. 
IJ^ feet high. Pt. 20c. Qt.30c. 4 Qts. 85c. Pk. $1.60. Bu. $6.00. 

1093. *Champion of England. A well-known, standard variety; sow 

thickly. Height 5 feet. Pt. 20c. Qt. 3Ck:. 4 Qts.JSSc. . Pk. $1.60. Bu. S6.00. 

1085. *Telephone Improved. Robust habit. A 'single vine produces 
18 to 30 unusually long well filled pods of large size, containing 10 to 12 
Peas, often forming a double row, of fine flavor. Height 5 feet. Pt. 20c. 
Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.75. Bu. $6.50. 

10S6. *I>aisy, or D-vvarf Telephone. Plants stout, self-supporting, 
heavy cropper. Height l'< feet. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk.Sl.S5. Bu.$7.00. 

1094. *Dwarf Champion. A dwarf growing Champion of Englaiid. 
In warm soils and locations, will give better results than the old strain. 
Height 2 feet. Pt. 20c. Qt.35c. 4 Qts. Sl.OO. Pk. $1.75. Bu.$6.50. 

1110. *Stratagem. 'Very large pods. Peas of finest quality. Height 
IJ^ feet. Pt. 20c. Qt. 30c. 4 Qts. S5c. Pk.$160. Bu,$6.00- 

1097. *Heroine. 2J<< feet high. Larcre pods, containing S to 9 large peas 
of fine flavor. Pt. 20c. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.85. Bu. $7.00. 

1098. *Juno. 2 feet high. Large pods fllled with large dark green peas 
of delicious flavor. Pt. 2ec. Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. <1.75. Bu. 6.50. 

1099. *Abnndance. 3 feet high. Numerous well filled pods. Pt. 20c. 
Qt. 35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk. $1.60. Bu. $6.00. 

12185^. Alderman. (Admiral Dewey.) Extra large dark green pods on 
order of Duke of Albanv. Very fine. Height 4 feet. Pt.20c. Qt. 35c 
4 Qts. $1.00. Pk.$1.75. Bu.$6.50. 

1100. *Duke of Albany. 4 feet high. Dark green pods, prolific. Pt. 20c. 
Qt.35c. 4 Qts. $1.00. Pk.$1.75. Bu. $6.50. 

1199. *Edible Podded or Sugar Pea. Melting Sngar. Grows to 
the height of 5 feet; bears a profusion of large, broad nods, which are so 
brittle that they snap without any string. Pkt. 10c. Pt. 3.5c. Qt. 50c. 
4 Qts. $1.75. Pk. $3.00. 

Trustworthy Vegetable Seeds for 1914 


Write For Special Prices 

Northern Grown Seed 

Grown Expressly for Seed 

PoMME DE Terre HUa/iis iKactosseln 

We are Large Growers of Aroostook County, Maine 

Grown Seed Potatoes 

Prices subject to market changes. Special prices cheer- 
fttlly siven to larse buyers oil application. Because of tlie 
scarcity of barrels in Maine we always s/iip in barrel sacks 
of 165 lbs. net. If wanted in barrels add 25c to the price of 
Barrel Sacks. 

Culture. Any good well drained, fibrous loam will 
produce Potatoes under right climatic conditions. For 
early Potatoes, which mature in 8 to 10 weeks from plant- 
ing, the soil must be particularly rich. A rich clover sod, 
manured and broken the year before and planted to corn, 
beans, peas, oats, etc., is in best shape forgiving a good 
yield of nice, clean Potatoes. Stable manure had better 
be applied to the land the j'ear before, while some good 
complete fertilizer, at tlie rate of up to lOuO pounds per 
acre if applied broadcast, or 400 to 600 pounds if applied 
mostly in the rows, may be used directly for the Potato 
crop. Open furrows 3 ft. apart and 3 to 4 inches deep. 
Apply the fertilizer, and run tns furrower or small plow 
again in the furrow to mix the fertilizer with the soil and 
leave a mellow seedbed. Then plant good-sized pieces, 
each containing not less than 2 or 3 eyes, 15 inches apart 
in the furrows for early Potatoes, and 18 inches apart for 
late ones. In some of the large Potato sections the Pota- 
toes are always planted in check rows of 3 feet apar. each 
way. Cover with coverer, small plow or other suitable 
tool. Cultivate often. Spray with Bordeaux Arsenate of 
Lead Mixture as a protection from flea beetle, potato 
beetle and blight. 8 to 10 bushels will plant an acre. 

Trust Buster. Bolgiano's Wonderful. New Pro- 
digious Yielding early Seed Potatoes. (Specialty, see 
page 26.) Pk. 65c. Bu. $2.00. Bbl. Sack $5.00. 

Plucky Baltimore. (.Specialty, see page 25.^ The 
best and earliest Potato on earth. "Without an equal. 
Pk. 65c. Bu. $2.00. Bbl. Sack S5.00. 

Gray's Mortgage Lifter Seed Potato. An enor- 
mous yielder, second early potato with no culls. (Spe- 
cialty, see page 25 ) Pk. 60c. Bu. Sl.85. Bbl. $4.50. 

Bolgiano's Famous Prosperity Potato. (Specialty, see page 26.) 
Yields fine crops of even fine, smooth, large Potatoes, under the most im- 
favorable circumstances. Flesh is as white as snow, and cooks dry and 
mealy. Pk.60c. Bu. $1.85. Bbl. Sack $4.50. 

Red Bliss Triumph, or Improved Bed Bermuda. One of the 
earliest varieties grown. Its great productiveness, handsotue color and 
resistance to disease make it most popular. Pk. 45c. Bu. $1.50. Bbl. 
Sack $3.50. 

Pride of the South. This variety is a twin to the Red Bliss Triumph, in 
everything except color, it being white, with pink eye. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.75. 
Bbl. Sack $4.00. 

Early Ohio. One of the standard early varieties and said to be the best 
potato that grows in the ground. Full week earlier than the Early Rose; 
shape oblong, quality, dry. mealy. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.75. Bbl. $4.00. 

Irish Cobbler. It is a vigorous grower, ripens uniformly, and a good 
keeper. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. Sack $3.75. 

Junior Pride, or White Bliss. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.75. Bbl. $4.00. 

Early Thoroughbred. One of the most popular of the Uarly Rose va- 
rieties. Pk. 50c. Bu. S1.60. Bbl. Sack $3.75. 

Crown Jewel. Maine grown, good drought resister, good keepers, 
white, pink end, very early. Pk. 50c. Bu. Si 60. Bbl. Sack $3.75. 

Early ?Jew Queen. Every potato ripens atone time.snowy white when 
baked, delicious. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. Sack $3.75. 

Early PJorther. Fancy stock, extra early, rose color, very productive, a 
favorite. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. Sack $3.75. 

*i, .f.' 

Bolgiano's Prosperity Potato 
Clark's No. 1. Earlier than Rose, oblong, pink color, mealy cooker, 
fine flavor. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. Sack $3.75. 

Maine Houlton Early Bose. The genuine Early Rose still remains 
the standard early variety. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. Sack $3.75. 

Beauty Hebron. Splendid keeper, pink, turning to pure white, early, 
productive. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. Sack $3.75. 

Spalding No. 4, Extra Early Rose XX. Earliest Rose Potato in the 
world, good cropper, fine appearance. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.60 Bbl. Sack $3.75. 
Ensign Bagley, or White Rose. An excellent cropper, smooth and 
not susceptible to disease. Pk. 50c. Bu.$1.75. Bbl. Sack $4.00. 

Early Six Weeks. Ready for table in 6 weeks. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.60. 
Bbl. $3.75. 
Henderson's Early Bovee. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. Sack $3 75. 
Sir Walter Raleigh. Big cropper, flesh white, superior qualitj", fine 
grained. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. Sack $3.75. 

Green Mountain. A very popular main crop potato. Pk. 50c. Bu. $1.60. 
Bbl. Sack $3.75. 

Rural New Yorker. Second early large smooth, white, wide as long, 
very productive. Pk, SOc. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. Sack $3.75. 

White Elephant. Most largely grown, heavy cropper, excellent quality 
white flesh. Pk. SOc. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. $3.75. 
Empire State. Great yielder, popular. Pk. SOc. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. $3.75. 
Early Fortune. Oblong, very productive. Bk.SOc. Bu.$1.60. Bbl. $3.75 
Early Harvest. Very popular in the largest potato section. Pk. SOc. 
Bu.$1.60. Bbl. $3.75. 
Most successful of the Cannon's, heavy yielder. Pk. SOc. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. $3.75. 
Burbank Seedling. An old standard, popular on account of its fine eating quality. Pk. SOc, 
Bu.$1.50- Bbl. Sack $3.50. 

Puritan, or Polaris. A splendid early variety, white and fine, very prolific, yielding large 
crops of handsome potatoes of most superior table qualities. Pk. SOc. Bu. $1.60. Bbl. $3.75. 

Dakota Rose. An enormous yielding Dark Red Rose Potato. Pk. SOc. Bu. $1.60. Bbl, $3.75. 
American Giants. One of the most popular of the new heavy yielding Potatoes. Pk. SOc. 
Bu.Sl.60. Bbl. Sack $3.75. 

McCormack Potatoes. Avery late heavy yieldingpotato, about the best of all winter keepers. 
Pk. SOc. Bu. $1.50. Bbl. Sack. $3.50. 

Carmon No. 3. 



P| Piviienio 

^*- ipcHer 

Mammoth Ruby King Pepper 

Culture. Sow in hotbeds in March, and, when the soil has becotne warm, set in rows 2 feet apart 
and 18 incites in the row; hoe frequently, tlie plants may alio befoi-a/arded in small pots. 

163. Scarlet Mammoth, Bolgiano's New^ Early Pepper. Much earlier and more prolific 
than the Chinese Giant. (Specialty, seepage 22.) Pkt. 10c. Vz Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. li Lb. $1.00. Lb. $3.50. 

226. Chinese Giant. (Specialty, see page 22.) Pkt. Sc & 10c. Oz. 25c. % Lb. 85c. Lb. $3.00. 
233. New Neapolitan. (Specialty, see page 22.) Pkt. Sc & 10c. Oz. 20c, K Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. 

227. Mammoth Ruby King Peppers. Extra Selected Stock. This magnificent variety 
is now recognized as one of the best Red Peppers for market or family use. Every one who has 
seen our crop has been enthusiastic in praise of the beautiful plants crowned with the large 
handsome fruits of a bright red ruby color. The peppers grow from A^ to 6 inches long by iM to 
4/^ inches through. Added to their beautiful color when ripe is the fact that they are remarkably 
mild and pleasant to the taste — in this respect unequaled by any other Red Pepper. We cannot 
too strongly recommend the Ruby King. So mild and pleasant in flavor they can be sliced and 
eaten with pepper and vinegar, like tomatoes, and makes a very pleasant and appetizing salad, 
while for stuffing and pepper hash, no other variety can equal them. Pkts. Sc and 10c. Oz. 20c. 
K lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. 

228. Bell or Hot Bull Nose. Large, hot. red, pickling. Pkts. 5c & 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. 60c. Lb. $2 

562. Sweet Bull Nose. Pkts. Sc and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb, 60c. Lb. $2.00. 

229. Sweet Mountain. Flesh very thick and mild. Pkts. 5c & 10c. Oz.20c. 5^ Lb. 55c. Lb. 1.75 

560. True Red Chili. Not as long or thick as Cheyenne. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. 60c. 
Lb. $2.00. ^ „„ 

561. Long Red Cheyenne. For Pickling. Pkts. Sc and 10c. Oz. 20c. H Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.0Q 

563. Red Cherry. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. % Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 


Radis et Rade 
Jxa^aHOs r Rabauitos 
TRabiej un& 1Rctti6 

Early Round Scarlet Globe 

248. Bolgiano's Solid Crimson King. (Specialty, see page 24.) 
Double the size of the ordinary early turnip-shaped Radishes, this one often 
measuring: 6 to 7 inches iu circumference: the shape varies between round 
and oval; adapted for either open ground or forcing. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 10c. 
Vt Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. Postpaid. 

239. Scarlet Turnip "White Tip Radish. Round, bright scarlet, attrac- 
tive white tip, matures in 25 days, Pkt, 5c. Oz. 10c. 5i Lb. 15c. Lb. 40c. 

538. Rosy Gem, Everybody wants this pretty .crisp, tasty little French 
Radish, so showv with its brilliant cardinal red, contrasted with its immac- 
ulate white. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c K Lb. 15c. Lb. 40c. 

500. Early Snowball, Forcing, White Turnip Radish. Earliest round, 
while, solid, Pkt 5c. Oz. 10c. \i Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c, 

23i, French Breakfast Radish. Quick growth, mild, tender, good 
for forcing. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. U Lb. 20c. Lb 45c. 

246 Tait's Favorite Forcing Extra Early Radish. For forcing 
under glass. It is also largely used for field culture. Perfect both in shape 
and color, the skin being a bright, transparent red, and many bunches may 
be put in a single package. Pkt. 5c. Oz, 10c. Ji Lb, 20c. Lb. 45c. 

Pkts. Ozs. and H Lbs. Delivered Free, but Add 8c to Lbs. 

2 Ozs. to 100 feet of Drill. 
Cnltnre. Sow as soon as tlie ground isdry inilieSt>ring,in 
rows 8 to 12 incites apart, every week or 10 daysfor successioti.up 
to tlie middle offune, after -which tliey are little used, unless a 
cool northern spot can be found wliere the groinid is shaded dur- 
ing part of tlie day. Tliey should be sown in light, rich soil, as 
a crisp Radish cannot be pi-oduced in heavy soils. So-w also in 
early Fall for late crops and Winter use. Sow 8 to 12 pounds 
to the acre. Radislies should be eaten -when quite small: it is a 
mistake to let /Item groio too long and too large. This applies 
particularly to Ruby King and small turnip-shaped sorts. 

Extra Early Round Varieties 

9. Tip Top Wliite Tip. The beautiful New Extremely- 
Early Radish. (Specialty see page 24.) Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c 
Vi. Lb. 20c. Lb. 60c. Postpaid. 

258. Strawberry Radish. (Specialty, see page 24.) This 
is the extremely early round Radish that attracted so much 
attention last season when we first introduced it by .sample 
packages to our Market Garden customers. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c 
K Lb. 20c, M Lb. 35c. Lb. 60c. Postpaid. 

230. Ruby King, Bolgiano's Extra Early Radish. 

The best of all brilliant red radishes. (Specialty seepage 

_ 24.)^ Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. M Lb. 20c. J< Lb. 35c. Lb. eOc! Postpaid. 

238. Bolgiano's Round Scarlet Globe Radish. Rich, scarlet color 

faultless shaoe, ma lures in 20 days, Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 5iLb,'l5c. Lb. 4rr.' 

241. Vick's Scarlet Globe Radish. A leader among bright.'roind 

Red R-idi>,hes. Quick maturiug, extremely attractive, short tops, solir'. and 

fine flavor. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. '4 Lb 20c. Lb. 45c. 

232. Lexington Market Money Maker. The Best early round white 
Radish. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

240. Crimson Giant Globe Radish. Originator's Stock Seed. This 
is an entirely new variety, suitable for forcing or earlv out door planting 
Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 20c. Lb 45c. 

23454. Bolgiano's New White Olive Radish. Tt has short tops, rapid 
growth, perfect olive shape, extra fine quality. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. M Lb. 20c 
Lb. 45c. 

231. Felton's Model or Philadelphia 'WTiite Box Radish. Hand- 
some and early with fewer short leaves, hence can be sown thickly in the 
row. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. H Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

509. Prussian Globe Radish. It is a GLOBE shape of a crimson color 
short top and will stand forcing. Pkt, 5c. Oz. 10c. X Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

Early Long Varieties 

255. Improved Early L,ong Scarlet Short Top. Tlie finest strain of the most popular Radish. The long, 
slender, handsome red roots are most attractive. They are ready in about 25 days, crisp, brittle and of choicest ijuality. 
Length 5 to 6 inches. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. M Lb. 15c. Lb. 40c. 

250. Bolgiano's New Glass Radish. (Specially . see page 24 ) Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 5^ Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 

252. Cincinnati Market. A str/dn of the Long Scarlet; growing to slight^' larger size, fully as early and darker 
in coloring. Pkt. 5c. Oz 10c. li Lb. 20c. Lb. 45r. 

537. Wood's Early Frame. This is an extra early strain of the Zo;;s-3'car/i?/.S'Aorif TbA largely used for growing 
under glas^. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. !0<b. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

249. White Pearl Forcing. Bolgiano's Extra Early Long Radish. Sweet, crisp flavor, very popular and 
profitable. (Specialty, see page 24.) Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 25c. LI). 6uc. Postpaid. 

257. Ne-iF White Icicle Radish. Introduced from Germany, is one of the finest and longest of the very early, 
pure white vnriPties. Pkt. .5c. Oz. inc. 5:^ Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

253. Lady Finger or White Vienna. Long white, very early, attractive, Pkt, 5c, Oz, 10c, K Lb, 20c. Lb. 45c. 

251. Bolgiano's New White Delicacy. Beautiful form, exceptionally clear, bright, waxy appearance, exceed- 
ingly smooth, <lelicate, crisp and tender. It has short tops. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 4Sc. 

557. Half Long Deep Scarlet. Very popular in the New Orleans Market. The radishes are of slightly larger 
diameter and most brilliant scarlet coloring. Flesh purest white, crisp, juicy. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. ^ Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

Summer and Autumn Varieties 

254. New White Strasburg Radish. The most popular .Summer Radish: of oblongshape, tapering to a point. 
Skin and flesh are pure white, almost transparent; very tender, of a delightful pungent taste. Pkt, 5c. Oz. 10c. 
Vi Lb, 20c. Lb. 4';c. 

243. Large "White Globe Summer. Deliciously mild and sweet. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c, 5i Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

244. Giant AV^hite Stutgarf. An immense white Summer Radish. Pk'.5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 
247. Chartier or Shepherd. Long crimson, tinped with white. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 5^ Lb. 20. Lb. 45c. 

237. Golden Globe Summer Radish. Grows quicklv to a fair size aud withstands heat and drought remarkably 
well. Of excellent flavor. I'kt. 5c, Oz. 10c. \i Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

Winter Varieties 

Solid Crimson King Radish 

256. New Short White Chinese Celestial Radish. The best of all Winter Radishes, (Specialty, see page 24,) 
Pkt, 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 60c. 
242. Chinese Rose Winter. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb, 20c. Lb. 45c. 261. Long "White Spanish "Winter. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

259. Round Black Spanish Winter. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 262. Round White Spanish Winter. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. MLb.2lc. J.b.45c 

260. New "Winter Radish Osaka. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 263. Long Black Spanish "Winter. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

Rhubard or Pie Plant, Victoria. "Very large, the finest cooking variety. Pkt. loc, Oz. 15c. K l.b. 35c. Lb. $1. 

Bolgiano's Long Red Glass Radish 

Trustworthy Vegetable Seeds For 1914 



Spelse tfluirbisj 


Pkls.. Ozs.. and Vi Lbs. 
delivered free but add 
8c to Lbs. 

1 Oz. Bush varieties for 40 Hills: Large Seeded Varieties, IS Hills; 
2 to 3 Lbs. Bush. 3 to 4 Lbs. Large Seeded per Acre. 

Culture. Sow in hills in the same manner and at the same time as Cu- 
cumbers and Melons, the bush varieties 3 to 4 feet apart, and the running 
kinds from 6 to 9 feet apart. 

Bush Varieties 



331. Bolgiano's Extra Early Dawn Squash. The earliest and best 
white Bush Squash. CSpecialty, see page 27.) Pkts. 5c. Oz. 10c. Vi I,b. 25c. 
L,b. 75c. Postpaid. 

501. New Extra Early Jersey White Bush. An extra early strain 
of thi White Basil, Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K I<b. 20c. I,b. 50c. 

191 Long Island White Bush. An impioved strain of Early White 
Scollop Buih; very prolific. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. '4 I<b. 20c. _Lb. SOc. 

265. Extra White Bush Scalloped, or Patty Pan.Squash. Good 
size un.form, a heavy cropper, and early. The skin is white and the flesh 
fine'ijrained and tender. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. M I<b. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

2675^. Mammoth White Bush. Frequently 12 to 14 inches in diameter. 
Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. i/C Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

271. Early Yellow Bush Scalloped. A very early, flat, scalloped 
variety of l.irgest siz;; skin deep orange; flesh pale yellow and well flavored. 
Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. \i Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

211 Mammoth Tellow Bush Scalloped or Golden Custard. Similar to Early Yellow Bush , but very much larger. A splendid variety, very 
prolific and 1 good seller. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. '-i Lb. 2(lc. Lb 50c. 

269 Golden Summer Crookneck Squash. Of dwarf, bushy habit, very productive; skin yellow; flesh greenish-yellow color, dry and agreeable 
flavor. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. % Lb. 20c. Lb 50c. 

304. Mammoth or Giant Summer Croockneck Squash. Double the size of the ordinary Crookneck and very warty, fine for Market. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. Vi Ub. 20c. Lb. 60c. 

329. Fordhook Bush. Early; sweet and dry, oblong, bright yellow, one of the handsomest and best keeping winter varieties, also a good summer 
sort. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. ^ Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

Running Varieties 

272. Early Prolific Oranfie Marrow. A very early prolific Boston Marrow of most delicate flavor; and uniform type. 
Suitablefor fall or winter. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 5i Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

273. Boston Marrow. Oval, bright orange, flesh yellow. Our stock is exceptionally fine. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. KLb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 
270. The New Red or Golden Hubbard. Red, exceedingly showy and attractive. Flesh much richer in color than 

Hubbard, fine-grained, cooks very dry. of excellent flavor. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 65c. 

80. The True Hubbard Squash. Vines of strong running growth: fruits large olive shape, with dark green skin and 
very rich flesh. An excellent keeper and of splendid quality. Owr ■iXfnmi^ extra fine. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Jj Lb. 20c. Lb. 65c. 

330. Chicago Warted Hubbard. A superior strain of mammoth size with skin heavily v/arted. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 
M Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

274. Improved Winter Crookneck, or Cusha^v Squash. Mottled green and white; flesh is yellow, solid, fine- 
grained and sweet; excellent for pies. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. y Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

.^,^ _ Culture. May be planted middle of Spring, among the Indian Corn or in the 

\J\\vY\\^\^'\Y\C ^*^7T°^ fielder garden, m hills 8 or 10 feet apart each -way, four seeds in a hill. In other 

\^ \XW\^j}^W.l^ m « hi respects are cultivated iyt same 7nanner as Melons ayid Cucumbers. Avoid planting 

r ©r063e TKUB133 near other vines. 2 pounds to acre. 

102. King of the Mammoth or True Potiron. The Great Prize Pumpkin growing the largest of all, from 100 to 200 lbs. 
in weight, bright yellow, tender, excellent. Pkt. 5c. O^. 10c. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

299. Striped Cushaw. Skin striped with mottled-green bands of <:/-^a?«j' white. Rich yellow meat, tender and of fine 
flavor. Pkt. 5c. Oz 10c M Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

225. Sweet Potato Pumpkin. Finest variety for table. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

89. Large Cheese Pumpkin. Forms flat like a cheese; a sure cropper and extensively grown for canning. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. M I,b. 15c. Lb. 40c. 

136. Small Sugar Pumpkin. Small orange colored, sweet. Pkt. 5c. Oz. lOc. K I^b. 20c. Lb. 45c. 

1069. Connecticut Field, or Large Yello-w Pumpkin. Excellent for stock feeding. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Vi, Lb. 15c. 
Lb. 25c. 

1058J^. Kentucky Large Field. Flat, fine for Pumpkin pies, winter, etc. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 54 Lb. 15c. Lb. 25c. 

Salsify or Oyster Plant 

Ostion Vegetal 

Great Giant Salsify 

Culture. Sow as early as the ground can be worked in the Spring, in drills 12 inches :ipart, 1 inch deep, and thin out to 6 
inches to the row. Keep them free from weeds. Cultivate the same as carrots and parsnips. A part of the crop ma'y be left 
in the ground till spring, when it will be found fresh and plump. The roots are cut into pieces Jj inch long, boiled until 
tender, and then served with drawn butter, in which way It is a delicious vegetable. They are also mashed and baked like 
parsnips, and have a sweet agreeable flavor. Mashed and fried the flavor is much like that of the oyster. Sow 8 to 10 pounds 
to the acre. One ounce to 50 feet of drill. 

275. Bolgiano's New "Great Giant" Salsify. The largest, purest and best salsify to grow. (Specialty, see page 27.) 
Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. K Lbs. 40c. Lb. SI. 25. 

Superior in quality, pure white color, very meaty and fine flavor. Our 
Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. Vi Lb, 35c. Lb. Sl.GO. 
Vi Lb. 30c. Lb. 85c. 




276. Sandwich Mammoth White Salsify. 

stock unusuallv eood: grows so large and shapely. 
504. Large White. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. 
One ounce to 100 feet of Drill. 
10 to 12 Lbs. in Drills for an acre. 
25 to 35 Lbs. Broadcast for an acre. 

/4 uu. j\j^. x.t\j. oo^. 


1000. Long Season Spinach. This new variety is especially 
adapted for Summer Sowing as it remains in perfect condition a 
long time before going to .seed. (.Specialty, see page 27,) Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 25c. 5 Lbs. $1 ,00, 

1106. New Improved Curled Long Standing. The very best 
for spring. (Specialty, see page 27.) Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 15c. 
Lb. 23c. 5 Lbs. $1.00. 

1107. New Victoria Spinach. The foliage is heavy, the broad 
dark green leaves are of the finest quality. Pkt. 5c. Oz, 10c. K Lb. 
15c. Lb. 25c. 5 Lbs. 75c. 

1105. Curled Leaf Savoy, or Bloomsdale. American 
grown. Large Curled and wrinkled leaves, tender and of tne finest 
flavor Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 15c. Lb. 25c. 5 Lb-. 75c. 

1104. Curled Leaf Savoy, or Bloomsdale, Imparted. We 
grow many thousands of pounds of both the American and Imported 
seed each year. We believe our private stock is the choicest it is 
possible to produce. We solicit your orders. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 
% Lb. 15c. Lb. 20c. 5 Lbs. 65c. 

1108. Long-Standing Thick-Leaved Spinach. Leaves are 
large, thick, fleshy and crumpled, fully equal to the Savoy-Leaf . 
Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 15c, Lb, 20c. 5 Lbs. 65c. 

1109. Monstrous or Viroflay. A valuable variety; has large, 
round, thick le.-ives. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c, K Lb. 15c. Lb. 20c. 5 Lbs. 65c. 

1232. New Triumph Spinach. This excellent new Spinach is 
nearly double the size of the Victoria and has allot its good quali- 
ties. Very profitable for market gardeners and shippers. Oz. 5c. 
Ya. Lb, 15c, Lb, 25c. 5 Lbs, Si. 00, 

1233, Early Giant Thick-Leaved. A new and superior Spin- 
ach, either sown in Spring for early Summer use or Fall for Winter 
use, it is very slow to run to seed and very hardy: plant compact 
growing with short stemmed thick and fleshy rich green leaves. 
Oz. 5c. % Lb. 15c. Lb. 25c. 5 Lbs. $1.00. 

Curled Savoy 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 

Bolgiano s Greater Baltimore" Tomato 

IVe Prepay Postage T^y-vvv^ "^-l-^-v Tomato 

on all Tomato Seeds I Ij I | 1 3 III Tomatoes 

including Pounds -^ vrii*v**,vr Xicbcsapfel 

The Largest and Most Successful Tomato Gro2uei'S in ATaryla^id, OhiOy Indiana, Florida, Texas, Thro^ishout the South, in Canada, Mexico, Australia 
and Every State in the U. S. where Tomatoes are grown — They All Say Year After Year, Bolgiano' s Tomato Seeds Produce the Best Tomatoes 

that grow. One ounce of seed will produce from 3,000 to 4.000 plants. 
Culture. For first early Tomatoes select varieties of the earliest types, and start the plants under glass during February. When plants are 2 inches 
high, transplant into fiats, thumb pots or plant boxes, and later on transplant again, giving more room. Never crowd the plants, but keep them short and 
stocky. Plants already in bloom or with fruit set, if in wooden plant boxes or in pots may be transplanted to the open ground without disturbing their 
roots, and will continue to bloom and fruit without check. Set these sorts 4 feet apart each way in warm, mellow soil of fair fertility as soon as danger from 
belated frost is past. For main crop, the plants can be started somewhat later, iu hotbed or cold frame, once transplanted to keep them stocky, and then 
set in open ground, in fairly good warm soil, 5 feet apart each way. A very ornamental show can be made in the home garden by training tomato plants 
to stakes, poles or trellis. Application of superphosphate, or of some good complete (vegetable) fertilizer often have a very happy effect on Tomatoes in 
hastening maturity and increasing the yield. 

Red Tomatoes 

Red Tomatoes 

234. "John Baer" Tomato. New 1914 introduction, seepage 1. "John 
Baer" Tomatoes produces perfect, solid, high crown, beautiful, brilliant red 
shipping tomatoes, like photograph from nature in colors, in 30 days from 
strong plants grown in veneer bands or from potted plants if the roots are 
undisturbed when set out. Pkt. $1.00. K Oz. S2.50. Oz. $4.00. Ji I,b. $15.00. 
I,b. $50.00. We offer veneer bands at 50c per 100. 

310. "Prosperity." The Wonder Among New Early Tomatoes. The 
earliest of all tomatoes, a brilliant red, an enormous yielder, grown and 
developed from single plant selections covering a period of five years, filled 
full of strong, sturdy, healthy new blood. (Specialty, see page 4.) Pkt. 25c. 
K Oz. 60c. Oz. $1.00. K I,b. $3.00. Lb. $10.00. Postpaid. 

277. Bolgiano's Extremely Early I. X. L. Tomato. Earliest, larg- 
est, most prolific. (Specialty, see page 5.) Pkt. 10c. M Oz. 20c. Oz. 30c. 
2 0zs. 50c. 5<I,b. 90c. J< I,b. $1.75. Lb. $3.50. Postpaid. 

77. Maryland My Maryland. A wonderful "Double Yielding" 
Tomato, offered last year for the first time, entirely distinct, never before 
has there been a vegetable so remarkable. It is simply startling in its im- 
mense productiveness. (Specialty, see page 8.) Pkts. 10c. 1 Oz. 30c. 
2 0zs. 50c. H-L,h.90c. J< Lb. $1.75. Lb. S3-50. Postpaid. 

279. Boliviano's "Greater Baltimore" Tomato. JIakes a fine crop 
when all others fail. (Specialty, see page 7.) Pkts 10c. % Oz. 20c. 
Oz. 35c. 2 0zs. 60c. K Lb. $100. Lb $3.50. Postpaid. 

278. Bolgiano's Extra Early 'Wealthy Tomato. (Specialty, see 
page 9.) One of the earliest; smooth, firm, delicious flavor, beautiful red 
color .ind an abundant yielder. Pkts. 10c. Oz. 25c. Ji Lb. 85c. Lb. $3.00. 

311. Florida Special Tomato. Earlv, prolific, blight proof. (Spe- 
cialty, see page 9) Pkt. JOc. Oz. 25c. '/t Lb. 85c. Lb. $3.00. Postpaid. 

332. Bonny Best Early Tomato. This is a very early and very popular 
variety, quite as earlj' as the best strains of Earliana Tomato, it is a vigorous 
grower, enormousl.v prolific, wWh splendid foliage and of an intense velvety 
glowing scarlet color, ripens evenlv all over and up to the stem. Pkt. 10c. 
Oz. 25c. K Lb. 85c. Lb. $3.00. Postpaid. 

287. Chalk's Early Jewel. (Specialty, see page 9.) Very fine new 
sort; large, solid, smooth, bright red; similar to the Stone, but early. 
Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 2Sc. K Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

286. Spark's Earliana Tomato. It is remarkable for its earliness, 
very large size, hand,some shape and bright red color. Its solidity and fine 
qualities are to the best medium and late sorts. Pkts. 10c. Oz. 25c. 
a Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

296. I>warf Stone Tomato. Double size of Dwarf Champion, the 
Largest Fruited Upright Growing Variety in existence. Color same as 
Stone Tomato. Pkts. 5c and lOc. Oz. 25c. 'a Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

196. Maul's "Earliest of All" Tomato. Extremely early, large 
size, bright red color and delicious flavor, though a little irregular in shape 
the fruit is not rough, Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. K Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

283. Bolgiano's NeM^ Century Tomato. Deep Red color, large, hand- 
some size from first picking until last Tomato is taken from the vine, 
(Specialty, seepage 10.) Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. 2 Ozs. 40c. K Lb. 75c. 
Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

284. Bolgiano's Best, The Great B.B. Tomato. (Specialty, see page 
9.) It has every good quality pertaining to the Tomato, and avoids all 
faults of other sorts. One of the smoothest, most solid, heaviest and most 
handsome Tomato grown. The B. B. is as solid as an apple, has no core, and 
the flavor is excellent. It weighs more pounds per bushel tlian ether sorts 
which proves its solidity; it has a beautiful red color, the fruits arc quite 
large. There is no need of a field of poor Tomatoes when fifty cents will 
buy enough to supplv plants for one acre. Used successfully for early and 
late crops. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. M Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. Postpaid. 

572. New Red Rock Tomato. (Specialty, see page 9.) One of the 

finest, large, solid, smooth Tomato of verv fine red color. A heavy producer 
and an excellent shipper. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 2Sc. li Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. 

307. New Stone Tomato. Specially Selected Stock. We have the 
truest, purest, cleanest stock; free from rust and blight, of this most valu- 
able Tomato. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. 55c. Lb. $1.75. Postpaid. 

302. Kelly Red, or 'Wade Tomato. This splendid Red Tomato origin- 
ated in Anne Arundel County, Md.. and through its superior qualities it 
has become the Tomato most largely used in that section. It is large, 
meatv, an abundant >'ielder, and withst.ands unfavorable conditions re- 
markably well. Pkts. 5c and 10c. ^^2 Oz. 15c. Oz. 25c. Ji Lb. 85c. Lb. $3.00. 

2S8. King of 'the Earliest Tomato. Large and productive. Very 
early. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. M Lb. 85c. Lb. $3.00. Postpaid. 

306. Boliviano's New Queen Tomato. This very beautiful Tomato, 
introduced by us, is now used all over the country. It is large, smooth and 
handsome, red color. For canning, market purposes and shipping it leads 
wherever grown. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. 55c. Lb. $1.75. 

2S5. New Matchless Tomato. Vigorous, healthy vines are crowded 
with beautiful fruit of largest size and solidity. First-class shipper, 
Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. ^ Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. Postpaid. 

524. Maul's Success Tomato. I^rge, red, main crop. Pkts. 5c & 10c. 
Oz. 25c. M Lb. 60c. Lb. $2.00. Postpaid. 

312. Livingston's Paragon. Bright, red, round; very productive. 
Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. 'a Lb. 55c. Lb. $1.75. Postpaid. 

308. Livingston's Favorite. Large, smooth, productive and a good 
shipper, Pkts, 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. 55c. Lb. $1.75. Postpaid. 

Trustworthy Seeds For 1914 


Bolgiano's Best Tomato, The Great B 

Leader For 20 Years 

Red Tomatoes 

IVe Prepay Postage T^ j^tt^'^t-r^^ Tomato 

on all Tomato Seed I l||TlHr() Toiiiales 

Including Pou>ids. ^ v^ii»M.vv^ liebesapfei 

The largest and most successful To7nato Growers in Marylatid., Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Texas — throughout the South, in Canada, Mexico and every State in th^ 
United States where tomatoes are grown — They all say Year after Year, Ilolgianu' s Tomato Seeds Produce the Best Tomatoes that Grow. 

Duke of York Tomato 

(Specialty, see page 10.) 
297. One of the grandest Tomatoes recently introduced, color rich, glossy 
scarlet, splendid cropper, round in shape, flesh very firm, large size, fine- 
flavor. It ripens its fruit uniformly together, whilst its profusion of toma- 
toes, averaging 8 and 10 large evenly formed clusters each makes it con- 
spicuously handsome. Ripens evenly to the stem, is strong, healthy grower, 
not subject to rust or blight, is an enormous cropper and produces until the 
vines are killed by frost holding its size well untill the last picking. Quality 
the very best, solid and meaty. Pkts. 5cand 10c. Oz. 25c. ^ I,b. 60c. I<b.$2.00. 

281. Redfield Beauty. It is a vigorous grower, long and heavy yielder; 
fruit is perfect shape, with a skin is hardy, making it an excellent 
shipper. _Pkts. Sand 10c. Oz. 2nc. K Lb. 50c. l^b.Sl.60. Postpaid. 

282. Li-viniistone's Beauty Tomato. Large, smooth, dark pinkish red; 
thick flesh. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 2Uc. ^ Lb. 50c. Lb. $1.60. Postpaid. 

187. Pink Giant — Bolgiano's New Toraato. As pretty as a picture. 
Large, handsome, solid fruit, e.irly and immensely prolific; for shipping to 
market and as a Tomato for the home garden it is ideal. Canners prefer a 
red tomato (Specialty, see page 9,) Pkt. 10c. Oz. 35c. K Lb. 85c. Lb. $3.00. 

268. June Pink Tomato. This is the Pink Earliana Tomato and where 
a Pink Tomato is in demand, this will be the earliest and most profitable to 
grow. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 2.Sc. 2 Ozs. 40c. K Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

Extra Selected Stock June Tomato. Oz. 35c. K Lb. 90c. Lb. $3.50. 

138. Burpee's Earliest Pink. A very early, prolific, attractive Tomato, 
about the best Pink Tomato ever introduced. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. 
2 0zs. 45c. K Lb. 85c. Lb. $3,00. Postpaid. 

291. Improved Acme. Very early, of medium size; perfectly smooth, 
very solid and a great bearer. Crimson color, with a pinkish cast. Pkts. 5c 
and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. 50c. Lb. $1.60. Postpaid. 

292. Extra Early Climax Tomato. Karly, .solid, large size and a good 
bearer. The vines are robust, healthy and laden with abundance of choice 
marketable fruit. Same color as the Acme. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. 
Vi Lb. 50c._ Lb. $1.60. Postpaid. 

303. Crimson Cushion* or Beefsteak Tomato. Very large, bright 
scarlet, fine flavor. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. K Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

Yellow Tomatoes 

Golden Eatile Tomato. Leader of all Yellow Tomatoes. Color a rich 
transparent amber, fruit smooth, fine form, and deliciously flavored. In 
size larger than the yellow pear-shaped Tomato, which it readily outsells. 
It is very attractive. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 30c. % Lb. 85c. Lb. $3.00. 

Yellow Pear-Shaped. A pretty little Tomato, which is used largely for 
pickling and preserving purposes; very prolific and makes attractiveappear- 
ance when the vine is loaded with ripe fruit. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz._25c. 
Vi Lb. 75c. Lb. $2,50. 

Yellow Plum-Shaped. Little larger than the pear-shaped; deep yellow 
color.very popular for preserving. Pkt. 5c and 10c. Oz.25c; K Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. 

Golden Queen Tomato. Large, smooth and good, a great show Tomato 
at the County Fairs. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. K Lb. 75c. Lb.,$2.50. 

The Pink Peach Tomato. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. li Lb. 75c. 
Lb, $2.50. 

Red Cherry Tomato. Attractive. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. K Lb. 7Sc. 

Red Pear-Shaped Tomato. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. Vi Lb. 75c. 

294. Dwarf Aristocrat. A dwarf that resembles the Dwarf Champion. 
The fruit is a beautiful glossy red. Ambitious growers use it for a very 
early first crop Tomato. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. K Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. 

309. Perfection. Early, regular and productive reddish scarlet. 
Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. J{ Lb. 50c. Lb. $1.60. Postpaid. 

347. Ten Ton Tomato. One of the heaviest yielding red Tomatoes ever 
introducted. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. SOc. Lb- $1.60. Postpaid. 

300. Trophy. Very large, solid, extra selected; free from roughness of 
the old strains. Pkts. 5c. and lOc. Oz. 20c. M Lb. 50c. Lb. $1.60. Postpaid. 

301. Enormous Tomato. Largest fruited .smooth, bright red Tomato. 
Pkts. 5c and 10c. ^ Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. K Lb. Si. 00. Lb. $3.50. Postpaid. 

298. Brinton's Best. As a second early and late cropper it is a favorite 
•with canners and truckers, Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb.50c. Lb. $1.60. 

2SSli. "World's Fair. One of the heavier, solid fruited, large Tomatoes 
of good quality. Pkls. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. K Lb. 50c. Lb, $1.60. Postpaid. 

293. Henderson's "Ne-w Freedom Tomato. One of the best extra 
early Tomatoes; a prolific bearer, bright scarlet color; splendid extra early 
shipper. Pkts 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. M Lb, 75c. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 

502. Ponderosa. Very large heavy, smooth Tomato; very fine for home 
garden. Pkts. 5c and 10c. K Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. K Lb- $1.00. Lb. $3.50. 

290. Atlantic Prize Improved. A favorite with growers who seek an 
early market. It bears in clusters and abundantly. Pkts. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 20c. K Lb. 5Uc. Lb. $1.60. Postpaid. 

Pink Tomatoes 

264. Livingston's Globe. (Specialty, see page IC.) This splendid 
Tomato is attracting a great deal of attention among Southern Shippers. As 
a tomato for the early market, it will pay you to give it a trial. Pkts. 10c. 
Oz. 25c. 2 Ozs. 45c. li Lb. 8Sc. Lb. $3.00. Postpaid. 

218. Early Detroit Tomato. (Specialty, see page 10.) Fruit very smooth, 
tmiform in size, nearly globe shape, firm, excellent quality, large purplish 
pink in color, Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. K Lb. 85c. Lb. $3.00. Postpaid. 

449. Royal Purple (Globe) Tomato. (Specialty, see page 10.) The 
newest and probably one of the best selections from Livingston's Globe 
Tomato. Wherever Globe Tomato is used this newselection should be given 
a most careful trial. Pkt. 10c. Oz. 25c. J{ Lb. 85c. Lb. $3.00. Postpaid. 

2H0. Bolgiano's Prizetaker Tomato. If picked while yet green, it 
ripens gradually into a rich, glossy, crimson color, and this makes it one of 
the best shippers for early market. It is smooth, solid, and heavy, and 
holds the size from the first to the last crop. Pkts. 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. 
K lb. SOc. Lb. $1.60. Po.stpaid. 

289. Dwarf Champion. Dwarf , stiff habit, dark green foliage, scarcely 
needing any support. It is very early and wonderly prolific. Color same 
as Acme. It is perfectly round and smooth, of medium size. Pkts. 5c and 10c. 
Oz. 25c. M Lb. 75. Lb. $2.50. Postpaid. 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 

Vegetable Plants, Strawberry Plants, Roots. 

The prices of the Plants on this page do not include prepayment of Express charges. They are sent by Express at pnj-chaser^s expense, except where quoted 
by Mail, postpaid. IVe aim to supply in any quantity, in their proper season, all the following Vegetable Plants.aiid ship directly fromtliebeds. well-packed, on 
the shot-test notice. 2f we should for any 7-eason, be out of ayiy variety ordered, wewitl send some otlier similar variety in place of it, unless requested to the coniraiy 

Tomato Plants by the Millions 

We grow immense quantities under field culture for general crop, and are 
usually iu position to make SPECIAL, PRICES on all leading sorts in orders 
of 1.000 to 100,000. We sell millions of Tomato Plants every season. These 
are grown especially for Market Gardeners, and others who wish large 
quantities of plants. For regular garden use we recommend Transplanted 
Tomato Plants or Potted Plants. Add 10c per 100 if to go by mail on Trans- 
planted and Seed Bed Plants. Potted Plants must go by express. 

All Our Plants are A-1 Quality 

Tomato Plants. Ready in April, May and June. We make a specialty 
of Tomato Plants, and can supply all the leading varieties. Potted Plants 50c 
per dozen. $3.00 per 100. Transplanted 15c per dozen, 50 for 40c. 65c per 100. 
$3.50 per 1,000. Field Grown not transplanted. 40c per 100. $2.50 per 1,000. 
"John Baer" Tomato, "New Prosperity" My Maryland. I. X.I.,. and "Greater 
Baltimore," B. B., New Queen, Red Rock, New Stone, Paragon Tomato 
Plants a specialty. 

Cabbage Plants. Early. All leading varieties transplanted for April 
and May Delivery. Choice transplanted 10c doz. 50 for 30c. 50c per 100. 
$3-50 per 1000. We will also supply late cabbage plants. Field Grown, about 
May 15th. Prices 35c per 100. S2.50 per 1,000. 3,000 and over at$2-00per 1,000. 

Canliflower Plants, Early Snow Ball. Ready in April. Potted 50c per 
dozen. 54.00 per 100. Transplanted, 20c per dozen. 90c per 100. $5.00 per 1,000. 

Celery Plants. Ready in July. New Victory, Winter Queen, Golden 
Self-Blanching, White Plume, Giant Pascal, etc. 60c per 100. $4.00 per 1,000. 

Lettnce Plants. Ready in April. Head and Curled Leaf 'varieties choice 
transplanted. 10c per dozen. 50c per 100. $3.50 per 1,000. 

£gii Plants. Ready in May and June. Florida High Bush, Black Beauty, 
New York Improved, Large Purple Smooth Stem. Grown in pots, 50c per 
dozen. $4.00 per 100. Out cf hot beds, 25c per dozen. $1.25 per 100. 

Pepper Plants. Ready in May and June. Chinese Giant, L^f&s Bell, 
Ruby King. 25o per dozen. $125perl00. 

SWEET POTATO PLANTS, Beady Abont May lOth. 

"Up Rivers and Yellow Jerseys." (25 Postpaid for 35c.) By Express, 
not paid, 100 for 40c; 1,000 for $2.50. 5,000 for $10.00. 

Wtwca T?jl/1icll I?r»nf"C The best variety is produced from smal 
HUiaC IVaUlSll IVUUia pieces of roots 4 to 6 inches in length. 
These small roots will produce good radish fit for use in one season's 
growth. Bv mail postpaid, each 5c. Doz. 2Sc. 50 for 60c. 100 for 90c. Ex- 
press, not paid. 100 for 75c. 300 for $1.75. 500 for $2.50. 1,000 for $4.00. 

Very familiarly Known 
as the Pie Plant 

Victoria. A good JNIarket sort. Stalks red. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 30c. 
Lb. Sl.OO. Extra large two year old Roots, 20c each. 3 for 50c, postpaid. 
By express, not prepaid. Dozen $1.50. 100 Roots S7.50. 

Linnaeus. Extra earlv green. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 5<Lb. 30c. Lb. $100. 

Strawberry Plants 

Rhubarb Roots 

Varieties marked "P" should have another perfectlj' flowering sort near 
them. Price any varietj-, strong healthy Layer Plants. By Mail Postpaid 
30c per doz. 50 for 60c. 100 for $1.15. By Express customer to pay charges. 
100 for $1.00. Price per 1000 F. O. B. Grovring Station as quoted below. 500 

sold at 1,000 rates. Per Per 

250 1000 

Abington. Large and beautiful, Good PoUenizer for "Sample" $1.00 $3.75 

Aroma. Good shipper, little earlier than Gandy l.OO 3.75 

Bubach P. Early midseason. Excellent for home market 1.25 4.00 

Brandywine P. Medium late. Excellent quality 1.00 3.75 

Chesapeake. A little earlier than Gandy. Beautiful 1.50 5.00 

Climax. Large size fine shape good cropper l.OO 3.75 

Chapman. Strong upright grower, fruit very large 1.00 3.75 

Early Ozark. Berries very firm, even, conical shape, good size 1.25 4.50 

Excelsior. Largevery prolific splendid for canning 90 3.00 

Fendall. Very productive rich color good plant maker 1.25 4.50 

Gandy. Late, fine for canning I.OO 3.75 

Glen Mary. Earliest Midseason. Very large, adapted toNorth 1.15 4.25 

Haverland P. Very heavy yielder, almost frost proof 1.00 3.50 

Klondyke. Fine appearance and shipping quality. Early 1.00 3.50 

Lady Thompson. Great southern beauty. Medium size 90 3.50 

Marshall. Early ISIidseason. Very popular in North 1.25 4.15 

Mascot. Late, larger and much more productive than Gandy 1.00 3.75 

Mitchell's Early. Extra Early 1.00 3.50 

Missionary. Early, quality fine 1.00 3.50 

Maples Early. Early very productive good plant maker 1.25 4.50 

!New Yoak. Midseason, quality superb, for Home Garden 1.25 4.15 

Nick Ohmer. Midseason. Fruit large, glossy red, excellent.. 1.00 3.50 

Norwood. Largest berry known 1.25 4.50 

Oaks Early. Uniform size good shipper 1.00 3.50 

Pride of Cumberland. Regular shape deep red color 1.00 3.50 

Red Bird. Wonderful producer, berries large size, good plant 

maker l.OO 3.50 

Stevens Late Champion. Healthy, ^•igorouslong rooted large 

fruit 1.00 3.50 

Senator Dnnlap P. Enormously productive 1.00 3.50 

Sample P. Ripens from Midseason to late 1.00 3.25 

Superior. Good size, ideal shape, rich glossy color 1.00 3.25 

Sons Prolific. New, fruit firm, good shipper 1.10 3.75 

Tennessee. Large, sweet, firm 1.00 3.50 

Three W's. Early, very productive, smooth, well colored 1.10 3.75 

"Warfield P. Early Midseason. large cropper 1.00 3.25 

■Wm. Belt. Medium Late Delicious flavor 3.75 

Pkts., Ozs. and M Lbs. 

delivered Free, 

but add 8c to Lbs. 

Garden Turnips |^ 


IV et 


J. Bolgiano & Son , Baltimore, Afd. The turnip seed I ordered from you this Summer is the 
best I ez>er planted. All ca?ne up and are doifig fine. They are far better than those / have been 
paying twice as much for. E. A. BANTON, Norfolk Co., Va. 

313. Bed Top White Globe. The handsomest and most salable Turnip. As a profitable 
sort for home or market it is unsurpassed. It is a large rapid growing sort, with globular 
shaped roots. Flesh pure white. The skin is white and purple, the under portion being white 
and the top bright purple. (See Illustration.) On account of its shape, it will out-yield any 
other sort. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. '/I Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

314. Early Red or Purple Top White Flat Strap-Leaf Turnip. This is one'of the best 
table Turnips on the market, being fine grained and of mild flavor. It is white below, with 
a bright purple top; flesh white, leaves short, narrow and erect. Will mature in 8 or 9 weeks. 
A good cropper and an excellent keeper. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 'i Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

327. Rnta Baga Market Gardeners' Improved Purple Top. Our Ruta Baga'is select, 
yields enormous crops of handsome, large, solid; yellow-fleshed turnips; is grown largely for 
cattle food: keeps over Winter till Spring in good condition. Get our splendid stock, and the 
crops will satisf.v and renumerate you. It is also used as a table vegetable because of its sweet- 
ness. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Vx Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

321. Southern Seven Top. Hardiest of all sorts; may be left standing in'the open ground 
during winter. In the Southern Statesit yieldsin the Spring abundantfoliage for boiling ivith 
cured meats, and is only desirable for this purpose. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 5^ Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

320. White Egi^. Oval or ^z% shape handsome and sweet; flesh firm and sound-grained, 
thin and perfectly smooth skin of snowy whiteness. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

323. Early White Flat Dutch. Pure white, flat strap-leaf Turnip. Early, medium size, 
excellent quality for early Spring sowing. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. \i Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

324. Purple Top Yellow Aberdeen. Medium size, round, flesh pale yellow, tender and 
sugary, the plant is hardy, productive and keeps well. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

316. Yellow Globe. Yellow Globe is a ■wonderful cropper, and keeps far into the following 
year. It begins to bulb at the very start and forms large-sized roots and small tops. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. Vi Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

530. Southern Prize or Dixie. Makes large round white Turnips in addition to .salad; 
hardy and needs no protection, the most popular Winter and Spring salad Turnip grown. 
Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. M Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

159. White Top White Globe. Of a perfect globe shape, about six inches in diameter, 
with smooth all pure white skin; flesh snowy white, firm and crisp, and of quick growth. A 
good keeper and fine for market. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb, 15c. Lb. 35c. 

322. Large Amber Globe. Flesh yellow, fine grained and sweet; hardy, 
keeps well, a good cropper. Very popular in the South. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 
Vt Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

319. Sweet German. Should be sown a month earlier than flat Turnips , 
Pkt. So. Oz. inc. y^ Lb. 15c. Lb. 40c. 

326. Cow Horn. A white Turnip of peculiar long shape and quick ma- 
turity. It grows to a large size, standinghalf out of the ground. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

317. Golden Ball. Oran£e Jelly or Bobertson's. Flesh sweet and 
firm. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

318. Yellow Stone. Flesh crisp, tender, of fine quality. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. M Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

529. Lonii White French. Flesh hard, crisp. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. 
K Lb. 15c. Lb. 40c. 

Red or Purple 

Top White Gk be 



Extra Early White Milan felSt, 

early, tender and 
tely flavored; the 
bulb is of medium size, very handsome, smooth and ot clear ivory-^vhite 
both inside and out. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Vx Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

315. Extra Early Purple Top Milan. Earliest Turnip in cultivation ; 
a week sooner than an.v other. Flat, smooth, of medium size, with bright 
purple top and few leaves. Flesh white and choice. Adapted to Spring or 
Fall. A good keeper. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. K Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

328. Lariie White Norfolk. It is allowed to stand out during the 
winter in the South. Pkt. 5c. Oz.lOc. Ji Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c. 

25. Pomeranian White Globe. Good either for table or stock. Very 
productive. Pkt. 5c. Oz. lOc. \i Lb. 15c. Lb. 35c 

Bolgiano's Trustworthy Field Seeds for 1914 


Grass and Clover Seed Mixtures for Hay and Pastures 

These Mixtures give the very best and most satisfactory results to customers, and our trade in them is increasing rapidly. The advantage of sovring 
grasses and clover seed in mixtures has long- been recognized and the practice is increasing to a very remarkable extent throughout the South. We are the 
pioneer seedmen m Baltimore in putting up special mixtures for different soils, and the results to our customers have been exceedingly satisfactory, result- 
*°w° i?''*^'^,.'"'^'^'''^*^^ crops both of hay and pasturage. We will take pleasure in advising our customers as to suitable grasses for their soils and purposes. 

We have the follotnng mi:£tures combined grasses suitable for the various soils and uses for which they are recommended. Those for permanent 
pastures are composed of grasses which succeed each other in growth, and give a succession from the first of spring until late in winter, while for those de- 
sired more for cutting for hay have combined grasses which ripen together. In all onr mixtures we are introducing small quantities of Alfalfa 
Clover with the idea of inoculating the land with Alfalfa bacillus. Alfalfa revolutionizes farming but the bacillus must be established before the revolu. 
tion can occur. The different mixtures are prepared both as to quantity and varieties as best adapted to the soils and situations for which they are 
recommended. In all of our grass mixtures we use the very best seeds; the quality and purity of our seeds being our first consideration. The quantity 
handled enables us to give our customers the benefit of a very low price, even lower than if they purchased the seed separately. 

Mixtures For Mowing For Hay But Can Be Grazed 

25 Lbs. or Over at 100 Lb. Rates 
Mixture No. 6. For^lLight, Dry, Gravelly Sandy Soils. Sow30 
to 35 lbs. to the acre. I,b. ISc. 10 tbs. (21 16c lb. 100 lbs. ® ISc per lb. 

Mixture'No. 7. For Good I.oam Soil. Sow 30 to 35 lbs. to the acre. 
Vo. ISc. 10 lbs. (S> 16c lb. 100 lbs. © 15c per lb. 

Mixture No. 8. For Heavy Loam or Clay Soil. Sow 30 lbs. to the 
acre. Lb. ISc, 10 lbs. (3> 16c lb. 100 lbs. <di 15c per lb. 

Mixture No. 9. For Moist Bottom Lands. Sow 20 to 25 lbs. per 
Lb. 18c. 10 lbs. <ai 16c. 100 lbs. 'ai ISc per lb. 

Our Prices 

Mixtures For Permanent Pastures But Can Be Mown 

25 Lbs, or Ovet at 100 Lb. Kates 
Mixture No. 1. For Light, Dry, Gravelly or Sandy Soils. Sow 

30 to 35 lbs. to the acre. Lb. 18c. 10 lbs. &> 16c. inO lbs. <3) 15c per lb 

Mixture No. 3. For Good Loam Soil. Sow 30 to 35 lbs. to the acre. 
Lb. 18c. 10 lbs. fa) 16c lb. 100 lbs. & 15c per lb. 

Mixture No. 3. For Heavy Loam or Clay Soil. Sow 30 to 35 lbs. 
to the acre- Lb. 18c. 10 lbs. ® 16c lb. 100 lbs. (& I5c per lb. 

Mixture No. 4. For Moist Bottom Land. Sow 25 to 30 lbs. to the 
acre. Lb. 18c. 10 lbs. ® 16c. 100 lbs, at ISc per lb. 

Mixture No. 5. For Wet Bottom Land. Sow 25 to 30 lbs. per acre. 
Lb. l_3c. 10 lbs. ® 16c lb. 100 lbs. ® 15c per lb. ._, _,.. 

Mixture No. lO. Shady Nook Meadow'Mixture. Like our Shady Nook Lawn Mixture, this mixture is specially prepared for good loamy soil in par- 
tially shady situations. Afiuepermanentpasturemixiure.yieldslargecropsof hay. Sow 30 to 35 lbs. to the acre. Lb. 18c. 10 lbs. ® 17c lb. 100 lbs. ® 16c lb. 

The Plain Truth About Grades 

The terms Fancy, Choice, Prime and Fair, by which different grades of 
Grass and Clover Seeds are usually known, have become so much abused by 
some dealers who apply these tei-ms indiscriminately to any quality of seed 
that we many years ago established two grades of our own, called "Gold" 
and "Silver.' 

J. Bolgiano & Son "Gold" Grade we intend shall invariably represent the 
best seed o'jtainable, both as respects purity and high germination. Anyone 
who buys our Gold grades may return them at our expense, if, upon receipt 
and examination, they are found in any respect unsatisfactory, and money 
paid for same, w^ill be promptly refunded. 

Silver, the next best grade to Gold, but not quite the same purity. It 
frequently happens that the demand is greater than the supply of Gold 
grades, as but a small proportion of the total seed gathered will make Gold; 
we then recommend our Silver grade as being the best in the market. 

We wish to call attention to the fact that in cleaning seed so as to make 
our Gold and Silver grades, there is much seed removed which, while not of 
sufficient high quality to grade Gold and Silver, is suitable for seed, and 
this is sold under lower grades, such as Fancy, Choice, Prime, etc. We do 
not quote these grades in our catalogue as the most of our sales are for Gold 
and Silver grades. 


Please Read Carefully 

Prices on Grass. Clover and Millet seed fluctuate so greatly that it is im- 
possible for anyone to accurately gauge future values. 

Write us for our special prices when you are ready to buy. For the benefit 
of those who wish to order early, we quote the prices that are in effect at the 
time of going to press with this catalogue, on our Gold and Silver grades 
only. These prices will be maintained as long as possible, but we reserve 
the right to forward seed to the value of the money sent us, according as the 
market is higher or lower. We wish to assure those who bu v late in the 
season and have not time to write us for prices, that they wil"- j-eceive fair 
treatment at our hands, and unless otherwise advised we will red uce or add 
to the quantity ordered sufficient seed to give value for the amount of money 
remitted. We cannot emphasize the fact too strongly to those who do not 
wish to buy now, that it is to their advantage to write for rur Special Price 
List, and samples of our Gold grade of any variety of seed they want. A 
very large percentage of our customers now purchase our Gold grades of 
grass, clover and I millet seeds exclusively, and will not have any other. 
They have found it to their interest to pay a little more for this grade and be 
absolutely assured that they are getting the very best seed that money can 
buy anywhere at any price. 

1123. Tall Meadow Oat< Evergreen Grass. Yielding twice as much 
hay as Timothy or Orchard Grass, early as Orchard Grass with more leaf 
and affording better grazing, it is not strange that this grass is becoming .so 
popular. It will keep green all winter and all summer; the drought of mid- 
summers or the cold of winter does not injure it. It starts growing very 
early in the Spring, can be cut twice for hay, would yield good grazing until 
late in the Fall. It contains more flesh and muscle-forming material than 
Timothy, but it is not so fattening. F'or hay, it should be cut while in 
bloom. Tall Meadow Oat Grass is best adapted for rather light and dry 
loamy uplands, but gives excellent results on nearly all soils and better re- 
sults than any other grass on light, medium soils. Sown alone use 2 to 3 bus. 
to the acre, either Spring or Fall. Sown in mixture, use 1 bus. (11 lbs ) Tall 
Meadow Oat Grass 1 bus. (14 lbs.) Orchard Grass and 8 lbs. Red Clover. It 
gives the very best results when sown with Clover. By adding 6 lbs. of Red 
Top or Herd's Grass to the mixture the grazing will be materially increased 
Price: "Gold" Brand Fancy S2 00 bus. "Silver" Choice $1.85 bus. 

1186. Sheep Fesque. A densely tufted perennial grass, roots deeply 
and forms dense short turf, furnishes excellent grazing. Sow 2 to 3 bus 
per acre, if sown by itself. Sow about 25 pounds per acre. Price: "Gold' 
Brand, Lb. 25c. Bu. of 12 lbs. S2.25. 

Wood Meadow Grass. Readily grows in densly shaded places and 
under trees where other grasses will not grow. Lb. 35c. 

Sw^eet Vernal. Excellent for mixture in lawns for its sweet perfume, 
also in all Hay and Pasture mixtures as it is relished by all cattle and horses. 
Lb. 50c. 

1114. Orchard Grass One of the best and most reliable grasses for the 
Middle and Southern States, either for hay or pasture. It succeeds well on 
nearly all soils, but does best on uplands, lo.imy or moderate stiff soils. It 
starts early in the spring and continues well into winter. It is of quick 
growth, and is relished by stock, especially when young and bears close 
grazing. It makes excellent hay, and gives the very best results mixedaud 
grown with Tall Meadow Oat Grass and Red Clover. It should be cut when 
in blossom, as the hay is injured if the seed is allowed to ripen. It can be 
sown in the spring or fall, either with grain or alone. Sow two bus. per- 
acre if sown alone, orwith Red Clover, one and one-half bus. of Orchard 
Grass and eight pounds of Clover are the quantities usually shown. Price: 
"Gold" Fancy Bus. of 14 lbs. J2.00. "Silver" Choice $1.85 per bus. 

1124. Red or Creeping Fesque. A creeping-rooted variety forming a 
close and durable turf and particularly suited for dry, sandy soils. Resists 
drought and thrives on very poor soils, gravelly banks and exposed hill- 
sides. Valuable for shady lawns and for golf courses. Sow 30 lbs. to the 
acre if used alone. Price: "Gold" Brand. Lb. 25c. Bu. of 14 lbs. $3.00. 

1187. Har d Fesque. A valuable grass for dry lands and sandy soils, 
very hardy, enduring extremesof heat and cold and longdroughts. Sow 30 
lbs. to the acre. Price: "Gold" Brand, Lb. 25c. Bu. of 12 lbs. $2.25. 

Bermuda Grass. Specially adapted to Lawns and Pasture Mixtures in 
the South where many other grasses will not grow. Lb. 75c. 

Paceys Short Seeded Perennial Rye. Specially suited for fine lawn 
mixture, extensively used on the beautiful lawns in England. Lb. 15c. 
100 lbs. <S> 10c. 

Bolgiano's "Gold" 

52 J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 


Bolgiano's "Gold" Brand Seeds Are Standard 

^g'The prices lierein are based on values at time of going to press with this catalogue S''^^ 
They are subject to market fluctuations. 
1117. T^imnfhv of Hay Grasses Timothy is one ot the most popular nutritious and salable. 
1 limjLHy On clay or heavy loams, lowlands or in mountamous districts, provided 
there is an abundance of moisture, it produces tlie very best results. On sandy or light loamy 
ground, it does not do so well as Orchard, Tall Meadow Oat or Ktd Top Grass. If grazed or cut 
too close, tlie stand of Timothy will be seriously injured, besides it does not form as good grazing 
as many other grasses. From V/i to 3 tons of fine hay to the acre. Timothy alone a peck (11 lbs.) 
to the acre or with clover 10 lbs. Timothy and 6 lbs. Clover. A splendid mixture is 8 lbs. Timothy 
6 lbs. Clover (either Mammoth Clover or Alsike Clover preferred as they mature at the same time 
as Timothy) 6 lbs, Fancy Red Top, Vz bu. Meadow Fesque. Together these will produce most 
excellent hay, also nutritious and abundant pasture in good loamy clay or low ground soils, 8 
lbs. Timothy and 6 lbs. Clover when sown togetlier. Price; "Gold" Brand, 15c lb. Pk. 85c. Bu.of 
451bs.,S3.00. "Silver" Choice $2.90. Market fluctuates. 

1118. Kentucky Blue Grass. This makes the best, sweetest and most nutritious pasture 
for all kinds of stock. Kentucky has long been famous for its high bred horses and its Blue 
Grass pastures. It is now possible to establish on Kost any farm a Blue Grass Pasture of green- 
est verdure which will give very profitable returns. This grass is the first to start up in thespring 
and remains green until snow flies in the fall. It is very hardy and is iminjured \>\ cold or dry 
weather, hot sun or tramping of hoofs. The roots are so thick and stout that they form a tough 
sod. Blue Grass requires about two years to get -well started and for that reason it is often sown 
in mixture with other grasses. It will do well on almost any land. Sow in the fall or spring at 
therateof two or three bushels per acre. Price, ' Geld ' Brand Seed, lb. 15c. Pk.65c. Bu.of 
14 lbs. S2.00. "Silver" Choice, $1.85. Special pi ices in quantity. 

1120. Canada Bine Grass. Resembles somewhat the Kentucky Blue Grass. It Trill thrive 
even on hard clay soil and having an excellent root development forms a hea^'y turf. At the 
Maryland Experiment Station this remained a luxuriant green during the hottest summer 
■when other grasses were materially affected by the heat. Being a glass of Canadian growth it 
stands the cold weathor admirably. Canadian Blue Grass should be tried by everyone not 
familiar with its excellrnt qualities. It is particularly well suited for mixtures. Price, "Gold" 
Brand Seed, lb. 15c. Pk. 50c. Bu. of 14 lbs., $1.50. "Silver" Choice, Si. 40. 

1111. Red Top, or Herd's Grass. This grass makes excellent pasturage and good crop of 
fine quality hay, and succeeds on a greater variety of soils than any other in general use, giving 
very good results on light soils, and the very best results on heavier, moist or low ground soils. 
It is rather late in starting in spring, and matures its crop the same time as Timothj'. Is excel- 
lently adapted for seeding with Timothy for hay, and furnishes excelknt pasturage afterward. 
When it gets well established it spreads, and will gradually supplant other grasses. Our Gold 
Brand of the Fancy Clean Red Top is of extra fine quality, and carefully cleaned from impurities. 
We can also furnish the Choice and Prime Fancy Bed Top as usually sold. It requires about 8 to 
10 pounds to seed an acre of the Fancy Clean seed. When sowing with Timothy, sow 6 pounds of 
the Fancy Clean seed and 8 pounds Timothy per acre. It can be sown either in the spring orfall. 
Crop extremely short. Price, "Gold" Brand Fancy Seed, lb., 35c. 10 lbs or over (5' 3Cic lb. "Silver" 
Choice, 10 lbs. or over S 2Sclb. Prices fluctuate, latest prices Qtioted men applicatu v. 

1122. Meadow Fesqne, Randall or Eniilisli Bine Grass. It makes a most excellent hay 
and pasturage grass and is parlicularly valuable forfall and winter pasturage, as it remains green 
throughout the winter. It is also a splendid spring and summer grass and usually makes more 
and thicker leafage than any other grass. Grows 2 to 3 feet high but not in tufts like Orchard 
Grass. The hay is very nutritious and cattle thrive on it whether dry or green. Succeeds even 
Brand Southern Grown Geiman Millet in poor soil, and as the rcxjts penetrate deep, from 12 to 15 inches, it takes extremely dry weather 

to affect it. It succeeds well in nearly all sections of the South, and should be very largely used 
for pasturage and hay mixture, being specially suitable for sowing with Red Top and Timothy for hay, or w ith these and Orchaid and Tall Meadow Oat 
for permanent pasturage. Sow .either in the spring or fall at the rate of 2 bushels to the acre if sown by itself. W hen sown with Red Top or Timothy sow 
1 bushel (14 lbs.) Meadow Fesque, 5 lbs. Fancy Clean Red Topand 6 lbs. Timothy peracre. Sown for a grazing mixture with Orchard and Tall Meadow 
Oat Grass, add half a bushel each of these two grasses. Price "Gold" Brand lb. 25c. Pk. Sl.OO. Bu. of 24 lbs. about $3.50. 

13 up Ora^SP< fot* ^nrinCJ PlanfirHJ The Italian and perennial Rye Grasses are really the quickest growing of any of the grasses, and 
**-/"^ vjiaaata \\}\. 0(^llllg l lailllll^ will furnish a quick growing, most nutritiousand leafy posturage, at thesametime makingverygood 
hay grasses. On account of their quick, early growth they should be a constituent part of nearly all hay and pasturage mixtures. 

1121. English or Perennial Rye Grass. This is becoming well known in this country as a valuable pasture grass which will bear frequent close 
cropping. Produces an abundance of foliage, which remains bright and green during the season. The hay is relished by all kinds of stock. It will grow 
well on almost any land, but does better on such land as will produce a good com crop. ^^Tien sown by itself sow 30 lbs. per acre either In the spring orfalL 
Price, lb. 15c. Pk. 55c. Bu. of 24 lbs. $1.75. 100 pounds $7.00. 

1172, Italian Rye Grass. l,ike Perennial Rye Grass, valuableforpastureandalsofor hay. 
Thrives on rich, m list land, where from 3 to 4 cuttings may be made in a season. It grows 
very quickly and will stand close pasturage. Will stand more overflow than other grass. About 
241bs. of seed to the acre. Price, "Gold" Brand, 15c lb. pk. 50c. Bu.of 18 lbs. Sl.50. lOOlbs. $7.00. 
1189 Creeping Bent Grass. Similar to Red Top or Herd's Grass and considered as good 
if not better th^in that variety. Distinctive on account of its compact, creeping, rooting 
stems, which hold in the soil in a very tenacious way. Of rapid growth and spreading habit, 
forming a strong, durable turf. Fine forlawns and putting greens because of its fine texture. 
If sown alone use 50 lbs. to the acre. Price, "Gold" Brand, lb. 35c. 

1188. Crested Dogstail. A hardy grass forming a smooth, compact and lasting turf. 
Does best on rich, moist land but will grow on most any soil. Roots deeply and withstands 
dry weather. Does well in the shade. If sown alone use 30 lbs. to the acre, but the best way 
is to mix it with other grasses. Price lb. 30c. 10 lbs, $2.80. 100 lbs. $25.00, 

1206. Rhode Island Bent Grass. Resembles Red Top, but is shorter and has narrower 
leaves. It ra ikes a beautiful, fine, close turf and one of thebest grasses for lawns. It does 
well on both rich and poor soils. Sow with other grasses, or if alone use 50 lbs. seed an acre. 
Lb. 35c. 

1116. Bromns Inemus or Awnless Broom Grass. Drought defying, frost resisting. 
Yields enormous crops of splendid hay and affords early and abundant pasturage. It adapts 
itself to almost every condition of soil and climate and to any use to which grass may be put, 
equaling in quality and rivaling in yield almost any other grass. The roots push through the 
soil and form fresh plants on evers' side. No amount of cold seems to be able to kill it. It 
bears up well under hot summer suns. It will grow under conditions that are very dry, and 
it can also stand being covered with water, not deep of course, for one or two weeks in early 
spring. It is an abundant producer of leaves and is much relished as pastureand hay. It is 
about equally nutritious with Timothy. This grass may be sown at any time of the year 
when the ground is bare, but the best season is in spring, and with or without a nurse crop. 
If sown with a nurse crop that crop should be so%vu thinly. 15 pounds of good Bromus 
Inermis an acre is sufficient. It grows slowly for a time, hence the farmer should not be 
hasty in concluding that he has failed to get a stand of the grass. Price, "Gold" Brand, 
25c lb. Pk. 65c. Bu., 14 lbs., $2.25. 

A'lillpt^ 1125. German or Golden MiUct, Sonthem Grown. Makes a large yield- 
i. IIIICLO jjjg. gjjj most nutritious hay crop, quick growingand easily cured. It should be 
seeded thickly, one bushel per acre, and should be harvested while in bloom. If the seeds are 
allowed to form the stalks get hard and it does not make so good a hay. Should be sown at 
any time between the middle of May until the end of June. It matures a crop in 6 to 8 weeks 
after seeding. Our Southern Grown Millet m.akes much better growth than Western or 
Northern grown seed. "Gold" Brand Fancy Southern Millet, Pk. 6Sc. $2.00 perbu. of 50 lbs. 
1126. Hnngarian Millet. For good low groundorrich soils this makes evena more valu- 
able crop than German Millet. It is considered equal in nutritive value to Timothy hay. Sow 
from the 1st of May until the end of July, one bushel per acre. "Gold" Brand, Pk.60; Bu.$1.75. 
1207. Japanese Millet. Grows from 6to 9 feet high, stands up remarkably and yields 
enormous crops. It makes good hay and in quality is superior to corn fodder. It is relished 
by all kinds of stock. 15 lbs. to acre broadcast. 10 to 12 lbs. in drills 12 inches apart. Culti- 
vate until IS inches high. "Gold" Brand, 10 lbs. 75c. 100 lbs. $6.50. 

1170. Pearl or Cattail MUlet. Penoillaria. Drill in 2-foot rows. Lb. 10c. 10 lbs® 
8c per lb. 100 lbs. ® 7c per lb. 

"Gold" Brand Timothy 

Pure Cultures For Innoculating Legumes 

What Farmogerm Is 

FarmoKerm is a pure culture or growth of nitrogen- 
fixing bacteria that have been selected and bred up to 
transform large amounts of nitrogen from the air 
into soluble nitrates. These bacteria are grown in a 
jelly or tood, in which they remain active for long 
periods of time, and sent out in a bottle which admits 
the necessary supply of pure air, yet keeps out de- 
structive contaminations. If Alfalfa can be grown on 
hot, sandy land of South New Jersey why can't you 
£row it? 




\' . '•' TRF4TF 

10 Soja Bean Plants, Not Inoculated 

Increased Crops 

are a well-established certainty in all instances where inocula- 
tions are used together with proper culture methods. Not only 
is the crop increased in weight but in its richness. TheU. S. 
Dept. of Agriculture, Bulletin 71, substantiates these statements, 
\Vhy not increase your farm yields without extra labor and at 
practically no extra cost? 

Farmogerm and Alfalfa in Maryland 

Oh September 12, 1911, Mr. S. N. Loose, Jr., of Washington Co., 
writes as follows: ' 'In regard to resitlis obtained by using your 
culture on the Alfalfa planted in September of last yenr, I beg to 
say same was very satisfactory and results obtained were very 

Increases the Production from 300 to 400 Per Cent 

Kinder Lou, Ga., January, 11, 1913. 
Gentlemen: I have had a big success this year by using your 
Farmogerm on pinders, peas, velvet beans and alfalfa. Tlie in- 
creasefrom its use was from HOO to 400 per cent. This makes my 
third year I have used it. In this time I have tested itfully every 
way. II is a money niakerfor tJie far-nier. I zvill use it again on 
my crops this year. iSigned) ly.S.McRee. 


What Farmogerm Will Do 

Unless the soil is very acid or wet Farmogen will: 

1. Increase the yield and quality of Alialia', 
Clover, Vetch, Cow Peas, Soja Beans, and other 
legumes, giving quicker growth and earlier ma- 

2. Increase the food value of legumes. 

3. Make legumes grow ni new localities where 
they cannot otherwise be grown successfully. 

4. Supply nitrates to other crops growing with 
the inoculated legume crop. 

5. Enrich the soil for future crops, thereby in- 
creasing the permanent value of the farm. Better 
crops — better soil — less fertilizer — less labor. 

10 Soja Bean Plants, Inoculated 

Fertilizer Values 

of well inoculated legumes have long been determined. It is 
shown in Bulletin No. 71, issued by the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture 
that tests covering a large part of the country prove that legumes 
will deposit 1000 pounds of nitrates per acre. This means that 
your most expensive commercial fertilizer is absolutely unneces- 
sary when you plant legumes that are perfectly inoculated, sown 
and planted in properly prepared land. 

Peas, Beans, Sweet Peas 

yield earlier, longer and better when treated with Farmogerm- 
Farmogerm is endorsed by Farmers, Federal and State Agricul- 
tural Departments and private estates. It is delivered to you in 
bottles ready for use — you can inoculate the seed for ten acres 
in ten minutes. When ordering always state on what particular 
crop you desire to use Farmogerm so we will know what to send 


5 Acre Bottles ^ $9.00 

1 Acre Bottles 2.00 

Garden Bottles. „ SO 

Uninoculated AI^FALFA Inoculated 

Planted September, 1912— Photographed (same scale) Ap»-1' 1913, Plant 
on left not inoculated — Plant on right inoculated with the Mulford Nitro- 
Germ. All other conditions identical. The contrast speaks for itself. 

The Mulford Nitro-Germ 

Scientifically Prepared and Tested 

Small Cost — Large Returns — ^Easy To Use — No 
Labor Expense! 

To Successfully Grow Alfalfa, Clovers, Cow Peas, Soy Beans, Vetches and Other 
Legumes, to Increase the Yield and to Improve the Soil 

The Mulford Nitro-genn consists of pure, tested cultures of active, vigorous 
nitrogen-fixing bacteria, forinoculating seeds of legumes or soil. 

Legumes offer the best known mean.s of maintaining soil fertility and rejuv- 
nating over-cropped and worn-out fields. 

The U S. Department of Agriculture and many State Agricultural Experi- 
ment Stations recommend inoculation of legumes with nitrogen fixing bacteria 
to induce a prompt "catch" and increase the yield. 

Why buy expensive commercial nitrates when you can grow legume crops and 
thus increase the yield and atthe same time replace the nitrates, enrich and 
renovate the soil by Nature's own method t 

Write to-day for free booklet giving valuable information regarding the nitro- 
gen-fixing bacteria and describing the preparation and use of The Mulford 

Garden Size (about 'K acre) $ .50 

One Acre Size 2.00 

Five Acres Size 9.0O 

(Not returnable) 

Invaluable on the Following Legumes 

AlyFAIvFA (Lucerne) Berseem Clover Perennial Beans 






Mammoth Clover WINTER VETCH Sainfoin 

Burr Clover Horse Beans Beggar Weed 

Yellow Clover Velvet Beans and others 

Those printed in CAPITAL LETTERS can be shipped immediately from 
stock. The others will be prepared to order and can be supplied in a few days. 

Special prices on lots of twenty-five acres or more on one order, either of one 
kind or assorted. 

Be sure to always specify the particular legume for which The Mulford Nitro- 
Germ is desired, otherwise we will not know how to fill your order. 

Bolgiano's "Gold" Brand Red Clover 

54 J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 


Bolgiano's *'GoId" Brand Seeds Are Standard 

The prices Iierehi are based on values at time of g:oi>is to press with this Catalogue, 
They ai-e subject to inarketjluctuatioiis. 
Clover is a necessity on every farm and will add millions of dollars to the value of land and crops. 
I,ookinsf to the future, no time should be lost in introducing the bacilli of the Red and Alfalfa 
Clovers. The use of nitrocultures may tend to hasten their establishment, but nature's vray and 
the best way is to use a small quantity of seed, say a pound or two each Red and Alfalfa Clover to 
the acre, with whatever crop you are seeding. After awhile you have the prized bacilli in your 
land, then you may safely call your farm doubledin value from a producing standpoint. 
AlfP'lfpl SppH Alfalfa yields splendidly throughout the South, yielding 4 or 6 Cuttings per 
iT.liail« OCCU Year. Increasing Yield Each Successive Year. 

1128. Alfalfa ranks higher than Timothy hay in feeding value. In fact it might be termed both 
corn and hay, as it is almost a complete food. Experiment stations place the feeding value of 
Alfalfa hay at $20 per ton, as against timothy hay atSl2 per ton. This, with the fact that Alfalfa 
rill, under favorable circumstances, after a good stand is secured, give 4or 6 cuttings per year, and 
will easily yield on good land, 6 to 16 tons of splendid hay per year, shows what a valuable crop it 
L,and3in the Western States that are -well set in Alfalfa sell readily at from SlOO to $200 per acre; 
so that a crop of this kind pays for the little extra care and preparation given to secure good stands 
and good crops, better to have five acres well set in Alfalfa by thorough preparation than to attempt 
to put in 10 acres without first-class preparation. The acreageof Alfalfa is increasing veiy largely 
all over the Middle and Southern States, our farmers are fast beginning to realize what a %-aluable 
crop it is for this section. Alfalfa will succeed and do well on any good loamy, well-drained soil; 
but the land must be well and thoroughly prepared for the best results. The plant is rather slender 
when it first starts, and must be grown under favorable conditions in order to get ahead of the 
weeds and other grasses which would, under ordinary circumstances, spring up natvrally and 
check it or smother it out. Alfalfa shouldalways becut when just commencing tolDloo'.-. whether 
the plants be large or small. If the seed is allowed to form the groivth of the plant ceases. It should 
never be used for pasture, it is too valuable as ahay producer to risk injurs* from stock. Alfalfa 
can be sown either in the Spring or Fall. The requirements to obtain good stands and good crops 
is to sow in good, rich soil and give thorough preparation. A heavy application of lime is of de- 
cided benefit— 2,000 to 5,000 lbs. per acre. Alfalfa is usually sown broadcast at the rate of 20 to 30 lbs. 
to tlieacre, although some of our customers claim that thicker seedings give better crop results. 
JMarch and April are the best months for seeding in the Spring, and the latter part of August and 
during September the best in the fall. Our Alfalfa seed is the highest grade, strong germinating 
seed of the best and cleanest quality it is possible to procure. The quality and germination of the 
seed is a prime requisite for success with this crop. Land well set in Alfalfa is better than a bank 
account, producing continuously increasing crops for years and is worth a little trouble and ex- 
pense to secure a first-class stand. Price, "Gold" Brand Fancy Seed, Bu. of 60 lbs. ® 13c lb. Silver 
I Choice Alfalfa Seed, Bu. of 60 lbs. ® 12y2C lb. Piices fluctuate. U 'rite vsfor latest market prices. 
1129. PHmCnn Plnvpr <sf»f>fl ^'^w^ Crop. The Great Kitrogen Gatherer. The 
V/lllllOUlI \,^iUVCl OCCU ^gst crop for hay, soiling and green manuring. Fall 
Winter and Spring pasturing. Crimson Clover furnishes an abundance of nutritive forage at sea 
sons when pastures are dead. It is an unfailing supply of manure. It solves the problem of cheap manuring. It is a great nitrogen gathererand economizer 
in the useof fertilizers. Valuable for planting in orchards, berry patches and for sowingamong cultivated crops ,such as cabbage, corn, tomatoes, cotton, tobacco. 
Improves poor land, restores to fertility those that have been worn down by excessive cropping. May be planted in the Spring, Summer or Fall. Splendid 
for re-seeding Red Clover that has been Winter killed. Sow 15 lbs. to the acre. Price, "Gold" Brand lb. 10c, bu.of o01bs.$4.50. Write for latest maiket prices. 

1130. lyipHillin Rpd CIOVPI* l"'^'^ ^^''^8^'''""ied as the most valuable of the Clover family and is largelv used for pasturage and hay. Cloveradds 
1 Xbuiuiii xx^u v^ivfvv.1. greatly to the fertility of the laud on which it is grown. It does not exhaust the soil, but enriches it. Itmakestwo 

crops etch year. The first is usually cut when it is in blossom for hay. The last crop may be han-ested for seed, cut for hay or plowed under to add fertility 
to the soil. For hay, it is particularly well adapted for sowing with Orchard and Tall Meadow Grass, as it ripens at the same time, and sowing these three 
grasses together will give larger yields and better quality hay than sowing either alone. It is also largely sown with other grasses, both for hay and pas- 
turage. Information as to quantities required per acre when sown in combination with other grasses will be found under the heading of Orchard Grass, 
Tall Meadow Oat Grass and Timothy. When sown by itself, sow 10 to 12 lbs. to the acre, either in tlie Spring or Fall, or at the last working of corn. Price 
"Gold" Brand Fancy Red Clover Seed, bu. of 60 lbs. ® 17c lb. Silver Brand Choice Seed, bu. of 60 lbs. ® 16c lb. Piices fluctuate. 

1132. A leikp CloVPI* Alsike Clover grows thicker and is finer ingrowth than Red Clover, making better hay and probably more and better grazing. 
.TLlSltVC V,/lUVti jt 15 alsohardier,resistin If extremes of heat and drought and also severely cold weather to a remarkable extent. It is perennial 

and does not winterkill. It succeeds on a variety of soils, light upland loamy lands as well as stiff bottom lands. It will do better on moist land than any, 
other Clover. It is surer to give a good stand and make good crops than either the Red or Mammoth Clover, and in sections where these clovers have been- 
uncertain .\ilsike is superseding them altogether. When sown with other grasses it forms aquick undergrowth and greatly increases the yield. Itis well 
adapted for sowing with Rel Clover, Timothy, Herd's Grass, as it matures with these grasses, but flowering a little later than the Red Clover, Price, "Gold" 
Brand Seed bu. of 60 lbs. ® 19c lb. Silver Choice Seed, bu. of 60 lbs. ® 18c lb. W) ite us for latest market prices. 

1131. ]VT;tmmnf'h ni* SanlinCJ ClO'VPf IssimllartoRedClover in appearance of seeds and habits of growth, the difference being larger 
■'■ ■'"■'**'**^'-'* ^* »-'tlKl'll& V/HJVtl growth and later maturingr. It is often used for hog pastures. As a soil improver to plow under it is 

considered superior on account of its extra growth. It is a good variety for thin soils or to seed with Timothy, Meadow Fesque, Herd's Grass or Red Top. 
as it matures about the same time as these grasses. Sow 10 to 12 lbs. to the acre when sown alone. When sown with Timothy use 6 lbs. Sapling Clover 
and 8 lbs Timothy to the acre. Price, "Gold" Brand Fancy bu. of 601bs. ® 17c lb. Silver Brand Choice Seed, bu. of 60 lbs. <d> 16c lb. 

1133. \Arhil-f» ClnVPf '^'^'^ ^^ largely used in lawn and permanent pasture mixtures, and is indigenous to the soils throughout the Middle and Southern 

WW IIILC V'iWVCl states. It makes a small, close compact growth, covering the grouiid like a carpet. It affords excellent food for bees. Sow 
in either .Spring or Fall. When sown by itself sow at the rate of 5 to 6 lbs. per acre. It is better, however, sown in mixture with other grasses. Price, 
"Gold" Brand Fancy, K lb. 15c. K lb. 25c. Lb. 50c. 10 lbs. O 40c. 100 lbs. O 35c. 
1113. Janan CloVPI* ^^ '^° ""^ recommend this Clover for land that can be successfully grown in any other grasses or clover, but on waste land or 

Japan V^lUVCl poor, worn-out soils it will furnish excellent, nutritious pasturage. Sow at the rate of 10 lbs. per acre, in March or April. Lb. 
25c. 10 lbs, or over ® 20c. JVrite us for latest market prices. 
1205. RnHl^ya C^\f\\l(>Y f\Y Hr»nP\y Planf* {Melilotus alba^i A strong growing perennial of value for green manuring, especially .South, 

UUIVliaia V/lUVCl \Jl HVJllt^' l. laill also largely grown for the excellent food it affords throughout its season for bees. Lb. 25c. 
Bu. of 60 lbs. $14.00. Prices fluctuate. IViite us for latest market prices. 

1228. YpllnW RlnCCnm ^WPPf PInVPr rMplilntll*; Tnrlira^ a strong growing annual valuable for inoculating soil with Bacteria 
I fUOW E>lUi>bUIll OWeCL \^iUVCr V^ineillULUS lllUlCd^ previous to growing altalfa, also good for hay and pasture as well as 
a splendid producer of honey. Lb. 15c. Bu. |S.50. Prices fluctuate. 

ViciA 'VILLOSSA succeeds 

and produces as good crops 
on poor, sandy soils as on good land; grows to a height of 4 or 5 feet. It is perfectly 
hardy throughout the United States, remaining green all winter, should be sown in 
the Spring, mixed with oats, spring rye or barley; or during August or September 
with winter rye, which serves as a support for the plants. It is the earliest crop 
for cutting, 'being hardier and nearly a month earlier than Scarlet Clover, and a 
full crop can be taken off the land in timefor planting spring crops. Every Dairy- 
man and stock breeder in the United States should have a field of it, and if you try 
it once you will never be a season without it. It is exceedingly nutritious, eaten 
with relish and may be fed with safety to all kinds of stock. Sow 50 to 60 lbs. per 
acre with J^ bu. rye, oats or barley. "Gold" Brand, lb. 15c. 10 lbs. ® 10c. 100 
lbs. ® 8c. Write us for latest market prices. 

1150. Crtvinrf \J a^r-Viac^ rw T^Jt-zac Closely associated with Peasinchar- 
Opilllg VCLCllCdUI laIC^acter. Highly valuable for soiling 
or for green manuring. Sometimes grown with oats, for mowing and feeding to 
stock. Use 2 to 3 bus. to the acre broadcast, or 1 to 2 bus. in drills. Sow in Spring 
■while the ground is cool and moist, or in early Autumn. "Gold" brand, lb. 10c. 
10 lbs. ® 5c, 50 lbs. ffl 4/ic. 100 lbs. ® 4c. Write us for latest vtarket prices. 

IIZ!. rjwarf T*'«P'V T?anP ValuaWe for cattle, sheep and hogs. Under 
J-'Wa.ll LiSSCA IvajJC favorable conditions Rape is ready for pastur- 
ing: sheep or cattle within 6 weeks from the time of sowing, and on an average one 
acre will carry from 12 to 15 sheep six weeks to two mouths. When on the Rape 
they sho'ild at all times have access to salt, but water is not necessary. As it 
thrives best in cool weather, it should not be sown in the Southern States until 
September or October for winter pasture. Its fattening properties are probably 
twice as good as those of clover, and for sheep the feeding value of Rape excels all 
other plants we know of. .Sow 4 lbs. per acre broadcast. 2 to 3 lbs. per acre in 
drills. If by mail add 8c per lb. 10c lb. 10 lbs. ® 7c. 100 lbs. $6.00. 

1"^- Hairy Vetch (Vicia Villossa.) 

'^ -ii. 

' 14^ 



Dwarf Essex Rape 

Trustworthy Field Seeds for 1914 

Cow Peas 


New Era Cow Peas. 43 Days After Planting 

1159. New Era. This new extra early Cow Pea is unquestionably 
one of the luost valuable varieties in ciiitivation. It is quicker in 
growth than any other Cow Pea in cultivation; makes a very large 
growth of vine and very prolific yield of Peas. The vines stand up- 
right, enabling the Peas to be easily gathered. The Peas are fully 
one-third smaller in size than any other Cow Pea, so that it does 
not require nearly as many to seed an acre. P/i~ase Write Us For 

326. Long White Cow-Horn Turnip 

It has been found by practical farmers that there is no better way 
of aerating andadding humus to the soil in the winter time than by 
sowing the Long White Cow-Horn Turnip. They can be fed to the 
stock as they are needed and the rest allowed to remain in the 
ground and rot, having a valuable fertilizing property and soil im- 
prover. They grow nearly half out of the groimd, are carrot-like in 
form, very imtritious, heavy cropper and fine keeper. Sow two 
pounds of seed to the acre, broadcast. Oz. 10c. V^ L,b. 15c. l,b. 35c. 

"Peas could be made to bring more nitrogen to the soils of this country everv 
year than is now purchased annually by the farmers at the cost of iniliions of 
dollars. — Year Book of the U. S. Department of Asriciiltitre. 

The great soil improvers. Makes poor land rich. Makes Good land 

more productive. Also makes a splendid and nutritious 

green forage or hay crop, enriching the soil 

even when the crop is cut off. 

1175. Mixed Cow Peas. We sti-ongly recommend sowing Mixed Cow Peas 
as a soil improving crop. The upright growing varieties holding up the vining va- 
rieties, they will make much better growth and give more satisfactory results, yield- 
ing better crops of vines and more forage. They are composed of the Blacks, Black 
Eye. Clays, Whip-poor-wills, Wonderful, New Era and Soja Beans. If once tried 
you will sow no others where large crops are desired. Please Write Us For Prices. 

1167. Soja Beans. The great drought-resisting forage crop; unsurpassed in 
nutritive value for feeding, also a splendid soil improver. Please Write Us For 

1162. Blacli Co-?*' Peas. Seed medium sized and Black. Vines trailing. Seed 
matures early. Please Hi :te Us For Prices. 

1163. Clay Peas. Seeds medium sized and cream colored. Vines grow tall and 
erect. Seed matures medium late. Please ll'rite Us For prices. 

1164. 'Whip-Poor-'Will. Vines erect. Seed large and mottled red and white 
and matures early. Good to grow betweed corn. Please Write Us For Pices. 

1166. 'Wonderful or Unknown Pea. .Seed medium sized and buff. Vines erect 
if planted late, trailing if plan ted early. Seed matures late. Please Write Us For Prices. 

1208.^ Shinney Pea. Very popular, seed large, mottled white and red, early 
maturing, erect vines. Please Write Us For Prices. 

1168. Black Eye. Vines erect. Seeds medium sized and white, matures medium 
late. Please Write Us For Ptices. 

1190. Red Rippers. Red seeded, resembles Black Cow Peas in growth of vines 
but 10 days earlier and most prolific. Please Write Us For Prices. 

1165. Canada Field Peas. Here is a crop which is not only profitable but will 
return to the l.ind the much needed nitrogen. Pe.ns are secotid only to Clover in' 
their soil enriching properties and can be grown under almost any condition of soil 
or climate. Tliere is always a ready market for peas, or they can be profitably 
ground and fed to the stock. The vines make rich, nutritious hay. If fed to milch 
cows, when in a green state, pods, vines and all. the flow of milk will be almost 

Peas are a paying crop and can be profitably planted in many ways. 

First. When .sown alone about three bushels are required to the acre. They 
can be matured and threshed when dry. The yield will vary from 30 to 60 bushels 
an acre. 

Second. Peas and oats are frequently sown together, using 15^ bushel of peas 
and 2 bushels of oats an acre. By so doing a double crop can be secured. They can 
be threshed at one time and readily separated in cleaning. 

Third. They can be sown alone or with oats and fed green. It is surprising 
the amount of fodder which is produced in this way. If sown together, the peas 
should be sown first and plowed under about four inches deep; the oats may then 
be drilled in. 

Fourth. For plowing tmder when peas and oats are .sown together and each are 
"in milk'' they are nearly equal in value to Clover, used in the same way to enrich 
the soil. 

Sown in January, February or early March. Pk. 60c. Bu. $2.00. H 'rite For Prices- 

5 I^bs. ® 30c. 10 Xbs. ® 25c. ... 

Seed Oats, Rye, Barley, Buckwheat, Flax, Etc. 

1156. Burt or 90-Day Oats. The earliest, most prolific and surest cropping of Spring Oats; far superior to an ordinary spring or rust-proof oats for 
spring seeding. Wherever this Oat is grown it comes into great favor. For a .Spring Oat for seeding in March and April it is the best and surest of Spring- 
Oats. It is earlier to mature, free from rust, healthy, clean and vigorous growth of straw, and makes a very good yield of clean, bright and heavy grain. 
On account of its earliness to mature, it escapes the dry hot weather we frequently experience in June, and is on this accoutit, one of the surest cropping- 
varieties of the .South. Color and appearance of grain somewhat resemble the rust-proof Oat. Pk. 35c. Bu. 85c. Please Write Us For Latest Prices. 

1161. "Virginia Gray "Winter or Turf Oats. When sown early, before the Middle of March, these oats will faroutyield the ordinary spring oats, making- 
a larger crop and heavier grain. For seed purposes, too, it is most desirable to sow winter oats in the spring, as they make a better and cleaner seed oats 
for sowing in the Fall than if continual seedings are made from the fall-grown oats. Further north than Virginia remarkable results have been obtained 
from these oats, when sown even as late as the first of May, and from the reports of our customers we strongly recotnmend these oats to our Northern and 
Western farmers, as we believe that they will give very much larger and better yielding crops than the spring oats usually sown in the Northern and 
Western States. Sow at the rate of Ij^ to 2 bushels per acre. Pk. 35c. Bu. 85c. Please 
Write Us For Prices on Large Lots. 

1191, Red Rust-Proof Oats. These oats are very popular throughout the South, espe" 
ciallyon the light, sandy soils of the coast region. They are also preferred for low grounds 
orin s tua ions wfiere other oatsare much incUned to rust. Pk. 35c. Bu. 85c. Prices fluctuate. 

1157. 'White Spring Oals. This is the variety most generally sown throughout the 
North and West, and is also .so largely grown in this section, although the newest varie- 
ties offered by us are decidedly preferable, both as to yield and reliability of cropping. 
Price of our Gold Brand, (heaviest and cleanest quality). Pk. 25c. 65c per bu, Please 
Write Us For Market Prices. 

1209. Beardless Spring Barley. This crop has been sown with very satisfactory 
resiflts for two or three seasons past in this section and further South. It makes a quick 
growing crop of most excellent and nutritious green feed and is growing in popularity 
wherever it is used, and will also make a good grain crop, although its principal value is 
as an early nutritious forage crop, either to feed green or cure as hay. Sow V/i to 2 
bushels per acre. Price, Pk. 45c; $1.50 per bushel. Please Write Us For Market Prices. 

1135. Spring Rye. Distinct from the Winter Rye, grain of finer quality and more pro- 
ductive; can be successfully grown in any latitude, and is now being largely grown iu the 
Middle States in place of oats, being a much more profitable crop on account of the pro- 
duction of nearly four times the straw, and also as a "catch" crop where winter grain has 
failed. Produces 30 to 40 bushels of grain per acre. As it does not stool like Winter Rye_ 
not less than two bushels to the acre should be sown. Bu. $1.25. Please Write For Prices. 

1194. Flax. 'When grown for seed, sow one bushel to acre; if fibre is wanted 2 to 3 
bushels. I<b. 10c. (Postpaid ISc.) Pk. 85c. Bu. of 56 Lbs. $3.00. Prices fiuctuate. 

For a late Summer crop Buckwheat is very desirable and profitable, 
especially in mountainous sections. It is easily grown, mukessplendid 
flower food for bees and a large yield of grain, which can usually be sold for remunerative 
prices. As a smothering crop, where the land contains objectionable weeds, it is very de- 
sirable, and it puts the soil in admirable condition for crops to follow. 

1160. Japanese Buckwheat. This variety of Buckwheat ripens a week earlier than 
the Silver Hull, and yields more largely than that variety. Pk. 40. Bu. Si. 25. Please 
Write Us For Latest Prices. 

1178. Silver Hull Buck-wheat. A prolific and favorite sort, making a fine quality 
flour. A superior variety in every way to the ordinary Buckwheat, which it has almost 
entirely superseded. Pk. 40c. Bu. $1.25. Please Write Us For latest Prices. 

1210. Culture. Prepare your ground as you would for 
wheat or oats, sow at the rate of two bushels per acre. It is 
extremely hardy and can be sown earlier than spring wheat or oats, as light frost does not 
affect it; it can be sown later, but early sowing is better. Pk. 35c. Bu. of 40 lbs. 85c. Please 
Write Us For Prices 

1211 The Giant of all Sunflowers. 
5 lbs. 30c. 10 Lbs. 50c. luO Lbs. $4.50. 


Speltz, or Emmer 

Mammoth Russian Sunflower 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 

Bolgiano's Wonderful New 


Yellow Dent Com 

Has Yielded of Shelled Corn 160 Bushels Per Acre. Average 
Yield 10 Years on About 100 Acres 125 Bushels Per Acre 
1141. Bolzano's Prosperity Corn. If vou really 
want to grow a bumper crop of beautiful Yellow Dent 
Corn this Year, just take our advice and plan tBolg-iano's 
Prosperity" Cora. The fine, large, stately ears are 12 to 
14 in. long, 8 to 11 in. in circumference and have from 20 
to 24 uniform rows of long, large keraels, well developed 
over tip and but. It is a luxuriantgrowerfroni 12 to 15 
feet high, and if planted during the first half of Jla v wiU 
mature before the 20th of September. For more than a 
score of years. "Prosperity Corn" has been under the 
most watchful breeding and selection, the magnificent 
results more than pay for every effort put forth. The 
yield has been miraculous, 160 bus. or more of shelled 
com per acre and it has even averaged on a number of 
acres planted the same year 133 bushels shelled corn per 
acre. During a continuous test of 10 years on about 100 
acres it has averaged 125 bushels shelled corn per acre. 
Is it any wonder we have called such a wonderful corn 
Prosperity?"— it doesn't seem possible to call it by any 
other name. "Prosperity" is undoubtedly the most at- 
tractive, the largest, the finest, the greatest yielding 
Yellow Dent Corn ever produced. Pt. 15c. Qt '5c 
J. Bolgiano & Son's Wonderful "Prosperity Corn" 4 Qts- 65c. Pk. $1.00 Bus. $3,50. 

Say! Where Did You Get That Com? 
On Oct. IH. Mr. L. M. Hammerstey, of Campbell Co., Va. 'vritcs as follows: "On April 16th, I purchased half biisJul Bolgiano's Famous Prosperity 
Yelloiv Dent Com from you and from the Corn produced from this seed, I got from the Lynchburg Fair, Sept. 27, 28, 29 and 30th, out of $1400 prize offered. I 
got $119. Six counties were represented at tlie Fair, and th-ere was a great demand to know where and frotnwhotn T purchased this seed, and I could have sold 
every bushel of my crop at $2 SO per bushel, but that would be doing you as well as myself a great injustice, for I feel tliat only just and honorable to tnyself 1 
iu7-ned them over to you. T:veniy thousand people atiented the Fair daily. I havebeen dealing withyou for twenty years and if you wish any reference as to 
reliability and truthfulness of this statement we refer to Mr. John Victor, President of The Peoples National Bank of Lynchbutg, Va. 

1139. Mammoth Golden Beauty Corn. Has the largest ears of any 100-day corn. It outyields many other corns. The increased yields repays the 
seeds many times over. Growers should make sure of getting the largest yield and most handsome grain to meet competition and secure the highest prices. 
Ears usu illy averaging from 9 to 12 inches long and from 20 to 30 rows on the cob, some of the stalks bearine from 3to5ears. Then why use your poor 
stock any longer? It has produced 150 bushels shelled corn to the acre. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1140. Reid's Yello«' Dent. This is a splendid yellow Dent variety with 18 to 24 rows of kernels on an ear. The cob is small and red and the grains 
are very close together so there is scarcely any room between the rows. Reid's Y'ellow Dent has been awarded more prizes at Corn Shows than any other 
variety except ' 'Prosperity.'* The ears average 8 to 10 inches long. The stalk is very heavy and is not easily blown down. It matures in 90 to 100 daj'S and 
is a heavy yielder in the Middle and Southern States. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. /5c. Bus. $2.50. 

1143. Improved Learning Corn. Its extreme earliness and fine quality has made it very popular with the farmers, and especially with those in the 
localities where the seisons are short. It produces from 65 to 90 bushels to the acre, in accordance with the quality of the soil. The ears and grains are of 
medium size. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1212. Improved Golden Dent Corn, 'We sell thousands of bushels of this splendid yellow corn every year, and it is one of the best and most reliable 
cropping yellow corn in cultivation. It makes a large-sized ear, small cob, deep grains which are of a bright, attractive golden yellow color. It is singu- 
larly robust, and withstands injury by adverse weather or other unfavorable conditions better than any other sort we know of, the ears and grains maturing 
remarkably well, and always being marketed in bright, sound condition. Produces two to three ears to the stalk, and for a first-class, large yielding yeUovr 
corn, particularly adapted to the South, it is strongly recommend. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1213. lovra Gold Mine Corn. A splendid Yellow Dent variety. It is early, ears are not excessively large, but of good size and symmetrical. Color, a 
bright, golden yellow, shining like a new coin directfrom the mint. Grain is very dry, cob small and dries out nearly as soon as it ripens. 70 pounds of 
ear corn makes 60 to 62 pounds of shelled corn and in hauling to market it weighs out five bushels more to the wagon load than common varieties in the 
same size wagon. 70 pounds of Iowa Gold Mine Corn on the ear have given 64 pounds of shelled corn and only 6 pounds of cobs. This cannot be equalled 
by any other corn in the world. The kernels are deep; wedge-shaped. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1138. Long Prolific. The climax of 25 years of corn breeding and selection by Mr. 1. S. I,ong. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

White Varieties of Seed Corn 

1145. "Hickory Kini4" 'White Corn. So large are the grains and so 
small the cob that on an ear broken in half a single grain will almost cover 
the cob section. Of a strong growth, the stalks take a firm hold in the ground 
and stand upright, resisting severe storms. It yields splendid crops on light 
soils, and is undoubtedly the best and most productive White Field Corn for 
the South. Pkt. 5c. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1177. Iowa Silver Mine Corn. The stalks grow 7 to 8 feet high and 
set the ears about 3'4 to 4 feet from the ground. Just the right height for 
■easy picking. Early, maturing in 95 days, dries out rapidly and is ready 
:for market very early. It is a sure cropper, deep grain, pure white, and a 
good com in every way. It produces a better crop on old, thin land than 
any other corn, as it seems to adapt itself to unfavorable conditions. The 
ears bear 16 rows, very straight and close together. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 
4 Qts 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1148. Bolaiano's Cuban Giant Ensilage Corn. 'We have thoroughly 
tested the Cuban Giant beside all large white grain ensilage varieties. Grains 
are pure white very large, broad and long. Of stronger vitality than any 
other variety. It is the best milk producer of all ensilage Corns, being as 
sweet as Sugar Corn. Outyields the Red Cob Ensilage and is 10 to 12_ days 
earlier. It is the most perfect corn we have found in our years of experience. 
Pt. 15c. Qt, 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1214. Evergreen Broom Corn. Improved. An excellent variety; is a 
good length, fine, straight and has a green appearance when ripe, and sells 
at the highest market price. Sow in drills three feet apart and thin out to 
three inches. Sow 5 lbs. per acre. Qt. 25c. 4 QU 75c. Pk.$1.25.Bus. $4.00. 

1215. Collier's Excelsior 'WTiite Corn. 'W'e believe this to be the best 
all around White Com in existence. Itisaheavyyielder;haslargeears,deep 
grain small cob and produces good-sized fodder, free from barren stalks. 
Matures in 110 to 115 da\s. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1054. Ked Cobb 90-Day Corn. This corn meets a long-felt want, be- 
cause it can be used as a roasting ear corn and when fuUj' matured makes a 
first-class Crop Corn for feeding stock. The ear is large, handsome, suits for 
an early crop or for a late crop, because it matures in 90 days. This makes it 
always a safe and profitable crop. Doz. 40c. Pkt. 5c. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 
4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1142. Maryland 'White Com. This very handsome Corn is the favorite 
of old farmers who like a big grain on a small cob. The gtain is pure white, 
with good-sized ear, ha\'ing ten rows to the cob. Used for general crop. 
Pkt. 5c. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1179. Blount's Prolific. One of the largest yielding varieties for the 
South, producing 3 to 6 ears of white, flinty corn to the stalk. Makes 
excellent Meal. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk. 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1180. Improved Southern Sno-tvflahe. Matures in 100 davs, grows 8 
feet in height. Produces 2 ears to the stalk. Makes Meal of the finest quality. 
Pkt.- 5c. Pt. 15c. Qt. 20c. 4 Qts. 45c. Pk 75c. Bus. $2.50. 

1069. Connecticut Field, or I.arge Yelloiv Pumpkin. Excellent for 
growing in corn. l,b. 25c. 5 l,bs. lai 20c. X,b. 

1058'-^. Kentucky Field Pumpkin. Very large and flat, grown Ex- 
tensively and Profitably in Corn Field. I<b. 25c. 5 X,bs. <ai 20c. l,b. 

Kaffir Corn. The Great Forage Plant 


Makes nutritious food forstock and Poultry. Kaffir Corn in the last few years has been generally sown with the Cow 

W nite iVainr L/Om. Peas, broadcast at the rate of a peck of Kaffir Corn to a bushel of Cow Peas per acre. The Kaffir Corn helps to hold the 
Cow Peas up off the ground, thus causes a larger growth of Cow Peas, and both can be cut together, making an enormous yielding crop of most nutritious 
feed. For a forage crop when sown by itself Kaffir Com should be sown broadcast at the rate of from -K to 1 bushel per acre. When sown for a forage 
crop, either by itself or with Cow Peas, the crop should be cut before it is headed out. Lb. 10c. Pk. 35c. Bus. SI. 25. Write For Latest Prices. 
1169. D^J \r.^(C,.^ /^.-»v^ ^"^on saccharine. The plant is low, stalky, perfectly erect. The stalk as well as the blades; curfs into excellent fodder, and in 
IveU IVamr V-zOrn all stages it is available for green food. I<b. 10c. Pk. 50c. Bushel of 50 lbs. $1.50. Special Price in Qitaiitily. Wriie For LaUst 
P>-ices. . . 

\>^A .^—J IHTT^Ji.^ H/l'l^ "KH^'. These are popular varieties of sorghum, somewhat similar to the Kaffir Corn, valuable for both forage and train. 

Kea ana Wnite JVlllO JVlaiZe. Cultivation is same as for Kaffir Cora. Lb. 10c. Pk. 50c. Bushel of 50 lbs. $1.50. 

"""• Early Amber 

Tate of 1 to \Y% bus. per acre. _ 

1158. 17 .-„l,, C\.,^.,^^^ O^w^U..™ This varietv is rapidly growing in favorwherever it is grown. Similar in growth to Early Amber but it is claimed 

tariy UrangeOOrgnUm that it produces a heavier crop. Pkt. 5c. Lb. 10c. 4 Qts. 40c. Pk. 65c. Bushel of 50 lbs. $2.25. Price fluctuates. 
1216. 'T'o^cinfo /T» \ • \ This gigantic Grammea will furnish a continuous daily supply of nutritious green food for horses and all kinds 

1 cUsinic (^Keana luxunans) of cattle all through the summer. It also makes splendid dry fodder, yielding enormously, and being more 
nutritious amd better relished by all stock than corn fodder. In appearance it somewhat resembles Indian Cora, but the leaves are much larger and 
broader, and the stalks contain sweeter sap. Itstools out enormously after being cut. Sow in May or June, at the rate of 3 pounds per acre, in drills 4 feet 
-apart. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. % Lb. 25c. Lb. 75c. 

Giant Spurry Largely vj^A and highly valued by Dairymen. Lb. 15c. 10 lbs. © 10c. lb. 100 lbs. ® 8c. 


Trustworthy Flower Seeds For 1914 


Trustworthy Flower Seed 

Produce the Most Beautiful Flowers that Grow 

Large Packets 2c each, S/oySc. Very Large Packets 5c each, 6 for 25c. 

Mammoth Packets 10c each, 4 for 25c. 
Hain culture directions are printed on each of ourfioiver seed packets. 

With this Itelp you are sure of success. 

1. Abntilon. (Flowering- Maple.) Elegant Flowering perennial shrubs 
or strong growth and easy cultivation free flowering with various colored 
beautiful drooping flowers. Considered indispensible forflowenng indoors 
during the winter and spring months and useful for bedding out in the 
summer. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. K oz $1.10. Oz. $4.00. 

2. Achillea. From spring until frost covered with heads of purest 
white flowers, very double. Useful forcutflowers. Pkts. 2c, Sc, 10c and 2Sc. 

3. Adlnmia. (Mountain Fringe) Cirrhosa. A graceful hardv 
biennial climber, but as it resows itself year after year, it might be 
considered perennial. The feathery foliage closely resembles that of the 
Maiden Hair Fern. The flowers are tube-shaped, flesh-colored, somewhat 
like the Bleeding Heart, and completely cover the plant. For covering 
trellises, etc., it is very desirable. Flowers the firstyearfrom seed. Pkts. 
2c, 5c. 10c and 25c. Oz. $7.00. 

4._ Ageratiun. One of the best summer-blooming plants. They are 
rapid growers and constant bloomers. Duringthehot drv summermonths 
their bright flowers are produced in the greatest profusion of charming 
blue or white flowers. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. 

5. Alyssnm Sweet. (I<ittle Gem.) A beautiful white variety of .Sweet 
Alyssum especially adapted to edging borders and rock work. The plants 
grow about six inches, produce hundreds of flowers and form a mass of 
blooms 15 to 18 inches in diameter. Hardy annual. Pkts. 2c, 5c, ana lOc 
Oz. 30c. 4 Oz. $1.00. Lb. $3.50. 

6. Alyssam. (Saxitale.) Flowers golden yellow, desirable for rock 
work. Showy in masses. Hardy perennial. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. 

7. Amaranthns. Candatus. (Love Lies Bleeding.) Rapid growing 
garden annual, with long drooping, crimsonfloweringspikes,3 to5 inches 
high. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. 

8. Amaranthns. Tri-color, (Joseph's Coat.) Showy annual foliage 
plant for gardens; leaves red, yellow green, etc,, 3 feet. Pkts. 2c, 5c & 10c. 
Oz. 25c. 

9. Antirrhnium. (Snap Dragon.) Beautiful spikes of gaily colored 
flowers. They are one of the best cut flowers which can be grown from seed. 
While for beds or borders they are a pleasure, being in flowers all th ime 
if placed in a sunny position. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. Oz. 45c. 4 Oz. $1.50. 

10. A^rostemma. (Rose of Heaven.) Coronaria. An attractive free 
flowering, hardy perennial of easy culture, producing glowing crimson 
flowers like a single pink and silver white foliage; blooms the first season, 
fine for cutting; 2 feet. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. Oz. 25c. 4 Ozs 75c. 

11. Anneria. Formosa. A very pretty edging plant, bearing rose-pink 
flowers, hardy perennial. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. Oz. 50c. 

Giant Hohenzollem Asters 

The Finest Ostrich Feather Type of Aster. Much larger than the 
Giant Comet, the petals longer, more twisted, and produced in greater 
abundance. Borne on long stems. 

12. White. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. % oz. 45c. Oz. $1.75 

13. Pink. Pkts. 2c, Sc, 10c and 25c. M oz. 45c. Oz. $175. 
Crimson. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. i^ oz. 45c. Oz. $1.75. 
Light Bine. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. K oz. 45c. Oz. $1.75. 
Deep Lilac. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. K oz. 45c. Oz. $1.75. 
Aznre Blue. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. ^A oz. 45c. Oz. $1.75. 
Mixed. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 2Sc. M oz. 40c. Oz. $1.50. 

Tmifant's Peoney Flowered Perfection Aster. For midseason 
flowering we recommend these beautiful Asters; they are stiffly erect or 
upright in growth, averaging 2 feet, produce fine large double flowers on 
stiff stems of good length, 

19. Snow White. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. ^A oz. 45c. Oz. $1.75. 

20. Darkest Blue. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. K oz. 45c. Oz. $1.75. 

21. Glowing Dark Crimson. Pkt. 2c, 5c, 10c and 2Sc. K oz. 45c. Oz. $1.75. 
Light Red. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. K oz. 45c. Oz. $1.75. 
Light Blue. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. K oz. 45c. Oz.$1.75. 
Mixed Varieties. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. Koz.40c. Oz. $1.50. 

Giant Comet Asters. These are earliest to produce fine large Chrysan- 
themum-like flowers; the plants grow 2 feet high and have fine long stems. 

25. White Extra Fine. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. ^ oz. 35c, Oz. $1.35. 

26. The Bride. White. Pkts" 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. K oz. 35c. Oz. $1.35. 
Light Yellow. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. K oz. 35c. Oz. $1.35. 
Rose. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. K oz. 35c. Oz. $1.35. 
Light Bine. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. K oz. 35c. Oz. $1.3S. 
Azure Blue. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. K oz 35c. Oz. $1.35. 
Dark Violet. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. jj oz. 35c. Oz. $1.35. 
Mixed. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. K oz. 35c. Oz. $1.35. 

Bolglano's Giant Stork of Semples, Branching Asters. These 
erow 2 to 3 feet high and branch very freely, the flowers being of the 
largest size {214 to 4 inches across) and each furnished with a long stiff 
stem rivaling the Chrysanthemum both'in sizeof flower and length of stem. 
They furnish the largest supply of Asters. 
33. White. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. K oz. 25c. Oz.60c. 

Lavender. (Azure Blue.) Pkts.2c,5c,10c and25c, Koz. 25c. Oz. 60c. 

Shell Pink. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. '^A oz. 25c. Oz. 60c. 

Crimson. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. K oz. 25c. Oz. 60c. 

Indigo Blue. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. % oz. 25c. Oz. 60. 

Mixed. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. K oz. 20c. Oz. 50c, 

Christmas Tree. Mixed. Pkts. 2c. Sc and 10c. K oz. 25c. Oz. 75c. 

Queen of the Market. Mixed. Pkts. 2c, Sc, 10c. 'X oz. 25c. Oz. 75c. 

Aster, German Quilled. (Rose pink flowers with quilled centres.) 
Various colored petals in gorgeous mixture. Pkts 2c, 5c and 10c. Oz. 60c. 

42. Balloon Vine. (Love in a Puff.) A rapid growing annual climber, 
succeeds best in light soil and warm situation; flo%vers white, seed vessels 
look like miniature balloons and they are of great interest. Pkts. 2c. Sc.Oz. 10c. 

43. Balsam or Lady Slipper. These are very useful for borders, the 
plants make perfect little bushes with flowers that are double, the colors 
are very pretty _and pleasing. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. M oz. 20c. Oz. 60c. 

44. Bartonia. (Golden Bartonia.) Aurea. Producing showy golden 
yellow flowers fragrant at night, above its gray and downy thistle-like 
foliage which is exceedingly brilliant in the sunshine. Sow in May where 
It is to remain, as it does not bear transplanting. Annual 2 feet. Pkts. 2c, 
5c and 10c. % oz. 15c. Oz. 25c. 







Giant Comet Asters. All Colors 

45. Begonia. Tuberous Rooted. The plants are of robust, compnct 
habits, dark green foliage, and brilliant, double cinnabar scarlet fioweis. 
Pkts. 2c, 5c, lOc and 25c. 

46. Bellis Perennis. Double Daisy. A large growing spring flowering 
plant, a companion to the Pansy and Forget-Me-Not, Loves a shady place 
and will reward the gardener with a mass of blossoms for succeeding years 
it left undisturbed. Pkts. 2c, Sc, lOc and 25c. Oz. $2.25. 4oz. S8.00. 

47. Calendula. (Pot Marigold.) A perpetual bloomer, the flowers are 
oriental in color and exhibit every shade of yellow from ivory to deepest 
orange. Makes good cut flowers. Pkts. 2c and 5c. Oz. 10c. 

48. Calliopsis. Showy garden annual. 1 to 2 feet high; producing pro- 
fusely large flowers of brilliant shades, ranging from canary to orange red 
and maroon. Pkts. 2c and 5c Oz. 15c. 

49. Canterbury Bell. (Campanula Medium.) Handsome hardy bien- 
nial of stately growth, rich color and profuse bloom. Has large bell-shaped 
flowers, are effective in various colors. Height two to four feet. Pkts. 2c, 
Sc and 10c. Oz. 25c. 

50. Candytuft. White. The finest of all the white varieties, being a 
complete mass of pure white flowers, in bloom throughout the season. 
Grows 12 inches high. Pkts. 2c and 5c. Oz. 10c. Lb. 75c. 

51. Candytuft. Mixed. Most excellent mixture, rose, crimson, white, 
purple, etc. Bushy plants 12 inches high growing large umbels of flowers. 
Pkts. 2c and Sc. Oz. 15c. Lb. $1.00. 

52. Candytuft. Gibraltarica. Ithas magnificent large hyacinth-like 
spikes of purple flowers shading to white, dwarf profuse garden annual. 1 
foot high. Pkts. 2c. 5c. 10c and 25c. _ Oz. $2.00. 

53. Canary Bird Vine. A rapid-growing summer climbing annual, 
growing 10 to 15 feet high. It will cover tiellis work in the most graceful 
manner, producing hundreds of its pretty fringed bright yellow flowers, 
which resemble a canary bird with expanded wings. Pkts. 2c, Sc and 10c. 
Oz. 25c. 

54. Carnation. Marguerite. The plants of this wonderfully fine strain 
may be made to bloom in 12 weeks. The flowers are large, double, very 
fragrant and appear in very attractive shades of color. Pkts. 2c, Sc, 10c and 
25c. Oz. 7Sc. 

55. Celosia. Cockscomb. This beautiful dwarf plant has dark green 
leaves and forms immense coxcomb-like heads; ostrich plumes, etc. Pkts. 
2c, Sc, 10c and 25c. Jioz.$1.00. Oz. $3.50. 

56. Centanrea. _ (Sweet Sultan.) The newest sort 2 or 3 feet high with 
large flowers 3 to 4 inches across, varieties of colors and shades, popular 
garden annual, easy culture, large fragrant flowers, excellent for cutting. 
Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. Oz. 65c. 

57. Centaurea. Corn-flower or Bachelor's Button. Showy, hardy, 
border plants about 2 feet high and bearing freely during thesummer, corn- 
flower-like heads of bloom. Pkts. 2c and 5c. Oz. 15c. 

58. Centaurea. Candidissima. Dusty Miller. Wliite foliage used for 
bedding, edging, vases, etc. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. K oz. 90c. Oz. $3.50. 

59. Chrysanthemum. Single and double. Most gorgeous and prettiest 
varieties, mixed aimual, free summer blooming garden flower, 1 to 1% feet 
high. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c, Oz. 35c. 

60. Chrysanthemum. Perennial. Single and Double varieties. Hardy 
plants for permanent borders and gardens, compact bushes 1]4 to 2 feet 
splendid cut flowers, has long stems. Pkts. 2c, Sc, 10c and 25c. Oz. 45c. 

61. Cineraria. Hybrid Grandiflora. Choicest mixed for the window 
box. Conservatory, large flowers from 2 to 3 inches across, various colors 
borne in profusion in the spring. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 2Sc. 

62. Clematis. Jackman's Beautiful Purple. Well-known climber, some 
of the varieties being remarkable for the size and beauty of their blossoms 
.nud others for their gracefulness, fine for covering arbors, verandas, etc., as 
they cling to almost any object. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. A oz. 75c. Oz. $2.50. 

63. Coboea. Scandens. A fine rapid-growing climber with handsome 
foliage and large bell-shaped flowers, the plant will run about 30 feet in a 
season covering a large arbor with handsome foliage and beautiful flowers. 
Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. Oz. 75c. . . 

64. Coboea. Scandens Alba. A climber of rapid growth, attainnig a 
height of 30 to 50 feet during the season, valuable for covering trellises, 
arbors, trunks of trees, etc., will cling to any round surface, bearing large 
pure white bell-shaped flowers. Pkts. 2c, Sc and 10c. J^ oz. 35c. Oz. $1.00. 


J. Eolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 

55. Double Annual China Pinks 

83. Echinops. (Globe Thistle.) Striking, hardy perennial plants, with 
handsome silver tbistle-like foliage and fine blue flowers in roundheads, 
which can be used for cutting. Excellent for the back of the hardy border 
among tall plants. 3 to 5 feet. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 20c. 

84. Eschscoltzia. (California Poppy.) Mixed. Popular garden an- 
nuals of easy culture. Forming bushy plants about 1 foot high, bearing' 
large saucer-shape flowers. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

85. Eryngom. (Sea Holly.) Amethystinum. Handsome hardy plants, 
grrowing 2 to 3 feet high, with finely cut spiny foliage and beautiful thistle- 
like heads of blue. Fine for winter bouquets. Pkts 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 50c. 

86. Fnchsia. Single and double. Mixed. Tender perennial plants. 
2 to 4 feet high, with pendant flowers of red, white, purple, etc. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 
10c. and 25c. 

87. GalUardia. Grandiflora Mexican. Blanket Flower. Hardy. Per- 
ennial. Large, gay colored, double flowers. Useful for cutting. The 
colors, brilliant golden yellow, crimson, 'orange, amaranth and claret. 
Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 30c. 

88. Ganra. Lindhermeri. A graceful perennial, 3 to 4 feet high, bear- 
ing numerous spikes of rosy white flowers from July till frost. This plant 
is largely used throughout Europe for interspersing in beds of Begonias, 
Geraniums, etc., giving an air of grace to what would otherwise be stiff and 
formal. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 20c. 

89. Geraniums. Scarlet or Zonale. Well known plant for garden or 
pot culture. Flowering from seed the first sea.son if sown early. Brilliant 
scarlet flowers. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. , 25c. Oz. Sl.25. 

90. Gourds. Mixed. All kinds, shapes and colors. Annual climbers. 
10 to 30 feet, bearing ornamental gourds. Pkt. 2c., 5c.. 10c. Oz. 10c. 
We also ha%'e Dipper Gourds, Nest Egg. Mock Orange, Apple-shaped, 
Hercules' Club, Dish Rag, Pear-shaped, Bottle and Sugar Trough. 
Pkt. 2c., 5c.. 10c. Oz. 15c. 

91. Helichrysnm. (Straw Flower.) I,arge flower, double, finest mixed 
colors. Annual. 1 to 2 feet high. Double everlasting flowers, in shades of 
yellow, white, red, dark blue, etc. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c, , 25c. Oz. 40c. 

92. Heliotrope. Dark blue and white. The well-known fragrant 
flowering plants. 1 to 2 feet high. For pots or gardens. Pkt. 2c. ,5c., lOc, 25c. 
Oz. $1.00. 

93. Heuchera. (Alum Root.) Sanguinea. One of the finest hard.v 
perennials. The flower.= are of a rich, bright crimson color: the leaves 
bright green and slightly hairy. Excellent for cutting. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c.,25c. 
Oz. $3.00. 

94. Hibiscus. Hardy variety. (Marsh Mellow.) A very vigorous plant 
of easiest culture, growing about 2 feet high, with handsome, cream-colored 
single flowers. Hardy annual. Pkt. 2c.. 5c., 10c. Oz. 15c. 

95. Hollyhock. Double Superb Mixed. Favorite hardy plants, with 
immense flowers on spikes from 4 to 6 inches high. Bolgiano"s strain of 
Double Hollyhocks are famous for beauty and coloring. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. 
Oz. 75c. 

96. Honesty. (Moonlight Satin Flower.) Hardy biennial. Admired 
for its sih'ery seed pouches which are used for house ornaments as they 
present a beautiful and rather curious appearance. 2 feet. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. 
Oz. 25c. 

65. Coleus. The showy plants are grown for their brilliant foliage, which 
forms the bases of the ribbon beds of foliage plants in the parks and lawns, set out 
the young plants when the trees are out in leaf. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c , 25c. % Oz. $1.00. 

66. Coleus. Fringed and laciniated. The fringed type has large leaves cut out 
in the most delicate manner on the border. The laciniated type is ver>-odd, each 
leaf seems to be composed of numerous small leaflets. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. and 25c. 

67. Convolvnlns Minor, or Dwarf Morning Glory. Fine bushy plants. 12 
inches high bv 2 feet in diameter, bearing profusely beautiful mixed colors. 
Pkt. 2c., 5c. Oz. 15c. K hh. 20c. Z,h. 50c. 

68. Coreopsis. Lancelota Grandiflora. (Hari-est Moon.) One of the finest, 
hardiest garden plants grown, forming bushes 2 to 3 feet high bearing quantities 
of long stemmed large single yellow flowers throughout the summer. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c 
25c. Oz. 35c. 

69. Cosmos. Mammoth. A very effective autumn flowering plant, quitehardy 
and rapid growing, forming bushlike plants 5 to 8 feet high, and covered ^-ith large 
single dahlia-like flowers. Pkt. 2c., Sc, 10c. Oz. 20c. % Lb. 60c. 

70. Cosmos. Early flowering. Mixed colors of bushy growth, 4 feet high, 
flowers while smaller than those of the Mammoth varieties, are produced from 
July throughout the season. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 35c. K Lb, $1.25. 

71 . Cyclamen. Persicum. Giant double flowers, finest mixed colors. Pkt. 2c. , 5c. , 
10c. , 25c. ;iOz. 75c. Oz.$2.50. 

72. Cypress Vine. Scarlet. Very deep scarlet flowers. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. 
Oz. 20c. K Lb. 60c. 

73. Cypress Vine. White. Clear paper white flowers. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 20c. 
li Lb. 60c. 

74. Cypress Vine. Mixed. For training on trellises the Cypress Vine cannot 
be excelled. It has a profusion of scarlet and white star-shaped blossoms, and its 
finely cut foliage is particularly adapted to ornamental work. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. 
Oz. 20c. li Lb 60c. 

75. Dahlia. Extremely large flowers. Double mixed. Although perennial these 
will flower the first season if so-n-n early. 4 to 6 feet. Pkt. 2c., 5c., iOc, 25c. Oz. $2.00. 

76. Delphinium. Hardy perennial Larkspur. Double and single hybrid. 
Finest mixed colors. Among our best plants for mixed borders, producing spikes 
of flowers. Pkt. 2c.. 5c., 10c. , 25c. Oz. 40c. 

77. Dianthns. Double annual. China Pinks. They form bushj- dwarf plants 
about 1 foot high, producing freely all summer long flowers of most brilliant colors. 
One of our most effective garden plants. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. , 25c. Oz. 75c. 

78. Dianthus. Hardy perennial Pinks. (Pheasant's Eye Pink.) Bush plants 
of large fragrant blossoms. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

79. Dianthns. Double Hardy Dwarf Grass Pinks. An improved type of the old 
fashioned pinks of dwarf, sturdy growth, with large, double fringed fragrant 
flowers of various colors. Pkt. 2c. , 5c. , 10c. , 25c. Oz. $2.50. 

80. Didlcus. Coeraleus. Annual. Bloom most profusely from July to Xovem- 
ber. Their exquisite, pale lavender blossoms are excellent for cutting. Plants 
grow about 18 inches high, and have as many as fifty flowers open at one time. 
Pkt. 2c.. 5c , 10c. and 25c. 

81. Digitalis. Fox Glove. Finest mixed colors. Hardy perennial of easj' cul- 
ture, producing long spikes of tubular flowers of various colors. 3 to 5 feet. 
Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 15c. 

82. Dolichos. Hvacinth Beans, or Texas Climber. A fine climber, with 
clusters of purple or white flowers followed by ornamental seed pods. Tender 
annual. Growing from ten to twenty feet high. Pkt. 2c., 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 25c. 

97. Humulns. Japonicus. (Japanese Hop.) Rapid growing annual 
climber. 20 to 30 feet high, with dense green foliage. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. 
Oz. 25c. 

98. Ipomea Grandiflora Superba. (Japanese Morning Glory ) A 
handsome showy climber of easy culture and suitable for covering windows, 
trellises, old stumps, etc. The flowers are most brilliant in the morning, 
and ruii through many shades, from white to dark blue, red and stripei 
Hardy annual. 30 to 50 feet high. Pkt. 2c., 5c. Oz. 15c. ^i Lb. 50c. 

99. Imperial Japanese Xloming Glory. Frilled and Fancy. Even 
more beautiful than the Superba. You should certainly try this beautiful 
and wonderful Morning Glory. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 20c. li Lb. 60c. 

100. Ipomea Grandiflora Alba. (Moon Flower.) One of the most 
vigorous of all summer climbers, and will grow 30 to 40 feet in a season, 
and be co%'ered with saucer-shaped white flowers every evening and 
cloudy dav. Pkt. 2c.. 5c.. lOc. 25c. Oz. 40c. K Lb $1.50. Lb. $5.00. 

101. Ivy. Neat, hardv. Clinging to walls, trelhses. 3 to 6 feet high. 
Pkt. 2c., 5c.. 10c., 25c. H Oz 50c. Oz. $1.75. 

102. Lantana. Finest mixed colors. Tender perennial. Flowering con- 
tinuously. Suitable for pot culture in winter or garden in summer. 2 to 3 
feet. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

103. Larkspur. Double Dwarf German Rocket. Beautiful spikes of 
double flowers in many shades, ranging from pure white to deep rich pink. 
Hardy annuals, growing 1 foot high. Pkt. 2c., 5c.. 10c. Oz. 20c. 

104. Leptosiphon. French Hybrids. Mixed. The plants form a dense 
tuft of fine foliage not over six inches high, covered with its pretty little 
flowers of rose, white, yellow, etc.. throughout the season, makes a pretty 
edging. Sow thicklv in April or May. Pkt. 2c.. 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

105. Liatris. (Blazing Star or Gay Feather.) Showy, hardy perennial, 
long spikes of purple and rose. 3 to 4feet. Pkt. 2c. 5c, 10c and 25c. 

106. Lobelia. The flowers are bright blue with white centers. Fine 
for baskets and vases, trailinggracefully and blooming profusely. Plants 6 
incheshigh. Erinus Compata. Pkt. 2c.. 5c., lOc, 2Sc. Oz-$1.15 

107. Lupin. A very conspicuous plant with spikes of pea-shaped blos- 
soms. Looks well as a background to other flowers. Growing 3 feet tall. 
Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 20c. , r • ^ v, „• j 

108. Marigold. Tall Tagates. French and African. Double Mixed. 
Great variety of colors, A well known garden annual. 2 to 3 feet high. 
Large double flowers; yellow, orange, maroon, striped, etc. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. 
Oz. 35c. , . ,^ ... 

109. Marigold. Dwarf mixed colors. Plants only 4 to 5 inches high. 
Bearing great quantities of button-like flowers. Pkt. 2c.. 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

110. Marvel of Peru. (Four OClocks.) Large and beautiful old- 
fashioned plants of spreading habit. Produce brilliant colored flowers that 
open about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 10c. 

111. Matthiola. Biconrus. (Evening scented stocks.) Old-fashioned 
annual. Tee flowers being a dull purplish lilac. It is well worth growing 
for the fragrance which it emits during the evening. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. 
Oz 15c 

112. Mignonette. (Mammoth Flowering.) It is the best Mignonette 
for all purposes, either outside or inside. It is an ever bloomer, the flowtrs 
lasting until late in fall. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 15c. 

113 Mignonette. Matchett Perfection Bismarck. The red llowers aie 
larger than those of other .sorts. The spikes are very dense. Its foliage is 
crinkled while its odor is delicious. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c.. 25c. Or. 50c. 

Trustworthy Flower Seeds for 1914 

Bolgiano's Giant Pansies 

The Most Beautiful Pansies in the World 

136. Giant Adonis Pansy. None among- the thousand of pansy plants that we 
sold I.ast Spring attracted quite so much attention as this beauty, it is a beautiful 
light blue contrasted with white. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. /s Oz. 35c. Oz. $2.00 

137. Giant Bridesmaid Pansy. A beautiful newpansy, white shining rose, 
beautifully blotched. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. Ys Oz. 50c. 1 Oz. $3,50. 

138. Giant Cardinal Pansy. The new brilliant red pansy. Pkts. 2c, 5c. 10c 
and 25c. Va Oz. 40c. 1 Oz. $2.25. 

139 Giant Emperor William. Blue with a violet eye. A new and ideal 
beauty. I,ooks like velvet. Pkts. 2c. 5c, 10c and 25c. }/s Oz. 35c. Oz. $2.00. 

140. Giant Freya Pansies. Silver edged pansy, extra fine. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c 
and 2Sc. Ve Oz. 40c. Oz. $2.25. 

141 Giant Golden Yellow With Large Black Eyes. One of the most 
effective pansies that is grown, a veritable mass of molten gold. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 
25c. Vs Oz. 35c. Oz. $2.00. 

142. Giant Golden Qneen. Pure golden yellow and five spotted. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 
10c and 25c. Vs Oz. 50c. Oz. $3.50. 

143. Giant Lord Baconsfield. It is certainly a pansy that arrests theattention 
immediately by its wonderful combination and its beauty. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. 
Vs Oz. 35c. Oz. $2.00. 

144. Giant Ruffled "Masterpiece" Imperial. German exhibition pansies. 
A new class of blotched heavilv ruifled pansies with large blooms mostly undulated 
or curled, many fine, rich colors. Very popular. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. J/s Oz. 50c. 

Oz. $3.50. 

145 Giant Prince Bismari. Light-brown shades with black eye. Extra fine 
and attractive. Pkts. 2c, 5c. 10c and 25c. Vs Oz. 35c. Oz. $2.00. 

146. Giant Red Pansies. The most beautiful solid Red Pansies that grow. 
Unusually brilliant; attractive. Pkts. 2c, 5c. 10c and 25c. Vs Oz. 50c. Oz. $.^.50. 

149 Triumph of the Giant. Most wonderfully beautiful in immense 
size. Pkts. 5c, 10c and 25c. J-s Oz. 75c. K Oz. $1.25. Oz. $5.00. 

147. Giant Snow Flake or Fairy. White as the driven snow, extra 
fine pure white. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. /gOz. 50c. Oz. $3.50. 

148. Superb Mixture of the Odier, Gassier, and Bu^not Strains. 
This is one of the most beautiful and most costly mixture of pansies in the 
world. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. }-a Oz. 75c. Oz. $5.00 

Bolgiano's Giant Flowered Pansies 

150. Trimardeau Parisian Large Stained. Very beautiful improved 
strain of Trimardeau Pansies. mostly white ground and finely blotched 
varieties. Pkts. 2c, 5c. 10c and 25c. Vb Oz. 35c. Oz. $2.00. 

151. Bolgiano's Magnificent Finest Mixed Giant Show Pansies. 
This mixture full of startling beauties is so well known that a description is 
hardly necessarv, if you want a perfect dream of beauty, try this mixture. 
Pkts.'2c, ScaudlOc. /s Oz. 35c. Oz. $2.00. 

Bolgiano's Giant Flowering Dwarf Nasturtiums 

118. Beauty. Giant Flowering Bronze. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. J^" Lb. 30c. I<b..StOO, 

119 New French Chameleon. Giant flowered Variegated, new and 
very beautiful. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Ji Lb. 30c. Lb. $1.00. 

120 Cloth of Gold. Resembles molten gold in grandness. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c, K Lb. 30c. Lb. $1.00. 

121. Empress of India. Deep Crimson, dark leaved, extra fine. Pkt. 5c. 
Oz. 10c. K Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.25. 

122. King of Tom Thumbs. Earns its name on account of its great 
beauty. Pkt. 5c. Oz. Ute. M Lb. 35c. Lb. $1.25. 

123 Spotted King or Lady Bird. A strikingly beautiful combination 
of flowe.s and foliage. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K I^b. 30c. Lb. $1.00. 

124. Pearl. Giant White Flowers. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 30c. Lb. $1.00. 

1^5 Queen of Tom Thumbs. Giant Crimson and Scarlet flowers 
new while marbeled foliage. Pkt. 5c. & 10c. Oz. 25c. K Lb. 75c. Lb. $2.50. 

126. Regelianum. Purplish Violet. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. Ji Lb. 20c. Lb. 75c. 

127;_Rnby King . Giant red flowers. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 30c. Lb. $1.00. 

114. MinaLobata. A climber of luxurious growth tube-shaped flowers 
the buds being bright red changing from orange yellow to creamy white, 
when fully expanded, very attractive, growing 12 feet high. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c 
and 25c. Oz.$1.25. 

115. Memosa. (Sensitive Plant.) Curious and interesting spikes white 
flowers the leaves close or droop when touched or shaken. 1 foot high. 
Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. Oz. 30c. 

Bolgiano's Giant Flowered Nasturtium 

128. Prince Henry. Yellow, marbled scarlet. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb. 
30c. Lb. $1.00. 

1 29. King Theodore. The grandest Dwarf Nasturtium ever introduced 
the large flowers are a be.uitiful deep red. these are setoff and made most 
conspicuous by the deep green foliage. Pkt. 5c. Oz. 10c. % Lb. 30c. Lb. $1.00. 

130. Nasturtium Dwarf or Tom Thumb. Giant flowering, most 
gorgeous mixture of colors, improved type o£ bushy garden annual. 1 toot. 
Pkts. 2c and 5c. Oz. 10c. }i Lb. 20c. Lb. 50c. 

131. Lobb's Medium High Nasturtium. Grandest mixture of 30 varie- 
ties. This mixture of Nasturtiums will giow from 6 to 10 ft high while 
the Tall Nasturtium will grow more than 1 5 feet high. To produce best re- 
sults, you should select the Dwarf for bedding, the Lobb's for low trellises 
and the tall for climbing. Pkts. 2c and 5c. Oz. 10c. K Lb.20c. Lb. 50c. 

132 Tall or Climbing Varieties. Giant flowering gorgeous mixture, 
annual climber 6 to 10 feet high producing large flowers flowering best m 
light dry soil. Pkt. 2c and 5c. Oz. 10c. '4 Lb. 1.5c. Lb. 40c. 

116. Momordica. (Balsam Apple.) Annual climber 15 feet high bear- 
ing ornamental orange flowers with red interior used largely for medicinal 
purposes also a most excellent foliage vine. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. Oz. 20c. 

117. Myosotis Alpertris. Forget-me-not. Popular perennials, flowering 
first season from early spring sown seeds. Pkts. 2c, 5c. 10c and 20c. Oz. 50c. 

133. Nicotiana. Affinis. Splendid pure white flowers on long terminal 
tubes, it is so fragrant that a small bed will perfume the surrounding atmos- 
phere. Pts. 2c. 5c and 10c. Oz. 30c. 

134. Nierembergia. (Cup Flowers.) Frutescens. A half hardy per- 
ennial slender growing plant, perpetually in bloom, flowering the first year 
if sown early desirable for vases, baskets or bedding, white tmted with 
lilac, 1 foot. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. Oz. 40c. 

135 Nigella. (Love in the Mist or Devil in the Bush.) Damacena- 
Free flowering plant with finely cut foliage. Curious looking flowers and 
seed pods, for easy culture growing in any garden soil, blue and white 
mixed growth 1 foot. Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. Oz. 15c. 

152 Passion Flower Vine. (Coerulea Grandiflora.) A beautiful violet 
or blue vine for green house and window, called Passion Flower since 
tradition, see represented in its flowers the symbols of the Christian Faith. 
Pkts. 2c. 5c and 10c. K Oz. 30c. Oz. |1.00. 

153 Petunia. Single Giant Flowers, blotched and striped, giant fringed 
Bolgianos strain of Petunia is very superb, the flowers are of immense size 
and are beautifully colored and marked. Some of the flowers are brilliant 
rosy-red light crimson with white throats, blue blotched white, violet white, 
lavender, velvet dark crimson and yellow throat. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c and 25c. 
Oz. 50c. 

154 Phlox. Drummondi Grandiflora. A lovely strain of plants grow- 
ing 1 to l]4 feet high covered with a mass of bright flowers, excellent for 
pot plants and for bedding. Pkts. 2c, 5c. 10c and 25c. Oz. 60c. 

155 Phlox. Hardy. Finest mixed perennial 2 to 3 feet high, forming 
large bushes bearing immense heads of flowers, is very hardy and can be 
grown in places where other flowers on account of temperature will not 
thrive. Pkts. 2c, 5c, 10c, and 25c. % Oz. 50c. Oz. $1.25. 

156. Physostegia. (False Dragon Head.) Virginica. One of the pret- 
tiest hardy perennials forming dense bushes 3 to 4 feet high and bearing 
freely during the summer months, .spikes of delicate lilac, tubular flowers. 
Pkts. 2c, 5c and 10c. Vz Oz. 20c. Oz. 35c. 

157 Poppy. Hardy Giant. Iceland and Oriental. Hardy perennials 2 
to 3 feet high, producing flowers 4 to 6 inches across, of gorgeous bnlliaucy. 
Our splendid mixture contains salmon, fiery scarlet, rose lilac a^d copper 
color, white, golden tinged crimson. Pkts. 2c, 5c. 10c. % Oz. 25c Oz. /x. 


J. Bolgiano & Sons, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 

Shirley Poppies 

173. Stocks. Bolgiano's Giant Perfection Double Stocks. A magnifi- 
cent strain, 2^4 feet high, with long, well-filled spikes, of very large flowers, 
This well-known annual is sometimes grown in pots, but usually used for 
garden decorations. Pkts. 2c., 5c., lOc, 25c. }4 0z.,35c. Oz. $2.00. 

174. Sunflower. Single thousand flowered. Single Cut and Come Again, 
Double Cut and Come Again. Double Globes of Gold, in grandest mixture. 
This is a branching pyramidal plant, bearing hundreds of yellow flowers. 
The Cut and Come Agains are from 3 to 4 feet high, and of a bushy habit, 
bearing hundreds of small flowers 3 to 4 inches across. The Doubled.;^ i"d 
Come again are extremely attractive. The Double Globes of Gold s-^-w 
3 to 3'A feet high and bear double golden flowers. Pkt. 2c., 5c. Oz. 10c. 

158. Poppy. Fairy Mixed Annual Varieties. Giant double and single brilliant 
profuse blooming garden annuals. Grows 2/^ feet high. Includes the most brilliant 
mixture and blending of colors. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 15c. 

159. Poppy. Shirley, mixed. This magnificent strain of Poppy, with its delicate 
.shades ranging from a pure glistening white, through the shades of pink and rose tO' 
tne brightest scarlet and carmine red. The darker shades frequently being margined 
with white. Some of the petals are of silky texture, others look like tissue paper 
Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

160. Poppy. American Flag. Beautiful variety. Flowers very large and double. 
Snow white bordered with scarlet. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

161. Poppy. Miss Sherwood. Large flowers of a satiny white, the upper half being 
a silky chamois rose, a combination of rare delicacy. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

162. Portulaca, (Mexican Rose.) There are few flowers that make such a dazzling- 
display of colors in the brigh t sunshine as a bed of Portulaca. They are in bloom from the 
firstof July until killed by frost, growing- 6 to 8 inches high. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c, 

163. Portulaca. Double Rose Flowered Mixed. A large percentage of the flowers 
will come perfectly double, of the most brilliant scarlet, crimson, white, yellow. Pkt. 
2c., 5c., lOc, 25c. Oz. $2.50. 

164. Rhexia. (Meadow Beauty.) Virginica. A pretty dwarf hardy perennial, grow- 
ing 9 inches high and bearing the greater part of the Summer, bright, rosy purple 
flowers, with golden anthers. Pkt. 2c., 5c., lOc, 25c. 

165. Kicimis. Castor Oil Beans and other varieties. Garden annual of luxuriant 
growth, with large palm-like leaves, extremely attractive on account of their sub- 
tropical effect. Our wonderful mixture contains varieties from 6 to 12 feet high. Some 
with immense leaves, green, brown or purple, others purplish leaves and stem, some 
with foliage also maroon and black stems. Pkt. 2c., 5c. Oz. 10c. t,h. 50c. 

166. Salvia Spletidens. Grandiflora. Among the most brilliantly colored of gar- 
den flowers, and extremely useful for bedding, hedging or border. It is like a blaze of 
flaming scarlet; is intensely brilliant. A single plant will carry as many as two hun- 
dred spikes of flowers. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. J'sOz. 20c. K Oz. 35c. Oz. Sl.50. K Lb. $5.00. 

167. Salvia. Dwarf Bonfire, or. Little Lord Fauntleroy. This is one of the finest of 
the scarlet sages; growing in a bush, 2 feet high. Its spikes of flowers of brilliant 
color, stand clear above the dark foliage and completely cover the plant. It attracts 
immediate attention in the garden. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c., 25c. K oz. $1.00. Oz. S3.50. 

168. Scabiosa. Large flowered Double. (Morning Bride.) These beautiful flowers 
of many bright colors are useful for cutting. They are gracefully borne on long, slender 
stems. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

169. Scarlet Runner Vine. Annual. 15 feet. This bean produces a rapid growing- 
vine and makes clusters of showy scarlet blooms. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Lb. 20c. 

170. Shasta Daisy. A large flowering single while, hardy daisy; has long been 
considered one of our finest hardy perennials for permanent garden decoration. 
Flowers 4 inches or more across. The plants grow 2 to 2/i feet in height. Pkt. 2c., Sc.^ 
10c. , 25c. 

171. Smi1a:s. (Myrsiphyllum Aspargoides.) In many respects, the smilax is the 
most useful and graceful climber which adorns the greenhouse or conser\'atory. For 
bouquets and floral decorations it is indispensible. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 30c. 

172. Stevia. Serrata. Fragrant, pure white, free blooming plants, suitable for sum- 
mer or winter. Largely used for cutting. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Ji Oz. 25c. Oz. 75c. 

175. Sweet Rocket. (Hespins.) Old fashioned, hardy garden plant, 
also known as Dames Rocket and Dames Violet. Grows from 2 to 3 feet 
high, and bears spikes of snowy white, lilac and purple fragrant flowers. 
Excellent for shrubbery or border. Mixed colors. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

176. S-weet William. For many j ears the Sweet William has been 
esteemed as one of the finest of our hardy garden plants, being of easy cul- 
ture and thriving in any good garden soil and lasting for years. The plants 
grow about 1 foot high and form fine clumps. Our perfection strains pro- 
duce heads of fragrant flowers including blood crimson, salmon, pink, 
white, cerise, etc. Many have large white eyes, and all being sweet scented. 
Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 15c. 

177. Torenia. Founmieri. A splendid annual plant for vases, hanging baskets, 
borders, etc., covered the entire season with a mass of bloom, sky blue, with three spots 
of dark blue, with bright yellow center. Pkt. 2c., 5c., lOc, 25c. Vs Oz. 50c. 

178. Tunica. Saxifraga. A neat hardy perennial plant, gro-wing a few inches high 
and bearing the entire season, numerous elegant pink flowers. It is especially adapted 
for rookery or for border. Blooms the first season. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

179. Valeriana. (Valerian.) Officinalis. (Garden Heliotrope.) A fine old- 
fashioned hardv plant, with heads of old rose flowers, with a strong Heliotrope odor. 
Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. ,25c. Oz. 35c. 

ISO. Verbena. Mammoth. This Verbena produces magnificent flowers in -wide 
range of colors. The blooms are frequently larger than a silver quarter. The colors 
are rich and varied, embracing all the bright shades. Pkt, 2c., 5c., lOc, 25c. K Oz. 35c. 
Oz. $1.25. 

181. Verbena. Bushy or Dwarf. These are free flowering hardy annuals, of low 
spreading growth. Single plants in rich soil will cover a space 3 to 4 feet in diameter 
and furnish a profusion of flowers. If the flowers are kept cut the plants bloom much 
more freely. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c-, 25c. % Oz. 35c. Oz. $1.25. 

182. Veronica. (Speedwell.) Spicata. An elegant, hardy perennial border plant; 
growing about 18 inches high; bearing all summer long spikes of bright blue flowers. 
Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. , 25c. Oz. $1.25. 

183. Viscaria. Very free blooming annuals. They form compact plants about 1 foot 
high and are co-i-ered from earUv summer till fall with their bright flowers, shaped some- 
what like a single pink, borne on long stems: it is best to sow them where they are to 
bloom, thinning them out to prevent overcrowding. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

184. "Wallflo-wer. German. Finest Mixed. An old favorite garden flower. The 
large massive spikes of the Wallflower are very conspicuous in the beds and borders and 
are very useful in making bouquets. Height about 1/2 feet Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. Oz. 25c. 

185. Wild Cucumber. Quickest grower of all climbers. Thickly dotted with 
pretty, white, fragrant flowers followed by ornamental seed pods. Pkt. 2c., 5c., 10c. 
Oz. 15c. 

185. Xerantliem-nm. (Everlasting, or Immortelle.) Annum. One of the prettiest 
and most satisfactory of the everlasting bearing bright rose, purple and white flowers, 
which are not only showy in the garden, but useful for dried flowers in winter boquets. 
Grows about 3 feet high and can be sown in the open ground early in May, growing in 
any sunny position, remaining in bloom from early summer till frost. Mixed colors. 
Pkt. 2c. , 5c., lOc, 25c., Oz. 40c. 

187. Zinnias. Giant Mammoth. Mixed. The garden annuals are greatly im- 
proved; the plants form handsome bushes 2 feet in height, with large double flowers of 
.^U brilliant colors. Pkt. 2c., 5c., lOc, 25c. Oz. 40c. 

188. Zinnias. Dwarf. Thick branching little plants about 1 foot high; they fairly 
bristle with tiny, short-stemmed double flowers like a large daisy in size. They may 
be used with success in pots as well as for groups and edgings. Pkt. 2c., 5c., lOc., 25c. 
Oz. 50c. 

Bolgiano's Mammoth Verbenas 

Gladiolus, Calladiums, Tube Roses, and Paeonies 


Rare and Beautiful Varieties 


The Gladiolus is by far the most attractive 
and easily grown Summer Bloomer. They 
are not only showy in the garden, but when 
cut with the first flower open, they will last 
for 10 days m the house. The newer colorings 
defy the choicest orchids. The Gladiolus is 
growing in popularity every yearand has been 
well named "The Peoples Flower". Failure 
with this rtower is unknown as they willgrow 
in any open position and bloom well. Any 
fairly good garden will grow Gladiolus. 
Plant the bulbs 4 inches deep and 6 inches 
apart. Planted at intei-vals from April to J\nie 
will affird a succession of blooms from July 
until Frost. They are very effective when 
planted in clusters among Shrubs, Roses and 
Peonies. Our bulbs are of the finest quality 
and will give bountiful satisfaction the first 

America. A beautiful soft flesh pink. By 
far the most vigorous and easily grown Gladi- 
olus known. Strong and healthy, with luxu- 
riant dark-green foliage and a freedom of 
growth and flowering surpa.ssing all others. 
Spikes two to three feet long, erect with a 
great number of large spreading blossoms, all 
facing one way and showing a color, the deli- 
cacy, and beauty of which, it is impossible to 
describe or reproduce. It is an exquisite soft 
lavender pink, very light, almost a tinted 
white. 10c each. 2 for 15c. 75c per doz. $5 00 
per 100. 

Brenchleyenis, For brilliancy of color 
few can touch this one. The exquisite brilli 
ant scarlet coloring is a show worthy to be 
seen. 5c each. 5Uc doz. $3.00 per 100. 

Silver Trophy Stain. The Rarest, most 
wonderfully beautiful mixture of Gladiolus in 
the world. It contains the newest and Rarest 
Blues, Clematis, L,ilac, Heliotrope, Reds, 
Scarlets. Crimson, White, Lights and Yellows. 
All shades of white, cream, yellow and in 
many combinations relieved by stains and 
blotches of rich colors in most wonderfully 
pleasing contrasts. No such exquisite combi- 
nationsoffered elsewhere in the world. 5c each. 
40c per doz. $2.75 per 100. 

Groii's Hybrid. A mixture together with 
all sorts of Hybrids, consisting of Grand- 
avensis, Lemoinei, and Childsii making in 
one bed the greatest collection and variation 
of color. 5c each. 35c per doz. $2.50 per ICO. The Magnificient Gladioli America 

Giant Gladioli Childsii. 4 to 5 feet high of free branching habit and profuse bloom , 7 to 9 in. across, each 
stem produces 3 or 4 spikes. 5c each. 50c per doz. $3.00 per 100. 

Lemoinie Hybrids. A showy and most splendid flowering variety, consisting of more than forty of the 
named sorts. 5c each. 35c per doz. $2.50perl00. 

New Giant Nanceanns. French Mammoth Flowering Gladiolus, flowers of immense size borne on long 
spikes covortd with profuse blooms. 5c each. 35c per doz. $2.50 per 100. 

Bolgiano's Superb Mixture. A mixture of the 

Gladiolus Gandavensis 

Fragrant Double Pearl Tuberoses 

Special Color Mixtures of Finest Large 

Flowering Hybrids Each Doz 

White and Light, Mixed 5c 

Striped and Variegated, Mixed 5c 

Pink and Rose, Mixed 5c 

Red and Scarlet, Mixed 5c 

Excelsior Double Pearl Tuberoses 

One of the most fragrant and most popular of the Summer flowering 
Bulbs. Easily recognized by its fragrance and beautiful flower spikes, 
which are borne on long stems, making it an admirable cut-flower for house 
decorations. Plant in open ground after the 1st day of May. If started in 
pots and then transplanted to open ground can be had much earlier. We 
have used great care in the selection of these bulbs and know that they will 
give the best of satisfaction. 

Each Doz. Per 100. Postage per Root 

Small Double Pearl Tuberose Roots 3c 20c $1.25 Ic 

Large Double Pearl Tuberose Foots 3c 25c 1.50 Ic 

Extra Large Double Pearl Tuoerose 

Roots 5c 35c 2.00 2c 

,_. ,^. Paeonies 

/ he King of Flowers. Hardy Everywhere. 

Once Planted they will last a lifetime. There is no hardy perennial which 
equals the Paeon y in beauty and usefulness. Once planted, the plants and 
flowers increase in size and beauty with age. They are as hardy as oaks and 
handsome (many as fragrant) as roses. When the plants are through bloom- 
ing they are as handsome and ornamental as mostof the hardy shrubs. The 
plants are practically immune from insects. No garden is complete without 
their charming influence. Paeonies may be planted during any of the 
spring months and from September 1 to October 10, An important point to 
observe is not to plant too deeply. The roots should be placed so that the 
crowns (or eyes) are covered with two or three inches of soil. Planting too 
deep is often the cause of shy blooming. We use great care in the selection 
of our Paeonies, only offering fur sale those with from 2 to 5 eyes. 

Unnamed Paeonies to Color. All Double Flowering. 

Our Paeonies to color, you \vi\\ find unsurpassed. They are fine large flow- 
ers with rich colors; free bloomers. The roots we offer are strong. Be sure 
and try them. We have these Paeonies in Crimson Red, White, Pink, Rose 
colors. Separate, 20c each. 3 for 50c. 


largest number of the most magnificent varieties of any 

popular mixture yet introduced, contains beststrains of 

Per 100 each variety. 5c each. 35c per doz. $2 50 per 100. 

$2.50 Bol^iano's Fine Mixture. A mixture containinjf 

3.00 some of the choicest and best strains of the different 

2.75 named varieties. 1st size, 5c each, 30c per doz. $2.00 

2.00 per 100. 2nd size. 3c each, 25c per doz. $1.50 per ICO. 

Calladium or Elephant Ears 

One of the most effective plants in cultivation for the flower border or for 
planting out on the lawn. It will grow in any garden soil, and is of the 
easiest culture. To obtain the bes t results it should be planted where it will 
obtain plenty of water and abundance of rich compost. Foliage ligh t green. 
When full size it stands 6 feet high and bears immense leaves 3 to 4 feet long 
by 2 M^ feet wide. Per 

Each Doz. 
Small Calladium 

Roots 5c 50c 


Roots 10c $1.00 


Per Postage 

Per Root 

Each Doz. Per Root 

Ex. Large Call- 


adium Roofs 15c $1.50 10c 

Mammoth Call- 


adium Roots 25c 2.75 I5c 

Caladiums or Elephant Ears 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 


New Decorative Dahlias 

One Each of anv 12 Different Decorative Dahliasfor $2.00 

Angnsta Nonia. scarlet. A very large and superb Each Doz. 
lower often measuring 6 inches in diameter 25c $2.50 

Black Reaaty. Beautiful dark velvety maroon 15c 1.50 

Delice. Tiie finest pink decorative Dahlia ever introduced, 
producing- flowers on long- stiff stems, invaluable for cutting 30c 3.00 

Frauk Li. Basset. Bright royal-purple, shading- to blue 15c 1.50 

Gigantea. Extremely large, flowers frequently measuring 
over 7 inches. The color is a pleasing shade of creamy-white.. ISc 1.75 

Grand Dnke Alexis. A magnificent flower of largest size 
and distinctly unique form as each petal rolls up and overlaps 
each other forming funnel shaped petals. Pure white the 
center bei'ig tinged delicate pink 18c 1.75 

Jack Rose. Color a rich shade of crimson 15c 1.50 

Kaiseria Augusta Victoria. One of the best white 
Decorative Dahlias. The plant is dwarf in growth, but pro- 
duces its flowers on long stems. Very early 18c 1.75 

Virginia Maale, (Decorative.) White, delicately suffused 
shrimp pink. Nj variety -with more delicate coloring 25c 2.50 

Ly-ndharst. Still the best scarlet Dahlia. Its lar.e:e 
perfectly formed, full-centered, flowers are produced on long 
stems well above the foliage. Invaluable for cutting 25c 1.30 

Miss Minnie MoCnllongh. A superb variety. A very 
soft yellow overlaid with bronze. Excellent for cutting 15c 1.50 

Mme. Van Dsa Dael. A grand decorative variety of 
immense size and form. Shell pink -with deeper marking 25c 2.50 

Soaveuic de . Gnstav Doazon. The largest decorative 
Dahlia. The color is beautiful red, the flowers frequently 
measuring 8 inches ia diameter _ ISc 1.75 

Sylvia. Best described as a giant Nymphaea. White in 
the center shading to soft pink 15c 1.50 

■Wm. Agnew. An intense Erlistening scarlet-crimson 15c 1.50 

Yellow Duke. A grand decorative variety of immense size. 

Color a clear canary yellow _ 15c 1.50 

^ Neu) Show Dahlias 

One each of any 12 Different Show Dahlias for S1-7S. 

A. D. Livoni. Beautifnl soft pink; quilled petals _ 15c 1.50 

Agent. Delicate rose-pink 15c 1.50 

Bon-ton. Rich garnet; perfect form; fuU center 18c 1.75 

Carol. Pure white, tinted soft pink_ 15c 1.50 

Emily-. Shaded lavender and -white _ 15c 1.50 

Hero. Deep crimson-maroon shaded purple 15c 1.50 

John Thorpe. Very large, soft, rich pink„ 18c 1.75 

I.enion Beauty. Beautiful shade of lemon-yellow 15c 1.50 

Modesty. One of the lovliest, soft blush 18c 1.75 

Miss Dodd. Very large; pure yellow 15c 1.50 

Panis Scarlet. Brightest scarlet 15c 1.50 

Princess Victoria. Pure canary -yellow, very free bloomer 18c 1.75 

Red Hussar. Intense crimson-scarlet 15c 1.50 

Storm King. Still the finest of all white show Dahlias. An 

extremely early, profuse and constant bloomer. 18c 1.75 

■Willy Garret. A rich crimson; full form 15c 1.50 

Admiral Schley. Rich flowing crimson, with a broad 

stripe of white running through the center of each petal 15c 1.50 

Eloise. Ground color blush-pink, shaded to white, while 

each petal is nnrginel with deep glowing crimson 18c 1.75 

Fern Leaved Beanty. White striped deep crimson, with 

femlikefoliasre 15c 1.50 

Lncy Fawoett. Light yellow pencilled and spotted 

carmine rose. Very large and free 18c 1.75 

Progress. A soft, clear rose-lake, pencilled crimson 15c 1.50 

Uncertainty. (Fancy.) Varies from white, marbled blush 

and carmine to solid crimson-maroon on the same plant, with 

intermediate variegations. The uncertainty of the flowers has 

caused its name _ ■ 25c 2.50 

Containing All The Most Recent Introductions of 
Botti Europe and America 

IVe will sell 6 at Dozen rate. A ny 2 15c- Dahlias for 2Sc. 

Add 8c per root if to go by mail. 

Important. We supply undivided Field-Grown "Clumps" (Roots Jusi 

as they grow in the field). It is a mist^ike to buy cheap divided Roots, they 

will not give satisfactory results. 

Six New Cactus Dahlias 

Set of 6 for M -50. 

In presenting these 6 grand sorts below, we have spared neither pamsnoi 
expense, and have not the least hesitation in proclaiming them as the high- 
est efficiency attained in Dahlias as yet. In offering these to our customer? 
for the first time, we have taken into consideration every quality that goef 
to make up a sterling sort, and can frankly say that not one is missing 
Owing to the vast strides made in this popular flower Tvithin the last few 
years, it is now the King of All Fall Flowers and meets with more approval 
every year. 

Aschenbrodel. One of the latest productions of Germany. Each Doz. 
An exquisite flower, -with couriously twisted petals; color a com- 
bination of rose and gold, gradually shading to rose-pink; fine 
for cutting _ „ 30c $3.00 

L,ovely. As the name would suggest, a beautiful Dahlia, of 
medium size, but most exceedingly free in blooming qualities. 
The color is a delicate violet-rose, with creamy white shadings 30c 3.00 

Master Carl. In this grand variety we have all that can. 
be wanted; its Color is a pleasing shade of bright amber, and 
combined with its other good qualities makes it unsurpa.ssable 
for either exhibition or garden _ 25c 2.50 

Pins X. In this we believe we are offering the ideal white 
cactus which has been a desideratum for a long time. In habit 
of growth it is robust and in color a clear ivory-white 25c 2.50 

Rene Cayenx. One of France's latest introduction. The 
color is a velvety, glowing blood red. The plant is of rather 
dwarf growth, with but very little foliage. The flowers are 
produced in great abundance, making almost a solid bunch of 
dazzling red flowers 35c 3.50 

Ruth Forbes. A wonderful Dahlia that must become ex- 
tremely popular. The massive, clear pink flowers, composed 
of heavv petals are often accompanied by stems measuring 3 

feet in length 30c 3.00 

Superb New Cactus Dahlias 

One Each of any 12 Different Dahlias for $1.75. 

Ambassador. One of the best whites 18c 1.75 

Atlanta. Large, bright, rich, red, shaded darker 15c 1.50 

Annt Chloe. Dark Maroon, shaded black 15c 1.50 

Beatrice. Very large, deep rosy -pink.. ISc 1.50 

Bnrbank. Very rich, brilliant, dazzling scarlet 18c 1.75 

Comrade. Fawn color shading to pink _ 15c 1.50 

Country Girl. Base of petals golden-yellow suffused -with 

salmon-rose which is deepest at the points _ 18c 1.7S 

Farl of Pembroke, Bright plum, shaded deeper 15c 1.50 

Florodora. Color a dark velvety crimson , 15c 1.50 

General Bnller. Velvety maroon, tipped white „ 15c 1.50 

H. F. Robertson. Pure deep yellow, more intense in color 

than any other Cactus variety ~ 18c 1.75 

J. B. Briant. Golden-Yellow tinting to soft creamy-yellow 

at the tips, sometimes suffused pinkish-fa-wn 15c 1.50 

J. H. Jackson. The largest and finest of the deep , rich, 

velvety maroons - 18c 1.75 

Keynes W^hite. A fine pure white 15c 1.50 

Kriemhilde. The color is fresh delicate pink, shading to 

a deep rose-pink. Sometimes the center turns -white after 

being cut and placed in water, when it is most striking 15c 1.50 

ieuchtfeur. A brilliant variety of a deep blood-red -with 

deeper shadings ;..- 18c 1.75 

Libelle. A deep rich magenta, a color unkno-wn in Dahlias 

heretofore, which has met -with much favor 18c 1.75 

Mavis. Salmon .shading to pure yellow 15c 1.50 

Mrs. H. J. Jones. Thebest fancy-cactus Dahlia introduced. 

A deep crimson, with a broad stripe of white running do-wn 

the center of the petals which blends with the deep crimson... 18c 1.75 

Mrs. J. J. Cro-we. Clear canary-yellow 15c 1.50 

Mrs. Winstanly. Yellow center, deepening to scarlet 15c 1.50 

Osprey. Yellow striped with light scarlet 15c 1.50 

Prince of Yello-ws. Rich canary-yellow 15c 1.50 

Roland von Berlin. One of the best scarlet cactus Dahlias 18c 1.75 

Rosine. Pleasing shade of rose: large flowers 15c 1.50 

Standard Bearer. Bright scarlet 15c 1.50 

Stranlein Krone. Intense cardinal-red 18c 1.75 

Uncle Tom. Jet black, passing to maroon „ 15c 1.50 

Vesuvius. Buttercup-yellow, Striped oriental-red _ 15c 1.50 

Winsome. Largest and finest whitecactus to date. ISc 1.75 

New Paeony-flowered Dahlias 

One Each ofiJiese 6 for $1.15. 

This new type of Dahlias originated in Holland has become verj^ popular. 

The flowers are very large resembhng the semi-double paeony in form. They 

are exceptionally fine for cutting, producing flowers on very long stems. 

Germania. Dark velvety -wine color shaded yellow 20c 2 00 

King Leopold. Color varies from cream-yellow to white... 25c 2 50 
Queen Wilhelmine. Pure ivory-white, very early and free 25c 2.50 
Souvenir de Franz Liszt. Deep rich garnet, the flowers 

often measuring 6 to 7 inches in diameter 25c 2.50 

Variegated Liszt. A variegation of colors. Dark red at the 

base gradually shading to bronze 15c 1.50 

Queen Emma. (Paeony flowered.) A charming shade of 
hollyhock-pink the inner petals banded with gold. Most 

beautiful and charming _ 25c 2.50 

New Century Dahlias 

One Each of these 6 Dahlias for $1.00 
Sim ilarto the single Dahlias, but very much larger. 

Gorgeous. Century. A brilliant dazzling scarlet.- 20c 2.00 

Maroon. Century. Rich Maroon shaded plum 25c 2.50 

Twentieth Century. Flowers are %'ery large, rose pink — . 15c 1.50 

"White Century. Beautiful snow-white 20c 2 00 

Yello-w Century. Bright canary-yellow 15c 1.50 

White Perfection. (Century.) In this has been reached 

perfection in a while single. The color is a clear ivory-white. 25c J.50 

Norway Maple 

tJolgiano s Hardy Field Grown Shade Trees and Evergreens 

Bolgiano's Beautiful Shade 
Trees and Hardy Evergreens 

Plant shade trees and evergreens on your lawn to give a spice of color and 
life during- the winter days. It not only enhances the beauty of your 
property but increases its value. Our evergreens are noted for their health 
and beauty. 

Maple, Norway. Typical Maple leaves, large and bright green, fading 
to gold in the fall. Trunk and branches are sturdy and strong, lending an 
effect of rugged ness. Growth is fast. Branches and foliage are thick and 
compact, and the head, which is round-topped, begins to branch not far 
above the ground. The tree is large, towering 50 feet high when fully grown. 
Splendid trees, most beautiful and desirable. For lining the sides of lanes 
and roads, for a lawn, to protect the house from sun and weather, for shade, 
for beauty and satisfaction, and for real permanent worth in all landscape 
planting there are no other trees in its class. Norway Maples are at home 
in the mountains, but will thrive at any elevation, and in nearly any soil to 
be found in this country. 
7 to 8 feet $1.00 8 to9feet $1.25 

Maple, Silver. 9 to 10 feet $ .65 10 to 12 feet $ .70 

Maple, Sugar. 7 to 8 feet 1.00 8 to 9 feet 1.25 

Poplar, Carolina. 8 to 10 feet 75 10 to 12 feet 1.00 

Poplar, Lombardy. 4to5feet 75 5to6feet 1.00 

Koster Blue Spruce is an evergreen that everone feels proud to have 
on their lawn. Foliage intense — silvery blue and very dense on the branch- 
ing. For show there is nothing prettier. As to size and beauty we have the 
best collection in the United States. 
12 to 18 inches high $2.25 2 to 3 feet high $4.50 

Spruce, Norway. During the past twenty-five years the most widely 
planted Spruce. It is fast-growing, tall, graceful and handsome. At home 
in any place you put it, and is suitable for both windbreaks and ornament. 
3 to 4 feet $ .65 4to5feet $ .75 


American Arborvitae 

Spruce, Colorado Blue. 2 to 3 feet.... 

Spruce, DoujSlas. 18 to 24 inches 

Spruce, WKite. IS to 24 inches 

$2.25. 3 to 4 feet $4.25 

1.00. 2 to 3 feet 1.25 

1.00. 2 to 3 feet 1.25 

White Pine 

Arborvitae American (Thuya occidentalis). Much used for single 
planting on lawn and in tubs for porches. In the summer the curious, flat 
foliage is green above, yellowish beneath, changing in winter to a rich tone 
of brown. 
3 to 4feet $1.75 4 to 5 feet $2.75 

Arborvitae Globular. 18 to 24 inches $1.25. 2 to 3 feet $2.25 

Arborvitae.Oriental. (Biota orientalis) 3 to 4 feet.. .$1.25. 4 to 5 feet.. .$2.25 

Ye-w, English. Travelers in England notice these low, dark green, old 
trees everywhere. They are not so common here, but, as they do well, and 
are fine for trimming into any odd shape or form, they should be used ex- 
2 to 3 feet $2.00 3 to 4 feet $3.25 

Cedar, Indian (Cedrus Deodara). Bluish green in color, of majestic 
pyramid shape, with evergreen, soft, pointed leaves in bunches. Gives 
your lawn a most pleasing and attractive touch oE beauty. 
2 to 3 feet $1.75 3 to 4 feet $2.75 

Cedar. Japanese (Crytomeria Japonica) . 2 to 3 feet 1.75 

Fir, Nordmann's. 12tol8 inches 1.00 

Retinospora, Plume-Like (R.pisifera plumosa) 2to3ft.$1.50. 3to4ft. 2.25 

Retinospora, Golden Plume-Like (R. pisifera plumosa aurea). 

18 to 24 inches $1.00 2 to3 feet 1.75 

Pine, White. A tall and most beautiful tree with regular whorls of 
horizontal branches, forming a symmetrical, pyramidal crown, or in age 
with a broad and open, very picturesque head. The most valuable Pine, 
with a wide range of usefulness and adaptability, both for commercial and 
ornamental purposes. 
2 to 3 feet $1.00 3 to 4 feet $1.75 

Pine, Austrian. IS to 24 ins.. 1.00 2 to 3 feet 1.25 

Retinispora Squarrosa Veitchii, (Silver Cypress). One of the great- 
est evergreens. Its foliage so fine and feathery makes it look more like an 
ornamental tree. People are fairly wild to get one of this collection on their 
lawn . • 
2 to 2K feet $1.50 4 to 5 feet $3.00 

Cedar, Blue Virginia. A vigorous grower, with handsome, blue-green 
foliage, with a spicy fragrance. 
18 to 24 inches $1.00 2 to 3 feet $1.25 

Fir, Balsam. 12 to 18 inches $1.00 18 to 24 inches $1.25 

Juniper, Iris. 2 to 3 feet 1.00 3 to 4 feet 1.75 

California Privet. Of all ornamental hedge plants this is the most 
popular. Its foliage is a rich dark green remaining on the plant until mid- 
winter, and succeeds tinder the most adverse conditions, such as under 
dense shade trees, where other plants would not exist. In setting out, 
thoroughly prepare vour soil, placing the plants six inches apart. 

Each Doz. 100 1000 Each Doz. 100 1000 

ItolJ^feet 5c 50c $3.25 $30.00 2 to 3 feet 9c 70c $5 25 $40.00 
lJito2ftet 7c 60c 4.25 35.00 3 to 4 feet 12c 85c 6.25 50.00 

Barberry, Thunberg's (Berberis Thumbergii). Of spreading habit, 
growing extremely thick right from the The leaves are small, light 
green, and toward fall assume rich, brilliant colors, the fruit or berries 
becoming scarlet; absolutely hardy. 

Each 10 100 1000 

12 to 18 inches 15c $1.25 $8.00 $62.50 

18 to 24 inches 20c 1.50 10.50 78.50 

Box-wood (Buxus sempervirens) . Popular for planting as individual 

specimens, vases, window-boxes, and for formal and decorative effects 
produced by trimming. 

Each 10 100 

4 to 6 inches 20c $175 $15 00 

6 to 8 inches 25c 2.25 20 00 

8 to 10 inches 30c 2.75 23.50 

Koster's Blue Spruce 

Norway Spruce 

Retinispora Sauarrosa Veitchii 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedmen, Baltimore, Md. 

Bolgiano's Standard Everblooming Tea Roses 



Fragrant La France Roses 

striped La France (Mme. Angelique Veysset). 
Nicely striped, variegations a beautiful bright rose 
on satiny-pink ground. 15c. each; $1.35 per doz.. 
postpaid: large two-year-old plants, 35c. each. 

Pink La France. We have always given this first 
place — the Queen of Roses. Accounts come to us 
from all quarters every year describing the great 
profusion of its bloom from June until frost, and 
extolling its fragrance and immense size. No vari- 
ety can surpass it in delicate coloring — sUvery-rose 
shades, with pink. Has a satin sheen over all its 
petals. Most universally regarded as the most 
useful of Roses, for it is hardy beyond question. It 
blooms continuously. 15c. each, $1.35 per dozen, 
postpaid; large 2-year-old plants, Soc. each, $3.25 
per dozen. 

Red La France, or Duchess of Albany. Identical 
■with La France, excepting in three points: A more 
"vigorous growth, a larger and more expanded flower 
and a deep, even pink color. Color not shaded, 
soUd color. 15c. each; $1.35 per dozen, postpaid; 
large 2-year-old plants, 35c. each, $3.25 per dozen. 

White La France (Augustine Guinoiseau). We 
predict for it more popularity than La France ever 
attained. Don't fail to get this new Rose. 15c. ea.; 
31.35 per doz., ppd.; large size, 35c. ea. ;$3.25 per doz. 

Grand Cochet Roses 

■Crimson Maman Cochet. This Rose named descriptively Crimson Maman Cochet, because of its 
■vigor of growth, stiff stems, heavy foliage, freedom of bloom and hardiness. Is as free-fiowering as any 
Tea or Polyantha Rose, bearing its massive, large, full-cup-formed flowers singly on long, stiff stems; 
clear red crimson velvet, brightening in the center; exquisitely fragrant. Strong one-year-old plants, 
20c. each, 3 for 50c., 12 for $1.50, postpaid; two-year-old plants, 35c. each, 12 for $3.00 

Pink Maman Cochet. Such beauty and exquisite form as is possessed by this variety is well nigh 
marvelous. Buds are beautiful, large, full and firm and elegantly pointed; as they expand they show 
great depth and richness, sometimes measuring two and one-half inches from base to tip. Flowers 
superb when open, extra large, perfectly double and of splendid substance. The color is clear, rich pink, 
•changing to silvery-rose. 15c. each, 4 for 50c., 12 for $1.00, postpaid; 2-year-old plants, 30c. each, 4 
for $1.00, 12 for $2.50. 

Red Maman Cochet. Grows in most any soil or situation; produces its superb flowers in amazing 
profusion on long, strong shoots. For ■vigorous growth and freedom of bloom better than American Beauty, 
and without a peer. Flowers are full and perfectly double, buds beautifully made, long and pointed. Color 
■warm rose-crimson. Hardy everywhere. Strong one-year-old plants, 15c. each, 4 for 50c., 12 for $1.50, post- 
paid; 2-year-old plants, 35c. each, 12 for $3.00. 

White Maman Cochet. This most superb variety is snowy-white, sometimes faintly tinged with the 
slightest suggestion of pale blush. With the same freedom of bloom, magnificent form of buds and flowers 
and hardiness it stands at the head of the list as the best White Rose for open-ground culture. It has the 
vigor of an oak, being hardy everywhere. 15c. each, 4 for 50c., 12 for $1.35, postpaid. 2-year-old plants, 
30c. each, 4 for $1.00, 12 for $2.50. 

Yellow Maman Cochet. This variety the best hardy ever-blooming yellow Rose in existence. In the open 
ground is superb — typical Cochet Rose with gracefully melded buds, magnificent open flowers, stiff strong 
stems, heavj' foliage and ■vigor of growth and blooming capacity that has made the Cochet Rose the best of its 
class and color. Strong 1-vear-old plants, 20c. each, 3 for 50c., 12 for $1.35, postpaid; 2-year-old plants, 35c. 
each, 6 for $1.75, 12 for $3.00. 

The Superb Tea Rose, Antoine Rivoire 

A handsome new Rose of vigorous habit of growth, with large, full Camellia-shaped flowers. Color rosy-flesh 
•on a yellow ground, shaded with a border of carmine. Flowers have been exhibited five inches in diameter. A 
remarkable variety of great worth. 15c. each, 3 for 40c.; large 2-year-old plants, 35c., 3 for $1.00. 

NFW RO^F^ All Our Roses and Plants are Free 
111^ VT V\.\J^L^J By Mail Unless Otherwise Noted 

AU our Roses are gro^wn on their own roots, thus insuring you the same variety you plant as 
long as any of the plant or root remains. Don't buy budded or grafted roses. If you do you 
will be disappointed, unless you know how to keep the wild suckers down from smothering the 
plant. Many fail with their Roses on this account. 


We do not catalogue every New Rose sent out, but after testing, pick out the best only and 
offer them. 

We send all our Plants by Prepaid Mail a Few Days After your Seed Orders are Forwarded. 
When we do not prepay charges we make special note and send by express not prepaid. 

Six Beautiful Garden Roses 

Mrs. B. R. Cant. Bright rosy-pink, large; double. 20c. each; 2-yT.-old size, 35c. each. 
Mme. Jenny Guillimot. SaSron-yellow. Strong 1-yr. plants. 20c ea., ppd.; 2-yr. plants, 40c. ea. 
Souv. de Pierre Netting. Grange-yellow, loc. each; large 2-jT.-old plants, 30c. each. 
Velvety Red Rose, the Meteor. Flowers medium size. 15c. each, 3 for 40c.; 2-yr., 25c., 3 for 60c. 
Citron Yellow Rose, Blumenschmidt. 20c. each, 3 for 45c., ppd.: 2-yT. plants, 40c. ea, 3 for $1.00. 
Creamy White Rose, Kaiserin Victoria. 15c., $1.35 per doz., ppd.; 2-yr , 35c, $2.75 per doz. ppd. 

Standard Garden Roses 

Price 15c. each, 3 for 40c., except where noted. 
Etoile de Lyon. Golden-yellow. Marie Guillot. White; double; sweet-scented. 

Mme. Franzlsca Kruger. Deep yellow. Papa Gontier. Crimson shade; sUken texture. 

Agrippina. Strong; bright scarlet. Ruth Vestal. (Climbing Bride). White. 

Burbank. Clear pink, with large petals. Safrano. Apricot-yellow, changing to orange. 

Catherine Mermet. Every shade of color from Solfatere. Clear; deep sulphur-yellow. 

sUvery-rose to exquisite yellow and rose. Souvenir De La Malmaison. Flesh-color. 
Climbing Devoniensis. Sulphur-yeUow. The Queen. Snow-white; finely formed buds. 

Cornelia Cook. Creamy-white, tinged rose. Wm. Allen Richardson. Orange-yellow. 
Duchess De Brabant. Beautiful peach-pink. Clothilde Soupert. Creamy-white, tinged with 
Elise Heymann. Pink; a fine bedder. amber. 15c. ea., ppd.; 2-yr. plants, 30c. ea. 

Marie Van Houtte. Straw-yellow, outlined White Soupert, or Leonie Osterieth. Pure 
bright crimson. white. 15c. each; 2-yT.-old plants, 30c. each. 

Burbank. Deep rose-pink, rose-shade center. Red Soupert (Ma Petite Andre). Blight red: 
Joseph MetraL Darkest brilliant crimson. double. 15c. each, ppd.; 2-yT.-size, 30c. 

James Sprunt. Crimson, double; tea-scent. Lovely Pink Rose, Radiance. Clear. Strong 
La Princess Vera. Cream; similar to Niphetos. 1-yr. plants, 20c. each, 3 for 50c., postpaid; 
Madame Schwaller. Salmon-rose; perfumed. strong 2-yr. plants, 40c. each, 3 for $1.10. 
Madame Lombard. Rosy-bronze; sweet-scent. Mrs. Aaron Ward. Golden-orange. 1-yr. plants 
Mrs. De Graw. Rich glossy pink. 25c ea., 3 for 60c.; 2-yr., 50c. ea., 3 for $1.25. 

Pemet's Triumph. Tea fragrance. Magenta. Popular Pink Hermosa. Pink. 15c. each, 3 
Princess Sagan. Flowers of richest crimson. for 40c., 12 for $1.25, ppd.; 2-yT. plants, 30c. 
Rainbow. Coral-pink, mottled crimson. each, 3 for 80c., 12 for $2.75. 

Yellow Hermosa. 15c. each, 3 for 40c, 12 for 

$1.35, ppd; 2-yr. 30c each, 3 for 80c., 12 for $2.75. 

Red Hermosa. 15c each, 3 for 40c., 12 for $1.35, 

ppd.; 2-yr.-old, 30c each, 3 for 80c, 12 for $2.75. 

Crimson Hermosa. 15c each, 3 for 40c., 12 for 

$1.35; large 2-yr., 25c. each, 3 for 65c, 12 for $2.50. 

Yellow Marechal Niel. 15c. each; stronger 

plants, 25c: 2-jt. plants, 50c. and 75c. 

White Marechal Niel. Young plants, 15c. each; 
2-yr. plants, 40c., 3 for $1.10. 

Red Marechal Niel. 20c. each, 3 for 50c.; 2-yr. 
plants, 40c. each, 3 for $1.10. 

Etoile De France. Crimson-velvet. 15c each; 
2-yr .-old plants, 35c each. 

Climbing Wooton. Velvet-crimson; hardy. 15c. 
each; 2-yr.-old plants, 30c. each. 

Balduin. Soft, carmine-crimson. 15c. each; 2-yr. 
plants, 30c. each. 

Souvenir of Wooton. Pale, rich veivety-red. 
15c. each; 2-jT.-old plants, 30c. each. 

Gruss an Teplitz. Rich scarlet, shading to velvet- 
crimson. 15e. each; 2-yr.-old plants, 30c. each. 

Climbing Killarney. Deep, brilliant pink. 25c. 
each, postpaid; 2-yr.-old plants, 45c. each. 

White Killarney. Pure white. Strong plants, 20c 
each, 3 for 75c., ppd.; 2-yT., 50c. each, 3 for $1.25. 

Killarney. (Tea Rose). Brilliant pink. 20c. 
each, $1.50 per doz., ppd.; 2-yr.-old size, 35c. each, 
larger plants, 50c 

My Maryland. (Hybrid Tea). Salmon-pink. 25c 
each; 2-yT.-old plants, 50c. each. 

Helen Gould. Delicate pink. Strong 1-yr. 
plants, 20c. each, postpaid: 2-yr. -old plants, 40c. ea. 

Cut Flower Rose — ^My Maryland 

Nice 1-year 


15c. each, 

3 for 40c. 


Trustworthy Flowering Plants for 1914 

Hardy Hybrid Perpetual Roses 

The Best Roses for Permanent Planting 

Anna De Diesbach (Glory of Paris). Pink; large, compact flowers. Strong 1-yr. plants, 20c.; 2-yr., 40c. 

Gen. Jacqueminot. Velvety-crimson, changing to scarlet-crimson. Strong 1-yr. plants, 20c.; 2-yr., 40c. 

Ball of Snow. Snowy-white; medium size, full, fragrant. 1-yr. plants, 15c. ; 2-yr., 35c. 

Captain Christy. Delicate pink; flower possesses a satiny appearance. 1-yr. plants, 15c.; 2-yr., 35c. 

Marie Bauman. Exquisite form and fragrance; crimson-vermilion. 1-yr. plants, 15c.; 2-yr., 35c. 

Duke of Edinburgh. Scarlet-crimson, shaded maroon; sturdy. 1-yr. plants, 15c.; 2-yr., 35c. 

Paul Neyron. Deep shining rose, very pretty. Strong l-yr. plants, 20e.; 2-yr., 40c. 

Ulrich Bruner. Cherry-red; abundant bloomer; fine form. Strong l-yr. plants, 20c.; 2-yr., 40c. 

Mme. Plantier. Recommended for cemetery planting. Strong; white, l-yr. plants, 15c.; 2-yr., 35c. 

Dinsmore. Constant bloomer; rich crimson-scarlet, l-yr. plants, 15c.; 2-yr. plants, 35c. 

Vick's Caprice. Satiny-pink, distinctly striped and dashed with carmine. Flowers large. l-yr. 
plants, 15c.; 2-yr. plants, 35c. 

Mme. Masson. Bright rich crimson, l-yr. plant, 15c.; 2-yr. plants, 35c. 

Magna Charta. Color, clear rosy-red, beautifully flushed with velvet-crimson; flowers very fragrant, 
l-yr. plants, 15c.; 2-yr. plants, 35c. 

Clio. Most beautiful hardy Rose grown. Flowers very large, color flesh, shaded in center to rosy- 
pink. Strong l-yr. plants, 20c.; 2-yr., 40c. 

Prince C. De Rohan. One of the darkest colored Roses; very dark velvety-crimson, changing to ma- 
roon. Strong l-yr. plants, 20c.; 2-yr., 40c. 

Madam Chas. Wood. Bright, cherry-red; Flowers large, very double and very fragrant, l-yr. plants, 
15c.; 2-yr. plants, 35c. 

Giant of Battles. Color is a most intense glowing red; flowers very large; perfectly double, l-yr. plants, 
15c.; 2-yr., 35c. 

Margaret Dickson. The color is a pure waxy-white, with a tinge of pink. l-yr. plants, 15c.; 2-yr. 
plants, 35c. 

Mrs. John Laing. Color, a clear bright shell-pink, exquisitely shaded; the buds'long and pointed. Strong 
l-yr. plants, 20c.; 2-yT., 40c. 


Hardy Hybrid Rose Magna Charta 

Climbing Roses 

Climbing Roses 

Crimson Rambler. Plant makes shoots from 8 to 10 feet high during season. 
Magnificent in bush form: brightest crimson; produced in great clusters, each 
flower measuring about 1 ' . inches in diameter. 15c. each, 4 for 50c., $1.35 per 
dozen, postpaid; 2-yr-old plants, 30c. each, $2.50 per dozen; large 3-yr.-old 
plants, field grown, with canes 3 to 5 feet, 50c. each, by express, 6 for $2.50, 
$4.50 per dozen. 

White Rambler. German origin, in habit of 
growth, foliage, manner of blooming, form of flow- 
ers and hardiness identical with Crimson Rambler. 
Flowers snow-white and sweetly scented. 1 5e. each, 
4 for 50c., $1.35 per dozen, postpaid; strong 2-yr. 
old plants, 30c. each, 3 for 85c., $2.25 per dozen, ppd. 

Dorothy Perkins. Shell-pink. Rapid grower, 
frequently developing shoots from 10 to 15 feet long 
in one season. Hardy, withstands severest winters; 
blooms in clusters, double and large. 15c. each, 
4 for 50c., $1.35 per doz., postpaid; large 2-yr.-old 
plants, 25c. each, $2.00 per dozen. 

Yellow Rambler. Color decided yellow. Flowers 
very sweet-scented. 15c. each, 4 for 50c., $1.35 per 
doz., postpaid; 2-yr. old plants, 25c. each, $2.00 per 

Lady Gay. Resembling Crimson Rambler in 
habit of growth and general effect. Flowers delicate 
cherry-pink, which gradually changes to a soft-tint- 
ed white. Vigorous grower. 15c. each, 4 for 50c., 
$1.35 per doz., postpaid; large 2-yr.-old plants, 25c. 
each, $2.00 per dozen. 

Pink Rambler. What is said of White Rambler 
applies equally to this, except the color of the flower 
is pure shiny rose — the partially open buds being 
bright light carmine. 15c. each, 4 for 50c., $1.35 
per dozen, postpaid; large 2-yr .-old plants, 25c. each 
$2.00 per dozen. 

Climbing Guillot 

Blue Rambler. A seedling from the Famous Crimson Rambler. Flowers 
are violet-blue in color; standing out in graceful form in large clusters, indi- 
vidual flowers measuring from I'j to 2 inches across. Hardy; vigorous; 
beautiful foliage. Well-established plants, 20c. each, 3 for 50c., postpaid; 
strong 2-yr.-old plants, 50c. each, 3 for $1.25. 

Philadelphia Rambler. Splendid flowers, 2K in- 
ches across, perfectly double. Borne in clusters, 
completely covering the whole bush. Deep, rich 
crimson. Unequalled for covering porches, trellises, 
screens, fences, etc. Strong l-yr.-old plants, 15c. 
each, 2 for 25c., 6 for 70c. postpaid; strong 2-yr.- 
old plants 25c. each, 2 for 40c., 6 for $1.15; extra 
large field grown plants, 50c. each, 2 for 90c., 6 for 
$2.50, $4.50 per dozen, by express only. 

Climbing Baby Rambler. Miss Mesman. 

(Hardy Climbing). A true ever-blooming Crimson 
Rambler. There has been a widespread demand 
for a Crimson Rambler that would bloom more than 
once. Here you have it. Every one knows how 
Baby Rambler is always in bloom. This is simply a 
climbing form of the Baby Rambler, embracing 
all its good qualities, l-yr., 25c. each, 3 for 60c; 
2-yr., 50c. each. 3 for $1.25. 

Shower of Gold. Improved Yellow Rambler. 
(Hardy). Deep golden-yellow and orange. Vigorous 
grower. Foliage beautiful in form, color, and in its 
high metallic luster. Produces a mass of bloom. 
Nice strong l-yr. plants, 35c. each, 3 for $1.00, post- 
paid; strong 2-yr. plants, 60c. each, 3 for $1.25. 

Excelsa. The Red Dorothy Perkins. (Hardy 
Climbing). Distinct variety in form, color and 
habit. Color an intense crimson-maroon, with tips 
of petals tinged scarlet. Flowers large and double, 
produced thirty to forty on a stem, l-yr.-old plants 
25c. each; 2-yr.-old, 50c. each. 












Greville or Seven Sisters. Flowers vary in color from white to crimson. 15c. each; 2-yr.-old plants, 30c. 

Mrs. Gunnell. Soft, rosy-blush, large clusters, full and double. Much admired. 15c. each; 2-yr.-old plants, 30c. 

Prairie Queen. Flowers are very large and of peculiar, globular form; bright rosy-red, changing to lighter as flower 
opens. 15c. each; 2-yr. -old plants, 30c. 

Climbing Madame Welche. A new climbing Tea Rose of great promise; a sport from Mme. Welche. Color soft amber- 
yellow, flushed with carmine; a glorious Rose. Nice strong l-yr. plants, 25c. each, 3 for 60c., postpaid; 2-yr. plants, 50c. each, 
3 for $1.25. 

Mary Washington. A pure white, hardy Rose of rich growth, l-yr.-old plants, 15c.; 2 yr.-old-plants, 30c. each. 

Climbing Kaiserin. Mrs. Robert Peary. The flowers are large, ivory-white. 15c. each, 2-yr.-old plants, 30c. each. 

Sombreuil. A grand variety. Pure white, tinted with pink. Young plants, 15c. each, 2-yr.-old plants, 25c. each. 

Climbing Guillot. Flowers magnificently made, extra large. 15c. each, 2-yr.-old plants, 30c. each. 

Climbing Wooton. Color, a deep velvety-crimson. 15c. each, 2-yr. -old plants, 30c. each. 

Gainsborough. Color, delicate pink, almost white. Nice young plants, 15c. each, large 2-yr. -old plants, 30c. each. 

Climbing Hermosa. A new climber. Color, delicate pink. Nice young plants, 20c. each, 2-yr. -old plants, 30c. each. 

Climbing Meteor. Rich velvety buds and flowers. Rich in color, 15c. each, 2-yT. -old plants, 30c. each. 

Climbing Bridesmaid. Flowers are simply beautiful — clear pink. 15c. each; 2-year-old plants, 30c, each. 

New German Climbing Rose — Tausendschon. 

Tausendschon, in German means Thousand beauties, is a very appropriate name for this great novelty. Colors run 
from delicate balsam or tender rose, through the intermediate shades of bright rose and carmine, with white, yellow and 
various other delicate tints showing. Is a strong grower, impervious against mildew, and absolutely hardy. For climbing 
over porches, bowers, pergolas or trellises, or for single specimens or pyramids, it will please you from the day you plant 
it. 20c. each, 3 for 50c., $1.75 per dozen, postpaid; large 2-yr.-old plants, own roots, 40e. each, 3 for $1.00, $3.50 per doz. 

Hardy Memorial Roses 

Cut-Flower Rose 
Mrs. Aaron Ward 

Hiawatha. Brilliant scarlet, bears large clusters of single flowers, bright and effective. 20c. each, 3 for 50c; 2-yr. size, 40c. 

Rosa Wichuriana. Pure white, single, with yellow center, and have a strong Wild Rose fragrance. 15c. each, 3 for 40c.; 
2-yr.-old plants, 25c. each, 3 for 65c. 

Manda's Triumph. Large, double flowers, fully two inches across, pure white, finely formed and sweetly fragrant. 15c. 
each, 3 for 40c.; 2-yr .-old plants, 25c. each, 3 for 65c. 

Wm. C. Egan. Large flowers; color beautiful shade of rose. 15c. each, 3 for 40c., postpaid; 2-yr.-old plants, 30c. each, 3 
tor 75c. 

Beautiful Hardy Moss Roses 

Beauty of the flower consists in the delicate mossy covering which surrounds the buds, and which gives the opening 
flower a unique appearance. Perfectly hardy and will grow in any soil as freely as ordinary Roses. 

Princess Adelaide. Extra large flowers, very double and sweet. Color bright rosy-pink, lovely green moss. 20c. each; 
2-yr. -old plants, 35c. 

Henry Martin. Medium-sized flowers, bright rosy-red, free bloomer. 20c. each; 2-yT.-old plants, 35c. 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedmen, Baltimore, Md. 

Bolgiano's Fancy Single and Double Geraniums 

Double Geraniums 

Pasteur. Brilliant orange-scarlet; foliage 
very clean, with distinct deep chocolate zone; 
free bloomer. 15c. 

Bertha De Pressily. Silver-rose, blooms 
large, double; habit dwarf; continually in 
bloom. 15c. 

Bnckner. Pure white; large flowering and 
a very fine bedder. 15c 

Peter Henderson. Poppy-red; a perfect 
pot plant. 15c. 

La Condole. Deep, soft rose; the favorite 
pink bedding Geranium. 15c. 

Duke De Montmart. Brilliant purple. 15c 

S. A. Nutt. Dark, rich velvety-maroon; 
double. 15c. 

Beaute Poitevine. Rosy-salmon, tinted 
from deep orange to pure salmon; inmiense 
size and excellent shape. 15c. 

Francis Perkins. Double pink bedding 
Geranium; extra strong and vigorous grower. 

Mrs. Lawrence. Recommended for winter 
blooming; bright satiny salmon-pink, tinged 
white. 15c. 

Alphonse Ricard. Floret and truss of enor- 
mous size; brilliant shade of orange-red. 15c. 

Jean Viaud. Semi-double; bright rosy-pink 
with distinct white blotch in center; vigorous, 
Eree blooming. 15c 

Single Geraniums 

Tiffin. Glowing scarlet, crimson-maroon 
shading. 20e., 3 for 50c. 

Rival. Soft shade of salmon-red, blotched. 
20c, 3 for 50c 

Maxime Kovaleski. Vigorous grower; orange 
shade of Lincoln red; distinct and striking. 20c 
3 for 50c 


L'Aube. Snow-white. 15c., 3 for 40c. 

Mrs. E. G. Hill. Salmon with Ught shading 
to center. 15c, 3 for 40c. 

Granville. Clear pink. 15c., 3 for 40c . 

Mrs. J. M. Gaar. Dwarf white. 15c., 3 for 

Paul Crampel. Vivid vermilion-scarlet. 20c. 
3 for 60c. 

Jacquerie. Beautiful deep cardinal-red. 20c., 
3 for 50c. 

Ivy Geraniums 

Joan of Arc. Double white. 15c., 3 for 40c 
La Rosaire. Double pink. 15c, 3 for 40c 
P. Crozy. Bright scarlet. 15c., 3 for 40c. 
Flourens. Double salmon, heavily shaded 

rose. 15c., 3 for 40c 

Mrs. J. G. Day. Intense glowing shade of 

rosy-crimson. 15c., 3 for 40c. 

Geranium Beaute Poitevine 

Newer Double Geraniums 

Fancy Single Geraniums 

Marquis De Castelaine. Deep, rosy-scarlet. 15c., each, 3 for 40c. 
Countess De Harcourt. Pure snow-white florets. lOc, each, 3 for 25c. 
Alphonse Ricard. Brilliant shade of orange-red. 15c each, 3 for 40c. 
Heteranthe. Clear vermilion-red, showing sturdy foliage. 10c. each, 3 for 40c. 
Bruant. The best bedding Geranium. Bright vermilion-red. lOc, 3 for 25c. 
Madame Charlotte. A soft salmon shade; of unusual merit. 15c. each. 
Mrs. Landry. Brilliant apricot-salmon, shading to copper. 15c., 3 for 40c 
John Doyle. Vigorous; brilliant vermilion-scarlet. 15c. each, 3 for 40c. 
Mme. Recamler. Pure, double white, free flowering. lOc, 3 for 25c 
Md. Jules Vasseur. Rich scarlet, very double. lOc, 3 for 25c. 
La Favorite. A fine double white. lOc, 3 for 25c. 

Cut- Flower Chrysanthemums 

John K. Shaw. Solid Japanese incurved; pink. 15c., 3 for 40c. 
Black Hawk. Deep velvety-crimson, massive flowers. 15c., 3 for 40c 
Major Bonaffon. Soft, clear yellow, full to center. 15c, 3 for 40c 

Merry Christmas. Incurved; pure white, 

EsteDe. Purest white, fine deep form. 
15c, 3 for 40c 

Pink Ivory (Mrs. A. L. Dalskov.) Shell- 
pink; identical with Ivory in every respect 
except color. 15c., 3 for 40c. 

Maud Dean. Immense pink; finely in- 
curved. 15c., 3 for 40c. 

Yellow Eaton. Soft chrome-yellow; 
broad-petaled, incurving. 15c, 3 for 40c. 

Mrs. Geo. F. Baer. Incurved; golden- 
yellow, tinted bronze, loc, 3 for 40c. 

Mrs. Jerome Jones. Delicate lavender. 
15c., 3 for 40c 

Golden Wedding. Golden-yellow; grand. 
15c, 3 for 40c 

Lord Hopetoun. Rich scarlet-crimson, 
shining gold reverse. 20c., 3 for 50c. 

Mrs. Henry Robinson. A grand white. 
15c, 3 tor 40c 

October Sunshine. Golden yellow; in- 
curved. 15c, 3 for 40c. 

Mile. Jeanne Nonin. Snow white. 15c., 
3 for 40c 

Monrovia. Orange-yellow. 15c. 3 for 40c. 

Chrysanthemum Golden Wedding 

Madame Salleroi. (Silver Leaf.) Foliage bright green, edged with white. 
10c each, 3 for 25c. 

Mrs. Pollock. (Golden Tricolor.) Red, crimson and edged with yellow.lSc 
each, 3 for 40c. 

Happy Thought. (Tricolor Geranium.) Flowers a bright scarlet. 10c. each, 
3 for 25c. 

Mrs. Parker. (Double Pink Silver-Leaf.) Double; bright pink. 20c. each, 
3 for 50c. 

S. A. Nutt. (Silver-Leaf.) Foliage edged with white; brilliant crimson- 
scarlet. 20c., 3 for 50c., postpaid; $1.50 per doz., $10.00 per 100, by express. 

Mountain of Snow. (Silver Leaf.) Center of leaf bright green, with a broad 
silvery-white margin: flowers scarlet; good for bedding. 10c each, 3 for 25c 

Wm. Langguth. (Double Red Silver-Leaf.) Bright scarlet. The center of 
leaf is a deep green, margin broadly marked silvery-white. 20c. each, 3 for 50c. 

Exhibition Chrysanthemums 

White Maud Dean. Immense white; finely incurved. 15c., 3 for 40c. 

Purity. Early white, very large. 15c., 3 for 40c. 

WTiite Bonaffon. Pure white. 15c 

R. E. Richardson. Bright, clear pink; 
incurved, loc, 3 for 40c 

Minnie Wanamaker. Pure snow-white; 
incurved. 15c., 3 for 40c. 

.\lice Byron. White, with clear, smooth 
florets. 15c., 3 for 40c. 

Ivory. Pure white, of exquisite form and 
finish. 15c., 3 for 40c. 

Dr. Enguehard. Deep pink; incurved. 
15c, 3 for 40c 

Nellie Pocket. Creamy-white; very 
large size. 20c, 3 for 50c. 

Col. D. Appleton. Clear yellow; incurved. 
20c , 3 for 50c 

Timothy Eaton. Pure white; Japanese 
incurved variety. 20c., 3 for 50c. 

Miss Clay Frick. White; incurved; a 
prize-winner. 20c, 3 for 50c. 

Wm. Duckham. Pink; 15c., 3 for 40c. 

October Frost. White; 15c, 3 for 40c. 

Mrs. Perrin. Rose-pink; 15c, 3 for 40c. 



Ferns For Fern Dishes 

Your selection from the following varie- 
ties, 15c. each: Shaking Fern (Pteris Trem- 
ula). Improved HoUy Fern. Onychium 
Japonicum. Maiden Hair Fern. Crested 
Fern. Moss Fern. Striped Silver Fern. 

Pteris Wimsetti 

Crested Fern. A very pretty and useful 
Pern for specimen or dish. Green leaves 
with ends very peculiarly crested. It is 
one of our best varieties for dishes, being 
a short, compact grower, and will stand 
rough treatment. 15c., 3 for 40c. 

Beautiful Moss Fern 

Selaginella Emilliana. A new, upright- 
growing moss, with numerous feathery 
stems branching from the base and forming 
a dense tuft. Well-grown plants attain 12 
to 18 inches in height. 15c., 3 for 40c 

Beautiful Ornanionlal Ferns 

Chrysanthemum Maud Dean 

Asparagus Plumosus 

Lace or Feather Fern. One of the hand- 
somest of our foliage plants. The leaves 
are bright green, gracefully arched, and 
as finely woven as the finest silken mesh. 
Their lasting quality, when cut, is remark- 
able, retaining their freshness for weeks. 
Surpassing Maiden Hair Fern in grace 
and fineness of te.rture. Nice plants, 15c. 
each, 2 for 25c; large plants, 25c. each, 3 
for 60c. 

Asparagus Sprengerii 

Trailing Basket Fern. Not only is use- 
ful for cutting in sprays, but grown in 
suspended pots it makes one of the pret- 
tiest house plants we have. Used in deco- 
rations, as, for example, in the decoration 
of mantels, nothing can equal it. It is 
also a handsome thing for ferneries and 
hanging baskets. 15c each, 3 for 40 certs; 
large plants, 25c. each, 3 for 60c., postpaid. 

Trustworthy Flowering Plants for 1914 


Fancy Garden Carnations 

Pink Delight. A pure glistening pink. 
Blooms early and continuously, flowers often 
reaching 3>2 to 4 inches in diameter. 20c. 

White Enchantress. Stems strong and 
graceful. Flower of good form and pure 
white. Delightfully fragrant. 15e. 

Victory. A large-flowering variety with a 
striking scarlet bloom. Very attractive. 15c. 

Sunbeam. Flowers light clear yellow, of 
strong and vigorous growth, with fine healthy 
foUage. 15c. 

Enchantress. Light pink. Flowers measure 
over 4 inches in diameter. Very attractive. 
Develop magnificent blooms under ordinary 
culture. 15c. 

Bonfire. Early bloomer, strong and ro- 
bust. Produces strong stems holding flowers 
of fine form. Brilliant deep scarlet. Very 
fragrant. 15c. 

Painted Lady. Flowers full and double, 
delightful clove fragrance. Pure white 
ground, striped pink and scarlet. 20c. each. 

Dorothy Gordon. Beautiful shade of 
carmine-pink. Flowers 2}i to 3 inches in 
diameter, borne on stems 18 inches long. 
Blooms early and continuously. 15c. 

C. W. Ward. Large, full and well-formed 
flowers on strong stems, producing an enor- 
mous crop of immense blooms. Bright sal- 
mon-rose. Highly scented. Good for cut 
flowers. 20c. 

Theodore Roosevelt. A carnation that 
has been given the highest recommendation. 
Color, deepest crimson. Of unusual size, 
3K inches in diameter, of high and full form. 
Strong calyx. Long stiff stem and fragrant 
flower. 20c. 

May Day. Delicate pink. Vigorous 
growth. Color, when at its best, very soft, 
clear and pleasing. Does well in nearly all 
soil. 15c. 

Commodore. A novelty of this year. 
Color, beautiful scarlet-crimson. Flowers, 
large, full and deeply fringed. Free bloom- 
ing, and one of the best cut flower varieties 
to be had. 30e. 

Ruby. Color, soft scarlet. Large size flowers 
stems. Growth healthy and vigorous. Sweetly scented. 20c 

Niagara. Surpasses any white carnation on the market for size, form and 
purity of color. Has a glistening luster in its texture. Produces stiff stems, 
and flowers highly fragrant. 10c. 

Midnight. One of the grandest red carnations ever introduced. Color, deep- 
est crimson. Will win premiums over all reds. Flowers are the largest size — 
ideal for cut flowers. 20e. 

Apple Blossom. Color, clear white, heavily edged and striped with bright 
scarlet, giving it a bright and cheerful appearance. 20c. 

James Whitcomb Riley. The best pure yellow carnation grown. 15c. 

Beacon. A rich crimson. Strong growth and free blooming qualities. 15c. 

Fire Flame. Unquestionably the grandest 
flower in its colorto date — brilliant flaming 
scarlet. Flowers, of enormous size and of 
nice rounded form. Highly clove scented. 
Bloom on long stems. Ideal for cut 
flowers. 15c. 

American Wonder Lemon 

A true ever bearing variety. Has fruit in 
all stages of development from the size of 
a pea up to the ripe fruit. Flowers frag- 
rant as orange blossoms. The lemons have 
a very thin rind and are full of rich acid 
juice. 15c. each; larger plants, 25c; 
extra large 2 year-old plants, 50e. and 75c. 

Ornamental Orange 

New Fruiting Dwarf Orange. Grand pot 
plant. Grows, blooms and fruits freely 
even when only a foot or two high. Fruit 
half the size of an ordinary orange. Blos- 
soms produced in great abundance, and 
rich in delicious perfume. 15c. each; 
large size, 25c; specimen plants, 50c. each. 

Carnation Bonfire 

high built center. Strong Thurstoni. 

American Wonder Lemon 

The Royal Purple Plant 

Strobilanthes Dyerianus. Of brilliant and 
exquisite coloring, easy growth and useful as 
a decorative plant. Will become very popular. 
15c. each. 


Make handsome specimens in tubs for the 
veranda or yard. Can be wintered in the 
cellar. 15c. each, 2 for 25c., except where 
noted, or the set of 4 for 50c. 

Oleander Rosea. Double pink; the old 
favorite; fragrant. 

Oleander Lilian Henderson. Double white; 

Oleander Lutea. Double golden-yellow. 

Oleander Variegated. Foliage variegated. 
20c. each, 3 for 50c. 

Beautiful Rex Begonias 

Speculata. Bright green, with a back- 
ground of chocolate, spotted with silver. 
15c. each, 3 for 40c. 

Queen. A very odd as well as pretty Rex. 
The habit and freedom of growth exception- 
ally good. The center and outer edge are a 
deep olive green, divided by a pretty band 
of pea green. The metallic luster is very 
bright. 20c. each, 3 for 50c. 

King. One of the most effective of its 
class, though the oldest variety. Of a beau- 
tiful metallic luster, center and edge a soft 
velvety green with a broad silver zone term- 
inating at the point. Is one of the easiest 
culture. Anyone can succeed with it. 20c. 
each, 3 for 50e. 

Lesoudsii. This is the finest and largest of 
any of the Rex famUy. It is impossible to 
describe in words the beautiful markings 
of this magnificent Begonia. It is a cross 
between Begonia Diadema and a Rex vari- 
ety, but retains in a marked degree the Rex 
character. We consider this the finest of 
all the Rex family, both in size of leaf and 
rich coloring. Price, 15c. each, 3 for 40c., 
6 for 75c. 

Rubrum. The entire leaf has a pinkish- 
metallic lustre which makes it one of the 
most attractive varieties. The leaf is very 
large with a smooth edge and the plant is 
a vigorous grower. Price, 15c. each, 3 for 
40c., 6 for 75c. 

Roi Ferd Major. Extra large leaf of fine 
silver. Dark, starry center; edge embroid- 
ered with same dark shade. Price, 15c. 
each, 3 for 40c., 6 for 75c. 

Ruth Findlay. A very short, baby- 
growing variety. The most part of the leaf 
is of a silver color, streaked with dark green 
on the edges. Price, 15c. each, 3 for 40c. 

Flowering Begonias 

15c. each, 3 for 40c., $1.25 Doz. 
Alba Picta. Always in bloom; will stand 
the strong sun during summer. 
A cross between B. Metallica and B. Sanguinea. having the 
bright red foliage and veining underneath the leaves, and bright metallic 
green, shading to red, in the younger growth on top. The flowers are a 
beautiful deep pink in bud, but when expanded become a beautiful shell- 
pink. 15c. each, 3 for 40 cents, $1.25 per doz. 

Metallica. A shrubby variety, good grower and free bloomer; leaves tri- 
angular; under side of leaf and stem hairy; the surface of a lustrous metallic 
or bronze color, veined darker, flowers white. Price, 15c. each, 3 for 40c. 
$1.25 per doz. 

Argentea Guttata. Purple-bronze leaves. 

Rubra. Dark green leaves; free-flowering habit; flowers scarlet-rose. 

Erfordia. Most prolific bloomer; rosy-salmon flowers. 

Improved Hardy Phlox 

Niobe. Richest colored of all the Phlox 
— velvety violet-red with crimson hues. 
15c. each, 3 for 40c. 

Coquelicot. Bright orange-scarlet. 15c. 
each, 3 for 40c. 

Independence. Early pure white; none 
better. 15c. each, 3 for 40c. 

The following varieties, 15c. each, any 
2 for 25c., any 6 for 60c., $1.25 per dozen, 

Eclaireur. Purplish-crimson, with light 
halo; magnificent. 

Athis. Salmon-rose with large carmine 

Bridesmaid. Beautiful white, crimson 

The Pearl. Pure white, large individual 

R. P. Struthers. Red. 

Phlox Bridesmaid 

Ostrich Plume Fern 

Sweet- Scented Heliotrope 

Any variety 15c. each, 3 for 40c. 
Piccola. Heliotrope. 
Albert Delaux. Golden-yellow. 
Madam Bruant. Purple. 
Czarina. Beautiful dark color. 
Florence Nightingale. Lavender. 
Madame De Blonay. White. 
Centefleur. Foliage and flowers are double. 

Ostrich Plume Fern 

Whitmanii. Its feathery plume-like fronds 
resemble the graceful ostrich plume; they grow 
broad and heavy, measuring 6 inches across 
when fully developed. 15c. each, larger size, 
25c., 50c. and $1.00, postpaid. 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Seedmen, Baltimore, Md. 


Any Variety, 15c. each, 3 for 40c. 

White Phenomenal. Flowers large and 
double; free blooming, easy to grow. 

Black Prince. Waxy carmine or pink. 

Phenomenal. Very double; violet-pur- 

Monstrosa. Rich reddish-crimson; very 

Trailing Queen. Large flowers formed 
in drooping clusters. 

Wave of Life. Golden foliage; dark pur- 
ple single flowers. 

Speciosa. Attractive as a pot plant. 

Mme. Van Der Strauss. The finest dou- 
ble white Fuchsia. 

Purple Prince. Double; sepals scarlet; 
corolla a beautiful distinct blue; dwarf. 

Sapley Freres. Erect grower; very large 

Elm City. Sepals a rich crimson; corolla 
deep purple. 

Gloria Des Marches. Sepals deep scar- 
let; corolla pure white. 

.\valanche. Beautiful golden foliage; 
violet-purple corolla. 

Trophee. Open flower; dark purple. 

Rosains Patri. Tube and sepals scarlet; 
corolla pure white. 

Mons. Thibaut. Single, rose-vermilion, 
tinted violet. 

Bolgiano' s Bedding Lan tanas 

15c. each, 3 for 40c., §1.50 per dozen, postpaid. 
Alba Perfecta. Pure white. Pleur De Or. Flowers orange color 

Harkett's Perfection. Variegated yellow. Aurora. Lilac, pinkish center. 
Michael Schmidt. Yellow. Grand Sultan. Best deep red. 

Fragrant Jasmines 

Bolgiano' s Bedding Salvias 

White Salvia. Identical with Splendens, only white flower. 15e. each, 
$1.25 per dozen, postpaid. 

Salvia Splendens. Too well known to need description. 15c. each, $1.25 
per dozen, postpaid. 

Salvia Zurich. A fine scarlet, very dwarf, and an ever-bloomer. 15c. each, 
$1.25 per dozen. 

Salvia Mrs. Paige. This variety we consider the best of dwarf varieties of 
late introduction, and, in fact, the only true dwarf one. The flower is the same 
as the old variety Splendens. 15c. each, $1.25 per dozen, $5.00 per 100. 

Brilliant Coleus 

15c. each, 3 for 40c., 25 of any variety for $1.50. 
Sensation. Large-leaved; color crimson-maroon. 
Verschaffeltii. Dark maroon, with yellow border. 
Yellow Bird. Golden-yellow. 

Empress of India. Light maroon center, leaf bordered with yellow. 
Golden Beauty. Dwarf yellow. 

Duneira. Various shapes of crimson, leaves very large. 
Perfection. Large-leaved, bright crimson, bordered yellow. 
Mrs. John Boehner. Maroon, with yellow band. 
Hero. Nearly black. 

Beckwith Gem. Maroon, edged golden yellow. 
Grace Adams. Green leaf, blotched red, crested edge. 
Ruth Kirkpatrick. Green, with white center. 
Fire Brand. Scarlet. 

Mammoth Hibiscus 

15c. each, 3 for 40c., postpaid. 
Aurantiaca. Double orange-colored flowers. 
Collerii. Buff-yellow, crimson-scarlet base. 
Carminatus Perfectus. Carmine-rose, with deep crimson eye. 
Grandiflora. Rich scarlet-crimson. 

Miniatus Semi Plena. Semi-double, bright vermilion-scarlet. 
Sub Violaceous. Tinted violet. 
Versicolor. Striped crimson, rose-buff and white. 
Peach Blow. Clear pink color. 

Strawberry Geranium 

A handsome plant. Adapted for hanging baskets, vases, etc; leaves nearly 
round, and striped freely with silver bands; blooms white, of great beauty and 
borne in spikes nearly 12 inches high. 15c. each, 2 for 25c., postpaid. 

Watermelon Begonia 

A beautiful ornamental plant from the Sandwich Islands, for the dinner 
table or parlor window. Leaves distinctly variegated white and green, 
thick and waxy-like, and look as if powdered with frosted silver. 15c each, 
2 for 25c., postpaid. 

Double Fringed Petunias 

15c. each, 2 for 25c., $1.00 per dozen. 
Pink Beauty. Clear pink. Vesuvius. Very dark. 

Majestic. Deep purple. 
Storm King. Double wliite. 
Gem. White and crimson. 

Seafoam. White. 

Achillea. Purple, mottled white. 

Favorite. Lavender. 

Sweet-scented and pure white, waxy-like flowers in 
3 for 40c., $1.50 per dozen, fine large plants, 25c. each. 

Jasmine Malayan. 

profusion, loc. each 
$2.25 per dozen. 

J. Grand Duke. Double, creamy-white flowers, having a delicious perfume. 
Nice plants, 15e. each, 3 for 40c., $1.50 per dozen, large size, 40c. each, $3.50 
per dozen. 

Jasmine Grandifiorum. Flowers star-shaped, pure white and fragrant. 
10c. each, 3 for 25c., large plants, 25c. each, $2.50 per dozen. 

Revolutum, Yellow Jasmine. Single deep yellow, fragrant blossoms. 10c. 
each, 3 for 25c., $1.00 per dozen, large plants, 25c. each, $2.25 per dozen. 

Jasmine Gracillimuro. Beautiful, pure white flowers borne in clusters. 
Delightfully fragrant. Nice plants, loc. each, 3 for 40c., $1.25 per dozen, 
large plants, 25c. each, $2.25 per dozen. 

Jasmine Maid of Orleans. Double white flowers, blooming profusely all 
summer. Nice plants, 15c. each, 3 for 40c.,$1.00 per dozen, large plants, 25c. 
each, $2.25 per dozen. 

India Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica) 

One of the most satisfactory house plants in cultivation. There are several 
varieties of Rubber Plants, but the true Ficus Elastica is the best. Strong 
plants, 40c. each, large, by ex., 50c. and 75c. 

Umbrella Plant 

Cyperus Alternifolius. An ornamental grass throwing up stems about two feet high, surmounted 
at the top with a whorl of leaves, diverging horizontally, giving it a very curious appearance. 
Splendid for the center of vases or as a water plant, loc. each. 

The Boston Fern 

Nephrolepis Exaltata Bostoniensis. This fern has proved one of the best decorative plants of 
recent introduction. The fronds are much larger than the Sword Fern, and do not stand so stiff, 
but droop gracefully. Excellent as large specimen plants and also for hanging baskets, etc. Nice 
plants, 15c. each, larger, 25c. and 50c. 

The Newport Parlor Fern 

Nephrolepis Scotti. A condensed form of the Boston Fern, with characteristics not evident in 
the parent. The fronds average about 20 inches in length and 3 inches at the widest point, being 
more finished than the parent. Nice plants, 15c. each, larger size, 25c. and 50c. 

The Beautiful Ostrich Plume Fern 

Nephrolepis Whitmanii. This Fern, known as the "Ostrich Plume," is of dwarf growth and 
wide, upright, stocky shape. The fine-cut, fluffy fronds stand erect and have proved little liable 
to revert to the original Boston type. The pinnae sub-dividing make miniature fronds which are 
superimposed on the main fronds. Each frond has a double row of perfect little fronds set at right 
angles to the mid-rib. The graceful pluminess and charm of this new Nephrolepis, its charater- 
istic features of shape, size and growth, give it distinguishment. Plants from 2-inch pots, 15c. 
each, postpaid; from 3-inch pots, 25c. each, postpaid; from 3'<-inch pots, 35c. each, postpaid; 
strong plants from 4-inch pots, 50c. each, by express; specimen plants from 5-inch pots, 75c. each, 
by express. 

Lemon Verbena 

A universal and well-known favorite, grown principally for its delieiously- 
scented foliage. 15c. each, 3 for 40c. 

Mammoth Verbenas 

We offer these fine bedding plants in pink, white, variegated blue, red and 
scarlet. 15c. each, 3 for 40c., $1.25 per dozen. 


Plumbago Capensis. (Blue). 15c. each, $1.25 per dozen, $8.00 per 100. 
Plumbago Capensis Flora Alba. (White), loc. each, $1.25 per dozen, $8.00 
per hundred by express. 

Russelia Elegantissima. Coral-red florets. 10c. each, 3 for 25c. 

Sanseviera Zeylanica (Snake Plant) 

A new decorative plant of great v?lue; easily grown, 
larger size, 25c. each, 3 for 60c. 

15c. each, 3 for 40c., 





l^i^^, • ^'^**^^,...,-;- ,_^^^J 







^^fctv^Mifei^Byx . "^ 

Newport Parlor Fern 

Trustworthy Flowering Plants for 1914 


Summer- Flowering 

Exceedingly ornamental, pro- 
ducing splendid effects, the plants, 
being covered with a solid mass of 
their large, showy heads of bloom, 
which remain beautiful for months. 
Increase in beauty from year to 
year; grown in pots, tubs or open 

Jeanne D'Arc. The new white. 
15c. each. 

Monstrosa. The large-flowered 
pink. 15c. each. 

Ramus Pictus. Rosy-pmk. 

chang ng to biue, stems brown. 
15c. each. 

Thomas Hogg. A pure white 
variety with large trusses. 15c. 


Grandiflora Alba 

This beautiful hardy American 
shrub is the finest addition to this 
class of plants found in many years. 
The blooms are very large, of pure 
snow-white color, resembling a lit- 




Hydrangea Arborescens Grandiflora 

tie the hardy shrub so well known, the Snowball, in color and makeup, only 
they are much larger in size and much more striking. One of its most 
valuable features is its coming into bloom just after the passing of all the 
early spring shrubs, while its long season of bloom, from early in June through 
August, renders it a valuable plant not only to the florist, but to the owner of 
every garden. It is perfectly hardy, standing twenty degrees below zero. Nice 
young plants, 15c. each, 3 for 40c.; larger plants, 20c. each, 3 for 50c.; strong 
plants, 35c. each, 3 for $1.00. Strong, field-grown plants, two and three years 
old, 50c. and ^1.00 each, by express. 

Hardy Day- Blooming Moonflower 

(Ipomoea Pandurata.) This is one of the most rampant-growing vines in cul- 
tivation, having a large tuberous root that is perfectly hardy in Minnesota and 
Canada. The flowers are large, a pure satiny-white, with pinkish-purple throat, 
shading off deeper in the tube. The flowers are fully four inches in diameter 
— Sometimes obtain a diameter of five or even six inches. They are produced 
in large clusters. A strong plant will give more than one thousand beautiful 
flowers daily for months at a time, being well distributed over the plant from 
near the base to the top. The root penetrates the earth so deep that it is not 
seriously affected by unfavorable weather conditions. 20c. each, 3 for 50c. 

The Wonderful Hardy Japanese Kudzu Vine 

(Pueraria Thunbergiana, "Jack-and-the-Bean-Stalk" Vine.) A vine that 
will grow anywhere in the best or poorest soil. The most remarkable and rapid 
growing of all hardy vines, often making a growth of fifty to seventy-five feet 
in one season, and flourishes where nothing else will grow; will last for 25 years 
or more. In the north the plant dies to the ground in winter, coming up again 
from the roots in the spring. It has clusters of delightfully fragrant purple 
flowers in summer and autumn, with large, beautiful, deep green leaves, af- 
fording a dense shade, making it invaluable for covering porches, arbors, 
fences, rockeries, dead or old irees. etc. Strong, one-year-old roots, 15e each, 
3 for 40c., or 12 for $1.30. Large two-year-old plants, 25c. each, 12 for $2.50, 

Hardy Scotch or Sweet May Pinks 

These are dwarfer than the Carnation, growing about one foot in height, 

the colors being of the various shades of maroon, carmine and rose, beautifully 

laced and banded on white ground; flowers perfectly double, clove-scented, 

and the plants will stand out of doors year after year, being entirely hardy. 

Price, any variety, 15c. each, 3 for 40c., $1.25 per dozen. 

Her Majesty. New double white. One that will hold its own as long as 
Pinks are cultivated. 

Abbottsford. Rosy-red, dark center. 

Julette. White, laced crimson. 

Clematis Paniculata 

It attains a height of three to 
four feet, and is perfectly hardy in 
al! parts of the country. The 
flowers are white, borne in im- 
mense pyramidal panicles nearly 
a foot in length. It commences 
flowering in July and continues 
until November. The plant should 
be cut back every spring at least 
one-half of the last seasons' growth, 
as the flowers are borne on new 
wood and are much finer when 
the plants are treated this way. 
This is the finest flowering Shrub 
for cemetery planting we know of. 
See illustration. Nice plants, 15c, 
each, 2 for 25e., large plants, 25. 
35 and 40c., by express. 


Marie Louise. Bold fine flowers, 
double, dark blue, 10c. 

Swanley White. Fine flowers. 
Purest white. 10c. 

Hardy English. Perfectly 
double, deep violet-purple, delicious 
and fragrant. 15c. 
Lady Campbell. Double purple, fine for cut flowers. 10c. 
Princess of Wales. Single, true violet blue, grand. 10c. 

Chinese Matrimony Vine 

A strong and vigorous hardy climbing plant, and in a short time after plant- 
ing is covered with bright purple flowers, which are succeeded by bright bril- 
liant scarlet berries nearly an inch long, and every branch being covered with 
them. The berries ripen in autumn and remain on the vine late into the winter. 
15c. each, 3 for 40c., $1.50 per dozen. 

Hardy English Ivy 

The hardy evergreen vine that remains so all the year, making it one of the 
most valuable of all hardy vines. It is used for covering walls and has become 
popular for covering graves, especially if in the shade where grass will not suc- 
ceed. 15e. each, 3 for 40c., $1.00 per dozen. 

Ampelopsis Tricolor 

Variegated Wild Grape. A beautiful and desirable climber with fine dark 
green foliage, wonderfully variegated with white and pink; highly useful for 
trailing over rocks or for a low trellis. 25c. each, 3 for 60c., 6 for $1.00. 

Golden Glow 

(Golden Glow.) A hardy perennial plant growing eight feet high; exquisite 
double blossoms of the brightest golden color and as large as Cactup Dahlias, 
Strong plants which will bloom freely this season. 15c. each, 3 for 40c. 

Double- Flowering Daisy 


The New Anemone-Flower Marguerite. The flowers are from two and a 

half to three inches in diameter, and of a very large pure white color, the 

greatest percentage of these coming full double, not unlike an Anemone-flowered 

Japanese Chrysanthemum. 15c. each, 2 for 25c., 90c. per dozen, postpaid. 


The great cemetery plant. Flowers pure white, perfectly double, and pro- 
duced in large sprays. For cemetery planting it is the most valuable of all. 

Variegated Vinca 

(Variegated Periwinkle.) A beautiful variegated trailing plant admirably 
adapted for hanging baskets and vases; flowers blue. 15c. each, $1.25 per 
dozen, postpaid, large plants, 25c. each, $2.75 per dozen, by express. 


This handsome hardy climber is one of the choicest and most satisfactory climbing 
flowering plants we grow. The plant is of strong, rapid growth, with small, dense, 
cheerful green foliage, giving it an elegance possessed by no other hardy climber, and 
even did it not flower at all, it would be one of our most desirable vines. The flowers 
appear in greatest profusion during August and continue late in the fall; are a creamy- 
white color, and most deliciously fragrant; of easy culture; will grow anywhere. The 
accompanying illustration is from a photograph and gives a very good idea of its great 
beauty when in bloom. Good strong plants, 15c each, 2 for 25e., $1.50 per dozen, 
two-year-old plants, 25c. each, 3 for 70c., $2.50 per dozen, postpaid, e.xtra size, three- 
year old vines, 35c. each, 3 for $1.00, $3.50 per dozen. 

Hardy Large- Flowered Clematis 

The vines are of slender, wiry growth and require some support that they can twine 
around, like a rod, pole or wire, and if the location is somewhat moist and partially 
shaded, so much the better. 

Jackmani. The best known variety, with large violet-purple flowers, remarkable 
for their velvety richness. 

Henryi. Fine, large, creamy-white flowers; a strong grower and very hardy one 
of the best of the white varieties. 

Baron Veillard. A free-flowering double pink variety of medium-sized flower. 

Madam Edward Andre. The standard red Clematis, being the nearest approach 
to a scarlet yet produced. 

Duchess of Edinburg. A free-flowering double white variety of good sized 
flower. Any variety, 50c. each, any 3 for $1.25, a set of 5 for $1.75, postpaid. 

Hardy White Sweet-Scented Clematis 


PRIZE WINNER fed exclusively onBolgiano's 

"tquare Deal" Foods 

Thoroughbred Poultry and "Square Deal" 

Poultry Foods — together — produce big profits 

Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Poultry Foods for 1914 

"Square-Deal" Poultry and Pigeon Food 

The Demand Steadily Increases 

Our sales on these Foods for the year 1912 were over 5 Million 
Pounds. For the year 1913 they were over 7 Million Pounds. 

Bolgiano's "Square Deal" Poultry Foods are absolutely the 
best that experience can suggest or money can buy. They show 
the highest protein and albumenoid contents, and these elements 
are vphat make eggs. 

Maryland Poultry and Pigeon Association 

Baltimore, February 11, 1911. 
J. Bolgiajw & Son, Baltimore, Md. 

In reply to yonr favor of Feb. 7, / am gratified to inform yozi 
that the "Square-Deal'^ Poultry and Pigeon Food our Association 
purchased from you and used in our recent Show, gave us petfect 

A g7-eat ynanv of our exhibitors have written to us expressing 
gratification 'wilh the fine condition their fowls were in when tliey 
were received back liome. This speaks welt for your "Square- 
Deal" feed. The quality of your feed was uniform and was as 
good as the samples submitted to us, 

Vours truly, 

(Signed) George O. Brown , Secy. 

Mr. John Boer, of Orangeville. Baltimoi e Co., Md. . writes he liad 
100 chickens and was feeding with other food and was getting 23 
eggs perweek. After feeding Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Foodfov 
one week he got 72 eggs, the second week he got 172 eggs, and the 
ih ird week he got 204 eggs, and tlie increase continued until lie was 
getting 350 eggs per week. 

"Square-Deal" Chick Starter 

A Primary Food For Baby Chicks Up To Three Weeks Old 

This is a primary f^jod for Baby Chicks and con tains only the best selected, 
recleaned, sound, sweet, cracked grains and seeds, in proper proportions 
essential to quick and healthy growth. 5 I,bs. 20c. 10 I,bs. 35c. 25 l,bs. 70c. 
50 Lbs. Sl.25, luO l<bs. $2.35. 

How To Feed Baby Chicks 

They should be fed nothing until they are 24 hours old. Keep them good 
and warm is all thatis necessary. Baby chicks are hungry all the time, 
and have to be fed every few hours. Scatter about a pint of Chick Starter on 
the floor among an inch or two of Bolgiano's Square-Deal Alfalfa Meal, for 
50 chicks. Only feed as much at a time as they will eat up clean, and do not 
over-feed. Keep clean, fresh water b'-fore them all the time. After they 
are three weeks old then feed with Bolgiano's **Sqiiare Deal" Chick 

"Square Deal" Chick Starter Prevents Diarrhoea 

Chas. S. Grason . Baltimore Co., Md., writes: 1 have found by actual use in 
comparison, that Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Chick Starter Food has tlie great 
advantage over all prominent foods on the market, in that it does not give the 
baby chiclX diarrhoea. 

"Square-Deal" Chick Food ertw'Ifg'chTc'kT 

This is a carefully selected and complete food for small chicks. It is a 
high-grade mixture of recleaned, sound, sweet, cracked grains and seeds, 
and there is nothing like it for chick feeding, for growth, health, develop- 
ment of bone, flesh and feathers. 5 I,bs. 18c. 101<bs. 30c. 25 Lbs: 65c. 
SO i,bs. S1.20. 100 Lbs $2.30. 

How To Feed Growing Chicks 

Feed by scattering about a pint of it on the floor in Bolgiano's "Square 
Deal" Alfalfa Meal for 25 chicks, where they will scratch for it. After they 
are 8 weeks old then feed them with Bolgiano's "Square Deal" Poul- 
try Food. 

"Square-Deal" Growing Mash 

Our Growing Mash is a mixture of whole, choice sweet grains with a little 
meat added, evenly balanced and ground together in such a manner as to 
promote the quickest possible growth. Feed dry and you will be surprised 
at the results. Poultry of all kind when fed dry feed eat very slowly, mix- 
ing it thoroughly with the saliva before swallowing. They cannot swallow 
it if they do not. The feed passes into the crop slowly, and is rapidly sali- 
viated with the strong digestive juices of this organ. 5 Lbs. 18c. 10 Lbs. 30c. 
25 Lbs. 65c. 50Lbs. Sl.20. lOOLbs. S2.30 

Bolgiano's "Square Deal" Beef Scraps or Meat Meal. For suc- 
cess with poultry it is absolutely necessary to give them plenty of animal 
food to take the place of insects, etc. , which they get when running free. 
For this purpose, ' 'Square-Deal" Beef Scraps are the best food that can be 
used. 5 Lbs. 25c. 10 lbs. 45c. 25 Lbs. SOc. 50 Lbs. $1.50. 100 Lbs. $2.90. 

Poultry and Pigeon Supplies 

Prices Subject i.o Market Changes.— '^Vrite for Special Prices on Large Qnantities. 

5 Lbs 

Feeding Rice 25c 

White Kaffir Com 18c 

Red Kaffir Com 18c 

Milo Maize 18c 

Sunflower Seed SOc 

Extra Large Sunflower. 35c 

Hemp Seed _ 25c 

Tobacco Stems _ 15c 

Tobacco Dust..... 18c 

Canary Bird Seed 40c 

Cora Chop 18c 

Middlings _ 15c 

Flax Seed Meal 18c 

■Wheat Bran 15c 

Gluten Meal 15c 

Red Millet 20c 

Yellow Millet 18c 

Bird "Vetches 25c 

Flaxseed 45c 

Feeding Wheat 15c 

Wheat Screenings 15c 

Wild Grass Seeds 15c 

Mustard Bran 20c 

Feeding Buckwheat 18c 

Hulled Oats 25c 

10 Lbs. 

100 Lbs. 



















































5 Lbs. 10 Lbs. 100 Lbs. 

Crushed Oats iSc SOc $2.15 

White Cracked Cora— Coarse... 15c 25c 1.85 

Oat Groats 25c 45c 3.50 

Yellow Com I5c 25c 1.70 

Cracked Cora 15c 25c 1.80 

Fme Cracked Corn 15c 25c 1.90 

Cracked Wheat, Sifted„ 20c 35c 2.50 

Ground Oats „ 18c SOc 2.15 

Rolled Oats 25c 45c 3.50 

Gemiau Bird Rape _ 40c 70c 5.00 

PeedingBarley 15c 25c 1.85 

Steel Cut Oats 25c 45c 3.50 

Canada Peas Pk. SOc. Bu. S1.7S 

FeedingOats Pk, 18c. Bu. 60c. 

Foust Health Grit for Pigeons „ 15c 25c $1.65 

Charcoal, prepared, all sizes 15c 25c 1.50 

White Rise Pop Cora 40c 70c 5.00 

Ground Barley 18c SOc 2.15 

Cracked Corn and Crushed Oats 18c SOc 2.15 

Cotton Seed Meal 18c SOc 2.00 

"Sugar.sota" Dairy Feed 15c 25c 1.50 

Dried Brewers' Grains 15c 25c 1.65 

Distillers' Grains 15c 25c 1.40 

Mica Spar Grit _ 10c 15c .75 

PRIZE WINNER fed exclusively on 

Bolgiano's "SQuare Deal" Food 

Plenty^of Eggs All The Time If You Feed 

"Square Deal" Poultry Mash 

"Square-Deal" Poultry Food 

A Scratch Food Of The Highest Grade— Contains Sunflower Seed 

This is a combination of carefully selected, recleaned, sound, sweet grains 
and seeds, the food that keeps the fowls vigorousand healthv and produces 
eggs. 5 Lbs. 18c. 10 Lbs. SOc. 25 Lbs. 65c. 50 Lbs. $1-15. 100 Lbs. $2.25. 
Directions For Feeding 

Feed in the pen with about one inch of Bolgiano's "Square Deal" Alfalfa 
Meal, scattering a qii.irt of Poultry Food for every dozen hens in thinly, so 
that the hens will have to work for it. This will keep their blood in circu- 
lation, and egg production will follow. 
Poultry Food made with White Cracked Com 5<: per 100 higher 

"Square-Deal" Poultry Mash. Makes Hens Lay 

It is a complete scientifically prepared mash of carefulLv selected mixture 
of recleaned, sound, sweet ground grain and green food, etc. It contains 
proper proportions essential to producing big ^z% yield, 5 lbs. 18c. 10 Lbs. 
SOc. 25 Lbs. 65c. 50 Lbs. $1.15. 100 Lbs. $2.25. 

Directions for Feeding: Scald with hot water, mix thoroughly in a 
crumb.v mash, not sloppy, feed as much as the hens will eat up clean. Feed 
your hens in the morning- with Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Poultry Mash. 
Mid-day. and in the afternoon with Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Scratch Food 
and you will get splendid results. 

"Square-Deal" Pigeon Food No. 1 

This food is a carefully selected mixture of recleaned, sound, sweet grains 
and seeds, especially adapted for pigeons and squab fattening. Itis ex- 
ceptionally helpful at moulting time. 5 Lbs. 20c. 10 Lbs. SSc. 25 Lbs. 70c. 
50 Lbs. $1.30. 100 Lbs. $2.45. 

"Square Deal" Pigeon Food No. 2 

Wonderful Flying Mixture; without wheat, corn, grit or shell. It is com- 
posed of carefully selected, appropriate, recUaned, sound, sweet grain and 
seed, especially adapted to flying pigeons. 5 Lbs, 25c. 10 Lbs. 40c. 25 Lbs. 
75c. 50 Lbs. 51.40. 100 Lbs. $2.75. 

Bolgiano's "Square Deal" Crushed Oyster Shells. The best 
Poultry Authorities recommend the "Grit-Box" system. Our fresh ground 
shell supplies Carbonateof Limetoincreasetheproductionof eggs. Poultry, 
Pigeon and Chick sizes. 5 Lbs. 10c. 10 Lbs. 15c. 25 Lbs. 25c. 50 Lbs. 35c. 
100 Lbs. 60c. 

Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Blood Meal. 5 Lbs. 25c. 10 Lbs, 40c. 
25 Lbs. 80c. 50 Lbs. $1.55. 100 Lbs. S3. 00. 

Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Alfalfa Meal is a green food and is very 
nutritious and appetizing, and is used tlie year round. It furnishes to 
chicks a growing food and at the same time has medicinal value. When fed 
separately, steam well before using. 5 Lbs. 15c. 10 Lbs. 25c. 25 Lbs. SOc. 
50 Lbs. 95c. 100 Lbs. $1.85. 

Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Bone Meal. S Lbs. 25c. 10 Lbs. 40c. 25 
Lbs. 75c. 50 Lbs. $1.45. 100 Lbs. $2.80. We can supply Crushed, also 
Granulated Bone, at same prices. 

First jE^-'-'-^^ F P C 
10 days f)^-^ ^\.,-> 


Prepared with great care for little chicks just 
hatched. Peculiarly adapted to the promotion 
and health, quickening of growth and developing 
strong chicks in winter and early spring. 1 Lb. 
10c. 5 Lb. Package 40c. 15 Lb. Package $1.10. 

Free a Large Egg Record Sheet vrith Orders 
for Poultry Foods— If Ton Ask For It. 

B@»We Have An Expert Breeder and Poultryman Head of Our Poultry Department'-^c 

J. Bolgiano & Son, Poultry Supplies, Baltimore, Md. 

International Sanitary Hovers 

Can Be Used Anywhere 

The International Sanitary Ho^'ers have stood every climatic test from Panama to Quebec. Practical poultry- 
men, state experiment stations, and poultry judges endorse them. You can raise chicks any wherewith International 
Sanitary Hovers. No specially constructed houses are necessary. There is no better place than in your regular hen 

Sanitary Hovers are as practical for the small back-yard poultry raiser as for large poultry farms. They are 
warmest at the curtain — u.sable anywhere — ready for business wherever placed. No crowding or smothering of 
chicks — no kneeling in mud to get at the lamp — no cutting of holes or building of platforms. You want the best 
brooding device — you will get it in the Sanitary Hovers. Price $8.50 each. 


6 in 1 Exerciser and 

6 in 1 Exerciser and Feeder 

®- Rectangular Grit 
and Shell Box 






International Sanitary Hover 

Owing to the construc- 
tion of this grit and shell 
box it is preferred by 
many because the dust and 
straw cannot get into the 
trough as readily as in other styles. Price 40c. 

Flat Back 
Wall Fountain 

These are made of 
No. 28 gauge steel and 
are much better and 
stronger than most 
other fountains of this 
style now on the mar- 
ket. A hood over the 
trough prevents dirt 
from getting into water. 
Price 45c. 

Water Proof Sheeting 

Water Proof Sheeting or Oiled Muslin is used 
almost exclusively in Poultry Houses in the place 
of glass. Glass is a conductor of cold as well as 
heat, consequently your house heats up during 
the day. and is cold at night. With the use of 
Water Proof Sheeting, we have a free ventilation 
at all times — and the Poultry House is kept at a 
more even temperature, thereby promoting the 
best of health among your poultry. Price 12c per 
yard. 40 yards ® 10c per yard. 

ShaU Want 12 More 

C. J?. Benjamin, Proprietor Yardniond Poultry 
Farm, Cranford, N. J., writes: Gentlemen: — Allow 
jne to congratulate you on the success of your San- 
itary Hover. After giving it a thorough test, I am 
so well satisfied that I shall want 12 more next sea- 
son. I have put as many as 100 chicks under one of 
your hovers and raised practically every one. An- 
other important feature is the ease with whichyour 
hover can be handled. 

Any time you have an inquiry over this way, 
refer the inquirer to me. / will be pleased to show 
him your hover in operation, C, R. Benjamin. 

This Exerciser Feeder is just what its name 
implies. It is a large hopper supported on 
four strong iron legs and devised toholdallthe 
food necessary for poultry. The center hopper 
holds the mixed grain food which is gener- 
ally composed of cracked corn, wheat, kaffir 
corn, buckwheat, barley, oats, etc., and is so 
constructed that a little agitator, which con- 
tains whole corn, as bait, can be worked by 
the fowls so that it will scatter broadcast a 
small amount each time, of the dry grain 
mixture. It gives the hens the necessary 
exercise hunting for the grain'- so that it is 
impossible to overfeed. Surrounding this center hopper are six compartments made to contain dry mash, 
beef scrap, grit, charcoal, oyster shells, etc. All are easily accessible for the fowls, and the machine is so 
constructed that none of the food can he wasted. The cover of the hopper is conical shapped so that the 
fowls cannot roost on it. This Exerciser Feeder has every advantage that can be found in an Exerciser 
of other makes. It eliminates all other feeding devices. Price 40 qt. S4.75; 20 qt. $3.75. 

Round Bottom 

Grit and Shell 


Most grit and shell boxes 
have square bottom while this 
grit and shell box has a round 
bottom, which prevents the 
tme particles of shell and grit 
clogging the corners, price 50c. 

Straight Front 

Dry Food 


Having a perfectly 
straight front, the feed pos- 
itively cannot clog. There 
is a lip in front and has 
iron bars to prevent the 
fowls from -wasting the 
feed. Price 65c. 

Water Glass 

Water Glass is the best preser\-ative for retain- 
ing the freshness in eggs. Use one part Water 
Glass to eleven parts water, mix well and put 
into a hard wood barrel or earthen crock. As fast 
as eggs are laid put them into this solution, keep- 
ing them well covered. E.ggs will keep in this 
manner perfectly sweet and retain their good 
eating qualities for one year. One gallon of Water 
Glass will take care of 50 dozen Eggs. Price 1 qt. 
35c, 2 qts. 5UC, 1 gallon $1.00, 

Forty-Six In Use— Will Want More 

A. G. Staujffer, Breeder of Royal Blue Strain 
Barred Plymouth Rocks — Heavy- Weight Bronze 
Turkeys , Palmyra, Pa., writes: Gentlemen:^! have 
had tn use 46 of your hovers this spring atidfind 
them the best I have ever used. In fact, I feel very 
safe in saying that yours is the best hover on the 
market today. 

I iinll no doubt need more hovers in the spring 
and you will surely get my order. 

A. G. Stauffer. 

Wall Chick Feeders 

These are made in two sizes, ten inches long 
and twenty inches long. The sloping top prevents 
the chicks from roosting on it and a wire screen 
prevents chicks from wasting the food. This is 
an entirely new invention and has proven its 
worth and efficiency among the largest chick 
raisers in the world. 10 in. 60c. 20 in. 85c. 

No Danger From Fire 

Walter S. Holder. Grand View Poultry Farm, 
Chelmsfo-} d , Mass., ivntes: Gentle7nen: — Allow me 
to congratulate you on your International San itary 
Hover. I purchased one in March, 1911. and have 
been more than pleased with the way ttie chickens 
take to it. 

The absolute lack of dan ger from fire appeals to 
me very 7nuch. and I can say from experience with 
your hover that it is far ahead of any other hover I 
have ever used. 

Please rest asstired that hereafter only Internat- 
ional Sanitary Hovers will be used bv me. 

Walter S. Holder. 

Phenomenal Success With The Sanitary Hover 

Arlington, Md., August 21, 1911.- 
Dear Sirs: — During my experience as a poultry- 
man I have used so?ne of the brooders considered the 
best on the market and have found thejn, in certain 
kinds of weather, to be little less than death traps. 

My s?wcess this season with your hover has been 
phe}iomenal. I having raised 98 per cent, of all 
chicks put under it. It has mothered three broods 
and my opinion is that it is the very best brooder on 
the market. S. G. Cason, 4802 Delaiuare Ave. 

Satisfactory In Every Way 

Viola, Del., August 11, 1911. 
Gentlemen: — Tlie Saniia-ry Hover is light and 
convenient to cany from place to place, easy to keep- 
clean, and satisfactoty in every way. Edw. F. Ruob. 

J5@"We Have An Expert Breeder And Poultryman Head Of Our Poultry Department°^8 


J. Bolgiano & Son, Poultry Supplies, Baltimore, Md. 

Buckeye "Standard" Incubators 

Anybody Can Hatch Chickens With a "Buckeye," the Best Incubator in the World, Here's Our Guarantee. 

i Guarantee No. 230,175. 

t This BUCKEYS incubator is gnaranteed to hatch every hatchable egg, to be complete in every detail, and in perfect working order. We , 
I gTiarantee the eflBciency of all its mechanical parts and the material of which it is constructed is guaranteed agrainst deterioration from wear for a * 
+ period of five (5) years. If this incubator, or any part thereof, shouldfail to fulfill ourguarantee, theentire machineorany defectivepart (excepting J 
t thermometers and lamp burners) may be returned to us at any time within five (5) years.and we will place same in perfect working order, or replace * 

Lit. without charge. Thermometers and lamp burners are guaranteed against defect and breakage upon arrival. Should either be defective or broken 
upon arrival, we will replace them without charge. (Signed) THE BUCKEYE INCUBATOR CO. 

We i 


A Child Can Operate It. 

Here are two incubators "we have been building for 
22 years and have never had an equal for efficiency 
and popularity. 

Any man, woman or child can operate it with the 
greatest success, even if they never saw one before. 
They are also used by fanciers who desire to hatch 
Eggs from a particular pen of chickens. Buckeye 
Incubators are heated with circulating hot water 
(which is more practical than hot air) and will keep 
every egg in exactly the same temperature. It'sa self 
regulator for 21 days, it never changes or fails. The 
only thing you have to do is to keep the lamp filled 
and burning, and turn the eggs twice a day. 

There is nothing cheap about the Buckeye except 
the price. Tliey are made in three styles. Style "A" 
60 Egg. Style "B" 50 Ei;g and Buckeye Siandards, and 
all guaranteed to hatch a chick from every hatchable 

Buckeye Incubators styles A" and B" are built 
with double thickness of one inch lumber that has an 
insulation of heavy building paper between the two 
walls insuring an absolutely uniform temperature in 
the Egg chamber regardless of the outside tempera- 
ture, each machine receives one coat of filler and two 
coats of varnish and when finished has the appear- 
ance of a fine piece of cherry furniture. 

Each machine is furnished with the following 
equipment: one tank, one lamp bowl, one burner 
with wick, one chimney, one thermometer, one ther- 
mometer holder, one complete Buckeye Regulator, 
one egg tester, and two egg trays. 

Style B 

Buckeye 50-Egg Incubators 

Double "Walls Throughout. 

Complete, Ready to Use, $5.00 

Weight. Crated for shipment, 45 pounds. 

Style A 

Buckeye 60-Egg Incubators 

Double "Walls Tliroughout 

Complete, Ready to Use$10.00 

Gas Heaters 

Fcr Incubators and Brooders. 

$1.25 Complete. 

A gas heater that can be substi- 
tuted for the oil Inmpon Buckeye 
Incubators or Brooders. It is eco- 
nomical and clean. It requires no 
attention and can be attached to 
any gas burner. No plumber neces- 
.sary to make the connection — a 
piece of rubbbergas tubing does it. 

Buckeye ''Standards'' 

The Standard of Perfection in Artificial Incubation. 

Buckeve Standards are made in four sizes to hold 110, 175, 250 and 350 hen eggs, orS5, 140, 200 and 
280 duck eggs. 

Buckeye St.andard Incubators are made of California Redwood exclusively on outside case which 
we know will withstand all kinds of atmospheric changes without the slighest danger of warping 
or pulling apart. 

The inside walls are made of seasoned yellow poplar which will also withstand all atmospheric 
changes regardless of conditions. 

The sides and top of each incubator consists of two walls of this lumber which is one inch thick 
with one inch of Fibre between the two thicknesses of lumber which, produces a case that is abso- 
lutely impervious to changes in outside temperature. 

Buckeye Standard No. 1 

Capacity 110 hen eggs or 85 duck eggs. 
Bears the underwriters' label. Complete 
ready for use $18.00. 

■Weight. Crated for shipment, 135 lbs. 

Eciuipineiit. One copper tank and 
boiler, one lamp bowl, one burner with 
wick, one chimney, one egg tester, one 
thermometer, one thermometer holder, 
one complete Buckeye regulator and two 
egg trays. 

Aft: George G. O'Brien of 28 Cascara St., 
Baltimore, Md. on February 12th, -wrote as 
follows: I bought a st.rle B Buckeye Incuba- 
tor of you the 19th of January, and after 
rnn}ting it two days empty, having had 7io 
experience at all with an Incubator, putSO 
eggs in same, testing out 10 infertile ones on 
the 17th day, and leaving 2 doubtful ones tn 
the Incubator. I beg to slate that I got 37 
n ice c It icksout of the remain ing eggs, wh ich 
hatched out on Friday and at the present 
writing are getting along fne. 

Buckeye Standard No. 2 

Capacity 175 hen eggs or 140 duck 
eggs. Beais underwriters' label. 
Complete ready for use $23.00. 

"Weight. Crated for shipment, 135 

Equipment. One copper tank and 
boiler, one lamp bowl, one burner 
\\\lh wick, one chimney, one egg 
tester, one thermometer and thermom- 
eter holder, one complete Buckeye 
regulator, and two egg trays. 

Mr. Eugene A . Perrey of HowardCo., 
Md. on May 20th, wrote asfollo-ws: The 
100 E.c:g Buckeye Incubator that I pur- 
chased from you some timeagohas given 
vie entire satisfaction . I got 90 chicks, 
all of them strong and healthy, out of 
tny last hatch. 

Buckeye Standard No. 3 

Capacity 250 hen eggs or 200 duck 
eggs. Bears underwriters's label. 
Complete ready for use 530.00. 

Equipment. One copper tank and 
boiler, one lamp bowl, one burnerand 
wick, one chimney, one egg tester, 
one thermometer and thermometer 
holder, one complete Buckeye regu- 
lator and two egg trays. 

Buckeye Standard No. 4 

Capacity 350 hen eggs. 2S0 duck eggs, 
beais underwriters labi.1, complete 
ready for use $35.0,0. 

Equipment one Copper tank and 
bowl, one lamp bowl, one burner ami 
wick, one chimney, one eggtester,one 
thermometer and one thermometer 
holder, one complete Buckeye Regula- 
tor and two Ek'g trays. 

B®° We Have An Expert Breeder and Poultryman Head of Our Poultry Department °^n 

"Buckeye" Guaranteed Incubators, Brooders and Brood Coops 

"Buckeye" Brooders 

or The Secret of Chick Raising 

It is a matter of record that poorly constructed 
brooders are responsible for the death of niore 
chicks than any other one cause so we consider 
it most advisable to call particular attention to 
the importance of using a type of brooder that 
will property care for the chicks after they are 

Chicken raising- don't end with the hatching. 
The old hen provides a place where the chicks 
can get warm and another place toexcercise and 

That's what we do in Buckeye Brooders. 

It's hardly fair to the old hen, but we must tell 
you that a good artifical brooder is better than 
she is. 

Chicks must have a certain kind of heat. 

That is— it must be just ' so warm" or they suffer. 

A temperature that is either too warm or too 
cold will produce bowel troubles and bowel trou- 
bles are bad for little chicks. 

In addition to this proper heat, they must 
have plenty of fresh air; if they don't get it, 
they won't thrive. 

Buckeye Brooders 

And last but not least, we must prevent 
them from crowding. 

We'll begin with our Lamp Heated Brood- 

First of all these brooders are heated by the 
same system used in Buckeye Incubators — cir- 
onlating hot ^^ater. 

It keeps every corner of the brooder at exact- 
ly the same temperature. 

And it's that even distribution of heat that 
prevents the chicks from crowding. 

If one point in a brooder is warmer than an- 
other each chick tries to get there. 

We have a heat regulator on Buck- 
ej-e Brooders that takes care of every 

It absolutely controls the heat 
of that brooder regardless of con- 

It's a good bit harder to regulate the 
heat in a brooder than in an incu- 

When you once regulate the tem- 
perature to a particular point it wiU 
stay right there 24 hours every 


No. 1. Buckeye 50-Chick Brooder 

INDOOR. Overhead Hot Water System 
Complete with Yard, ready to use, S8.00 
Size of hover. 20 inches long, 20 inches wide. 
Size of yard. 18 inches long by 20 inc'nes wide. 
"Weight. Crated forshipment, 50 lbs. 
No. 3, Same as No. 1, 
Capacity, lOO Chicks. 
"Weight. Crated. 80 pounds, $10.00. 
Size of hover. 26 inches long by 26 inches 
Size of yard. 20 inches long by 26 inches wide. 

'*Buckeye'* Lampless Brooders 

"V'ou know that you can be perfectly comfort- 
able in a cold room if you have plenty of blankets 
over you, in fact, if you know how to sleep under 
the most healthy conditions you wont have any 
fire in your room at all. The heat that keeps 
you warm is supplied by your own body, the 
blankets simply keep it in. That's the prin- 
ciple of the lampless brooder. The chicks get 
under the blankets and keep warm. On the in- 
side of e.'ich Buckeye I,ampless Brooder we sus- 
pend a whole lot of little flannel blankets from a 
burlap roof that is stretched across the top. The 
conditions in these lampless brooders are exactly 
the same as we find under tlie hen. When a chick 
gets under a hen he pushes his back up against the 
feathers and he's satisfied. The blankets in Buck- 
eye Lampless Brooders take the place of feathers. 
The chirks get under them. pu=h their backs up 
against them and they'er satisfied. 

That's Why They Don't Crowd. 

Brooder No. 2 closed up— ready to be put 
outside in any kind of weather. 

"Buckeye" 50-Chick Brooders 

No. 2. OUTDOOR. 
Overhead Hot^Vater System. 
Complete, Beady io Use, S12.00. 
Dimensions. 44 inches long, 20 inches wide. 
"Weight. Crated for shipment, 90 pounds. 
No. 4 Out-of-Door-Brooder. Overhead hot 
water system same as No. 2. only 100-chick capa- 
city. Complete, ready for use, $18.00. 
"Weight. Crated for shipment, 150 Lbs. 
Dimensions. 52 inches long, 26 inches wide. 

"Buckeye" 50-Chick Lampless 

STYLE B. INDOOR. Lampless System. 
Complete "With 1'"ard, ready io use, S6.00 
Weight. Crated for shipment, 30 lbs. 
Size of hover. 20 inches long. 20 inches wide. 
Size of yard. 17 inches by 17 inches. 

"Buckeye" 50-Chick Lampless Brooders 

Complete, Ready to Use, S8.00. 
Dimensions. 52 inches long by 26 inches 
"Weight. Crated for shipment. 75 pounds. 

Bnckey" 25-Chick Lampless Brooders 
No. 5. INDOOR. 
^Complete, Ready for Use, S2.00. 
Buckeye" 50-Chick Lampless Brooder 
No. 6. INDOOR. 
Complete, Ready for Use, S3.00. 

Little Chicks must have fresh air and we 

give them plenty of it. 

We have a constant circulation of fresh air 
every minute in the day. 

General Brooder Information 

All Buckeye Brooders are raised from 
the ground. 

That avoids dampness and protects them from 
intruders. Each brooder is furnished -with 
an excercising room — The cliicks eat in one 
room and sleep in another. Every Buckeye 
Brooder leaves the factory complete — ready 
for use. We send everything you need. There 
are no "extras" to buy. 

B@°" We Have An Expert Breeder and Poultryman Head of Our 

"Buckeye" Brood Coop for setting Hens 


This Coop is admitted to be the one first class 
article of its kind left on the market as most 
manufacturers have discontinued making them 
entirely while others have been buildinganything 
that looked like a brood coop just so they could 
be sold cheaply. 

Complete, Ready for Use, So.OO- 


Thermometer for Incubators (Tested) 75c 

Brooders (Tested) 60c 

" Holders for Incubators 15c 

Lamp Bowls for Incubators 60c 

Lamp Bowls for Brooders 1 and 3 50c 

Lamp Bowls for Brooders 2 and 4 $1.25 

Lamp Supports for Standards 1.50 

Lamp Supportsfor Brooders 2 and 4 1.25 

Lamp Burners for Standard Incubators 50c 

Lamp Burners for Style "A" 35c 

Lamp Burners for all Brooders 35c 

Lamp Wicks for all Burners per dozen 25c 

Lamp Chimneys for all Incub'rs & Brooders 30c 

Thermostats for Incubators 1.50 

Connecting Rod and Nut forlncub. Regul'rs 25c 
Lever and Bracket for Incubator Regulators 75c 
Thermostat and Bracket for Brooder Regul. 75c 

Lever and Bracket for Brooder Regulator 65c 

Connecting Rod for Brooder Regulator 10c 

Hot "Water Tanks (Complete) 
For Incubat. No. 1 $5.00 For Brood 's 1 & 2 $1.50 
ForIncubat.No.2 6.00 For Brood's 3 & 4 2.50 
Forlnctibat.No. 3 7 00 ^ , _ .„ 

For Incubat. No. 4 8.00 Extra Egg Trays 

For Incubator A 1.50 For Incubator A 40c 

For all standard Incubators (each) $1.60 

Burlap Trays for all standard Incub. (each) 75c 

It Hatches Every Hatchable Egg— Fvery Time. 

On March IJ, 1912. Mr. Jas. Rayncr, of 30-t 
Boiildcn Street , Baltimore . Md., -writes as follows: 

YourSO-Egs Buckeye Incubator is O. K. I had 
a ha/ch off AlarchTth, 1912. From 50 eggs I have 
47 Chicks as fine as youivant to look at. Out of 8 
hatches, my lowest hatch was41 Chicks. You 7nay 
use this for TV hat it viaybetvorth to you, and if you 
like yoti can send anyone out to investigate for 

Unsurpassed by any other Make. 

Having had one of your 50 egg incubators in use 
for the last season and finding it all O. K., /thought 
I ivonld write you of my results. I have had six 
hatches off the machine and out of the six runs I 
lost 17 eggs. The last two hatches were 46 from 48, 
and 47 and 48 chicks, which I think is doing some- 
thing at hatching chicks, and in the two hatches 
mentioned the regulator was not adjusted through- 
out tlie entire hatch, and the temperattire ran^just 

Nozv the next thing I want is a full description 
of your 2U0 egg machine, and also the price of same, 
as / have run my machine along side of other 
makes and find it unsurpassed by any other make 
in use that I know of in our community. Hoping 
to hear from you at an early date. 

H. IV. EAKLE, Rohrersville, Md. 

Poultry Department. ==ea 


Portable Poultry Houses and Colony Houses 

Buckeye Colony Houses 

Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Portable Poultry Houses 

The value of a Colony house is no longer ques- 
tioned. Every experieneed Breeder uses them — 
can'tgetalong without them. The most "ticklish" 
period of chicken life is when it leaves the brooder, 
at the time it first starts to roost and shows a ten- 
dency to do all the "fool things" that young chick- 
ens do. That's the time when things must be fixed 
just right, or failure will result. 

Buckeye Colony Houses are six feet long and 
three feet wide just large enough for SO chicks. 

The roost is only a foot from the ground and its 
the kind of roost that a chick will use. eitherhouse 
can be "set up or taken down" in ten minutes and 
the only tool necessary is a screw driver. 

We have had these houses specially built for 
us. They are made of Ji pine boards, plained 
both sides, tongued and grooved and painted 
a beautiful lead color. Roof is covered with 
our heaviest 3 ply "Square-Deal Rubber Roof- 
ing — well tacked and cemented. All complete 
with dropping boards, roosts and nests. 
Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Combination Open 
And Closed Front House 

This house is 6 ft. wide and 8 ft. deep, 6ii ft. 
high in front, 4-li ft. back. The front is board- 
ed up 3 ft. thereby avoiding any direct wind 
or storm striking the birds. The upper half 
being wired with oiled muslin screens, gives 
the open front feature with plenty of fresh air, 
at the same time keeping the birds protected 
from the weather. These houses are shipped 
knocked down — easily put together in half an 
hour. Weight, crated for shipment 550 lbs. 
Price S25.00 F. O. B. Baltimore. 

Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Combination Open and 
Closed Front House 

Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Combined Laying And Scratchirg House 
This house is 68 in. long, 35 in wide, 44 in. high in front and 32in. high in back. Scratching house 
same size only 8 in. lower— both together making a house nearly 12 ft. long. Roof is hinged so you 
can care for your birds from front or back. Removable wire top $1.00 extra. With these tops in place, 
rats, cats or dogs cannot get at the birds. With a house of this kind, the scratch house can be alter- 
nated from one end to the ether. These houses are shipped knocked down— easily put together. 
Weight crated for shipment 325 lbs. Price complete S16.00 F. O. B. Baltimore. "With extra 
wire top S17.00 F. O. B. Baltimore. 

Wood Front 

Six feet long, three feet wide three feet high 
complete with floors and roosts. 

Heavy Galvanized Steel Roof. 
S12.00 S14.00 

F. O. B. Delivered, Freight Paid 

Springfield, Ohio. east of Mississippi River 

"\Vei6lit. Crated for shipment, 250 pounds. 
If floors are not desired deduct $1.00 from either 

Open Wire Front 

We have provided for the fellow with the Open 
Front Idea too. The same house with a frame 
front covered with galvanized wire of oae inch 
mesh. All the air you might ■want yet its rain 
proof and rat proof. 

Six feet long, three feet wide, three feet high. 

Complete vrith Floors. 

Sll.OO S13.00 

F. O. B. Delivered, Freight Paid 

Springfield . Ohio. east of Mississippi River 

■Weight. Crated for shipment, 250 pounds. 

If floors are not desired deduct $1.00 from either 

The Townsend Trap Nest 

The Townsend Trap Nest is a reliable trap nest. 
It is also an automatic setting or laying nest. By 
the use of the trap nest, one is liable to secure a 
laying record of the hen, breed up a large laying 
strain, keep an accurate and separate record of 
each hen and weed out the poor and non-layers. 
In fact, it enables you to breed up your poultry on 
whatever line you desire, whatever it be for eggs, 
flesh, form or plumage. Price, $1.50 each. Per 
Dozen Nests $15.00. 

Buckeye Portable Poultry House 

We have the reputation of building "The Best 
Poultry House on the market" and the best part 
of that reputation, "we earned it". 

It's mighty poor economy to save a few dollars 
in buying a house and lose twice as many chickens 
that die from roupor cold. The roosts are placed 
at the furthest from the openings. That prevents 
roup and cold. The lumber used in these houses 
is one-inch dressed pine flooring. All tongued and 
grooved together so thatitkeepsout the wind, rain 
and snow. It takes ten minutes to erect a Buckeye 
Portable House, or ten minutes to take one down. 

Bolgiano's "Square-Deal" Combined Laying And Scratching House 

Buckeye Open Front Portable House 

Notice the difference in the two houses, one has 
two doors in the front, one door is covered with 
wire screen, the other is covered with water-proof 
cloth. This house is called Open Front— Fresh 
Air — no yard pian Chickens kept in this style of 
house get no Free range w.iatever. They are 
placed in the house as pullets and never leave it 
until they go to the butchers block or the table. 
The outside door which is covered with water- 
proof cloth is only closed at night and in stormy 
weather and even when the door is closed there is 
a free circulation of fresh air through the house 
all the time. 

If birds are kept for laying purposes it will be 
found that the egg production will be i.Tlher in- 
creased than decreased by using the Open Front 
House and you'll never be troubled with roup or 

Sectional Laying House 

Six feet wide, eight feet deep, six and one half 
feet high. Complete with two roosts, dropping 
board and laying boxes. 

S25.00 S30.00 

F. O. B. Delivered, Freight Paid 

Springfield, Ohio. east of Mississippi River 

Weight. Crated for shipment, 600 pounds. 
Galvanized steel or Flint Kote roof furnished 
with this house. 

Bncheye Open Front House> 
Ready to Use 

"Baokeye" Sectional Laying Hoase 

Including everything but one end. 

S23.00 S28.00 

F. O. B. Delivered, Freight Paid 

Springfield, Ohio. east of Jlississippi River 

Weight. Crated for shipment, 550 pounds. 

Open Front 


Laving House 

6 feet wide, S feet deep, 6 feet 6 inches high. 
S25.00 S30.00 

F. O. B. Delivered, Freight Paid 

Springfield, Ohio. eastof Mississippi River 

Complete with roosts, dropping board and lay- 
ing boxes. 
Weight. Crated for shipment, 600 pounds. 

t&^We Have An Expert Breeder And Poultryman Head of Our Poultry Department-^a 

Bolgiano's Complete Line of Poultry Remedies 


DRRTTS poultrv 


Pratts Foods and Remedies 

Poultry Regulator 10c, 25c, 50c, 60c and Si. 00 

12 1b. Bucket. $1.25 

251b. '• $2 50 

Roup Remedy 25c and 50c 

Gape Remedy 25c and 50c 

Chicken Cholera 25c and 50c 

White Diarrhoea 25c and 5Uc 

Scaly Leg 25c and SOc 

Sore Head 25c and 50c 

Bronchitis 25c and SOc 

Condition Tablets 25c and SOc 

Head Lice Ointment 10c and 25c 

L,ice Powder 10c, 25c and SOc 

Lice Liquid Qt. 35c, 2 Qts. 60c, 4 Qts. $1.00 

Disenfectant Qt. 35c, 2 Qts. 60c, 4 Qts. $1.00 

Baby Chick Food 10c, 25c, SOc and $1.00 

Germothol Bottles 25 and SOc 


Horse and Cattle Remedies 

Animal Regulator 25c and SOc 

Conditioner 15c, 25c and SOc 

12 lb. Pails 90C 25 lb. Pails $1.75 

Worm Powder SOc 

Heave, Cold and Cough SOc 

Colic Cure SOc and $1.00 

Distemper and Pink Eye SOc 

Liniment 25c, SOc and $1.00 

Spavin Cure, Liquid SOc and $1.00 

Spavin Cure, Paste SOc 

Healing Ointment 25c and SOc 

Healing Powder _ 25c 

Hoof Ointment 2Sc 

Cow Tonic SOc Calf Tonic SOc 

Hog Cholera Specific SOc 

Hog Worm Powder $1.00 

Germothol Bottles 25c and SOc 

Bag Ointment 25c and SOc 

Harness Soap 25c 

Hen-Cura Capsules for Fowls 

Most Poultry Diseases have their origin m the 
Mucus system. This remedy will handle all 
diseases arising from this system. It will cure 
all kinds of Bowel troubles. Diarrhoea, Cholera. 
Entirites, Bad Colds (in the first stage, will cure 
in a few hours) also any Roupy condition. Going 
Light in Fowls, Limber Neck, Indigestion, in fact 
any disease that has its origin in the Mucus Sys- 
tem. (Specific for Chicken Pox) . 

One Capsule will usually handle any acute case, 
from three to five will usually cure the worst 
chronic case. 

If used according to directions the results are 

Try it once and convince yourself that there is 
one remedy on the market thatis of great value 
to those keeping chickens. 25c package. 

Lime, Crystalized, Carborated 

Used around poultry houses and dropping 
boards acts as a disinfectant. 1 Lb. package, lOc 

Sterlingworth Salt Cat 

_A combination and tonic for homing pigeons, 
birds, game chickens, and other fowls. It puts 
life into the birds. Is a good appetizer and a 
general invigorator. 10c per brick. 

2 lb. can SOc; Tpost- 

In presenting 
Cal-Sino Veteri- 
nary Remedies 

to livestock owners 
we make no windy 
miraculous "Cure 
all and never fail 
promise " and if 
same does not do as 
represented it may 
be returned and 
money refunded. 

Regulates diges- 
tion and promotes 
health. 2 lb. can 
SOc. Postpaid 68c. 

Aperient Po^v- 
der for hoven or 
bloat: niilk fever in Cattle, 
paid 68c. 

Colic Remedy for Spasmodic Water and Wind 
Colic, Bottle, 32 doses 2Sc and $1.00 

Glycoline. An antiseptic Healing lotion for 
man or animal. Bottle 25 and SOc 

Gall Remedy Antiseptic Ointment. Box...2Sc. 

Resorbine for Spavin Splints or Ring Bones, 
Bo-x $2.00 

Distemper and Heave Remedy for Cold, Lung 
or Throat Coughs. Price SOc 

Tonic, a Remedy for debility, loss of Appetite. 
Price $1.00 

Febrile Tonic for fever, chills, heat exhaustion . 
specific for Lock Jaw. Price $1.00 

Antiseptic for sores, wounds: ulcers, thrush, 
elc. Price 10c and SOc 

Liniment for Man or Beast. Price. ..25c and SOc 

Hog Restorative disinfects the Bowels, expels 
worms, promotes health and flesh production. 
Price SOc 

Restorative and Aperient Powder, 12 lb. Pail, 
$2.00; 25 lb. Pail, $4.00; 50 lb. Pail, $8.00. 

Hog Restorative, 10 lb. Pail, $2.00; 251b. Pail, 

Cal-Sino Poultry 
Remedies are sold under 
the same guarantee as the 
Veterinary Remedies, if 
not satisfactory, return it 
and your money refunded. 
^ Poultry Restorative 

"^ for Chickens, Turkeys, 
"'■''■ Ducks, Geese. Disenfects 
the bowels, drives outclog- 
ged and catharrhal waste 
matter, regulates nutrition 
and invigorates, therefore naturally increases egg 
and flesh production. 2 lb. Pkg. 2Sc, postpaid 'lOc. 
10 lb. Pail, $1.00; 25 lb. Pail, $3.00; 50 lb. Pail. $5.00 

Cal-Sina Cholera Drops 25c, postpaid 30c 

Diarrhoea Remedy 25c, postpaid 30c 

" RoupRemedy, 25candS0c, postpaid 60c 
'I Gape Remedy, 25cand SOc, postpaid 60c 

Gape Sneeze 25c, postpaid 30c 

" Lice Powder 10c, postpaid 14c 

Lice Powder 25c, postdaid SOc 

Germ Ex SOc, postpaid 60c 

Valentine's Gape Remedy 

This is not a Remedy to 
be fed to chicks but simply 
to dust. To treat chicks 
put them in a tight Box or 
Barrel, use a "Cliilds" lice 
duster or anything that 
will retain the dust, cover 
with^sack or cloth, insert 
can under cover, strike 
bottom of can a number of 
times making a dense fog 
of dust causing chicks to 
sneeze violently which is 
absolutely necessary. 

One or two applications 
sometimes willeffectacure. 

Price per can 2Sc 

Sanitas Sulphur Candles 

Pure Sulphur Fumigating Candles are easy to 
light, easy toextinguish, safe to use and produce 
a vapor deadly to all infectious disease germs and 
insect life, ii Lb. in tin containers, 10c each; 3 for 
25c. 1 Lb. water jacketed, 25c. 


Oclum is selling in every state in the Union. It 
cures the worst Diseases almost instantly. One 
bottle produces more eggs than any thing known. 
Dollar bottle will last 50 chickens one year. Two 
sizes. SOc and $1.00. 




WiU Cure 


Conkey's Poultry Remedies 

Each article must satisfy YOU or you receive your 
money back. 

Roup Cure Postpaid 25c, SOc and $1 00 

Bronchitis Cure Postpaid SOc 

Cholera Cure Postpaid 25c and SOc 

Gape Remedy 25c, postpaid SOc 

Gape Remedy SOc, postpaid 60c 

Limber Neck SOc. postpaid 55c 

.Scaly Leg 25c, postpaid 2Sc 

Scaly Leg: SOc, postpaid SSc 

Rheumatic Remedy SOc, postpaid SSc 

Healing Salve Postpaid 2Sc 

Laxative 25c, postpaid SOc 

Tonic 2Sc, postpaid SOc 

Poultry Worm Cure Postpaid SOc 

Black Head Remedy Postpaid SOc 

White Diarrhoea Postpaid 25c and SOc 

Chicken Pox SOc, postpaid 60c 

Head Lice Ointment Postpaid 10c and 25c 

Lice Powder, not postpaid ...10c. 25c, SOc and $1.00 

Laying Tonic, express not paid 25c and SOc 

Lice Liquid, express not paid, Qt. SSc, 2 Qts. 60c, 

4 Qts. $1.00. 
Noxicide Disinfectant, express not paid, Pt. SSc, 

Qt. 60c, 2 Qts. $1.00, Gal. $1.50. 
Flv Knocker, express not paid, Qt. SSc, 2 Qts, 60c, 

4 Qts. $1.00. 
Starting Food 10c, 2Sc, SOc and $1.00 

Rust's Remedies 

Havens Climax Powder 2Sc, SOc and $1.00 

Roup Pills Per box, 25c, SOc and $1.00 

Soluble Roup Powder 25c, SOc and $1,00 

Egg Producer 25c, SOc and $1.00 

Lice Killing Powder 10c. 25c, SOc and $1.00 

Liquid Lice Killer... Qt. SSc. 2 Qts. 60c, 4 Qts. $1.00 

Lee's Poultry Remedies 

Lee's Lice Killer Qt. SSc, 'A Gal. 60c, Gal. $1.00 

Egg Maker Package, 25c and SOc 

ln.sect Powder ._. Package, 2Sc 

Germozone Liquid or Tablets. ..Package, 25c 

Head Lice Ointment Box, 10c 

" White Diarrhoea Cure Bottle, SOc 

Williams' Extractor 

Known by every poultry raiser throughout the 
United States as a sure cure for Roup, Canker, 
Scurvy and Skin diseases on Poultry and Pigeons, 
also for cuts, burns or scalds. Price per Bottle. 
SOc and $1.00. 

Whiting's Roupene 

"Roupene" will be found an infallible preventa- 
tive and sure cure for Roup, Canker. Diphtheria, 
Chicken-Pox,or Sore Head, Gapes, Colds and all 
diseases of the respiratory organs in every species 
of fowl and pigeons, also will positively cure the 
sniffles in dogs. When you first notice symptoms 
of Roup give one or two doses of Roupene. If 
given at this time this will be sufficient to eradi- 
cate all traces of the disease. Price, small Bottle; 
2Sc, SOc and $100. Postage 15c extra. 

Whiting's White Diarrhoea Remedy will abso- 
lutely destroy these germs without the least in- 
jury to the little chicks, thus preventing the dis- 
ease if given in time. It will also cure White 
Diarrhoea and destroys contagion and at once 
stop the spread of disease among the little chicks. 
Price per Bottle SOc; by mail, postage 10c. 

Going Light Tablets— For Pigeons 

When used as per directions, will cure _the 
dreaded disease known to Pigeon Keepers as "go- 
ing light," except in cases where the bird has 
reached an incurable stage of the disease. These 
tablets contain powerful remedial properties and 
should not be fed to young birds. Directions with 
every package. Price 25c. 

«®° We Have An Expert Breeder and Poultryman Head of Our Poultry Department -©a 


Bolgiano's Complete Line of Poultry Remedies 

Macnair's Chicken Powder 

is Life to Chickens and Turkeys 

Deatii to Hawks! 

Cock of the wcilk "Hawk" 

The Barn Yard 

I take Macnair's 
Chicken Powder and 
feed my children 'with 
it too. I/)ok at me and 
obser^'e the Hawk. 

Died after eating- a 
chick of that old 
Rooster, which had 
been fed on Macnair's 
Chicken Powder. 
Alas ! Alas ! 
{ Trade MarH) 

Kills Hawks, Crows, Owls and Minks 

Best remedy for Cholera, Gapes, Roup, I^imber 
Neck, Indigestion and Leg Weakness. Keeps 
them free from Vermin thereby causing them to 
produce an abundance of Eggs. Price 25c, 50c 
and $1.00. 

Saylor's Poultry Remedies 

Roup Cure, Liquid 25c postpaid 

Roup Cure, Powder 25c 

Condition Tablets 25c " 

Insect Powder 25c " 

Laying Powder 25candSl.0O 

Lice Liquid 1 Qt, 40c, 2 Qts. 75c, 4 Qts. $1.25 

American Turkey Powder 

One of the best Turkey Powders on the market 
Guaranteed to give satisfaction or money re- 
funded. If j-ou raise turkeys and are troubled 
with sickness or disease try a package of the 
powder in your feed also in the water and see 
what n. difference and how soon your birds will 
be back in condition again. Will prevent Black 
Head, a disease dreaded by turkey raisers. 
Price per package 25c, by mail 10c extra. 

Rat Com 


Kills Rats and Jlice. Xo odor or smell. It 
mummifies them. No matter where they die. they 
simply dry up; positively do notsmell, RatCom 
is a new and scientific discovery and without a 
doubt, the greatest rat destroyer in the world. 
The only one that kills rats without any danger- 
ous or disagreeable effects. A trial will convince 

Trial Can 15c Postage 10c 

Small Can 25c " 10c 

Medium Can 50c " 10c 

I<arge Can $1.00 " 20c 

Conkey's Gape Cure 

The cause is known to be 
the presence in the windpipe 
of small worms. The little 
worms are not larger than a 
very fine needle and are but 
one-eight to one-half inch in 

Treatment. Why fuss with 
fumes and extractors, when 
Conkey's Gape Cure mixed 
with a little soft feed will posi- 
tively cure them at once, no 
handling the individual chicks 
and fowls as they cure them- 
selves. Price, per package 25c 
and 50c. Postage 10c, 

Conkey's Starting Food For Baby 

Here is just the 
feed needed to 
give the little 
fellows the right 
start. It will save 
the amateur 
from the costly 
mistakes, and 
rid the old ex- 
perienced poul- 
trynian of a lot 
of bother. Every 
poultry man 
knows it is one 
thing to hatch 
your chicks, and 
another thing 
to raise them. 
Mistakes the first few weeks may easily lead to 
a total loss or a permanent setback. Here is a 
ready prepared food which supplies all needs 
of the chicks except for fine grit or drinking 
water. Should be used alone until the chicks 
are one week old and then add green food. In 
the second week begin supplying animal food, 
also grain scattered in a litter to produce healthy 
exercise, and gradually prepare the chick for a 
regular ration of cracked grains by the time it is 
three weeks old. 

We can absolutely guarantee satisfaction with 
Conker's Starting Food For Baby Chicks. It is 
an ideal first food, combining just the right 
elements all carefully proportioned and prepared 
not too fine for best results in chick feeding. 
Can be used dry or mixed with small amount of 
water or milk, preferably the latter. Chicks eat 
it greedily. Best try it and give the little fellows 
the right start. Put up in convenient sizes, as 
follows: 1 Lb, 10c. 3 Lbs. 25c. 6}i-Lb. Pkg. 50c. 
14-Lb. Bag $1,00. 

:Money back if results don't absolutely satisfy 
you. That's the Coukey way of it. 

Conkey's Poultry 

This tonic is a remedy 
especially valuable for 
fowls run down, off feed, 
recovering from diseases 
or during moulting season , 
It is also excellent for 
little chicks which do not 
seem to thrive. This is 
made to meet a growing 
demand for a tonic to be 
given in cases which are 
not thoroughly classified 
or understood. 1 1 i s a 
general invigora^or, quick- 
ly bringing birds to nor- 
mal condition. Price per 
Package 25c. Postpaid 30c. 

Conkey's Laying Tonic 

In order for the 
hen to lay the 
greatest number of 
eggs, her health 
must be in perfect 
condition and the 
egg producing 
organs kept free 
from irritation and 
diseases. There 
have been put upon 
the market many 
so called egg pro- 
ducers which are 
irritants in them- 
selves, while others 
are simply frauds, 
producing no 
effects whatever, 

and having no value except as foods, for which 

you are paying ridiculous prices. 

iKLb. Pkg, 25c. 3K Lb. Pkg, 50c. 25 Lb. Pail $2.50. 

Pratt's Poultry Regulator 

A guaranteed eggproducer, 
purely vegetable, highly 
concentrated , absolutely 
pure. Coupons for picture 
of all standard bred fowls 
and directions for feeding in 
evcy package. 

S Oz. Package $ .10 

25 " 


4 Lb. 


5 " 


10 •' 

25 " Pail 




Gwynette's Improved Poultry Tonic 

Produces Etrgs and Health in all kinds of Poultri'. 
This tonic is put up to promote egg production 
in a natural manner also to prevent all kinds of 
diseases. Price per Package 20c. 

Magic Poultry Remedies 

Magic Oleum - 25c and 50c 

Magic Lice Killer 10c and 25c 

Magic Distemper Cure $1.00 

Magic KohlicCure- 100 

Magic Cow Tonic 50c 

Magic Poultry Food 25c 

Magic Stock Food_ 25c and 50c 

Magic Healing Liniment 

25c and 50c 
Jlagic Roup Remedy 25c 


The Poultry medicine 
for roupe, colds, chicken- 
pox, bowel complaint, 
canker, swelled head and 
other diseases of poultry. 
Use Germozone regular- 
ly twice-a-week in the 
drinking water for all 
the poultry. It will tone 
up the system and insure 
better health. In either 
tablets or liquid. Price, 
per Package 50c. 





Germ Destroyer 

floL. jf wsBS OB Mas orBeaet. 

«xrER/w I 

Conkey's Noxi-cide 

Don't attempt to 
make money with 
your poultry unless 
you disinfect at 
least everj" ten days 
with Conkey's 
Noxi-cide. The cost 
is trifling, about 
one cent pergallon. 
It will keep the 
poultry house in a 
pure, sanitary con- 
dition, destroy all 
germs and drive 
out the lice and 
mites. T' - 's the 
sanitary ag.- •ind 
chickens rea i ^ '' 
with the air of 
rarely are bothered 
with the many 
germ diseases, 
1 Pt, 35c, 1 Qt, 60c, 2 Qts. 90c, 1 Gal, $1.50 

Conkey's Bronchitis Cure 

Bronchitis is caused by a 
cold or sudden changes in 
temperature, by damp quar- 
ters, etc. Itis also frequently 
caused by particles of dust 
lime or other foreign matter 
breathed into the bronchial 
tubes for, unlike roup, bron- 
chitis is Inflammation of the 
membranes of the bronchial 
tubes, instead of the nostril 
and head passages. Filthy 
quarters and the breathing 
of foul air are also causes of 
this trouble. 

Symptoms. Loss of appetite, 
quick breathing and cough- 
ing, a peculiar whistling 
sound may accompany the 
breathing, which changes to 

decided rattling in later stiges. This should not 
be confounded with roup, which is indicated by 
running at the eyes, nostrils, etc. 

Treatment. Give Conkey's Bronchitis Remedy 
according to directions as early as possible. It is 
Kuaran teed to cure if given in a reasonable time. 
Price 50c 

We Have An Expert Breeder and Poultryman Head of Our Poultry Department. °^a 

Bolgiano's Poultry Supplies, Thorough Bred Eggs, Chicks, Etc 

Egg Shipping Boxes for Shipping 

Settings of Eggs 

Bolgiano's Square Deal Shipping Boxes 

30 eggs 10c each, $1.00 doz- 

45 eggs 15c each; 11.50 doz- 

Eggs for Hatching 

From Thoroughbred Poultry, Ducks, etc. Last 
season we sold over 50.000 eggs for hatching and 
we could count our complaints on two hands. A 
record-breaking season for the number of eggs 
sold, and a remarkable season for the small num- 
ber of complaints. 

Eggs Eggs Eggs 
15 50 100 

S. C. White Orpingtons _$2 50 $5 00 $8.00 

S. C. Black Orpingtons 2.50 5.00 8.00 

S. C. Buff. Orpingtons 2 50 5.00 8.00 

Barred Plymouth Rocks 1.50 3.75 7.00 

Buff Plymouth Rocks 2.00 4.00 7. 00 

White Plymouth Rocks 1 50 3.75 7.00 

S. C. Rhode Island Reds 1.50 4.00 7.50 

S. C. Black Minorcas 2 00 4.00 7.00 

Columbia Wvandotles 2.50 5.00 8 00 

White Wyandottes 1 50 3.75 7 00 

Light Brahmas 2,00 4.00 7.50 

Mottled Anconas 200 4.00 7.00 

Indian Runner Ducks 2 00 4.00 7.00 

White Pekin Ducks 2.00 4.00 7.00 

Live Baby Chicks 

Last season oyer 50.000 Baby Chicks were ship- 
ped by us over all parts of the United States and 
Canada. These chicks sent to over 500 different 
people, prom this vast army of customers we 
have yet to receive the first complaint. On the 
other hand we have letters by the hundred telling 
<5f the fine condition the chicks arrived, in their 
hardiness, a"ick growing qualities, large Egg 
Production and of many prizes won in poultry 
shows from one end ot the country to the other. 
The record is one we are j ustly proud of. 

Varieties 25 50 100 

S. C. White Orpingtons S6.<;5 $11.00 $20.00 

S. C. Black Orpingtons 6.25 11.00 20.00 

S. C. Buff Orpingtons 6.25 11.00 20.00 

Barred Plymouth Rocks 4.25 8.00 15.00 

Buff Plvmoutij Rocks 4.25 8.00 15.00 

White Plyrnout.H Rocks 4.25 8.00 15.00 

S. C. Rhode Islai^d Rocks 4.25 8 00 15.00 

S. C. Black Minorcas 4.00 7.00 13.00 

Columbian Wyandottes 6.25 10.00 18 00 

S. C. White Leghorus 5.75 7.00 13.00 

White Wyandottes 4.25 8.00 15.00 

Light Brahmas 4.25 8.00 15.00 

Indian Runner Ducks 8 00 15.00 25 00 

White Pekin ?.00 13.00 23.00 

About Ordering 

We are usually in a position to ship eggs for 
hatching and Day Old Chicks Vi^ithiii a week i rom 
the date your order is received, we however advice 
you to allow us to book your order early thereby 
avoidingalldelaysand the many disappointments 
that are bound to occur in the busiest part of the 
season. Our fourth floor will be alive with Baby 
Chicks this Spring. Come in and see them. 

O. K. Poultry Litter 

O. K. Poultry Litter supplies a long felt want 
tothePoultryman, because it is always practically 
in the same condition, clean, soft, sweet and pli- 
able after being used for months. It also, to a 
great extent, saves the expense of disinfectants. 

It absorbs all moisture from the droppings and 
they quickly dry up. It absorbs the ammonia 
and poisonous gases. 

Lice will not live in it. It is the best Nest ma- 
terial because it is soft and pliable and will not 
harbor lice. Price per bale S2.25. 

Anderson Egg Box 

Egg Each Doz. 

15 15c $1.15 

30 20c 1.90 

50 25c 2.75 

The H. and D. Egg Box 

Made similar to the Anderson 
Egg Each Doz. 

15 10c Jl.lO 

30 15c 1.65 

50 20c 2.10 

100 25c 3.60 

Parcel Post Egg Boxes 

Size Each Doz. 

1 Doz 5c 45c 

2 " 7c 60c 

3 " 8c 80c 

4 " 10c $1.00 

5 " 12c 1.15 

6 ■• 14c 1.30 

Square Deal Egg Boxes 

This is an ideal Box for handling retail Egg 
trade, presenting the goods to the customers in 
an attractive package with the minimum amount 
of trouble for the seller. They knock down in a 
very compact shape, and the prices which we 
name are extremely reasonable. One dozen size 
10c per dozen, 75c per 100, $1.50 per package ot 250, 
$4.50 per 1000. 

Egg Case Fillers 

Cardboard fillers for the ordinary 30 dozen 
market case come packed in cases of 15 sets per 
case (150 fillers, 120 flats) for $2.50 per casej less 
than case, 35c per dozen. 

Eyrie Egg Box 

Has self Locking Handles. Absolutely prevents 
pilfering or the substitution of other eggs. Also 
handle makes an easily carried package and pre" 
vents putting anything on top of box thus elim- 
inating the liability to rough usage. 
Egg Each Doz. 

15 15c $1.35 

30 20c 2.00 

Humpty Dumpty Folding Egg Crate 

Fig. 1, folded flat; Fig. 2, set up closed; Fig, 3, 
set up open; Fig. 4, shows half dozen complete 
ready for shipment. A very light, strong and 
convenient egg crate and carrier. Made of hard 
wood slats securely fastened. The lid, with 
handle, springs into position when crate is filled. 
Capacity Each Per Doz. 

36 Eggs 25c $2 50 

72 30c 2.75 

108 " 35c 3.00 

144 " 40c 3.25 

Specially made — each egg protected 
12 eggs, each 25c Per Doz $2.50 

Live Chick Boxes 

H. pud D. Live Chick Boxes for shipping day 
old chicks, made of corrugated paste board. 

Each Doz. 

25 Chicks, 12 x 6x5 12c $1.25 

50 " 12x15x5 20c 1.75 

100 " 24x12x5 25c 2.90 

Anderson Live Chick Boxes 

Each Doz. 

25 Chicks, 12 x 6x5 12c $1,25 

50 " 12x15x5 20c 1.7S 

100 " 24x12x5 25c 2.90 

Eyrie Shipping Coop 

Made of corrugated pasteboard, will carry any 
distance, saves expressage and always delivers 
the contents in good shape. Shipped knocked 
down and takes up very little space in stock room. 
Letter Size Each Doz. 

A 12 X 16 X 18 30c $3.25 

B 1 2 X 18 X 22 35c 3.75 

C 12 X 22x22 40c 4.00 

D 20 X 22 X 22 50c 5.50 

Empire Shipping Coop gach 

Single bird, set up 85c 

knocked down 80c 

Trio " set up $1.00 

" " knocked down 90 

Pen set up $1.10 Pen knocked down 1.00 

Roup Syringe 

This is one of the cures 
for roup and dis- 
eases to which poultry are 
so liable. Can be used 
either internally or ex- 
ternally, 10c each postpaid. 

B®" We have an Expert Breeder and Poultryman Head of our Poultry Department. °^ 


Bolgiano s Poultry Supplies, Books, Bone Cutter, Mills, Etc. 

Hygeia or Antiseptic Nest Egg 

They contain a 
powerful disinfectant 
which is gruaranteed to 
#rive out all lice and 
vermin. Each 5c. Doz. 
45c. Not postpaid. 

Opal or China 
Nest Eggs 

White flint, will last 
S life time. 3c each. 2 for 5c. 

12 for 25c. 

Wire Nests 

These nests are strongly made of Copper wire 
sad strongly braced and will not get out of shape 
3ike other nests on the market. Price 15c each 
|1.50 per doz. 

The Standard of 

E^-ery Poultrj-man or 
Fancier should not bewith- 
out this valuable Book. 

Cloth Bound $2.00. 

leather Bound $2.50. 

Practical Poultry Books 

Money-Making Poultry Information of differ- 
ent Breeds mating and their care. 

Artifical Incubating and Brooding $ .50 

Successful Poultry Keeping 1.00 

Barred Plymouths (all varieties) 1.00 

Wyandottes (all varieties) 1.00 

Leghonis (all varieties) 1.00 


Asiatic (all varieties) 

Egg and Egg Farms 

Poultry Houses and Fixtures. 

Chick Book, Their Care and Rearing, 

Ducks and Geese (all varieties) 

Turkeys and Their Care 

Bantams (all varieties) 

Reliable Poultry Remedies 

How To Make Poultry Pay 25 

Pocket Money Poultry 50 

How To Grow Chicks .25 

Egg Question Solved 25 

The Wyandotte (Feather) 50 

Poultry Book, All Breeds 1.00 

Pigeon Book 50 

Squab Book 50 

Orpington (all varieties) 1.00 

Rhode Island Reds (all varieties) _ 1.00 

Don't Kill The Laying Hen 1.00 

Hand Book, Useful Information 15 

How to Operate Incubators and Brooders 50 

How To Raise Chicks .75 

Open Air Poultry House (Woods) 75 

How To Raise Poultry For Pleasure Or 

Profit 1.00 

Origin And History of the Different Breeds 1.00 

Successful Poultry Culture 75 

Why Poultry Pays And How To Make It Pay .50 

The Diseases of Poultry And Their-Cure 50 

How To Build Poultry Houses 50 

Money [in Broilers and Squabs, by M. K. 

Boyer 50 

Poultry Secrets 25 

Curtiss Poultry Book 25 

Vose's Turkey Book _ 25 

A. Living From Poultry 25 

Profitable Poultry Farming 25 

Money in Hens 25 

All About Broilers 25 

Add 10c postage ou each above books if to go by 

The Best Poultry Papers 

We "will be pleased to receive subscriptions to 
any of the poultry papers mentioned below: 

Name of Publication Per Year 

American Poultry World $ .50 

American Poultry Journal 1.00 

Reliable Poultry Journal 50 

American Poultry Advocate 50 

Poultry Item 50 

Inland Poultry Journal 50 

Poultry Monthly 50 


25 cents Worth Garden or Flower Seeds in 5 
Cent Packages free (your selection) with eacla 
poultry Paper subscription sent us. 

Mann's Green Bone Cutters 

They surpass all others 
in easy and rapid cutting. 
They feed authomatically 
and leave both hands free 
to operate, the feed regu- 
lates the power required 
so that it cannot run hard. 
The feed screw is largfe 
and has a coarse thread that 
will not wear out nor 
crush down nor break. The 
gears are guarded so 
that they cannot clog. The 
cylinder has been enlarged 
so they can take in a good 
size bone. They have ad- 
justable steel knives, are 
strongly built and will not 
break or wear out. 

Balance Wheel $ 8.00 

and Stand 10.40 

No. SB. 

No. 5BM 

No, 7. New jModel Balance Wheel and Stand 

Open Cylinder 12.00 

The "Crown" Green Bone Cutter 

For green bones; to bolt 
to bench or table. 

This cutter does excel- 
lent work in green bones. 
Has Steel Knives which 
can be taken out and sharp- 
ened and replaced in a few 

Diameter of hand wheel, 
21 inches. 

Furnished -with stand at 
additional price. 

Price without stand, weight 50 lbs 
Price with stand, weight 80 lbs 

"Rex" Hand Grist Mill 

This mill will 
grind corn, 
wheat, rj'e, peas, 
salt or anything 
that is desirable 
to grind, so that 
fresh com meal, 
graham flour and 
fine table salt 
may be had at 
any time. This 
mill can be bolted 
to a table, bench 
or other conven- 
ien t position 
Weight, 30 lbs. 
Price $3.75 

Wilson's Mill 

Wilson's Mill for 'grinding grains, etc 
$4.00. With stand $6.00. 

No. 10 Red 

Chief Grinding 


This is an ex- 
cellent coffee and 
spice mill for 
Grocers and fam- 
ily use. It also 
grinds Chicken 
Feed or Meal very 
rapidly. Capacity 
2 to 4 bushels per 

No. lOwith stand, 
price $5.00 
No. 5 without stand, price $4.00 

No. 20 
Red Chief Mill 

Combined hand and 
power for grinding 
Commeal and Graham 
Flour, Stock Food. etc. 
300 to 600 revolutions 
perminute. Will grind 
10 to 20 Bushels Feed 
per hour. 5 to 10 Bush. 
Corn Meal per hour. 

All bearings Bronze 
bearing Metal. 

Height 25 inches. 

Price $15.00 

Red Chief Improved Mill 

The Red Chief Rapid Grinding Feed Mill 
Equipped with extra hardened burrs. Burrs are 
self sharpening, they cut, do not mash. Grinds 
coffee, chicken feed and cracks peas, without use 
of flat burr, guaranteed to do quicker and better 
work with less power than any hand mill on the 
market, clamps or bolts to box as desired 
Price J3.00 

Wilson's Hand Bone Mill 

This mill is in- 
tended for grind- 
ing oyster shells, 
dry bones, o 1 d 
crockery, crack 
com and other 
coarse feed for 
chickens. Not in- 
tended for green 
bone. 'Weight. 30 

lbs. Price $4.50 

With stand 6.00 

Red Chief Improved Com Sheller 

Is guaranteed to do 
as good if i^ot better 
work than any other 
sheller on the market. 
Has patent oval shape 
teeth that go between 
the rows of grain, 
shelling without crack- 
ing the grains. It also 
separates the Cob from 
shelled com. Clamps 
on barrel, bucket, keg 
or tubas easily as on 
a box. Closed hopper, 
making it impossible 
for operator to pinch 
hand. Price $1.75 

Economy Oat Sprouter 

Spring Food Secured in Mid-Winter. 

The feeding of 
sprouted oats is no 
longer an experiment. 
Experience has proven 
timeana again its value 
as a food for stimulat- 
ing esg production, 
Oats sprouted in the 
right manner furnish 
food most nearly akin 
to the fresh green 
growth of spring time, 
the piolific ia.ving time 
of the year. Bj- feeding 
sprouted oats through 
winter, egg production 
can be kept up to a 
much larger degree 
than otherwise. The 
Economy Oat Sprouter employs the natural pro- 
cess for Sprouting. It has natural drainage and 
is effective and economical to the highest degree. 
You want more production from your chickens. 
Get and use an Economy Oat Sprouter and you 
will increase your production many per cent. 
Contains five sprouting pans and one drip pan 
16x17 inches. Iron rack is 35 inches high. No 
lamp to fill and clean, no danger of Are, one 
quarter of a pan enough to feed to 25 chickens. 
Sprouted oats are ready from 3 to 5 days. Price 
complete, $5.50. 

fi@" We Have An Expert Breeder and Poultryman Head of Our Poultry Department °®a 

Bolgiano's Poultry Supplies, Complete Line of Food Hoppers, Etc. 

The Hub 


Chick Feeder 

It is sanitary 
keeps the feed 
clean and dry. 
Chicken can- 
not get into it 
[ud will not 
waste the feed. 

Rol-Wal Sanitary 
Dry Mash Feeder 

Made of heavy gal- 
vanized sheet iron. 
Rat and mouse proof 
when lip is closed for 

No. 1 
holds 5 Quarts 80c 

No. 2 
holds 8 Quarts. ..$1.00 

Automatic "Baby Chick" Feeder 

This Chick Feeder is a machine of perfection, 
for it completely eliminates the constant care of 
feeding'. Fill the hopper with chick feed and 
Baby Chicks from the incubator will operate the 
Feeder the same as an adult fowl and the Baby 
Chicken queslion often so vexing is thus reduced 
to a purely automatic action. When through 
feeding at roost time, not a kernel of grain will 
be found in sight other than the grain in the bait 
basket; a peck at the bait basket will instantly 
begin the feeding in the morning. It operates 
freely and throws out the feed as the bait is peck- 
ed by one of the chicks, no matter from what 
direction the bait is struck. In other words, the 
Feeder should throw out Feed as soon as the chick 
shows an inclination to eat. Price of Feedercon;- 
plete, $1,00. By Mail $1.35. 

Apex Single Feeder 


3 Holes ....$ .25 

6 Holes 40 

9 Holes 50 

12 Holes 75 

Apex Double Feeder 


6 Holes $ .40 

10 Holes 55 

14 Holes 75 

Davis Food and Water Fountains 

They are easily cleaned and filled. Any ordin- 
ary bottle or fruit jar can be used with them. No 
bottles or cans are included with Fountains. 2Sc 
each. Postage 10c. 

Latrop Chick 

An excellent idea for 
feeding or watering little 
chicks. Made of galvan- 
ized iron; easily cleaned. 
Chicks cannot drown or 
wet their feet. Price 35c 

Mason Chick Server 

This server works automatic- 
all.v with feed or water. Fill a 
one-quart Ma.son fruit jar, screw 
the base to its place, then it is 
ready for business. Price, 15c. 
2 for 25c. Postpaid 25c each. 




Just the 
thing for 
the brooder 
25c. Postage 5c 

Open Closed 

No waste, no dirt and Rat Proof. Food is al- 
ways before fowls. Poultry Size. $1.00; small 
size, 90c. 

The Standard Dry 
Food Hopper 

This feeder is extra good for young chicks and 
growing stock. Easily adjusted for grain or 
mash. Hang high as possible. 

No. 1, 9 inches long. Price, 5fc. 

No. 2, 20 inches long, Price, $1.00. 

"I.X.L." Food Hopper 

Guaranteed not to waste 
the food. 

The ''I. X, Iv." is simply 
made, of Galvanized Iron 
and with proper care will 
last indefinitely. Will feed 
mash, beef scraps or grain 
of any kind. Chickens 
will not and can't throw 
the food on the floor. 

No. 1 , Holds 1 peck 75c 

No. 2, Holds 1 bu $1.25 

Victor Dry Mash Feeder 

The Victor is the most simple and most 
practical Dry Mash Feeder, yet invented. 
The feed box can be adjusted by simply set- 
ting the hook in the 
hole in the front of the 
box so there will be a 
large or small flow of 
of feed as desired or it 
can be closed so as to 
shut off the feed en- 
tirelj'. This hopper 
can be used for any 
kind of dry food. It is 
rat and mouse proof 
when closed at night. 
Price 75c. 

Beef Scrap Hopper 

Made of heavy galvan- 
ized iron, holding 10 lbs. 
beef scraps, and so con- 
structed that when nearly 
empty the balance of con- 
tents is thrown to the 

Grit and Shell Boxes 

This box is made of 
heavy galvanized iron 
with three compart- 
ments for grit, shells 
and charcoal. It is 
provided with lid and 
cover, which protects 
the contents and may 
be suspended to the 
wall of poultry house 
by the handle. 
3 compartments. 

Price 50c. 

2 Compartments, 

holds 10 Qts. 

Price 60c. 


Poultry Feeder 

1-2-3 Feeder is used 
for dry mash, scnips, 
shells, grit, charcoal or 
any poultry feed. 

When used for one 
kind of feed only, take 
out separator, two 
kinds, put separator in 
oneend. Whenusedfor 
three kinds say craps, 
shells and_ grit, p>it 
separator in middle 
and you have three 
separate feeders. 
No. 1, small size.. SOc. 
No. 2, large size„ 75c. 

Dandy Food 

For feeding either 
cracked or ground 
g;rains. The hopper 
lifts out of the pan 
for cleaning and the 
cover on the top of 
the hopper for filling. 
Made of Galvanized 
Iron, wni hold 5 
quarts of food. 
Price SOc. 

' mm^'^ir 

1 •^■, ■■ 

Superior Poultry Troughs 

Superior Poultry Troughs are readily cleaned 
out. The top which keeps the chickens and fowls 
from scratching out the feed is lifted off and 
there are no corners in the trough which one 
cannot clean with ease. These troughs are made 
of heavy cast-iron and will last you and your 
grandchildren a lifetime. They are cheap, as 
much so as anything on the market. Will never 
wear out, and will be a source of continual satis- 
faction to you. 





6-in . 




















front. Price 75c. 

s@°" We Have An Expert Breeder and Poultryman Head of Our Poultry Department "©a 


Bolgiano's Poultry Supplies, Founts, Rubber Roofing, Etc. 

Superior Poultry Troughs 
With "V" Shaped Lids 






















The Philadelphia Feeder and Exerciser 

No. 1, 8Qts.. 
" 2. 14 " . 
" 8, 20 ■' . 

Is strongly built, all -work- 
ing parts solid brass, which 
■will not wear or get out of 
order. The machine con- 
sists of a hopper large 
enough to carry a given 
quantity of grain, which 
has under it a small brass 
disc attached to a pendu- 
lum bait basket, which 
when set will release the 
grain, which is dropped on 
a deflector 6 inches below 
the disc and will scatter 
the grain farther than any 
other automatic Feeder 
that is on the market to- 
day No valves to become 
clogged when set for whole 
or ground grains. Another 
important point is that it 
is absolutely rain, rat, 
sparrow and dust proof, 
w-hich is a great saving 
feature for the poultrymau. 

$2.25 each 

3.00 each 

3.50 each 

Gillette Feeder and Exerciser 
No. 1, lOQts $2.50 






Regular 25c 
Improved 30c 








Star Wall Fountains 

Thi;; fountain is made of the 
best Galvanized Iron. Will not 
rust and will last for years. 
Quick and easy to fill , and con- 
venient to carry. Serviceable 
and much used bv breeders. 

1 Qt. 30c. 2 Qts. 40c. 1 Gal. 
50c. 2 Gal. 75c. 

Stone Drinking Founts 

These are most excellent ff^r 
summer use as they keep tli- 
water cool. They are construct- 
ed withahood sothatthechick- 
ens cannot foul the water- 1 
Ft. 20c. 1 Qt. 25c. 2 Qts. 35c. 
4 Qts. 45c. S Qts. 60c. 

"Square Deal" 

".Square Deal" fount 
has been made especially 
for us and has met with 
approval wherever used. 
Chickens cannot foil the 
water, or will not injure 
chickens with large 
combs. Made in 2 sizes. 
4Qt. 50c. 8 Qt. 65c. 

The Peerless Fountain 

The Peerless is theall right 
fount. The water is always 
pure, itis protected from dirt 
and filth. The fowls cannot 
injure their combs while 
drinking; easy to fill and 
easy to clean. Price, 65c. 

Brooder size of 1 Quart, 30c. 
5 Qts. 65c. 10 Qts, 85c. 

Fountain Heater 

Heater for 5 Qts., to prevent water freezing in 
winter, $1.00. Burns 50 hours without refilling. 

Acme Poultry Founts 

Made with a detachable 
bottom that permits a 
thorough cleaning of the 
interior, the side pieces on 
side that holds the handle 
are Electric Welded and 
heavily galvanized. 2 Qts. 
50c. 4 Qts. 65c. S Qts. S5c. 

Brooder Founts 

"Square Deal" brooder 
founts made similar to 
the Acme, only for 
Brooder size for j-oung 
chicks. 2 Qts. 50c, 

Keystone Fountain 

Keystone Fountains will 
keep your stock supplied 
with clean %vater. at all 
times at a very little trouble 
to you. They are made of 
heavy material and galvan- 
ized, superior workman- 
ship. Easy to clean; easj' 
to fill: freezing cannot in- 
ju^^e them; pan hinged to 

One Quart Size, Price, 35c. 
One Gallon Size, Price, 50c. 

Ideal Chick Fount 
1 Qt. Size- - - 30c 

4 Qt. Size- 60c 

5 Qt. Size S5c 

Atsatts Sanitary 
Chick Fountain 

A superior Foun- 
tain for chicks in 
brooder or in the 
open. Bottom snaps 
on, but easily re- 
movable. Willgointo 
any brooder. No dan- 
ger of drowning, eas.v 
to clean. Cannot be 
tipped over like the 
common "Can" in a dish fountain. Not injured 
b.v freezing solid. Wade of best Galvanized Iron. 
Get one in your biooder. Capacity 1 quart, 5 
inches high. Price, 25c., by mail 35c. 

High-Light Egg Tester 

This Tester is designed for use on large duck or 
broiler farms where a large number of eggs are 
incubated and it becomes a matter of some im- 
portance to test the eggs at earliest time possible, 
that the clear eggs may be marketed. This tester 
>as an exceedingly strong reflected light and with 
it duck eggs may be tested perfectly on thcsecond 
day of incubation. White shell hen eggs may be 
tested about the third daj- and dark shell ones on 
the fifth. It makes a quick candler for storekeep- 
ers for use in grading eggs. Price with lamp, 

Lightning Lice-Killing Machines 

A very simple, yet practical and easy method of 
ridding jour poultry of lice. Put 5 or 6 hens in 
the cylinder, in which has been put some Lice 
Powder, turn the cylinder slowlj-, this upsets the 
hens and stirs up the powderunder the wings and 
fluffy feathers in a way that cannot be done in 
any other waj". Fifty full grown birds can be 
effectually treated in an hour. 

No. 1, for Young Chicks or Pigeons, $2.50. 

No. 2, for Leghorns. Price, $3.00. 

No. 3, for Plvmouth Rock or large size Birds. 
Price, $4.00. 

Standard Egg 

This tester gives a 
strong reflected light, 
and when used in a dark 
room illuminates the- 
interior of the egg suffi- 
ciently for practical 
work. Price, 25c., by 
mail, 35c. 



Perch Or Roost 


This should not 
be confused with 
the cheap light 
weight roost sup- 
port or hangers 
sold by some sup- 
ply dealers. The 
model roost is a 
hea^-j- iron bracket cast in one piece. It is held 
firmly in place against the wall by two screws. 
■\Vhen a pair are placed they will securely support 
a heavy roost filled with sleeping fowls. The 
roost fits on an upright metal pin Vs of an inch 
thick in diameter; a broad shoulder on this pin 
just above the trough part of bracket prevents 
roostfrom fitting too close to trough which is made 
to hold liquid lice killer. The trough for lice 
killeris4^ inches long by IK inch wide and ;■< 
inch deep, aad will hold sufficient amount of Lice 
Killing Liquid to last a long time. Price per 
pair. 30c. 

Square-Deal Rubber Roofing 

Guaranteed 5. 10 and 15 years 

1 ply. weightabout ;5 lbs. price $1.35 per Ko'.l 

2 " " '• 45 " " 1.55 " " 

3 55 " " 1.S5 " ■' 

Put up in rolls cf lOS .square feet; nails and 

cement included. 

Acme Rubber Roofing 

Guaranteed 5. 7 and 10 years 

Put up in rolls of lOS square feet; nails and 
cement included. 
1 pl.v, weight about .35 lbs. price $1.25 per Roll 
2 45 " " 1.40 ■■ " 

3 " " " 55 " " 1.60 " " 

s&^\Me Have An Expert Breeder and Poultryman Head of Our Poultry Department."=©a 

Bolgiano's Poultry and Pigeon Supplies, Etc. 


Empire Exhibition Coops 

style A. — Ivength of coop 5 feet six inches; size of 
3 compartraeuts 22x24x26 wire front and back, 
veneered ends and partitions. $7.50. 

Style A A. — Single coop, length, 2 feet; width, 
2 feet; height 27 inches. Price $3.25. 

Style C— Two compartments. Size 22x24x26; 
wire back, veneered ends. $5.25. 

Style H.— Pen Exhibit Coop. I^ength, 4 feet; 
width, 30 inches; height, 30 inches; wire.back and 
veneered ends. $5.50. 

Style E.— Bantam Coop. Size 18x18x18. $6.25. 

Style I. — For showing or mating pigeons; wire 
ends and partitions. $6.85 

Cups For Poultry Coops 

These cups are made to hang 
inside of exhibition coops or 
cages and can be used for birds 
or small pet animals. Our 
cups are stamped out of one 
piece of sheetiron and galva- 
nized; no soldered bottom like 
most of the cups on the 
market. No. 1 holds % pint. 15c 
No. 2 holds 1 pint. 20c each, 
holds % pint. 25c each. 

Imported Telescopic Judges Sticks 

m III ~i-.i^n. 

No. 1 enameled 


The best judges stick on the market. Neat, 
strong, durable and compact. Made of brass 
tubing, with Japanned handle, and easily carried 
in the pocket. When closed, all sizes measure 
9 inches long. 

Small size. 16 inches opened S -"5 

Medium size, 23 inches opened 1.00 

Large size, 29 inches opened 1.25 


French Poultry KUlina Knife. 50c postpaid 

Gape ■Worm Extractors. 25c each, postpaid. 


Angular Killing Knives. 50c each, postpaid 

Pilling Fowl 
Catcher. Price 

20c postpaid. 

PtLLlNS — PHlLh. 

Poultry Netting 

Hard Steel Wire. Put up in rolls of 150 feet. 
Galvanized after weaving. 
12 inch 150 square feet $ .60 

24 ' 


36 • 


48 • 


60 ' 


72 • 



Pigeon Wire 

Galvanized after weaving. One inch mesh. 

12 inch 150 square feet $1.50 

24 " 300 " 3.00 

36 " 450 " - 4.50 

48 " 600 " 6.00 

60 ■' 750 " 7.50 

Hardware Cloth 

For lining corn cribs, poultry houses, etc., put 
up in rolls of 100 feet. 

12 inch 100 square feet $ 3.50 

- ■■ -- ■• _ 5.25 




10 50 


18 • 


24 ' 


30 ■ 


36 ■ 


42 ' 


48 ■ 


Caponizing Sets 

Caponizing Sets in plain box $2.50 

In Velvet lined box 2.75 

Pilling-farmer in velvet lined box 3.00 

Pilling-Special in velvet lined box 4.00 

Pilling-Twinniug in velvet lined box 4.00 

Pilling-Miles in velvet lined box 7.50 


French Safe Eage Killing Knife. 50c 


Pigeon Baths 

Made of heavy galvanized iron, 19 inches 
square, 4 inches deep; capacity, 5 gallons. _ 

Made of galvanized iron, with heavy wire and 
riveted corners; it is durable and convenient. - 

Each, $1.00. 

Pigeon Fountain, Gable Top 

This fountain is the pigeon- 
man's favorite, as it is built 
with a steep, conical top to 
prevent the pigeons from 
alighting on it and causing 
dust and dirt to enter the 
water Basin. It is a perfect 
sanitary fountain as the top 
can be readily removed from 
the base, making it easy to 
clean. This fountain may 
be suspended from the roof 
by a wire at any height to 
suit. Price $1.50. 

Pigeon Roosts 

pigeon roosts made of seasoned maple and 
coppered wire. It has no staples or nails; screws 
into the woodwork. Price 5c. 50c per doz. 

Clay Pigeon Nest 

Made of very high grade and valuable clay. 
Each 15c. $1.50 per doz. 

Incubator Thermometers 

Cyphers $ .60 

Model 60 

Buckeye .— 75 

Wire Stand for same 15 

Inovo 1.25 

Buckeye Brooders 60 

Brooder Thermometer.. 55 

Hygrometer, or Moisture Guage 1.50 

Ideal Poultry 

This is one of the 
latest Poultry Mark- 
ers out. Very easy to 
handle. Postpaid 25c. 

Lansdo-w^ne Poultry 

See ho^v easy to use 
25c. Postpaid. 

The Philadelphia 

Poultry Marker 

Well made, with steel 
spring and cutter, nickel 
plated, made in 2 sizes. 
25c. Postpaid. 


The Best little chick marker evermade. Small 
and convenient to carry in thepocket. Postpaid 


Leg Bands for Poultry and Pigeons 

Size Used for Different Breed. (Order by number) 
No. 1 for Bantams and small Mediterranean 
females, etc. No. 2 for Ordinary Mediterranean 
and Pit Game females, etc. No. 3 for Mediterran- 
ean males, American females, Pit Game males, 
and French females. No. 4 for medium Asiatic 
females, Turkey hens, etc. No. 5 for Ordinary 
large Asiatics and Tom Turks, etc. No. 6 for Ex- 
tra large Asiatics and large Tom Turks, etc. 

Champion Adjustable. 12 for 15c. 
50 for 40c. 100 for 65c. 

25 for 25c. 

Leader Adjustable. 12 for 15c. 25 for 25c. 
50 fur 40c. 100 for 65c. 

Climax:. Made of spring brafs 
and so made that tag acts as clasp, 
12 for 25c. 25 for 45c. 50 for 60c. 
100 for Si. 00. 

Smith Sealed Stock Num- 
bered. 12 for 25c. 25 for 50c. 
60 for $1.00. 100 for $1.50. 
Sealers. Plain, 50c. I^ettered. 
7Sc. Nickeled, 25c extra. 

Double Clinch Leg Band 

This isone of the best and 
most popular bands on the 
market. A favorite among 
Poultry and Turkey Rais- 
ers on account of its secur- 
ity. 12forl5c. 25 for 25c. 50 
for 40c. 100 for 65c. Postpaid 




Challenge Poultry Band 

A colored band very similar to our Ideal Band, 
only that it has large black numbers protected by 
a transparent slip— a decided innovation from the 
old time poultry bands. 

This band is durable and strong, standing a 
pull by test of 25 I,bs. when fastened. Made in 
the following 12 colors only, in all sizes, numbers 
running from 1 to 100 only. Red, Blue, Light 
Green. Pink, Black, White, Orange, Dark Green, 
Yellow, Brown. Gray, Purple. 12 for 35c. 25 for 
70c. 50 for $1.25. 100 for $2.00. 

Coloroid Pigeon Bands 

Made in open style onlv. 12 for 25c. 25 for 50c. 
50 for 85c, 75forS1.2S. 100 for $1.50. 

Double Clinch Pigeon Bands, 12 for 15c. 25 for 
25c. SO for 40c. 100 for 65c. 

Open Pigeon Bands For Marking day old 
chicks, etc. 12 for 15c. 25 for 25c. 50for45c. 100 
for 73c 

Spir-ol Leg Bands. Celluloid Band made in five 

colors. 12 for 25c. 25 for 45c. 50 for 85c. 100 for $1.50 

Seamless Pigeon 

Bands. 12 for 15c. 25 ^-^ 

NH^ for 40c. 50 for 65c. 100 mWW 

~^^^ for $1.00. -<^.^^ 

Smith's Sealed 

12 for 25c. 25 for 45c. 50 
for 85c. 100for$1.5U. 

B^'We Have An Expert Breeder and Poultryman Head of Our Poultry Department, "^a 


Bolgiano's Self-Watering Flower Boxes 

The Illinois Self- Watering Flower Boxes 

Made entirely of metal and will last for years. Will not rust or leak. Require attention about once in every twenty days. Made for Porches. 
Windows. Hangingr Baskets, Jardinieres, and Special Designs. They care for your plants while j'ou visit your friends. 
\\fp OliarantpP Every box, Pot or Basket win, NOT I^EAK. Blooms will be larger and foliage heavier than in any surface-watered de\nce. 
** ^ vruaiaillt-fc -w^ ^.jii replace an v box that leaks or wears out in any part within FIVE YEARS of date of purchase. We will refund the pur- 
chase price of any box or pot not giving satisfaction if returned within 60 days. 


Self-Watering Window Boxes ' Self- Watering Porch Boxes 

HeiElitli Width 
6 in. 6 


8 in. 


8 in. 9% 
Sin. 9% 
Sin. 9% 
Sin. 9^ 
Special sizes 
proportionate to 


16 in. 

23 in. 

25 in. 

27 iu. 

29 in. 

31 in. 

33 in. 

35 in. 

37 in. 

39 in. 

41 in. 
made to 
the abov 

Water Cip 
1 qt. 
2'4 qts. 

3 qts. 
3K qts 

4 qts. 
AVz qts. 

5 qts. 
55^ qts. 

6 qts. 
6'^ qts. 

7 qts. 
order at 







Wnter Cap. 



9 in. 


37 in. 

7 qts. 



9 in. 


41 in. 

S qts. 



9 in. 


45 in. 

9 qts. 





49 in. 

10 qts. 



9 in. 


5Z in. 

11 qts. 


We also make any special sizes of porch 
boxes in any shape desired. Write us, 
giving size wanted. 

A study of the accompanying illustration shows the water 
reservoir (E). the false bottom (D). Sponges through false 
bottom (CO, Soil (B),and body of box (A). In the right 
hand corner of the box will be noted a tube which extends 
from reservoir upward through false bottom and soil to top 
This is for the purpose of pouring water, when needed, into 
the reservoir. These sponges draw up the water slowly and 
feed the roots of the plant in exactly the right amount to 
make the life and growth of the plant a certainty. DRAIN- 
AGE, which is of utmost importance in plant culture, is pro- 
vided by a small opening in one end immediately above the 
line of the false bottom, which prevents any possibility of a 
heavy downpo\ir of rain ever drowning out the plants. It 
will be noted that this plan is what is known as Sub-irrigation 
.and is conceded by all authorities to be the most perfect plan 
ever de\'ised for the growth of any kind of plant life. 

Our method of under-watering prevents any possibility of 
the surface of the soil becoming hardened or baked as in the 
surface-watered box or pot. This one fact saves the life of 
many valuable plants. 

A liberal supply of air to the roots is constantly maintained 
through the sponges and the soil will always be found mealy 
and loose, and moisture is always evenly distributed from 
top to bottom of soil. You may think you cannot grow Flowers 
or Ferns in your home, but a trial of Illinois Self-Watering 
Flower Boxes will convince you that you are mistaken. 

Self-Watering Hanging Baskets 

No. Height Width 

8 6 in. Sin. 

10 7 in. 10 in. 

12 Sin. 12 in. 

14 9 in. 14 in. 



Water Cap. 
1 qt. 
W^ qt. 
25^ qt. 
iVz qt. 


$ .85 

Self- Watering Willow Baskets 

These Baskets are manufactured by America's 
foremost willow workers and in style and finish 
are equal in every way to the best imported Eng- 
lish baskets. The coloring used are warratited to 
stand any kind of weather. They are made very 
strong and with ordinary care will last many 
years. The Self-Watering I<iuers are easily re- 
moved if necessary. 

Flower Pots 

Our fiower pots are all 
equipped with the self- 
watering feature and are 
made of heavj^ galvanized 
iron. They will not break, 
leak or wear out and are 
very much in demand 
where it is desired to grow 
a single plant 
Finished in dark green enamel. 
Top diameter 6 in. 7 in. Sin. 9 in. 10 in. 

Cedar Tree Tubs 

No. A. Top S inches. Deep 
6 inches. Price 25 c. 

No. B. Top SM inches. 
Deep S/< inches. Price 40c. 

No. C. Top lO-'i inches. 
Deep 9 inches. Price 65c. 



35 c 




Self- Watering Jardiniere Pans 

This is a pan having our self-watering feature 
which is to be placed in the bottom of a jardiniere 
with the soil thrown on top of it. The water is 
supplied through an adjustable tube which ex- 
tends to the top of the dirt. Lovers of Ferns, 
Palms, etc., will find this the most satisfactory 
investment ever made, as the plants require at- 
tention only once every 15 days. 

No D. Top 
Deep 11/2 inches. 

11 inches. 
Price S5c. 

^\\ •• 


No. Top 

1 n'A 

2 13^ 

3 14?i 

4 - 16 











Only No. 1, 2 and 3 have handles. 

No. 6 

6-in. Dian 

No. 7 


No. S 

S-in. ' 

No. 9 


No. 10 


No. 12 


IK -in. 

$ .40 

Self-Watering Willow Window 



Exclusive of 












This cut shows a special bracket made for at- 
taching our porch boxes securely on top of a nar- 
row wood rail. It is made of heavj- wrought steel 
and is indestructible. Price with screws 30c per 

Either straight or angle-neck. 

No. 4, Capacity 4 oz .._ .$.65 

No. 6, Capacity 6 oz 80 

No. S, Capacity S oz 90 

No. 10. Capacity 10 oz 1.00 

If to go by mail add 10c extra. 

Heavy Dahlia Stakes 


3 feet 
iV2 feet 

4 feet 

5 feet 

6 feet 





$ .75 







Light Plant Stakes 

1% feet 

2 feet 
2M feet 

3 feet 

4 feet 

5 feet 




Bolgiano's Lawn Tools and Requisites 



Made of Heavy 

E a s i 1 y m o V e d 
over the lawn with- 
out turnincr off the 
water. The mist- 
like spray is a veritable " Thing of Beauty. 
Price 60c. By express not prepaid. 

Stakes by parcel post or express 

Hyacinth Stakes 

Used for staking Hyacinths, Tulips and slender 

Doz. 100 1000 

12 inches Sc 25c $1.50 

IS inches 8c 40c 2.10 

4 inch plain 
45^ ■• •• 

5 ■' 

6 " 




Pot Labels 



$ .35 











$ .60 










Tree Labels 

2% inch plain Copper, wired 

Earthern Flower Pots 

OiirEarthern Flower Pot 
Stock is very large. We 
carry a full line of sizes at 
all times. 








2 in. 





2'A in. 





3 in. 




3,14 in. 



4 in. 



Size Each 


^'A in. 



8 in. 12c 





9 in. 18c 


6 in. 



10 in. 25c 


7 in. 



12 in. 50c 


Earthenware Saucers 




Size Each 


4 in. 



8 in. 6c 

$ .47 

5 in. 



9 in. 8c 


6 in. 



10 in. 9c 


7 in. 



12 iu. 15c 


Earthen Fern or Bulb Pans 




Size Each 





8 in. lie 


6 in. 



9 in. 14c 


7 in. 



10 in. 16c 


p^ Galvanized Iron Water Pots 

kSV ^ 

P^ 4 qts 



' 6 qts 




8 qts 




10 qts 




12 qts 


16 qts 


Hose Nozzles ""^^^^^ 



6 in 

25c ^V'-^ 


Mvstic Spray. 




Screw tip sprinkler «^ «^ 


or rose attachment 50c ^^^l^Su 


.■c;xlra R 



.25c each 

\tr 1^ 



Bolgiano's High Grade Lawn Mowers 

Our I.,awn Mowers are guaranteed in every re- 
spect, no pains or expense have been spared to 
produce the best mower that mechanical skill can 

Hose Sundries 

Hose Menders, sure grip 10c 

Couplings 15c 

;; " Snap 20c 

Bands, each 5c 

Washers, dozen 8c 

Hose Reels 

Wood 75c each 

No. 1 C. Metal with 
Corrugated D r u ni 
Crank Reel $2 00 

All Iron, hold 75 feet 
Hose $2.00 

No. 10 holds 100 feet 
Hose $1.70 

Elgin Lawn Sprinkler 

No back pressure on the hose. Price 75c 

Water shield to be placed on Elgin Lawn 
Sprinkler so that sprinkler can be put close to 
house or walk and not wet them. Price 10c extra. 

Rubber Garden Hose 

25 x 50 foot lengths coupled 
Bolgiano's Rubber Hose is noted for its reliabil- 
ity in every way. We buy from the manufacturer 
in enormous quantities. 

Royalor Merit, K inch 3 ply 8c 

High Pressure, Vi inch 5 ply 9c 

ji inch 6 ply 10c 

" " Jiinch6ply lie 

Mezen, Yx inch 5 ply, stand3001bs. pressure 12c 

Gauntlett, K inch 5 ply 14c 

New Baltimore, Yt. inch 6 ply 14c 

Calvert, Yi inch 7 ply 15c 

Red Hose 

High Pressure, 6 ply He 

7 ply 12c 

Gauntlett. 5 ply, heavy inner wall 14c 

New Balto., 6 pl.v, " " " 15c 

Lord Balto., 7 ply, ' 16c 

Druid Hill Park Special 

Blade Kind Wheel Price 

12 in. Druid Hill Park Special 8 in. $2.50 

14 in. " " " " 8 in. 3.00 

16 in. " " " " Sin. 3.25 

Bolgiano's Ball Bearing Lawn Mowers 

For those who mow their lawns frequently we 
advise the Ball Bearing Machines. 

Blade Kind Wheel Price 

12 in. Bolgiano's Leader Bin. $3.25 

14 in. " " Sin. 3.50 

15 in. ■■ " Sin. 3.7.'> 

18in. " " Sin. 4.00 

12 in. Bolgiano's Craokerjack 9 in. 4.25 

14 in. " " 9 in. 4.50 

16 in. " " 9 in. 4.75 

18 in. " " 9 in. 5.00 

Moulded Hose 

Heavy high grades in continuous lengths, very 
highest grades of hose made, as high as any we 
come in competition with. Y\ inch, cut any length 
desired, add 15c for coupling. 

Kineo, Yi inch 14c 

Oriole, Y\ inch 14 /4c 

Marvels, Yi inch ISc 

Patapsco, Yi inch ISJ^c 

Whip Cord, Yi inch 16c 

Monumental. Yi inch I7c 

Electric, Yi inch iSc 

Grass Shears 

No. 1 Bolgiano's Special 25c 

No. 2 Polished 50c 

No. 3 High Polished Steel 75c 

Bolgiano's Flyer 

Bolgiano's Flyer. Here is the strongest, 
lightest running, most beautifully designed and 
finished mower in the World, fully guaranteed. 
Blades made of crucible steel, oil tempered, dou- 
ble pawl rachet design placed in the pinion. 
Blade Kind Wheel Price 

14 in. Bolftiano's Flyer 9 in. $5.75 

15 in. " '■ 9 in. 6.25 

18 in. " " 9in. 7.00 

20 in. " " 9 in. 7.50 

Bolgiano's New Parkway 

16 in. New Parkway $10.25 

18 ill. " " 11.25 

20 in. " " 12.2S 

Bolgiano's New Guilford 

16 in. New Guildford $10.25 

18 in. " " 11.25 

20 ill. " " 12.25 

Townsend Triple Rachet Horse Lawn 

Strong and powerful and of the best materials. 
We warrant it superior to any mower built, will 
refund purchase price to any customer dissatis- 
fied after a trial. Complete witli tool box seat, 
handles and shaft. 

30 inch width of cut $65.00 

35 80.00 

38 '■ " " " 90.00 

Wooden Wren 

These are very 
useful as well as 
ornamental , for 
putting on trees or 
fastening on build- 
ings, painted red 
and green, very at- 
tractive, 35c. each, 
3 for $1.00, 


Bolgiano's Garden Tools and Requisites 

Gold Medal Hand Lawn Rollers 
Ball Bearing 

Price List of Standard Sizes 

Length and weight precisely as listed 

Rollers are smooth on face and aluminum finish, 
outer edges rounded to avoid cutting up the lawn. 

Diam. Length Sect- AVeight Fact. Our spec. 













S 9.50 

$ 8.00 



























18 50 









Gold Medal Hand Water-Tight Rollers 
With Counter Balancing Handle Weights 























H W. 



























Perfection Flower Guard 

H is just as easily applied to any form or size of 
flower bed. Xo posts are required, the picket 
ends are left projecting for insertion in the ground. 
Not expensive and can be taken up from year to 
year. It is cut off to the length required and the 
ends hook together when set. This border not 
only protects, but adds to the beauty of every 
flower bed. 

Factory Our spec. 
Price Price 

12 in. high, per running foot He 7c 

18 12c Sc 

24 " " 14c 9c 

30 " " • " " " 16c 10c 

Trellis Wire 

Excellent for training vines of all kinds up 
porches, verandas, pergolas, etc. Easy to put 
up. will last a life time. Thoroughly galvanized 
and well made, cut any length desired. 

Factory Our spec. 
Price Price 
No. 107. 18 in. wide. Single, p. ft. 
No. 108. 18 in. wide, D'ble, perft. 
No. 108. 24 in. wide, D'ble, perft. 
No. 20S, 18 in. wide. Fancy, p. ft. 

Water's Tree 

8 feet long Sl.OO 

10 '■ " 1.10 

12 " " 1.25 

Extra Blades... 25c 

Little Giant 

without Pole 
very strong, $1.00. 
With Saw $1.50 


16 inch double 75c 
18 " " 85c 

20 " " $1.00 









Pruning Shears 

21. Malleable Handle, Steel 

P^^^(i 25c 

521. Maiieable Handle, Steel 

Plate 35c 

4665-9 in. California Pattern 50c 

4666-9 in. California Pattern. 

Steel Polished 60c 

4667-9 in. Cal. Rachet Nut 75c 

5692-9 in. Imported French $1.25 

4470-5 in. Ladies' Nickeled 75c 

17-6 in. " " 85c 

Hedge Shears 

8 inch $1.25 10-inch $1.75 

9 inch 1.50 12-inch 2.50 

With Notch. 25c extra. 
Ladies' Size, 5 inch 90c 

Hold Fast Hedge Shears 

8 inch $1.50 10-inch $2.00 

9 inch 1.75 12-inch 2.75 

Universal Lawn Trimmer 

No more broken backs when using the Univer- 
sal, the best and latest Trimmer on the market. 
Adjustable, can be used as a hedge trimmer as 
well as for lawn. ^ _ 

S-inch $2.00 10-mch $2.50 


German No. 2 25c 

German No. 3 30c 

Clarks Solid Back No. 2 30c 

Clarks Solid Back No. 3 35c 

Clarks Rivet Back No. ^ 35c 

Clarks Rivet Back No. 3 40c 

Crescent Adjustable 40c 

Village Blacksmith 50c 

Pastime Weed Puller 

A very handy tool for weeds and crab grass. 
Price 25c 

Dandelion Spud 

Price 2Sc 

Gardener's Transplanting Trowels 

No. 20. Strong, Ladies 5c 

No. 06. Heavily Tinned 10c 

No. 1206. MaUeable .Shank 20c 

No. 1016. Forged Steel 25c 

No. 212. Heavy Forged 30c 

No. 211. English Steel 40c 

Keen Kutter 50c 

Bulb Trowel, Heart Shape 50c 

No. 211a. Berry Trowel 50c 

Transplanting Trowels 

No. 217. 6-inch for.ged steel 15c 

No. 217. 8 " " " 25c 

No. 217. A. Hoe Trowel 35c 


Decidedly the best tool 
fortransferring plants. All 

Steel "D" handle 50c 

.All Steel Bent Handle 35c 

Wood Bent Handle 30c 

Bent Wood Handle, Brass Point 75c 

Hand Weeders 

Eureka, strong and durable 25c 

Eureka, with extra long handle 35c 

Norcross Hand Weeder 35c 

Excelsior, 5 teeth lOc 

Dandelion Puller 

Alca Garden Tool Combination 

Can be used as a Weeding Fork or Transplant- 
ing Trowel or as a Hoe or Rake or Dipple; very 
handy around small garden , for Ladies. Price 50c 


Waldron Scvthes, 36 in $1-25 

English Scythes, 36 in 1-00 

German, 36 in. Hand Tempered 1.00 

Gilt Edge, 36in "5 

Champion Weed, 36in 75 

Champion Bush, 28 in '5 

Scythe Stones 

Berea Good 10c 

Carborundum 25c 

Turf or Edging Knife 

For trimming edges of paths, drives, flower 
beds and borders. 

Kohler's Half-Moon Shape 50c 

Climax, all steel 75c 

Union, all steel $1.00 

Mehler's, 5 cutting parts 1.25 

Shuffle Hoes 

Used for weeding the grass 
out of gravel walks, etc., also 
can be used for scraping hard 
snow off of sidewalks. 

Kohler's 6 in 25c 

English. 6 in 50c 

S in 65c 




The Olsen LawTi Rake 

The teeth are so constructed 
that when driven into the head 
they will never shrink from place 
and cannot fall out 

Automatic Lawn Rake 

This rake is fitted with an un- 
loading head while raking this head lies forward 
and upon pressing the rake forward the unloading 
head moves backward cleaning out the raking 
head entirely. 

22 in. wide 50c 

26 in. wide 60c 


A handy tool for pulling dandelions and 
weeds. Price 35c. Postage 15c. 

Lawn Queen Rake 

Made of heavy tinned .steel wire. These are 
excellent for lawn or walk work. The rake is 
reversible and will answer .several purposes 24- 
tooth one side 12 to the other side. Price 30c 

Oliver Chilled Plows, Hot Bed Sash, Glass, Etc. 


Garden Barrows 

These barrows are light, strong and durable, 
painted and varnished. 



Inside Measurement 


















For Iron Wheel add 50c to above price. 

The Little Giant Mole Trap 

Self-setting: by pressing down on 
lever. \'ery convenient feature found 
on no other trap. Made from best 
sprinsr steel, thoroughly galvanized. 
Simple and durable in its construction 
Price 75c 

Out-O '-Sight Mole Trap 

i3 This, while possessing all the good 
"2 qualities of other traps, is especially 

adapted for setting under glass in hot 


Price „ 75c 

Double Prong Weeding Hoes 
for Weeding and Cultivating 

No. 1 "S.P."45^ ft. Handle 20c 

No. 2 "P.W.R." 4K ft. " 25c 

Acme, (like cut) 60c 

No. 6 Rake and Hoe Combined 35c 

Steel Hoes 

Sizes 6, 6^^,7.7;^ 
Malleable iron socket, steel 

blade. Price 25c 

Solid shank 35c 

socket 40c 

Union '.'..'.'.' 50c 

Warren Heart Shape 75c 

Iron and Steel Garden Rakes 

12 tooth, Malleable Iron Bent Tooth 25c 

14 " Malleable Iron Bent Tooth 35c 

12 " Steel Bent S. S. C 40c 

14 " Steel Bent S. S. C... 'sCc 

14 " Steel Bow 65c 

16 " Steel Bow .....75c 

Norcross Cultivator 

The Norcross is an ad- 
justable garden cultivator 
of 5 blades. A very handy 
garden tool. By removing 
the centre tooth you can 
straddle the rows. The 
teeth can be made to set 
close or wide apart. Can 
be detached from handle 
and attached to any wheel 
hoe. Price, 7Sc. 

C a h o o n' s 
^ ^ Seeder. 

'■> j?1(^^SlS^f - 1? Sows all kinds 

H, /\ vl^St'- fi*!-! °^ clover, grass 

^'i I J^ vSi^Ut?^^ '"* " ^ grain 

i=5<fcJj*i^fc-^S^,f '^ffaa\ s e e d s ; and 

throws heavy 

'JLl VUW^^j'ieeds; it will 
l'^^^/ throw forty feet 
Price $3.00 

Little Giant Seeder 

Wke the Cahoon. is a strictly first-class machine 
and will do equally well the same amount and 
kind of work. In fact the machines are very 
similar, and what has been said of one as to quali- 
ty and convenience is true of the other, as they 
differ only in manner of operation. Price $1.25 

Asparagus Knives Made of Solid Steel 

Bateman 35c 

Goodell Double Point .....Z."....^c 

,_ .,,^.x 


Unglazed Hot-Bed Sash 

3 ft. 2 in. X 6 feet. To hold 28 lights Each $1.00 

5'a'95c. lOfagOc. Larger quantities, writefor prices 

Hot-Bed Glass 

8x10 inches, 90 lights in box, price $2.00 

Grafting Wax 

Vi Lb. 10c. % Lb. 15c. 1 Lb. 25c. 

Glazing Points 

Peerless, price per 1000 60c 

Pinchers 50c 

Twemlow's Old English Glazing Putty 

16 pound can (1 gallon capacity) $1.40 

80-pound kits 6.90 

For bedding glass in sash and filling cracks or 
seams in roof joints or frames of greenhouses or 


For glazing green house or sash, new or old 
It is elastic adhesive and easily applied. It is not 
affected by dampness. Gal. $1.35. 

Mastica Glazing Machine 


Putty Bulbs 

For distributing Mastica and 
other Liquid Puttys, a very handy 
tool for glazing Hot Bed Sash and 
green houses. Large Size $1.00. By 
Mail $1.10. 


The best material for tying plants, vines, etc. 
Per pound, 20c. 10 pounds SI. 50. 

Burlap Hot Bed Mats 

Made of strong Burlap interlined with wool. 

Size 40x76 in. Single Sash $1 00 

Size 76x76 in. Double Sash 1.50 

Mehlers Combination Garden Tool 

This is a hoe, rake 
and cultivator in one. 
It has been devised to 
meet the scientific 
gardener's require- 
ments. Cultivating at 
the right place up to 
the plant and over the 
root. This tool is so 
constructed that it can 
be used in a comfort- 
able standing position 
being an anti-back- 
breaker. Price 75c 

Asparagus Buncher 
Price $1.50 

srround. Price.. 

This very desir- 
able tool is niadeof 
carbon steel 4!4 in. 
wide and 9K in. 
long. It is sharp- 
ened on the face to 
K inch bevel on all 
four sides. The 
edge is curved so 
that when in use it 
enters the ground 
in a shearing like 
way action, cutting 
its way until the 
full width of the 
tool has entered the 


Mushroom Bed, Brass Point.... ji 05 

Dairy or Hot Bed Glass Float i!!!!!!!!!!!!! iao 


Kohler's Cast Steel 50c 

Ladies Size Steel ] 65c 

StormmerCast Steel 75c 

Ditchingor Nursery 85c 

Warrior Crucible Steel 90c 

Fox Crucible Steel $1.00 


Brush Axes 

Beatty's, absolutely the best steel Brush Axe 
made, fully guaranteed. 
Price 75c 

Spading Forks 

Y.S.L.A.D. "'D" Handle, 4 prong 75c 

Union No. BA.D. Boys, 4 prong 75c 

Union ''D" Handle, 4 prong $1.25 

Union "D" Handle, 5 prong, Heavy 1.65 

Spades, Long Handle 

Stormmer 75c 

' Maynard, Crucible Steel $1.25 

Shovels, Long Handle 

Chickasaw, Round Point 65c 

Warrior 75c 

Mattock Hoe 

Double blade suitable for stiff ground, steel bits, 
Malleable shank, 3^i' inch, price 50c 

Mattocks Heavy Steel 

Red Chief, Steel 50c 

Handles, extra 20c 

Oliver Chilled Plows 

^*°^, Also a Complete Line of Repairs 
— *■ and Extras. 


Wood Beams 

No. A. Right hand only, light one horse. 

Price 16.00 

No. B. Right hand only, medium one horse. 
Price 8.00 

Right and Left Hand 

No. 10. O. Full one horse $9.00 

No. 13. Heavy one horse 10.25 

No. 19. Light two horse 11.00 

No. 20. Medium two horse 11.50 

No. E. 1. Medium heavy two horse 12.00 

No. 40. Two or three horse 12.00 

No. 40. XX. Three horse 12.50 

Wheels complete 1.00 

Joiners complete 2.0O 

*For steel beams, add $1.00 extra. 

Shares Landsides Mould Boards Standards 

A. 22c 45c $1.35 $1.35 

B. 25c 60c 1.85 1.65 
10. 25c 70c 2.25 2.25 
13. 30c 75c 2.50 2.50 

19. 30c 85c 2.75 2.50 

20. 35c 85c 3.00 2.50 
E. 40c 85c 3.25 2.75 
40. 40c 85c 3.25 2.75 


Bolgiano's Scale Destroyers, Insecticides, Etc. 

Orchard Brand Insecticide 

"Orchard Brand" Lime Sulphur Solution 

For Use in the Dormant Period 

This material combines the great fung-icidal properties of Sulphur with 
the Scale remedy and is specially recommended for peach and plum trees 
which need the combined treatment in the fall and spring. In spraying 
this material care should be exercised to avoid getting it in the eyes, and 
gloves should protect the hands. » 

Add 10 parts cold water to one part of I<ime Sulphur solution and stir 
thoroughly. Apply with spray pump. 

1 gal- can- 75c each 10 gal. can $3.75 each 

5gal. can $2.25 " Vi barrels, per gallon 25c 

Barrel, per gallon, 20c 

Carbondale Hydrometers 

These are highly recommended by the State Department of Agriculture 
for testing the gravity ot lime sulphur sulution: one should be in the hands 
of every man who uses this material. Price 75c (postpaid 90c) with directions 

Orchard Brand Soluble Oil 95% 

For use in dormant period. This is one of the greatest remedies for scale 
insects. Add 15 parts of water to one part of Soluble Oil. stir thoroughly and 
apply with spray pump. (See page 87). Gal. $1.00. 5 Gal. $3.65. 10 Gal. 
$6.65. Vi Bbl. 60c per Gallon. Bbl. 50c per gallon. 

Orchard Brand Arsenate of Lead (Paste) 

Kills Coddling Moth, Worms, Curculio, Caterpillars, Potato Bugs, Rose 
Bugs and all chewing insects without injury to foliage or buds. Directions: 
For all chewing insects, use 2 to 4 ounces to a gallon of water. Add water 
slowly till rubbed to a thin paste before adding to the volume of water. 

1-lb. pkge., per lb 2Sc 25-lb. pkge., per lb 12c 

2-lb. pkge., per lb _ 20c 50-lb, pkge., per lb lie 

5-lb. pkge., per lb 165^c 100-lb. pkge., per lb 10c 

10-lb. pkge., per lb 14Kc Barrels, 400 to 600 lbs., per lb 8c 

Orchard Brand Bordeaux Mixture (Paste) 

Recommended for Rust, Scab and all kinds of Rot and other fungous dis- 
eases. Should be used on Potatoes, Grape Vines and all fruit trees. Direc- 
tions: For Apple and Pear Trees, 10 to 12 lbs. to 50 gallons of water; Peach 
and Plum trees, 6 to 8 lbs. to 50 gallons of water. 

1-lb. pkge., per lb 22c 25-lb. pkge., per lb 14c 

2-lb. pkge., per lb , .20c 50-lb. pkge., per lb lie 

5-Ib,pkge.,perlb 19c 100-lb. Pkge., per lb 10c 

10-lb. pkge., per lb 16c Barrel, 500 pounds., per lb 8c 

Orchard Brand Bordeaux Arsenate-Lead Mixture (Paste) 

This is a combined Fungicide and Insecticide specially recommended for 
Apple aud Pear Trees; also for Potatoes, Melon and Cucumber Vines. 
Directions: Apple and Pear Trees, 8 to 12 lbs. to 50 gallons of water: Peach 
and Plum Trees, 5 to 8 lbs. to 50 gallons of water, and stir. 

1-lb. pkge., per lb 25c 25-lb. pkge., per lb 12c 

2-lb. pkge., per lb 20c 50-lb. pkge., per lb lie 

5-lb, pkge., per lb 16'/^c 100.1b. pkge.. per lb 10c 

10-lb. pkge., per lb 14Kc Barrels, 500 lbs., per lb 8c 

Orchard Brand Oriole Weed Killer 

Destroys Weeds, Grass, Poison Iv.v, Sumac and all kinds of undesirable 
vegetation. An application of this will keep drives, walks and tennis courts 
absolutely free from vegetable growths of any kind, thus doing away with 
repeated labor aud expense of hoeing and weeding. Orchard Brand Oriole 
Weed Killer is a liquid which is to be diluted in water. It can be applied 
with anoidinary sprinkler or watering pot. The results of same will be seen 
within ten hours afteran application. Two treatments are all thatis neces- 
sary for an entire season, and frequently only one. Mix one part to 49 parts 
of water. 

1 Quart Cans $ .40 S-Gallon Cans $3.75 

J^ Gallon Cans 75 % Bbls., 25 Gals, each, per gal. .75 

1 Gallon Cans 1.15 Barrels, SO Gals, each, per Gal. .65 

Radix Worm Eradicator 

Worm Eradicator is good in Golf Links, Cricket Grounds, 
Tennis Courts, Pot Plants, Greenhouse benches, etc. Worms 
will come up instantly. Don't leave dead worms on the 
ground. Does not injure grass. Cue can ■will make 30 Gal- 
lons, Price. 50c. 

Tree Tanglefoot 

For protecting trees against climbing insect pests in a simple, economical 
and effective way. Tree Tanglefoot, a sticky substance applied directly to 
the b.crk of the tree. One application remains sticky on the trees three 
months fully exposed to weather. Easily applied with a small wooden 
paddle. One pound will spread 8 feet long by 5 inches wide, 1-16 inch thick 
1-lb. can, 30c. 3-lb. can. 85c. 10-lb. can, $2.65. 

Alpha Punk (Nikoteen) 

Especially designed for use in private places and in houses without con- 
venient furnaces for heating irons necessary for vaporizing Nikoteen, or 
Tobacco Extract. It is very effective as an insecticide. Thepunk is lighted 
vi^ith a match and allowed to burn, which it does without flaming, at the 
same time giving off dense white fumes of nikoteen that kills aphis and 
thrip very effectively. Per box, 60c. By mail, 75c. Per 12 boxes, $6.50. 


Dry Powder Arsenate of Lead 

One pound of Dry Arsenate of Lead equals three poun ds of any paste 
Arsenate of I.ead. It mixes with water more readily than anv other 
Arsenate of Lead. Stays in suspension better, covers more thoroughly and 
sticks on the foliage longer; no lumps, no sediment, no waste; simpler, 
cleaner and better in every particular. Easily prepared for the sprav tank. 
One pound of Corona dry will go farther and be more effective than" two or 
three pounds of paste. No freight to pay on water can; will not freeze or dry 
out; never loses its strength. By using the same weight each time your 
spras' mixture will always be the same strength— no guess work. 

Corono Arsenate of Lead contains 33% Arsenic Oxide, absolutely chemi- 
cally combined with lead, and the lowest percentage of "free" or water 
soluble arsenic. Price, 40c. 5 lbs, 30c lb. 25 lbs., 26clb. 50 lbs,. 24c lb. 
100 lbs. , 22c lb. 200 lbs.. 21c lb. 

Bug Death 

Bug Death kills Potato, Squash and Cucumber 
Bugs; Currant aud Tomato Worms, and all Bugs and 
Worms that chew the leaves of the pi ants; non-poison- 
ous. Directions for applying Dry: For Potato and 
other vines which require a top application, apply dry 
^T>;,;y with a shaker or sifter, or powder spray at the rate of 
n FAT"ij\ ^^ °'' ^^ pounds per acre to an application, according 
fy rf J to size and condition of the vines. Directions for using 
/ ■ • « in Water: Add 15 or 20 pounds to 80 Gallons of Water 
and mix thoroughly. One Lb. Packaere, 15c. 3 Lb. 
Package. 3^c. 5 Lb. Package, 50c. UVz Lb. package, 
$1.00. 100 Lb. Package, $7.50. 

Iflo so by mail, add lie postage per poiuid. 

Slug Shot (Hammond's) 

A light, non-poisonous composite fine powder for kill- 
ing Potato Bugs, Currant and Cabbage Worms, Chicken 
Lice, Sow Bugs. Green and Black Fl.v Beetles and Cater- 
pillars. Not injurious or dangerous to persons or animals. 
Easily distributed by duster bellows, or in water by spray- 
ing. Ten to forty pounds sufficient for an acre. 1-Lb. 
package; 10c. 5-Lb. package. 25c. 10-Lb. package, 50c. 
100-Lb. Barrel 4Kc. 235-Lb. Barrel, 4Kc. 

Kerosene Emulsion 

(Liquid). Ready for use by simply adding water, 25 to 50 parts to one. 
This is strictly an insecticide for plant lice of all kinds, rose bugs, melon 
insects, fowl, human and animal lice, red spiders , green fly and sucking 
insects. Pint, 20c. Qt.,35c. Gal., 90c. 5 Gal., $4.00. 

Potato Scab Destroyer 

since the Potato Scab is now known to be a fungus growth, it is important 
that seed potatoes should be free from disease when planted. In order to 
successfully control the Potato Scab, the seed potatoes must be treated pre- 
vious to planting. Our Potato Liquid represents the best material for this 
purpose. One pint of this liquid is sufficient for twenty bushels of seed 
potatoes. Pint bottle, 50c. 

Sulpho Tobacco Soap 

An excellent article for the person with a few plants. Especially good for 
destroying scale on palms and other plants. Soluble in warm %vater. Per 
3-oz. package, 10c. Postage, 2c. 20c per 8-oz' package. Postage, 4c. 

Paris Green 

The chief merit of this article is the destruction of the Potato Bug. It ma.v 
be used in liquid form, 1 pound in 50 gallons of Water, or with Land Plaster, 
at the rate of 1 Lb. Paris Green to 100 L's. Land plaster. (See page 89). 
K Lb. 20c. Vi Lb. 25c. 1 Lb. 35c. 14 Lb. Buckets, ® 25c. 28 Lb. Buckets, ©200. 


For destroying Aphis. Green Fly, Thrip: Red Spider and other greenhouse 
and out-door insects. It dilutes readily in water, about 1 part to 40 parts of 
the latter. K pint, 2Sc. J^ pint, 40c. Pint, 65c. Quart, $1.00. Gallon, $2.50 

Lemon Oil Company's "Standjurd" Insecticide 

Perfectly safe and harmless to the tenderest foliage and rrols. It effectu- 
ally destroys Mealy Bugs b.v syringing or dipping. It also destroys Scales, 
Thrip, Red Spider, Black and Green Fly, Caterpillar, American Blight, 
Mildew, etc. Dilute with 50 parts of water. Yi Pt., 25c. Pt. 40c. Qt., 75c. 
Vz Gal., $1.25. GaUon, $2.00. 

Tobacco Dust (Fine) 

For Green and Black Aphis. Fleas, Beetles, etc. Splendid fertilizer and 
preventive for insects in thegrouiid and around roots. P'orinsectson plants 
apply with powder duster or bellows. For VVormsorGrubs in the soil appl.v 
liberally to the surface and rake in. or strew thickly in the drills before 
planting. Price, 5 Lbs., 25c. 20 Lbs., 80c. 100 Lbs., $3.75. 

Tobacco Stems 

Indispensable for fumigating greenhou-;es and conservatories for the 
destruciion of Green aud Black Aphis and other insects. 

Dampen tliorouuhlv a few hours before using, place about a half pound 
over a h.iudful of shavings in a fumigator aud light. Also for covering 
lawns dim g winrer. It not only acts as a protector, but imparts large 
quantities of ammonia and drives away insects and moles. 5c Lb. Large 
quantities, 50 Lbs., 3c a l.b. 

Powdered White Hellebore 

Less poisonous than Paris Green, and safer to use when fruit or vegetables 
are nearly ripe. }^ Lb., 15c. 1 Lb.. 25c. 

Whale Oil and Tobacco Soap 

Makes an elegant wash for trees and plnnts where insects and eggs affect 
the bark. Ji Lb., 15c. 1 Lb.. 25c. By mail, 30c. 

Spray Pumps and Accessories for the Orchardist and Poultryman 


The New "Kant-Klog" Sprayer 

Kant-Klog- Sprayer style ''G" is operated by compressed air, with a patented Kant-Klog noz- 
zle that throws seven different sizes of round or flat sprays and solid streams. 

The sprayer body is made of heavy galvanized steel. Top and bottom are dome shaped; 
joined to body under hetivy pressure , making a complete double seam. 

The air p\imp is made of heavy brass two inches in diameter, hose couplings are solid brass, 
standard cut ends heavily ribbed to prevent hose from slipping ofi. 

A few seconds working of the air pump thoroughly agitates the solution and charges the 
sprayer with compressed air. This being a very powerful and elastic force, ■will, as soon as the 
thumb presses the "shut-off," force out the liquid in the form of a spray or a solid continuous 
stream as desired. After sprayer is charged you need not stop for anything; just walk along 
from one row to another, the machine will supply sufficient spray to enable you to do the work 
as fast as you walk. When properly charged the tank holds 3 gallons of solution and 1 gallon 
of compressed air; and two workings of the air pump will discharge the entire contents. Usedin 
greenhouses, poultry houses, the garden and for all plant life including trees. The "Kant-Klog" 
nozzle furnished with each machine without extra cost, and special attention iscalled to this 
nozzle, as it is the only one that can be cleaned without stopping the spray or removing the 
nozzle. The first and only nozzle ever made that gives both round and flat sprays, or solid sprays 
By express or freight, not prepaid. Galvanized steel reservoir," Kant-Klog"nozzle, complete ,S4.50_ 

Little Wonder Sprayer 

Made of tin with oblong tank. Price 35c. 
go by mail add 25c extra. 

Little Wonder Special Hand Spray 

Made similar to our cyclone sprayer only some- 
what smaller; has drip cup under spraying tubes 
to prevent dripping on carpets when used in house 
price 35c, by mail 25c extra. 

'Kant-Klog" Sprayer With brass reservoir and "Kant-Klog" nozzle; complete, 

Extension Pipe made of brass 3 ft. long 35c. 
Brass Elbows 30c. By mail 5c extra. 

Junior No. 5 Spray and Force Pump 

_ This pump does away en- 
tirely with the objection- 

ablefoot rest. Theclamps, 

leather suction, packing, 

etc., require no fastenings, 

as they hold themselves 

down Will pump from a 

pail, barrel, tank.springor 

creek. Has automatic 
mixer to keep solution stirred. It is prac- 
tical I y impossible 
for any part to get 
out of order as 
everything e x - 
cept handle and 
hose is of solid 
brass. Throws 
three sizesoE solid 
CO n t i n u o u s 
streams and two 
sizesof fine round 
spray. Byexpress 
not prepaid, com- 
plete, $3.50. 

The Auto-Spray 

A Self-Operating or 

Automatic Sprayer. 

Length of cylinder, 
21 in., weight, loaded, 
39 pounds, diameter of 
cylinder, 7 inches, ca- 
pacity, about 4 gallons, 
weight, empty, 7 lbs. 
extension pipes extra. 

Auto-Spray No. IC. 
Galvanized Reservoir, 
Stopcock. Price, $4.50. 

Auto-Spray No. 1-D. 
Galvanized Reservoir, 
Auto-Pop Nozzle. Price 

Auto-Spray No. 5 A. 
Brass Reservoir. Stop 
Cock. Price $6.75. 

Auto-Spray No. IB. 
Br.Hss Reservoir. Auto- 
Pop Nozzle. PriceS7.75. 
Auto-Pop Nozzle $1.25. 

Extension Pipe, 2 ft., 
Brass, 50c. Brass El- 
bow Extension, 30r. 
Double Row Attarh- 
ment. Si. 50. B r a s ,s 
Strainer, Si 00. 


If to 

The Cyclone Bug Exterminator 

Made of tin, holds one quart. Price 50c. 
By mail add 35c postage. 

Daisy Double Action Sprayer 

In introducing this sprayer we have filled a long 
felt want in a double action Hand Spra> er. A 
continuous spray when pulling and shoving the 
plunger in and out, will not f ct out of order like 
the so-called Hand Compressed Air Sprayers that 
are on the market, price 75c. By mail 35c extra. 

The Auto White- 
wash Machine and 
Spray Pump 

This sprayer has a 
heavy galvanized res- 
ervoir (capacity eight 
gallons,) fitted with a 
double or continuous 
action spray pump and 
agitator. The working 
parts are brass, is fitted 
with the necessary 
hose ^extension pipe 
and nozzle. 

Price, Sl2. 00 

Auto Compressed Air Sprayer 

A continuous and fine spray with half the pump- 
ing required by other atomizers. 

Justthe thing to use in the green house. window 
gardeti for rose bushes and in the poultryhouse, 
will handle all solutions, insecticides and disin- 
fectants. Made throughout of stout material. 
Copper Syphon tube, bronze ball valve plunger, 
rod Vi inch copper plated steel. The solution does 
not come in contact with the pump cylinder. The 
spray may be adjusted by a slight turn of nozzle 
cap. Tin Pump and Galvanized reservoir, price, 

Dust Plow 

The dry powder sprayer. It is impossible to 
draw the powder back into the cylinder pump, 
and if the powder is sifted through a screen and 
kept absolutely dry it will be impossible for same 
to clog. Price, 65c. By mail 35c extra. 

Iron Age Vertical Barrel Sprayer 

This pump is attached to the outside of a barrel, 
not to the head but to the staves, nothing inside 
the barrel except the suction pipe and automatic 
dasher which keeps the solution well stirred. 
Readily got at and not covered with slime, and 
solutions cannot corrode it. 

Handles any kind of solutions Hot or Cold No 
leather packing is used, only hemp packing. 
Brass ball valves only are used, they are easily got 
at and cleaned. This is not so where pump is in 
barrel. Has double hose connections for one or 
two leads. Without Barrel, price, $15.00. 

Barrel Truck 

The barrel is picked up by the truck, carried to 
its place and dumped without your touching it. 
Any barrel Spray Pump can be attached and used 
for Spraying purposes or can be fitted with 
sprinkler attachment for watering lawn and 
walks. It consists of perforated steel pipe and 
fittings, a ball valve on the rightside that controls 
the water. 

No. 1. Without barrel, steel wheels, 1'^ in. ...$7.00 
No. 2. Without barrel, steel wheels, 2J? in. ...$7.75 

Prices include one pair trunnions. With barrel, 
add $3.00. Sprinkler Attachment, $3.50. 

We Have An Expert Breeder and Poultryman Head of Our Poultry Department =©a 


The "Iron Age" 

"Iron Age" No. 6 Combined Donble 'WTieel Hoei 
Hill and Drill Seeder 

A practical tool for the market 
gardener, will sow all kinds of 
seed from celery to beans with 
the greatest regularity. Can be 
changed instantly from drill to 
hill-dropper which will drop seed 
4, 6, 8, 12 or 24 inches apart. Com- 
plete with cultivators, rakes, hoes, 
plows. Price, S12. 00. 

"Iron Age" J*o. 7. Same as 
No. 6. Ko attachments. Price,$9.00. 

The Strongest And Best Garden Tools 
And Implements 

"Iron Age" No. 12 Wheel Plow and Cnltivator 

This simple light-weight machine will 
be found of great service in simplifying 
the work in the small vegetable or flower 
garden. The average weightof this mach- 
ine with one working tool is but 8 pounds. 
Price. S3. 50. 

"Iron Age"No. 11. SameasNo.l2, 
but has landslide plow only. Price, S2.50. 

No. 14, No. 6 Combined Hill and Drill Seeder (side hoes and teeth only.) 

Price, $10.50. 

"Iron Age" No. 4, Combined Sonble and Single '^Vheel Hoe 

and Drill Seeder 

This machine is the same as No. 6, 
only that it has not the drill-dropping 
device and opening plow. Both tools 
as double and single wheel hoes are 
identical. Price, Sll.OO. 

No. 5. As a drill seeder only, price, 

No. 40 

No. 4. Combined Drill 
Seeder. (Side hoes and 
teeth only.) Price, S9.50. 

"Iron Age" No. 17 Combined Single 'Wlieel Hoe 
And Drill Seeder 

This machine sows only in drills, 
it does not alternateintoa hill planter. 
Many market gardeners demand a 
separate machine forplantingindrill. 
It is equipped with a complete set of 
cultivators, such as hoes, cultivator 
teeth, rakes, plows, vine lifter, and an 
attachment for marking out the rows. 
Price. $10.00. 

"Iron Age" No. 18. Same as 
No. 17. As a seeder only. No attach- 
ments, $7.50. 

No. 15, same as No. 17. With Drill and Hill Dropping Device with 
all attachments. Price $11.00. 

No. 16, same as No. 15. No. attachments. Price, $8.50. 

"Iron Age" No. 1 Double Wheel Hoe >«'ith Cnltivators, 
Rakes and Ploivs 

An indispensible machine to the mar- 
ket gardener or any one cultivating a 
garden. This machine complete with all 
attachments. Price, $7.00. 

Price, No. 3, plain (with side hoes 
only.) $4.25. 

No. 13. No. 1 with side hoes and 
teeth only. Price, $5.50. 

"Iron Age" No. 20 Single WTieel 

A strongly constructed implement for the amateui 
or market gardener. It is light 
simple construction. The attachn 
side hoes, three cultivator teeth, 
plow. Price, $6.00. 

"Iron Age" No. 21 Plain 
"Wheel Hoe 

Same as No. 20 with only 
Price, $4.00. 


"Iron Age" New Model Seed Drills 

The Seeder adjustment in the new 
model is accomplished by use of a 
slide with a pear shape opening pass- 
ing under the bottom of seed reser- 
voir. The name of the principal seeds 
are plainly shown in the 
index. Theflowof theseed 
can be instantly stopped 
by a swinging cut-off. 

This cut-off prevents all 
loss of seed. Price, $8.00. 

New 1914 Complete "Iron Age 

The No. 19C "Iron Age" "Wheel Plow and 

Consists of a plow, rake, scuffle hoe, 
2 cultivator teeth. The plow is used 
for breaking ground, opening furrow, 
and cultivating. The rakefor leveling, 
raking and cultivating the crops while 
they are small, the scufHe hoe for 
breaking the soil which may become 
hard from rain, baking or stamping, 
the two cultivator teeth for making 
small furrows, deep cultivating, etc. 
Price, $3.50. 

No. 22 "Iron Age" Combined 

Fertilizer Distributor, Hill 

and Drill Seeder 

Another step in 
labor saving tools 
for market Garden- 
ers. A combined 
Fertilizer Distribu- 
tor, Hill and Drill 
Seeder. A Ferti- 
lizer for side dress- 
ing of crops. Price, 

No. 23 "Iron 
Age" Fertilizer 
Distributor a s 
Side Dresser 
same as No. 22, 
without Hill and 
Drill Seeder 
Price, $13.00. 

Catalogue sent on Request. 



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robinson's code. 
























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In common with other responsible seed houses, we sell our goods subject to the following- terms, it being- that adopted by the American Seed Trade Association. 

We g:ive no warranty, express or implied, as to description, quality, productiveness or any other matter of any seeds, bulbs or plants we send out, and we will not be 
responsible in any way for the crop produced therefrom. If the purchaser does not accept the g-oods on these terms, they are at once to be returned and the money that has 
been paid for same will be refunded 

Name Whf, Steamboat Line orR. R.- 

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"Trkl->r» R^ov" Trkm^ff* 5 Produces Perfect Fruit in 30 Days \ Be Sure To 
JUllII OaCl 1 UlliaLU | From strong Plants, Roots Undisturbed ) Order Some 




Golden" Country Gentleman Sugar Com— Be Certain to Include some of this Delicious Corn in Yo 





u "100 fer Cent Frofit" Feas— Ihe t;a 
r Include Some In Your Order. 

ni ir II II ti- 

irliest, Uwariest, JMost 1 

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"Melting Gold Cantaloupe" be sure You include some in Your Order, 
duced by this wonderlul Melon. 


You will be surprised at the results pro- 




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A Genuine "Buckeye" Incubator 

That holds fifty eggs. Each Incubator sold on forty days 
trial. If not satisfactory in every way send it back and we will 
refund y»ur money. 


Light, Pratt & EUicott Sts., 

"Careful Seed Growers" BALTIMORE, MD. 


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AHdress of sendort Na. 

Fees.Jor IVIorBey Orders. 

Payable in the United States (.vhich includes Guam,/ HawSi, 

Porto Rico and Tutuila, Samoa) ; also for Orders payable 

lajCanada, Cuba, Newfoundland, the United Slate* 

Postal Agency at Shanghai (CliinaJ,* and 

the PhiKppine Islands. 

for OrdcA forcnjns not exceeding S250 :*..»>. 3'cenlai 

Over 8 2.50 a.pd tiQ.t exceeding 3 5.00 . .^ . . . 5 centB." 

■OTser i 5.00 a^d not esceedtng S 10.00 ....'■ 8 cents, 

0\ter 810^ and not exceeding S 20.00 10 c»ota. 

Over $28.09 and not exceeding S 30 00 12.centBt 

Over 380X10 and not exceeding $ iOSX) ......15 cents. 

Over 840.08 aad not exceeding $ 50.00 ......IS cents. 

•over J50.00 and, not exceeding $ eo.OO '......'20 cents. 

'©TOT 300.00 and not exceeding $ TS.OO" ..„f. .25 ceatar 

Over JvSiOO and not exceeding $loa0O ..'.\.i30 tsemta. 

ffltemofkttii^f UeaiBg Postaaster: 

Koui. — T^ B&sliBom unotfol for vblrb & iln^e Moaej Ordor mar be Inoid It SM&., Vtes 
tiugat eoa tMA b« Mbi »ldb3«Bal Ord«r« moat t>c oblaJsvl. Aar rnolMr&f CTdorfl m^ ft« 
4r*v» -•« say Ucftfiy -Qi4« offie* ; tr^ if Ord' rs xre ^rc-ra la «xcrxB of (300 on ay ea^ 4^ 
■pgau sSm of Ik* 4U dM>, KSCiM«ftk«raet kjI»l'(9r(i,T Furn S9S7 ) Ii la b« ^iraiipilj anit )k 
aupMfcaMfV Ite icB«(B{ P««tnAitv m ttfti yTvri«1«« i^ax be *ua« far r^^-sfsav 

Xp^SIOBfS^e »%Bt 1» y p Mtfi vod.a* \b» aQM arlucc A?? r*<u- } «V6 ^e«i <£r.«« «'f.lPKt^ 

to 9. percent, 
to 15. percent, 
to 6. percent. 
The plant food is in 

J. Bolgiavio & Son, Seedsmen, Baltimore, Md. 

Fertilizers For The Farm, Garden and Lawn 

-We present a list of oii'- brands of lei tilizers. You cannot judge the merits of a Fertilizer only by the 
analysis, biit you must have a knowledge of the basis from which it has been made. 

It is a well known fact t' ac he animal waste products produced in the abattoirs' g-ives the' purest and most 
available basis for Ammonia and Phospnoric Acid. This is tlie basis of our goods. The company that manu- 
factures our Fertilizers ow:: and control a Eufificient number of abattoirs, independent of the meat trust, to 
.secure for our poods this unescellea scource for our plantfood. The expense is almost as much working and 
reaping one half a crop as it would be harvesting a full crop which a good lertilizer would help to produce. 

ClaremDrt Vegetable Grower. 

Nitrogerl 2.46 to 3.29 per cent. Available Phosphoric Acid 7. 

Kqual to ' ' {" Total Phosphoric Acid 13. 

Ammonia 3. to4.''' percent^ Potash (Actual) 5. 

This is our pioneer brand, which is made frornthe best material knowji to the trade 
the most soluble form and the elements of composition so well balanct'd, makes it a desirable fertilizer for 
most crops. ' When in doubt as to what vou should use to produce results call on the Clnremont. Use 300 to 
400 pounds to the acre. 251bs.75c. 50 lbs. SI. 25. lOOlbs. $1.75. 2i lbs. S3.00. 2.000 lbs., ton, $26.50. 

Gilt Edge Potato Manure. 

Nitrogen 2.46 to 3.29 percent. Available Phosphoric Acid 7. to 9. percent. 

iCqual to Total Phosphoric Acid 13. to 15. percent. 

Ammonia 3. to 4. percent. Potash (actual) 10. to 12. percent. 

This brand is especially adopted to the potato crop and contains the proportionate elements necessary to 
start and carry a crop through to maturity. As laid down by the most experienced, being composed of dis- 
solved bone, higrh grade potash in the mostsoluble form, it sf<inds unrivaled in its line, and will fulfil its mis- 
sion if the grower but gives it a loose soil ion the tubers to work and develop in. Use 800 to 1000 lbs. to the acre. 
25lbs..75c. 50 lbs. $1.25. 100 lbs. $2.00. 200 lbs. $3.50. 2,000 lbs., ton, $31.00. 

Old Virginia Favorite 

Ammonia 2percent. Total Phosphoric Acid 10 to 12 per cent. 

Available Phosphoric Acid 8 per cent. Potash 2 per cent. 

This brand is the standard guano, and is manufactured from animal organic bone, blood and waste pro- 
ducts obtained from our abattoirs, located in the principal cities of the eastern section of the United States and 
Canada. 251bs.65c. 50Ibs.$l.00. 100 lbs. $1.50. 200 lbs. $2.60. 2,000 lbs., ton, $22.00. 

Boliviano's Bone Lawn Fertilizer. Produces a rapid and rich green growth of grass. 10 lbs. to 300 
sq. ft. 500 to 1500 li>s. per Acre. Price, Packages 10c, by mail 20c. 5 lbs. 25c. 10 lbs. 45c.' 25 lbs. $1.00. 
501bs. $1.75. 100 lbs. $2.75. 200 lbs. $5.00. 500 lbs. $12.00. 

The four columns in the Analysis represent the following ingredients respectively: AmmoniaT Phosphoric 
Acid, Potash, Bone of Phos. of Lime. Per Per Per Per * Per Ton 

'..Analysis 25 lbs. 50 lbs. 100 lbs. 200 lbs. 2000 lbs. 
Crop Producer. Composed of organic refuse, far 

better than Acid Phosphate ..-..■.- 15<-10-0-0 60c $ .85 $1.15 

Seven Per Cent. Brand, very .valuable for -forcing 

Early TfncK .and Karly Potatoes 7-6-5-0 S5c 1.35 

One, Eight and Four. .Suitable for all crops, especi- 
ally those requiring a large amount of Potash, 400 to 

50O pounds to the acre '...- ' 1-8-4^0 > 60c .9J 

Early Truck and "Vegetable Gro-wer. Unequaled 

as an -E.vrlv Truck Grower ......,,. :.;......::.. *' 4-6-8-0 65c 1.10 

Corn and Cereal Special. Made from bonelikse, 8% 

to9'% Pliosphonc Acid. 300 to 500 lbs. to the acre 2-8-2-0 60c .95 

An all round Fertilizer of recognized merit, 300 to 500 

pounds to the acre lM'-9-2 60c .95 

Sure Groirer. ^ipf-ciallv ad ipted to cereal and Fall Grain. 400 to 600 lbs. to the acre 1-s-l-O 60c .85 

Pure Bone and Potash Compound. Fine ground bone with soluble Potash. Best Fer- 
tilizer known for cere.'ils, fruit trees, vines and small fruits 2-16-2j^-0 

Pure Raw Bone Meal. Absolutely pure. Coarse, medium or fine 4/^-0-0-48 

Pure Ground Bone.'stwo to three consecutive seasons 2-0-0-50 

Pure Dissolved Animal Bone. Quick action for spring cereals 2-12-0-,30 

Potato ftlanure Special 1-8-5-0 

Per Per ' Per Ton 
100 lbs. 200 lbs. 2000 lbs. 

Dissolved Organic Compound. 



50 lbs. 

25 lbs. 

Acid Phosphate .:. f0.40 $0.60 $1.00 

Pure Nova Scotia Land Plaster... .40 .60 1.00 

High Grade Muriate of Potash 1.00 1.75 3 00 

Sulphate Ammonia 1.75 3.00 5.00 

High Grade Sulphate of Potash... 1.25r 2.00 3.50 

Genuine German Kainit 60 .75 - 1.00 

Bone Flour for Florists 1.00 1.75 3.00 

Meat and Animal Tankage 10%... .85 1.35 2 50 


Per Per 

25 lbs. 50 U.S. 

$175 $14.00 Meat and Animal Tankage 8'^ $.75 $1.25 

1.50 10.00 Meat and Animal Tankage 6% .60 1.00 

5.50 50.00 Nitrate of Soda. Highest Grade 1.25 2.00 

9.00 80.00 Extra High Grade Dried Blood 80 1.55 

6:50 60.00 Meat Meal For Poultry 80 1.50 

1.65 13.50 Blood Meal For Poultry 80 1.55 

5 50 50.00 Bone Meal For Poultry 75 1.45 

4.00 36.00 Beef Scraps For Poultry 80 1.50 












2.. 35 







100 lbs. 200 lbs. 



' 25.00 
Per Ton 
2000 lbs. 

Reference Table 

No. Lbs. Quantity 

to Bu. Vfi'i Acre 
Asparagus, 1 oz. to 200 plan-ts 

or 50 feet of drill 51bs. 

Asparagus Roots, loz.tolOOO 

plants 7250 

Barley, broadcast 481bs. 2^ bu. 

Beans, Dwarf, Qt. to 100ft 60 lbs. 1 bu. 

Beans, Pole, 1 pt. to 100 hills.. 60 lbs. K bn. 

Beets, Garden, I oz. to 50 feet 6 lbs. 

Beet, Mangel, 1 oz. to lOOfeef 6 lbs. 

Brussel Sprouts, 1 oz. to 5000 

plants 2 ozs. 

Broom Corn, in hills 461bs. 8 lbs. 

Buck^vheai, broadcast 48 lbs. y, bu. 

Cabbage, loz. to 4000 plants K lb. 

Cane Seed, for fodder 50 lbs. 70 lbs. 

Carrot, 1 oz. to 100 ft. of drill 3 lbs. 

Cauliflower, oz. to 3000 plants 

Celery, 1 oz. to 10,000 plants, 1 

oz. to 100 feet of drill....,,:. y, lb. 

Chicory, loz.,to lOOfeet of drill 4 lbs. 

Clover, Alsike and White. :..-.►. s-.i) lbs. 8 Its. 

Clover, Alfalfa or Lucerne .!6Vtlbg. 201bs. 

Clover, Crim.^on or Scarlet ^Oibs: ;, 15 lbs. 

Clover, Mammoth Red, Medium ' "°'*"- '^^' : 

Red :....,...-.. ...... 601bs. 12 lbs. 

Collards, 1 oz. to SOoO plants -Vi lb. 

Corn, in hills, field, shelled...... 561bs. 8 q'ts. 

Corn, Field on the ear 70 '''' 

Corn, for fodder or soiling 2K bu. 

Corn, Sweet, sold by measured 

bus.. 1 pint to 100 hills 6 qts. 

Corn, Rice Pop-Corn (shelled) 2 qts. 

Corn. Salad. 3oz. to 100 feet 6 lbs. 

Cress, % oz. to 100 ft. of drill 12 lbs. 

Cucumber, 1 oz. to 50 hills 60 lbs. 2 lbs. 

Dill, y<i of oz. to 100 ft. of drill 5 lbs. 

No. Lbs. 
to Bu. 

Egg Plant, 1 oz. to 2000 plants 

Endive, '^ oz. to 100 feet 

Flax Seed, broadcast... 56 lbs 

Grass, Kentucky Blue 141bs. 

Grass, Canadian Blue 14Ibs. 

Grass, Druid Hill Park Lawn.. 301bs, 
Grass, Red Top fancy recleaned 32 lbs 

Grass, Timothy 45 lbs. 

Grass, Orchard ..', 141bs. 

Grasses, Perennial Rye, Italian 

Rye, Wood Meadow 

Grass, German 50 lbs. 

Grass, Hungarian Millet 48Ibs, 

Grass, Rhode Island Bent 

Hemp 44 lbs 

Horse Radish Roots ^ 10 

Kale, 1 oz. to 5,000 plants or 200 

feet of drill 50 lbs. 

Kohl Rabi, '/^ oz. to 100 feet 

Leek, V^ oz. to 100 ft. of drill 

Lettuce, V^. oz. to 100 ft. of drill, 

1 oz. to 3000 plants 

Martynia, oz. to 100 ft. of drill 

Melon, Mush, 1 oz. to lOnhills 

Melon, Water 4 oz. to 100 hills 

Mustard, oz. to 100 ft. of drill 

jNasturtium, 2 ozs. to lOOfeet 

Okra, 1 oz. to 100 feet of drill :... 

Oats, broadcast 321bs 

Onion Seed, ^oz. to 100ft. drill 

Onion Seed, for sets 

Onion Sets, qt. to 40 ft. of drill 32 lbs. 

Parsnip, V2 oz. to 100 ft. of drill 

Parsley, V^ oz.' to 100 ft. of drill 

Peas, Garden Smooth, 1 pint 

to lOOfeet of drill 60 lbs 


Per Acre 

4 ozs. 

AVi lbs. 


[28 lbs. 

30 lbs. 

60 lbs. 

10 lbs. 



1 bu. 
% bu. 

5 lbs. 
4 lbs. 

4 lbs. 

3 lbs. 

5 lbs. 
3 lbs. 
5 lbs. 

30 lbs. 
15 lbs. 
- 8 lbs. 
2'a bu. 

5 lbs. 
60 lbs. 


5 lbs. 

3 lbs. 

1 bu. 

No. Lbs. Quantity 
to Bu. Per Acre 

Peas, Garden, Wrinkled, 1 pint to 

100 feet of drill 561bs. 2 bu. 

Peas, Sugar Marrowfats in drills.. 60 lbs. IK bu. 

Peas, Field or Canada, broadcast.. 60 lbs. 2bu. 

Pepper, 1 oz. to 1500 plants 6ozs. 

Potatoes, cut tubers, in drills 56 lbs. 10 bu. 

Pumpkin, 4 ozs. to lOOhills 41bs. 

Radish, 1 oz. to 100 feet of drill 81bs. 

Radish, broadcast 121bs. 

Rape 501bs. 31bs. 

Rhubarb, loz.ofseed to lOOOpl'ts 

Rye. broadcast 56 lbs. Ij^ bu. 

Sage, in drills 51bs. 

Salsify, 1 oz. to SO ft. of drill 8 lbs. 

Sorghum ."^Olb^. 121bs. 

Spinach, indrills, loz. tolOOft.... 50 lbs. 251bs. 

Summer-Savory ..- ; ,0 ^ lbs. 

Sunflower 8 lbs. 

Squash, Bush loz. to lOOhills 4 lbs. 

Squash, Running "Varieties, 8 oz. 
to 100 hills 3 lbs. 

Tomato Seed, 1 oz. to3500 plants 4 ozs. 

Tobacco, loz. to 5000 plants loz. 

Turnip, I oz. to 200 feet of drill 2 lbs. 

Turnip, broadcast 2K lbs. 

A'etches, broadcast: ,.';.... 60 2 bu. 

Wheat, broadcast 60 2 bu. 

Wheat, in drills 1 60 1 bu. 

Clover, ^ Together f 61bs. Clover 

Timothy, J- for \ 81bs. Timothv 
6 lbs. Red Top 
6 lbs. Clover 
10 lbs. Timothy 
6 lbs. Red Top 
8 lbs. Timothy 


BoLGiANO's "GOLD" Brand Reld Seeds, CLovERs,6fiASSES. Grains Etc. 
Are of a Ht&HER Pehcentase of PuRtTv AND Germjnatws:^- ;. 

AsA for Ssmp/es 

' M E LT I N G 'A?ULy cantaloupe 

"he C'ttiCiOus, Tender, Deep Golden - — 3 -.if-f 
Melts in yoor mouth — An Excellent Shspper 

BoLGiANO's Famous^ 
RUBY KING' Radish 

"wo Weeks TO 


Mt Earliest, 

Mos- Beautifuu 

Delicious Scarlet 

Olive Radish 

Oz /0<^. ^ Ozs. /5't 


O- ^:^c iMPi 


I H n ( -, s /A IN V- - M-s Importers 


Expert Poultryman- in Char6£-We are Headquarters for 
'. ES65 FROM Thoroughsred Fowls, Day Old Chicks, All Poultry Foods, 

^ Supplies, Remedies and Requisites. 

"Souare-Deal" Chick Starter 
"Souare-Deal* Chick Food 
"Souare-Deal" Scratch Food 
"Souare-Deal" No. t Pigeon Food 
"Scuare-Deal" No.Z Piseon Food 
Rl IPKPVC incubators 




Country Gentleman|^ 

Sugar Corn 

The Most Delicious 
Corn On Earth 
%H20^Pt30^ ,,,^., 
Qf.SQ^^i?ts'f50 4m 








More Delicious ^^ 

than eitherThe Gradus 

OR theThomas Laxton Pea. 

Its A Wonder— Try it. 

7^Pt20'i. Pt JO^QrSO^,^' 

a i iii WWa— liiii—